After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Jiang Da’s Firm Stance, Relentless Handling of a Trouble-Maker 

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“What account?” 

Yang Jinqiu replied, “Of course, it’s the expenses for Mom’s birthday celebration. The three brothers need to share the cost.”

Jiang Da’s eyes were question marks.

Han Yunru furrowed her brows.

Jiang Fuyue couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

So, they called them back after over a decade of no contact just to do this?

Yang Jinqiu took out her phone and opened the calculator. “The total cost for the private room, tables, and various other expenses amounts to ¥86,218. If we split it among the three families, each family owes ¥28,739. Here’s the detailed breakdown.”

After she had explained, she handed the phone to Jiang Da. It was clear she had prepared for this.

Jiang Da didn’t accept it.

“Big brother, what do you mean by this? Don’t you want to contribute to Mom’s birthday celebration?” Yang Jinqiu asked with a hint of accusation.

Liu Shuting raised an eyebrow and smiled softly but with a hint of sarcasm, “How could that be? Big brother just said he calls home on holidays, which shows his deep filial piety. How could he do such a thing? Isn’t that right, big brother?”

Jiang Da didn’t respond and didn’t even look at her, gazing directly at Jiang Hua and Jiang Teng. He calmly asked, “Old Second, Old Third, is this what you want?”

Jiang Hua’s gaze flickered.

Jiang Teng was straightforward, saying, “Yes. My part is already covered, and now it’s just your family.”

Jiang Da’s eyes flashed a hint of something.

Unfortunately, Jiang Fuyue saw it, and she knew it was disappointment.

This tall, dark-skinned man was usually quiet, but he displayed tremendous courage when protecting his family in crucial moments. However, now he was being hurt by his own family.

“Dad…” Jiang Fuyue gently grasped his trembling hand.

Jiang Da smiled at her and shook his head, signaling that he was okay.

In the next moment, as he looked back at his two brothers, his eyes no longer showed softness but were instead covered by a thick layer of armor.

“I agree to pay this money…” he said.

Jiang Hua was taken aback.

Jiang Teng froze.

It seemed that they understood that their request was unreasonable.

But when considering Jiang Da’s character – honest, simple, and old-fashioned – it wasn’t all that surprising.

He volunteered…

However, the next moment, Jiang Da continued, “Now that we’ve split the cost of the celebration, should we also divide the gift money this way?”

With that statement, everyone was left in a stupor, including Han Yunru and Jiang Fuyue. 

It wasn’t their fault that they were so shocked. Jiang Da had built a reputation for being an honest, straightforward person, and his sudden sharpness caught everyone off guard.

Yang Jinqiu: “…Big brother, what do you mean by this?”

Jiang Da: “If we split the expenses, the income should naturally be divided equally as well.”

“This won’t work,” Liu Shutong immediately objected, “Most of the guests who came today were invited by both of our families, and the gifts are also for both our families. Why should you get a share?” 

“Younger sister-in-law said that most of the people who came were invited by both of your families. How does that have anything to do with us? If it has nothing to do with us, why should I bear the expenses they generated?” 

Liu Shutong was at a loss for words. 

“…Anyway, we can’t divide it like this!” 

Jiang Da nodded, “I agree, it can’t be done this way.” 

With that, he looked past the two sister-in-laws and at Jiang Hua and Jiang Teng. “What do you think? Don’t hide behind the women, if you have something to say or any ideas, just speak up.” 

Jiang Hua tightened his lips and remained silent. 

Jiang Teng’s eyes flickered, “Big brother, I think this division is unfair, right?” 

Jiang Da asked, “Then how do you think it should be fair?” 

Of course, he thought the expenses should be split equally, and the gifts should belong to the person who invited the guests! That’s what he thought, but Jiang Teng didn’t dare to say it. He gritted his teeth and decided to pull Jiang Hua into it.

“I have no opinion; you should ask Second Brother!” 

Jiang Hua: “?” He passed the buck. 

Jiang Da’s questioning gaze turned to him. 

“…What does eldest brother think should be done?” 

The ball was kicked back. 

Yang Jinquai grabbed her husband’s sleeve discontentedly, questioning him with her eyes: How could you give up control like this?! 

Jiang Hua didn’t respond to her and just looked at Jiang Da. 

But instead of rushing to answer, Jiang Da calmly countered, “If I give my opinion, will you all follow it?” 

Now, Jiang Hua’s gaze toward him immediately changed.

It was like seeing a lame person suddenly run like the wind or a mute person suddenly speak like a bell.

“Old Second, respond.”

“Big brother, I… I certainly understand your perspective and want to be as fair as possible, but my opinion alone doesn’t decide this matter. We also need to consider what Old Third thinks.”

Jiang Teng heard this and suddenly protested, “Second brother, what do you mean? So, you’re being a good guy, and I’m the bad guy?”

Jiang Hua frowned, saying, “What are you making a fuss about? Speak properly.”

“Am I not speaking properly?” Jiang Teng sneered. “Fine, I’ll make my stance clear. If today, second brother doesn’t accept big brother’s money, then I won’t accept it either! If you want to be the good guy, then let’s all be good guys together. Don’t make all the bad things someone else’s fault and keep the good reputation for yourself.”

Jiang Hua’s face turned green and then white. 

Jiang Teng, feeling like he’d won a round, exchanged a victorious glance with his wife, feeling quite pleased. 

Compared to his big brother’s family, he despised his second brother’s hypocrisy even more. 

Saying one thing to their faces and another behind their backs—did they really think he couldn’t see it?

In the end, Jiang Da didn’t contribute a single penny and left with his wife and children. 

What remained was Jiang Hua and Jiang Teng, staring at each other in disbelief.

Jiang Hua: “You fool! You let them trick you with just a few words.”

Jiang Teng responded with a smirk, “I’m willing! Hehe!”

Yang Jinqiu and Liu Shuting exchanged glances, each filled with hostility and disdain for the other.

Now they had no choice but to split the expenses evenly. 

Liu Shuting: “Suddenly, I think it’s not appropriate to calculate it this way.”

Yang Jinqiu: “?”

Liu Shuting: “I calculated roughly, and Big Brother didn’t have any guests. The guests from Jiang Teng and me only occupied five tables, but Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law’s guests took up a whole twelve tables. If we calculate the costs per person, it shouldn’t be split evenly, right?”


“Isn’t that the case? You had more guests, so naturally, your expenses were higher. Shouldn’t the majority of the cost be on your shoulders?” 

“Liu Shuting, you’re quite calculating!”

“This is called being fair among siblings. It’s unreasonable for Big Brother not to lose out while making us bear such a huge loss. Second Brother is good at making money; what’s thirty or fifty thousand for him? Besides, your family received the most gift money. After deducting the costs, you might even make a profit!”

Jiang Teng immediately chimed in, “That’s right, you should pay the most. That’s the only fair way!”

Jiang Hua’s face turned extremely ugly. 

Yang Jinqiu was so angry her eyes nearly rolled back in her head.

If only she had known… She wouldn’t have suggested inviting Big Brother’s family back. This was a failed scheme, and it was costing her dearly!


Meanwhile, when Jiang Da returned home, he changed into fresh clothes and immediately went to his shop. 

After preparing dinner for the family, Han Yanru told her children, “The dishes are on the stove; you can have dinner yourselves. I’m going to check on the shop.”

Jiang Fu Yue suddenly stopped her, “Mom?”


“I’ve never seen your parents. Why is that?”

Han Yanru was taken aback.

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