After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 116

Chapter 116: The Mystery of One’s Origin, Playing Hu Ben

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“Actually, I don’t know where your grandparents are,” said Han Yanru.

Jiang Fuyue asked, “?”

Han Yanru sighed lightly and began to explain to her children the story of her past….

Years ago, Old Madam Jiang found her by the Huai River, barely alive. She took her home and took good care of her. Two days later, Han Yanru woke up, but she had forgotten everything and only knew her name.

She went to the hospital for an examination, and the doctors explained that her memory center was damaged due to oxygen deprivation, which might recover quickly or not at all.

When she reported her situation to the police, they checked the city’s missing person records for the past half month and found no match for her description.

All the leads went cold, and she became a wanderer with no past and an uncertain future.

After selling all her valuable possessions, Han Yanru paid her medical bills and gave a certain amount of money to Old Madam Jiang, as requested.

With the remaining money, she rented a house and started looking for a job.

“….I thought at the time that even though I had lost my memories, I was still alive, so I had to live my life well,” she said with a gentle and serene smile.

Her face resembled a graceful gardenia, without the thorns of a rose or the loneliness of a plum blossom. She bloomed gently on the branch, emitting a fragrant aroma.

Little Brother Jiang was engrossed in her story, his rosy cheeks showing his seriousness.

However, Jiang Fuyue immediately seized on a key point, “So, at that time, you had valuable items with you?”

“Yes, my dress had soaked in water and couldn’t be worn anymore, but it had 18 small diamonds and 62 pearls on it. I sold them for a total of 150,000.”

“So much?” Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow.

“The small diamonds were from the southern part of F Continent, known for their hardness and natural pale pink color. The pearls came from large clams in the North Bay, each as big as a thumbnail. If I hadn’t been in a hurry to sell, I could have gotten a bit more by haggling with the buyers.”

Jiang Fuyue’s eyes deepened, “Did the buyers tell you all this?”

Han Yanru shook her head, “No, I didn’t know why I had these things in my mind. When you asked, I just took them out and used them.”

“It seems that your previous family was not ordinary.”

In fact, you could tell from Han Yanru’s demeanor. Her good upbringing must have been ingrained from an early age, and it persisted in her gestures even after losing her memory.

“Regardless of what kind of family I came from, having you is enough now.”

Jiang Fuyue was deeply touched by the love and contentment in her mother’s eyes. Did she really not remember anything?

Not necessarily. 

She had just chosen between her past and her present.


As night fell, Jiang Chenxing was live streaming from his bedroom, while Jiang Fuyue took her laptop and moved to the living room.

Han Yanru returned from closing the store and prepared a glass of milk for her daughter, saying, “Take a break; overusing your eyes can lead to fatigue.”

“Thank you, Mom.”

Han Yanru watched as her daughter finished the glass of milk before taking it back.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, what is it?”

Jiang Fuyue sat up and asked, “Why did Grandma save you back then?”

The woman was taken aback, “Why are you asking this?”

“It doesn’t seem like something she would do.”

Han Yanru was somewhat surprised and found it amusing, “You… you’re still quite thoughtful despite your young age.”

“So, why did she do it?”

Han Yanru remained silent for a while and finally said, “….Money moves people.”

Jiang Fuyue found this answer not at all surprising. 

Because the original owner’s memories portrayed Old Madam Jiang as someone who was not known for being generous.

After staying at home for two days, Jiang Fuyue received a phone call from Hu Ben, which she had expected. It was three days away from their agreed-upon one-month deadline, and regardless of whether he found a bar that met the three conditions, he should call to provide an update.


“Miss, we’ve found it! Can we meet?”

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised, “Tomorrow 10 o’clock in the morning, Xinhua Tea House.”

The next day, Hu Ben arrived at the tea house with Little Six. As they entered, a waiter guided them to a private room. 

Jiang Fuyue had already taken her seat at the tea table, quietly waiting.

“Miss,” Hu Ben said, lowering his head slightly and bowing.

Little Six followed his lead, both of them showing deep respect.

“Please, sit down,” Jiang Fuyue nodded slightly.

As the two men took their seats, she had already prepared the tea and pushed it towards them.

Hu Ben picked up his tea cup and took a sip.

Ah, it’s cold, just right.

Seeing this, Little Six didn’t hesitate either; who knew how thirsty he was.

“Let’s hear it. What did you find?”

Hu Ben and Little Six exchanged a glance, and the latter took a stack of photos from his pocket and laid them out on the table.

Hu Ben pointed at one of the photos, saying, “Blue sign, gold gate.”

Then the second photo, “Seven money trees at the entrance, arranged in a three-left-four-right pattern.”

The third photo, “The bar counter is not directly opposite the entrance, the cash register is shielded, two side doors are emergency exits, and one back door connects to the fire escape.”

“Lastly, there’s the number of built-in seats; not too many, not too few, exactly forty-nine. The main hall has a total of eighty-one lights, and each private room has a safety knot, with a downward hanging Bagua mirror.”

Hu Ben gathered all the photos, “With these, all three conditions are met.”

The next moment, Hu Ben furrowed his brow and said, “There’s something strange.”

Jiang Fuyue asked, “What’s strange?”

Hu Ben continued, “This is a restaurant, not a bar.”

A week ago, Hu Ben had found this place and meticulously compared it to the three conditions repeatedly, and it was an incredibly precise match. Not to mention other details, even the main hall’s lights had been counted over twenty times.

Not one less, not one more, precisely eighty-one!

But this place was indeed a restaurant, not a bar as Jiang Fuyue had mentioned.

Hu Ben was perplexed and had decided to ask her in person to clarify the situation.

Jiang Fuyue, upon hearing this, didn’t respond immediately. Instead, she asked, “What’s your opinion?”

“I asked Great Aunt’s disciple, and she’s also a ‘Flower Watching Madam.’ The gold gate is for attracting wealth and warding off negative energy, having a back door is for ‘draining water,’ and the money trees are said to gather dragon energy to bring wealth. If it’s just these aspects, whether it’s a bar or a restaurant, they could have a similar arrangement. But…”

Hu Ben suddenly raised his head, locking eyes with Jiang Fuyue. “Bars primarily make money from windfalls and often display Pixiu figurines, and these Pixiu should have exposed claws. Bagua mirrors are mainly used to ward off evil energy and counteract malicious people. They are commonly seen in legitimate businesses like restaurants, amusement parks, and others.”

Jiang Fuyue smiled, “So what’s your point? What are you trying to say?”

“You had me looking for a bar, but this place is not a bar, is it?”

Clap, clap, clap—

She applauded, “Clever.”

Hu Ben tightened his jaw, “Why did you deceive me?”

When Jiang Fuyue mentioned a bar, he had no doubts, so he tirelessly searched for bars across the city. 

Who would have thought that the fundamental premise given to him was wrong from the start?

And he and Little Six had foolishly turned every bar in the city upside down. It wasn’t until he decided to ask around that he realized he had been played.

Indeed, in Hu Ben’s eyes, he had been played by Jiang Fuyue.

He wouldn’t give up today without getting an explanation.

“Why… did you…”

One word at a time.

Sister Yue is excellent at hitting people, and she’s also excellent at fooling people~

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