After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Simple and straightforward Ninth Master, Another General

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“One look at you, and it’s clear you have no idea!” Zhong Ziang raised his chin slightly, the sense of accomplishment from playing the hero making him feel proud. “Let me tell you, something definitely happened at that restaurant just now!”

Jiang Fuyue blinked and played the role of the innocent girl to perfection, asking, “What happened?”

“A well-functioning restaurant doesn’t just have a power outage out of the blue! Look, the surrounding areas have electricity, don’t they?”


Zhong Ziang looked around cautiously and lowered his voice, “I suspect that when the power went out just now, Yufeng Kitchen probably changed ownership.”

Jiang Fuyue’s eyes darkened slightly as she asked, “Really?”

“Of course! The owner used to be someone surnamed Long, and he treated me exceptionally well. As soon as I entered the restaurant, managers were sent to personally attend to me. How could they treat me like an ordinary person and usher me into a private room with others? Cough…even then, they should at least have arranged a luxurious suite just for me, right?”


“And when I refused to leave just now, no one from his staff came to placate me. What does that indicate?”

Jiang Fuyue pretended to be naive, “What does it indicate?”

Zhong Ziang, “It indicates that this guy surnamed Long is in deep trouble. He might not even make it out alive.”

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised. 

She originally thought he was a pushover, but he could deduce that Long Tian was in serious trouble.

Zhong Ziang, on the other hand, was getting impatient with her apparent disbelief. He became even more insistent, “I have a strong intuition. Yufeng Kitchen has definitely changed ownership.”


“Is that all? Nothing else? No… Jiang Fuyue, can’t you show me some respect, considering I saved you?” 

“Okay,” she nodded and began to applaud. “Is this enough?”


“Then I’ll clap a few more.”

Zhong Ziang: “…” F*ck! It feels like she’s mocking me? 

Life is too hard!

At that moment, a black Land Rover approached from a distance, its headlights making both of them squint. It came to a smooth stop next to them.

The car window rolled down, revealing a man with sharp features and a frosty complexion.

“Uncle, you’re here! You’re quite fast…” Zhong Ziang heaved a sigh of relief, and even his voice was a couple of decibels higher.

It was a sign of confidence and relief.

Xie Dingyuan, “Get in.”

“Alright,” Zhong Ziang reached for the passenger door and suddenly stopped.

He turned back to Jiang Fuyue and said, “You sit in the back, let my uncle give you a ride home first.”

“Thank you, but it’s not necessary.”

Zhong Ziang’s eyes widened in worry. “A girl like you wandering around late at night could be dangerous. Besides, public transportation and subways have stopped running at this hour, and it’s not easy to find a taxi here. Don’t be stubborn.”

“Rest assured, I’ll be fine. You can go,” she said, turning away in the opposite direction.

During this exchange, she hadn’t looked at Xie Dingyuan, as if he hadn’t looked at her either.

“Jiang Fuyue! Stop!” Zhong Ziang caught up with her. “We were getting along just fine earlier. Why are you suddenly…”

He was puzzled. 

They had been having a good conversation earlier, and Zhong Ziang thought they were friends. But Jiang Fuyue’s current attitude made him uncertain.

Women sure are fickle!

“I don’t care; you must get in the car today!” He couldn’t help but sound commanding.

“What if I refuse?” Jiang Fuyue found it amusing. She looked at him with an expression as if she were observing a rooster jumping around.

“Why are you so stubborn?” Zhong Ziang clenched his teeth, refraining from saying the second half of the sentence.

He thought he was crazy and unreasonable enough, but it seemed there was always someone crazier!

Jiang Fuyue was about to speak when a deep voice interrupted.

“Zhong Ziang, are you getting in the car? I’m giving you ten seconds.”

He lifted his wrist to start the countdown.

When he said ten seconds, he meant it. If the time ran out, he would really drive away.

Zhong Ziang was anxious and, just as before, he grabbed Jiang Fuyue’s hand and tried to lead her into the car.

Xie Dingyuan glanced at them, furrowing his brow.

In the next second, he lowered his gaze and focused on his watch.

“Five seconds left,” the cold and emotionless voice seemed devoid of humanity.

Zhong Ziang kept trying to pull her into the car, but this time, no matter how hard he tugged, it was futile.

Jiang Fuyue withdrew her hand, her gaze gliding gently over the Land Rover gleaming under the lamplight. Her expression remained blank, her tone cold. “We’re not familiar enough for me to get a ride with you.”

Zhong Ziang: “….” feeling a bit hurt. 

 “Wait until you’re comfortable deciding whether or not to ask me for a ride.”

She turned and walked away.

Xie Dingyuan, “Ten seconds are up.”

His naturally cold voice was like a drop into an ice cellar.

Zhong Ziang clenched his teeth, reluctantly retracting his gaze, and ultimately opened the passenger’s door and got in.

The black Land Rover quickly disappeared down the street.


Inside the car, there was a moment of silence between the uncle and nephew.

The streetlights cast a faint yellowish glow on the man’s face, accentuating the coldness of his brows and eyes. The shadow on the bridge of his nose intensified the impression of an unapproachable and lofty figure.

Zhong Ziang became more and more uncomfortable, shifting in his seat restlessly.

“What’s wrong? Are there nails on the seat?”

Zhong Ziang was momentarily speechless, too exasperated to respond. “What’s the meaning behind Jiang Fuyue’s last words? What did she mean by, ‘Wait until I can decide for myself whether to ask her for a ride’? I already decided, didn’t I? Who else should decide?”

The man’s eyes darkened slightly.

Zhong Ziang stared at Xie Dingyuan in confusion. “Was it you?”

The latter remained expressionless.

“Oh!” Zhong Ziang suddenly realized. “Uncle, you don’t want to give her a ride, do you?”

The man’s lips tightened.

“Is that… why? It’s such a simple favor, it’s not troublesome at all. You’re being too…”


Xie Dingyuan turned his head and cast a cold glance at him. “Too what?”

Zhong Ziang wisely shut his mouth.

But after a few minutes, he couldn’t resist starting again, with a completely serious tone, “Uncle, I think you’re not being a gentleman.”

The man continued to look straight ahead without responding.

“Why would you leave her, a delicate girl, on the street late at night? What if something happens?”

“….Delicate? Are you sure?” 

“Yes!” Zhong Ziang nodded. “What if she encounters criminals?”

“Could a girl who can turn you into a half-panda with a single punch and execute a shoulder throw be considered delicate?” 

Zhong Ziang: “….” D*mn, feeling embarrassed.

Wait a minute, something’s not right…

“How do you know she can do a shoulder throw?”

Xie Dingyuan, “…”

“Uncle, I don’t think I’ve ever said that I was thrown by Jiang Fuyue, right? She choked me, beat me like a panda, that’s true, I admit it. But when did she throw me over her shoulder?” 

Xie Dingyuan pursed his lips, forming a sharp straight line. 

Zhong Ziang became even more suspicious, “Could it be that you—” 

The man suddenly turned his head, his cold eyes like knives. 

Zhong Ziang’s heart trembled, and the back of his neck felt a chill. “You, have you really seen it happen?” 

Xie Dingyuan was taken aback, “…What?” 

Zhong Ziang asked, “Have you seen her throwing someone?” 


Does firsthand experience count? 

“Well, luckily it wasn’t me…” The Young Master patted his chest, a shiver of fear passing through him. “By the way, the person she threw, was it a man or a woman?” 

Xie Dingyuan replied, “A man.” 

“That’s a bit weak, being thrown over the shoulder by a woman.” 

“…” The man gritted his teeth inwardly, but his face remained composed and steady, revealing nothing. 

“But just because of that, you refuse to give her a ride?” 

Xie Dingyuan coldly smiled, “Do you think she needs me to give her a ride?” 

Zhong Ziang muttered, “Well, you didn’t invite her either…” 

“To sit in my car, I have to beg and ask her three or four times? Zhong Ziang, you really have no backbone!” 

“Is it necessary to be so shameless for a simple invitation?” 

“Shut up!” 

Zhong Ziang snorted, “It seems my mom was right. There’s a reason why, at your age, you still can’t find a girlfriend. Who would like a bad-tempered, foul-mouthed, clueless straight guy like you?” 

Xie Dingyuan: “?” 

What in the world? 

“Uncle, should we turn back? Although Jiang Fuyue is a violent girl, what if she encounters someone she can’t beat…” 

“Zhong Ziang, since when did you care about her?” The man remembered their “holding hands” gesture, and his eyes turned cold, his tone chilling. 

“Huh? Me? Care about her?”

“Isn’t it?” 

Zhong Ziang’s expression was strange. “How could it be…” 

As a gentleman, being accommodating to others is the embodiment of courtesy. He just wanted to be a gentleman, that’s all. It had nothing to do with whether he “cared” or not! 

Yes, that’s it! 

After hearing this, Xie Dingyuan frowned, thoughtful. “So, you’re not together?” 

“When did I say I’m with her?!” If it weren’t for the seatbelt, the young master might have jumped eight feet high by now. 

“Then why did you hold her hand?” 

Zhong Ziang’s eyes went blank. “When did I hold—uh! Was that holding? That was dragging! She wouldn’t get in the car, and you only gave me ten seconds. I was in a hurry, so…” 

Xie Dingyuan cut in directly, “Do you like her?” 

“Nonsense—” Zhong Ziang sat up abruptly, not feeling the pain as his head hit the car roof. “I’m full, liking a woman who beat me black and blue? Are you out of your mind?” 

“But you said you were going to pursue her.” Ninth Master remained expressionless. 

“I said that as a bet with a classmate!” 

“And the result?” 


“What result?” 

“Did you catch her?” 

“…Not yet.” 

“Hmm,” the man’s expression softened slightly, and his tone was no longer as cold as before. “That’s for the best. If you don’t like her, don’t do anything beyond the limits.” 

“Beyond… beyond the limits?” Zhong Ziang was confused. 

“For example, taking her home, or holding her hand.” 

“No… it’s the modern era, isn’t it? Taking a girl home and occasionally having some reasonable physical contact is normal, right? Moreover, not liking now doesn’t mean I won’t like in the future… Maybe feelings will develop when we spend more time together…” Zhong Ziang muttered softly. 

“Say that again?” 

“…” I dare not, I surrender. 

“In any case, don’t provoke Jiang Fuyue. If you see her in the future, stay as far away as possible.” 


“Can you beat her?” A meaningful strike. 


“Can you guarantee she won’t beat you?” Second strike. 


“If you hold her hand, you must take responsibility. Can you do that?”

Zhong Ziang was utterly baffled, “Responsibility… what responsibility?” 

Xie Dingyuan replied, “Marry her.” 


The young master was perplexed. Weren’t they talking about “taking Jiang Fuyue home” all along? Why did it suddenly turn into a discussion about him marrying her? 

“What’s the matter? Can’t understand?” 

Zhong Ziang shook his head. He really didn’t understand. 

Xie Dingyuan explained, “Firstly, you can’t control her, both intellectually and physically. Secondly, betting with a classmate to pursue a girl is a despicable behavior. Lastly, if you’re not going to marry her, why bother pursuing? Any love without marriage as the premise is just playing around.” 

Zhong Ziang was dumbfounded, completely silenced. 

It wasn’t over. Xie Dingyuan continued, “Don’t believe it? Try it. If you dare to mess around, I’ll break your legs.” 

Zhong Ziang’s eyes rolled back. 

Mission failed! 


Meanwhile, after Jiang Fuyue and Zhong Ziang went their separate ways, she headed straight back. 

However, at the restaurant entrance, she saw the manager and Little Six in a heated dispute. 

“Why shouldn’t we check? The entire restaurant belongs to my sister now. Who do you think you are?” 

The manager remained calm, “Checking is fine, but it shouldn’t be under your control.” 

“Nonsense! Don’t think I can’t do anything just because you’re keeping the safe password to yourself. Do you believe I’ll just smash it open with my bare hands? Let’s see who’s tougher!” 

The manager remained unfazed, “Feel free.” 

“Alright, since you won’t take a toast, you’ll have to drink a forfeit.” Little Six reached out, grabbing his collar. “Today, I’ll grant your wish!” 

“What are you doing?” No matter how composed, it’s hard not to panic in the face of absolute force. 

“Tsk, scared? I thought you were tough, didn’t expect you to be such a softie.” 

“What are you guys doing?” Jiang Fuyue’s voice came from not far away. 

Little Six snorted and let go, saying, “Sister Yue, this guy refuses to reveal the password to the study safe.” 

Jiang Fuyue’s icy gaze shot towards him. 

Feeling a chill at the back of his neck, the manager instinctively lowered his eyelids, avoiding direct eye contact with her. 

Jiang Fuyue said, “Long Tian has fallen. From the way you skillfully reassured that batch of customers just now, I thought you were a smart person.”

A smart person should know when to adapt to the situation.

The manager, still not looking up, responded, “But smart people also have boundaries.”

“Oh?” Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow. “So, I’ve crossed your boundaries?”

The manager suddenly looked up, his gaze steady. “If you resolved the matter with Long Tian, and assuming that Long Tian wasn’t the true owner of Yufeng but only its manager, what right do you have to seize it?”

He used the word “seize.”

Jiang Fuyue’s gaze was serene and calm, “What do you mean by ‘not the true owner’?”

“The real owner of Yufeng merely allowed Long Tian to manage it on their behalf.”

With that, the man smirked as if he had found something amusing. “If you think that by defeating Long Tian, you can take control of Yufeng, you’re gravely mistaken. I advise you to stop now. Even if I tell you the safe’s code, there’s nothing in there that you can take.”

“How do you know unless we try?”

“Hah… You think Long Tian didn’t try? After struggling for twenty years, he ended up in such a state, all due to the sin of ‘greed.’ What you’re doing now might not be any different from what he did back then!”

Jiang Fuyue looked intrigued, “So you’re saying Long Tian deserved it. But isn’t he your boss?”

“Haha… My boss has always been the one person, just not him!” With that, he lost his previous fear and his eyes sparkled strangely.

“Who is your boss?”

The manager looked at her in disdain, as if she were a bit slow, “Of course, it’s the true owner of Yufeng!”

Jiang Fuyue was taken aback.

The manager didn’t care and turned towards Little Six. With the demeanor of a warrior awaiting execution, he said, “No password, but there is a life you can take. If you want it, go ahead.”

Little Six, surprised that the manager was so unyielding despite his precarious situation, realized that he had lived too long and had a death wish.

“Heh…” Jiang Fuyue let out a short, light laugh. “You are truly loyal, living up to the name ‘Jinzhong’ I gave you back then.” 

The manager’s entire body trembled, his eyes widened, “What did you say?!” 

Jiang Fuyue curved her lips. 

“How do you know?” The man became instantly excited, his scrutinizing and skeptical gaze fixed on her face. 

Jiang Fuyue counter-questioned, “What, is it strange to know your name?” 

“Then you should call me Liu De, not Jinzhong!” 

Over twenty years ago, he changed his name to “Liu De” and infiltrated Yufeng. Even Long Tian didn’t know that he had another identity! He didn’t know that the person rescued by Lousheng on the same street many years ago had two individuals involved! 

One was Long Tian, and the other was him—Liu Jinzhong! 

Lousheng not only saved him but also gave him a new identity and name. 

“There are loyal hearts among subjects, like Mulan’s loyalty. Unswerving in loyalty and filial piety, an eternal name that cannot be erased. From now on, you will be called Liu Jinzhong, a new student majoring in hotel management at Binzhou University. Whether you can make something of yourself in the future depends entirely on you.” 

That night, he was sent to Binzhou. 

For many years, Jinzhong couldn’t understand why, as two rescued street children, Long Tian could stay by Lousheng’s side, while he was expelled. 

Later, he understood. Lousheng named him “Jinzhong” in the hope that his loyalty could become his trump card when it mattered most! 

Unfortunately, he realized it too late. Only after infiltrating Yufeng and gaining Long Tian’s trust did he learn that Lousheng had disappeared for many years without a trace. 

“What is your relationship with Lousheng?” Liu Jinzhong’s sharp gaze swept over the unusually young girl in front of him.

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