After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Recognizing Her; Young Master Zhong Comes to the Rescue

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“Shh!” Jiang Fuyue raised her hand and put her index finger to her lips.

“Let’s deal with the matter at hand,” she said.

Niu Chunhua nodded strangely, as if acting under some strange compulsion. “Okay.”

Niu Rui, who was just about to persuade his mother, was puzzled. When did his mother become so agreeable? 

Wasn’t she acting all tough and violent just a moment ago? 

Now, she was obediently standing next to Jiang Fuyue, her beautiful eyes fixed on her, full of affection, as if she had seen her “dear husband.”

Niu Rui: “???”

Was there something he didn’t know about?

Unfortunately, no one was giving him any answers.

At this moment, Jiang Fuyue spoke in a calm voice, “Clear the area.”

Niu Rui realized what was happening and waved his hand. Some of the blue-clothed people escorted the black-clothed individuals out. It was clear that they had full control over both the upper and lower floors.

Very good.

The only one left on the ground was Long Tian.

Niu Rui said, “Bring him here.”

Two blue-clothed men stood on either side of Long Tian and brought him forward.

“Who are you?! How dare you cause trouble in my territory? Have you had enough of living? Let go—”

Before he could finish speaking, one of the blue-clothed men kicked his knee, forcing him to kneel.

Long Tian, who had lived to this age, had never been so insulted. He was overwhelmed with anger, his eyes turning bloodshot.

Niu Rui frowned.

Jiang Fuyue, however, seemed to ignore the situation, walking up to him and looking down at this “fierce general” that she had once nurtured with her own hands.

Back then, she and her master had been traveling in Guangdong when they found him lying near a trash can, on the brink of death.

Originally, she had only wanted to give him some money and leave, but unexpectedly, Long Tian opened his eyes.

When their eyes met, Lou Mingyue saw ambition hidden deep within his murky eyes. It was this ambition that piqued her interest.

She couldn’t help but wonder how high a person like him could soar if given the right opportunities.

As it turned out, Long Tian was indeed a talented individual. 

She had only told him about the upcoming major changes in the seafood market within half a month. However, he not only discreetly took over half of the seafood market in western Guangdong but also expanded into the frozen food supply chain in northern Guangdong, seizing more territory.

Although his methods were not always clean, he achieved his goals in the end.

Lou Mingyue had admired his ruthless approach towards people and matters, which was why she entrusted the “Yufeng Financial Group” to him to manage before returning to the imperial capital.

She just hadn’t expected to nurture a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Eliminating opposition, purging the upper echelons, forming cliques, and embezzling assets…

After learning the facts through various channels since her rebirth, Jiang Fuyue had been itching to expose his misdeeds.

Up until now, she had still held a glimmer of hope. As long as Long Tian was willing to acknowledge the private seal, it wasn’t impossible to let him off.


He actually intended to kill Hu Ben to cover up his crimes!

“If I had known, I would have let you die in that trash heap back then, to save everyone the trouble,” Jiang Fuyue said disdainfully, looking down on him.

Long Tian, who had been struggling moments ago, suddenly froze. He mechanically turned his head, his old eyes staring as if in a daze.

“What… What did you say?” His lips quivered, and his gaze shook.

“When I saved you back then, I didn’t do it to have you turn against me. Long Tian, do you remember the oath you made in the beginning?” 

“… What oath? I… I don’t remember… No, I never made any oath…” He began shaking his head frantically, looking as if he had gone mad.

Lousheng, I, Long Tian, swear that I will protect Yufeng at all costs, without giving up, without faltering, without being greedy, and without taking anything that doesn’t belong to me. If I violate this oath, I shall not die a peaceful death!

Jiang Fuyue smiled, but in Long Tian’s eyes, it was as if Satan had descended.

“Do you remember now? Did you think the words ‘not die a peaceful death’ were just empty talk?”

“No… You can’t possibly know… What ‘not die a peaceful death’? I didn’t… I didn’t make such an oath! Who are you?” 

Jiang Fuyue leaned in close to his ear and enunciated each word, “Of course, I’m… the person you thought would never come back.”

Long Tian’s heart and courage wavered. He began to tremble uncontrollably. “You… You’ve come back…”

But Jiang Fuyue suddenly stood upright and stepped back two paces. “Gag him and take care of it.”

Niu Rui lowered his head, trying to control his anxiety caused by Jiang Fuyue’s overwhelming presence. He replied in a deep voice, “…Understood.”

Meanwhile, Niu Chunhua was overjoyed. 

Especially after Long Tian’s words, “You’ve come back…”

Soon, the scene was cleaned up, and the blue-clothed individuals orderly retreated.

Niu Rui escorted Long Tian into the car. They needed to return to the imperial capital to handle the aftermath before daybreak.

Niu Chunhua suddenly turned and looked at Jiang Fuyue. “Can you give me five minutes?”

Jiang Fuyue didn’t seem surprised and nodded, “Sure.”

The two women walked to a corner.

Niu Chunhua suddenly rushed forward without saying a word, reaching for Jiang Fuyue’s collar. “…There’s nothing here? Where did it go? How could it be gone?!”

Jiang Fuyue stood still, unmoving. Upon hearing this, she glanced down at the woman who seemed lost. “What are you looking for?”

“…The beauty mark?” Niu Chunhua pointed to the area below Jiang Fuyue’s collarbone with her index finger. “It was right here…”

Jiang Fuyue smiled as if she had discovered something interesting, and she asked, “Are you sure it was here?”

Niu Chunhua looked up suddenly, her absent-minded expression replaced by a calm one. She retracted her hand, stepped back half a pace, and remained focused, to the point of appearing infatuated.

“…Is it you?” She asked, and if you listened closely, you could hear a hint of trembling in her voice.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t answer, she just gazed at her with a faint smile.

In her past life, Lou Mingyue indeed had a beauty mark, but it wasn’t below her collarbone. It was located near her heart on the left side of her chest.

Niu Chunhua intentionally pointed to the wrong place, just to test her!

“Although you haven’t said anything, I’m sure it’s you. It’s been twenty years, a full twenty years… You’ve finally come back!” 

In the next moment, Niu Chunhua embraced her tightly, squeezing her into her arms.

Jiang Fuyue almost couldn’t breathe, and she couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re so old, and you still can’t get rid of your habit of bursting into tears at the drop of a hat. You haven’t made any progress at all.”

“Nonsense! Why is your mouth still as venomous as before? How dare you mock me in the phone call, saying that I look like a rotten tomato… You knew I hated tomatoes, and you said that. Annoying!”

“Hey!” Jiang Fuyue spread her hands. “How long do you plan to keep hugging me?”

Niu Chunhua pouted. “What, are you afraid I’m taking advantage of you?” She said while wiping away her tears secretly.

Then, she let go and stepped back. 

The two women faced each other and smiled at the same time.

Niu Chunhua said, “You liar! Big liar! You said we wouldn’t meet again! I’ve been searching for you for these years, and I even delayed finding a father for Niu Rui. Counting it, you still owe me a living husband! You must compensate me! You have to!”

Jiang Fuyue laughed, watching this beautiful woman in front of her, who had merged with the image of the coquettish little demon she remembered from the past.

“Alright,” she said, “I’ll compensate you.”

After all, it was because she had debts from her previous life.

Niu Chunhua’s breathing paused, and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated. So, this meant… she admitted it?

She admitted that she was Lou Mingyue?!

Even though she had expected it, when she heard it for real, she couldn’t contain her excitement.


Jiang Fuyue saw that she was about to cry again and quickly reminded her, “The five minutes are up.”

Niu Chunhua, “…” This is how the atmosphere gets ruined.

“You’re chasing me away…” She sounded resentful.

Jiang Fuyue, “?” Am I?

Niu Chunhua said, “Yes, you are.”

“Alright, I’ll be visiting the capital in a few days. It’s not like I won’t see you.”

“Phew, what do you mean by not seeing? You must see me!”

Jiang Fuyue agreed readily, “Okay.”

“Ha! That’s more like it…”

“Hurry up and get in the car.” 

Niu Chunhua stood still and asked, “One last question?”

Jiang Fuyue replied, “Go ahead.”

“Where did you get your beauty treatments? How do you look like a twenty-year-old girl? Look at this skin, it’s as tender as can be, and your facial features are even more refined than before…” She just went for it.

Jiang Fuyue’s mouth twitched, and she moved away. “You can leave now.”

“Could it be that you didn’t take any medications, but instead…” Niu Chunhua’s face changed.

This made Jiang Fuyue’s heart tighten as well.

But the next moment, Niu Chunhua exclaimed, “You had injections, didn’t you?”

Jiang Fuyue: “?”

Niu Chunhua: “Sneaking Botox injections behind my back? And not just that, you also had dermal fillers, right? Your cheeks are sharper, and you’ve definitely had some muscle tightening…”

Jiang Fuyue, “?”

“No! I have to arrange a full set of treatments right away!” Niu Chunhua said, then walked away in her high heels.

Leaving Jiang Fuyue standing alone in the night breeze, feeling quite disheveled.

She’s quite imaginative.

Watching the business Mercedes carrying Niu Chunhua and her son whiz away, Jiang Fuyue turned and entered the restaurant.

There were still a bunch of issues to deal with.

The moment the power went out, both the first-floor main hall and the private dining rooms on the second floor plunged into darkness.

The blue-clothed individuals, in order to maintain order and prevent any leaks, had forcibly gathered all the customers in one place and guarded them closely.

Now that the blue-clothed individuals had left, the excited customers were in need of reassurance.

Hu Ben said, “What do we do now?”

He had no idea about Jiang Fuyue’s identity or what kind of resources she had, but from the swift actions of the Niu mother and son, as well as the mysterious blue-clothed individuals, it was evident that this was a big shot!

At no point had Hu Ben been prouder of his “foresight.”

Anyway, from now on, he would stick with Jiang Fuyue, and he couldn’t be wrong!

“Where are the people?” 

Hu Ben, “Room 201. I told Little Six to go over and watch them for now. Without orders, he wouldn’t dare to release them, so… the customers are still locked inside.”

“How many people are there?” Jiang Fuyue ascended the stairs.

Hu Ben followed closely, saying, “There are over twenty.”

Fortunately, it was in the early hours of the morning, so the Yufeng Kitchen was not relatively crowded. If it had happened during the day, the situation might have been even harder to handle.

Currently, they only needed to appease these twenty-odd customers, with the right attitude and compensation, calming the situation shouldn’t be too difficult.

As it turned out, most people knew how to assess the situation, especially when the compensation was substantial.

But there were a few oddballs.

“Don’t even think about pushing me, I’m staying here today, what can you do about it?” 

The manager who was pulled in for crisis management was sweating profusely. He could only offer an embarrassed smile and said, “Young Master Zhong, I’m really sorry. The situation was critical just now, and considering the safety of our customers’ lives and property, the restaurant had no choice but to…”

“Nonsense!” Zhong Ziang sneered twice, “Are you seriously going to lie to me? Do you think I’m an idiot? With the way things were just now, you’re still talking about the safety of lives and property? Give me a break! Not causing harm is good?!”

“Young Master Zhong, if we continue like this, it won’t end well. The other customers have already accepted compensation and left…”

“Others are others, I am me. I like to be different, to stand out.”

The manager was close to tears. Inwardly, he was thinking, “Whose rascal child is this? Get him out of here!”

Seeing this, Little Six, who was standing nearby, couldn’t take it anymore and said, “You’re leaving today, whether you like it or not!”

After saying that, he went forward and grabbed Zhong Ziang’s arm, trying to drag him out.

Zhong Ziang’s expression suddenly turned tense, and he managed to break free, saying, “Alright, since persuasion won’t work, you want to come at it forcefully? You want to use force?”

“No, no, no,” the manager hurriedly denied, his head shaking like a rattle drum, “Young Master Zhong, we absolutely didn’t mean to offend you! This colleague was just a bit impatient, that’s why he couldn’t help but take action…”

“No? Hmph…” Zhong Ziang’s gaze darkened, and he said, one word at a time, “But you did offend me.”

Little Six: “You f*c—” 

He was furious and was about to say something when the manager covered his mouth and pushed him outside, saying, “Brother Six, stop causing trouble, this kind of showy little young master can only be dealt with gently. Soft and not hard!”

“Even gentle doesn’t work on him, he’s looking for trouble on purpose! This kind of brat needs to taste a bit of the real world!” 

“Still talking about being beaten up, please keep it down! It’s good enough that we haven’t been beaten by him….” 

Zhong Ziang, “Are you leaving or not? Pretending to be Sunzi, huh?”

Little Six turned around, pointing at him, “Who are you calling Sunzi?”

“You! Sunzi—” 

“Fine.” Little Six nodded angrily and rolled up his sleeves.

Seeing the atmosphere getting tenser and tenser, and both sides unwilling to give in, the manager gritted his teeth and went to find some reinforcements.

For a moment, only two people remained inside the private room.

Zhong Ziang, “Oh, you dare to hit me? Before making a move, why don’t you ask your boss first?”

Little Six frowned.

Zhong Ziang, his voice cold and his expression even colder, said, “You should know that there are some people in this world whom you can’t afford to offend. Tell your boss to come and see me, or I’ll stay here and won’t leave.”

“Are you dreaming!”

“Tsk,” Zhong Ziang sighed, calmly took a seat, raised his legs, and tapped his chin with his index finger, looking thoughtful. “It seems like you’re not under the person surnamed Long’s command. What’s going on? Did the leader of Yufeng change?” 

He just casually mentioned it, but Little Six’s eyes visibly became alert. 

Zhong Ziang felt a slight tremor in his heart, and a flash of astonishment passed through his eyes. 

Could it be… surname Long is really in trouble? Then why should I stay here?! 

Before, he dared to act recklessly and be arrogant here because Long Tian wanted to curry favor with Xie Dingyuan, treating him and his only nephew as honored guests. 

Of course, that old man had never succeeded. 

And it was impossible to succeed. 

Now that the situation had changed hands, surname Long was probably in deep trouble. Zhong Ziang had to leave quickly! Who knew whether the new person in charge would still give face to Xie Dingyuan? 

“Well, uh… this young master suddenly remembered that there’s something else to do. We’ll talk again next time!!” 

Even in the face of danger, he didn’t forget to leave a menacing remark. 

Taking advantage of Little Six’s stunned moment, he immediately made a run for it. 

However, when he opened the door, what awaited him was not a way out but the seemingly smiling face of a woman. 

“…Jiang Fuyue?!” Zhong Ziang was completely dumbfounded. “How are you here?!” 

“Is it strange that I’m here?” She raised an eyebrow, smiling. “Aren’t you here too?” 

“How can you compare yourself to me?!” 

“Why can’t I?” 

Zhong Ziang: “…Anyway, you just can’t! Hurry up! When people come, no one can escape.” Saying that, he grabbed Jiang Fuyue without saying a word and dragged her outside. 

Little Six was about to step forward but was stopped by a look from Jiang Fuyue. 

Watching Zhong Ziang hurriedly leave, flustered and in a hurry, he couldn’t help but silently curse, “Idiot.” 


Running all the way out of the restaurant’s entrance, rushing forward for five hundred meters until he completely left Yufeng Kitchen behind, Zhong Ziang finally took a deep breath and stopped. 

Jiang Fuyue, who had neither blushed nor breathed heavily, watching Zhong Ziang with a look of post-fright regret, a hint of undisguised mockery appeared in her eyes. 

Tsk, the little overlord of the Zhong family in the capital, only has this much courage… 

Zhong Ziang looked away, and when he glanced back, he met Jiang Fuyue’s eyes, which were mocking and seemingly pitiful. 

“?” A little confused. 

But he wasn’t too angry; he was used to it. 

If Jiang Fuyue had been kind and grateful to him, Zhong Ziang couldn’t help but think about that scene… 


No way! 

He would suspect he was seeing things.

“Afraid to this state?” Jiang Fuyue crossed her arms, looking calm and composed, a stark contrast to the pale-faced and floating steps of the young man. 

“Who said I’m afraid?!” Zhong Ziang stood up abruptly. 

Jiang Fuyue glanced at him with a smirk. 

“Hey! Don’t laugh. Do you know how dangerous it was just now?” 

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, her peach blossom eyes clear and cold. 

Zhong Ziang instantly imagined a scene of a “naive and sweet girl facing danger, unknowingly rescued by chance.” 

He never doubted the reason she appeared in the restaurant late at night, how she could move freely to the second floor, and why did no one stop them when he took her away. 

So, the answer to the previous question is A~

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