After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Self-destructing Identity, Being Her Blade 

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Jiang Fuyue turned slowly, the indoor lights were bright, and even though she still wore a hat, her face was clearly visible.

Jiang Han: “?! Did my eyes deceive me?”

Ge Meng: “?! Why does this big shot look exactly like Sister Yue?”

In Liu Sisi’s eyes, a complex emotion surged, a mix of shock and perhaps even stronger disappointment.

Both sides stood frozen, motionless for a while.

“… Sister… Yue?” Jiang Han tentatively called out.

Jiang Fuyue curled her lips, “Learning how to cover people with a sack now? Should I praise you for being awesome?”

“Well, no need.”

“Finished your summer homework?”

Jiang Han and Ge Meng immediately shivered, the fear of being forced to do exercises by the great demon king returned.

Even Liu Sisi couldn’t help it and instinctively sat up straight, feeling her scalp tighten.

The doctor glanced at her, “Don’t be nervous, relax your muscles.”

“Uh… okay.”

“Relax more.”

“I’m relaxed.”

“Even more…”

Liu Sisi: “…I’m trying my best.” But it’s really hard!

Since her identity had been exposed, Jiang Fuyue took off her cap, letting her hair fall down.

Jiang Han had already begun inspecting everything, touching here and looking there, completely different from the reserved and polite demeanor before.

“Sister Yue, is this made of redwood?” She knocked on the office desk.

“It’s not redwood, it’s small-leafed purple sandalwood.”

“Oh. And this painting…” She pointed to the wall.

Jiang Fuyue: “Authentic.”

Jiang Han’s eyes lit up, and like an eager subordinate, she approached Jiang Fuyue, “Hehe… Are you the owner of this bar?”

Before Jiang Fuyue could respond, a knocking sound interrupted.

She straightened up abruptly, “Come in.”

Hu Ben pushed the door open and walked in. Without glancing elsewhere, he approached Jiang Fuyue. Seeing her without the hat, he respectfully greeted, “Miss.”

“Everything sorted out?”


“What did you keep?”


Jiang Fuyue nodded, her tone as usual, “Well done.”

The man lowered his head even more, becoming more humble.

“Find out who’s behind Wei San. Be discreet, and don’t give anyone a handle.”


Hu Ben came in a hurry and left in haste.

In addition to investigating who was behind Wei San, they also needed to wrap up tonight’s events.

An all-nighter was inevitable.

Once the door closed again, Jiang Han, pretending to be serious, instantly collapsed, like a little puppy clinging to Jiang Fuyue, “Sister, was that Hu Ben entering just now? How did he end up like this now?”

Dressed in a suit, exuding a domineering aura, from head to toe, he exuded a “big brother” vibe. It was a stark contrast to the “gang leader” who had blocked them at the school gate not long ago.

“Did he get a twin brother? It shouldn’t be, the brother can’t be this good, but he himself is a little rogue, the gap is too big.”


“Or is it intentional? Tired of being a big brother, going to experience thug life?”


“None of the above? Don’t tell me he’s being chased by enemies, so he dressed as a man and hid in Linhuai, but actually a girl?”

Jiang Fuyue couldn’t help but say, “…you’re wasting your talent by not writing novels.”

Without even touching the wall, Jiang Han’s imagination soared to the sky.

Ge Meng nodded along as Jiang Han spoke, one daring to imagine, the other daring to praise.


Liu Sisi listened quietly without expressing her stance. Of course, the doctor was still treating her wounds, so she couldn’t speak casually.

Jiang Han didn’t dwell too long on Hu Ben, and it seemed like she had forgotten her previous question about whether Jiang Fuyue was the owner.

“…Don’t let the wound touch water. I’ve left antibiotics and painkillers. If you have a fever, seek medical attention promptly. Once the wound gets infected, it’s easy to leave a scar, so be careful.”

After finishing, packing up her things, she nodded slightly at Jiang Fuyue and left.

For a moment, in the spacious office, only three people remained.

It was unusually quiet.

“Spill it, what’s going on.” Jiang Fuyue leaned against the table, legs together, arms crossed, radiating a fierce aura, subtly oppressive.

Jiang Han swallowed saliva, her eyes wandering, but she didn’t dare to speak.

Ge Meng was even more scared, after all, she had always looked up to Jiang Han.

The big fish was shivering, what was this little fish floundering about for?

Just be honest.

“I’ll speak…” Liu Sisi’s calm voice sounded.

The situation wasn’t complicated. It revolved around a girl who, lacking power and influence but endowed with charm, took on a part-time job at the bar during the summer break. Unfortunately, she ran into a “big shot” who had eyes for her beauty.

Initially, the man was generous, only accepting drinks directly from her hands. Even the achievement of opening a tab was credited explicitly to her.

The girl was happy; good performance meant higher income, securing her living expenses for the next semester.

Although the man often eyed her with a lecherous gaze and occasionally made inappropriate advances, the girl endured it with gritted teeth for the sake of earning money.

Before entering King, Liu Sisi knew the rules here. Customers were not allowed to touch bar staff without permission. If caught, regardless of their status, the bouncers would throw them out.

She expected Wei San wouldn’t dare to do anything to her in the bar. Without worries, Liu Sisi focused on achieving better performance from him.

“…I don’t deny that I initially wanted to entrap him,” Liu Sisi tugged at the corner of her mouth, not concealing her little schemes; she was, after all, a bad girl. “I thought I could handle it with ease. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t stupid and chose to make a move outside the bar…”

That day, Wei San lured her into the parking lot, intending to drug her drink, but coincidentally, Jiang Han and Ge Meng witnessed the entire process.

They took Liu Sisi away before he could succeed.

Originally, after Hu Ben blocked Jiang Fuyue, and Liu Sisi refused to help with that matter, their relationship deteriorated, reaching the point of no longer being as close as before, and even avoiding each other.

Jiang Han blamed Liu Sisi for not being loyal enough, while Liu Sisi felt these two were enchanted by Jiang Fuyue.

But as time passed, everyone calmed down and realized it wasn’t necessary to break off their friendship.

With a heart for reconciliation, no one wanted to be the first to back down, so the situation dragged on.

This incident became an opportunity for the three to reconcile.

Jiang Han, upon hearing that Liu Sisi had been bullied by an old man, couldn’t sit still. After discussing with Ge Meng, they decided to take decisive action, finding an opportunity to ambush him and give him a severe beating.

It felt satisfying at the time, but lacking experience, they were not careful enough. Wei San’s people found out, leading to retaliation.

Liu Sisi was unaware of this. The two only informed her after everything was done, but it was too late.

“…That’s roughly how it happened.”

Jiang Fuyue was somewhat surprised by Liu Sisi’s calmness. She had always felt that among the three, Liu Sisi was the one most adept at concealing her true emotions.

Now it seemed to be the case.

The girl with scars all over her body recounted the events that happened to her without much fluctuation in her emotions. Her pride, her scheming, and her darkness were all laid bare.

Throughout, a smile hung on her lips, a kind of indescribable sadness and irony.

Understanding the ins and outs, Jiang Fuyue had a rough idea.

It was almost dawn, and Jiang Han and Ge Meng couldn’t stay any longer; they were getting ready to go home.

“Sisi, what about you?”

“You two go first; I’ll take a taxi later.”

Jiang Han was a bit worried, “Can you handle it?” She was mainly afraid that Wei San would take the opportunity to retaliate when Liu Sisi was alone.

“Rest assured, King is looking out for me now.”

“…Okay, keep your phone on, and contact us if there’s anything.”

“Alright.” Liu Sisi readily agreed.

After Jiang Han and Ge Meng left, Liu Sisi showed no intention of bidding farewell.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t rush and waited quietly for her to speak.

“I’m sorry,” Liu Sisi’s calm voice rang out.

“Why apologize?”

“Last time, when Hu Ben blocked you, and Jiang Hang and Ge Meng went to help, I was with them, but I didn’t go.”

She was very honest.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong because we weren’t familiar back then. You might think I’m timid, selfish, it’s okay, anyway, it’s all true, I accept it all.”

Liu Sisi is a cautious and vigilant person.

She has worked so hard to survive until now, and it is impossible for her to risk her life for someone “unfamiliar.” 

She admits that she is not as straightforward and loyal as Jiang Hang, nor as pure-minded as Ge Meng. Before making any decision, she has been used to weighing the pros and cons, calculating gains and losses, so she is destined to live cautiously and thriftily.

However, these are not important. What’s important is that—she is alive!

Some people live to enjoy life, for ideals, for their country and family, but she lives just to desperately stay alive.

After listening, Jiang Fuyue’s face did not show much emotion. “Since you don’t think you did anything wrong, why apologize?”

“If it weren’t for today’s incident, I might never say these words. For you, I was just a stranger, just like you were to me back then, but you chose to help me, and back then, I didn’t do the same.”

Jiang Fuyue: “That’s because in your eyes, Hu Ben was already a threat to your life; but in my eyes, dealing with Wei San was as simple as crushing an ant.”

“The height of standing determines the breadth of vision and the range of reach. If I were in your shoes, I might make the same choice. Since I can’t save them, why bother getting involved?”

It’s like a person drowning; a non-swimmer jumps in impulsively to save them, and in the end, both are drowned.

Impulsive actions are meaningless in many situations, and may even backfire, leading to more tragic consequences.

“Do you not think I’m heartless?”

Even Jiang Hang and Ge Meng had called her that.

Jiang Fuyue: “Coming is a favor; not coming is natural. After all, we’re not familiar.”

“Hehehe…” Liu Sisi laughed softly, and her whole body trembled lightly, suddenly raising her hand to cover her eyes.

Her hand was still wrapped in gauze, and there was a faint seepage of blood.

Soon, something crystal-clear slid from the corner of her eye to her temple, finally disappearing into her hair, gone without a trace.

“…Thank you,” Jiang Fuyue heard her say, “I wouldn’t have done this before, but I will in the future.”

Will what?

Before, she didn’t care about Jiang Fuyue, but in the future, she will throw caution to the wind.

“Can I understand it as… repaying a debt?”

Liu Sisi put her hand down, her eye sockets turning red, but she no longer shed tears.

She said, “It’s not repaying a debt.”

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow.

“It’s that we’ve become familiar.”

“What kind of familiarity?”

Liu Sisi: “Friends.”

Friends like Jiang Hang and Ge Meng.

Worthy of her putting in every last bit of effort, even if it means risking her own safety to hold Wei San hostage, just to ensure that her friends can walk out of the dark alley alive.

Jiang Fuyue never doubted this.

Because she had witnessed Liu Sisi holding Wei San hostage, this girl valued her life but could also stake it for others.

The key question is, are you worth her doing this?

“The day Hu Ben blocked me, the local police station received two distress calls. One was the one I asked Jiang Hang to make on the spot, and the other one was from you?”

Liu Sisi was stunned, “I clearly used a public phone…” How did you know?

But upon second thought, even King is under Jiang Fuyue’s jurisdiction, so it’s simple for her to find out what she wants to know.

“You are very rational.”

Liu Sisi heard this kind of evaluation for the first time.

It’s not coldness, nor ruthlessness, but rationality.

“Tha…thank you.” She was a bit at a loss, with a hint of surprise in her large and round almond-shaped eyes, full of pleasantly surprised expression.

“Can I still work part-time here?” she cautiously asked.

Jiang Fuyue nodded, “Yes.”

“What about Lord Wei San?”

“Don’t worry, from now on, he won’t appear again.”

Liu Sisi thought she was only talking about within the confines of the bar and pursed her lips, “He knows where I live…”

“I said ‘won’t appear’ means that this person, Wei San, won’t show up anywhere anymore. Do you understand?”

Liu Sisi shuddered all over, suddenly raising her head, coincidentally meeting Jiang Fuyue’s profound gaze.

It seemed like she understood something, and her initial reaction was not fear but rather a scent of opportunity…

At this moment!

“Sister Yue, can I stay?” Liu Sisi took a deep breath, following the way Jiang Hang and Ge Meng addressed her, each word deliberate, “Can I stay with you?”

“Didn’t I just say it earlier? You can.” King already hires some attractive students for part-time work.

“Not staying at the bar,” she said, “I want to follow you.”

Jiang Fuyue smiled, “Follow me?”

“Yes.” Liu Sisi didn’t smile, on the contrary, her face, marked with bruises, showed seriousness.

Jiang Fuyue gradually became serious, “What do you want to do with me? Study? Take exams? Research? Write papers?”

As a poor student, Liu Sisi instinctively shook her head, showing a hint of panic in her eyes.

“Then tell me, what can you do?”

Liu Sisi fell silent for two seconds, “…I can learn.”

“Including research? Writing papers?”

“In this area… I might not be naturally talented, but I can try,” she said, bracing herself.

Hearing this response, Jiang Fuyue didn’t know whether to admire her courage or affirm her own charm. 

After all, it’s quite unbelievable to see someone with the academic aptitude of Liu Sisi, who was known as a “tofu dreg” among the trio of Jiang, Ge, and Liu Sisi, displaying such determination.

Among the three—Jiang, Ge, and Liu Sisi—Liu Sisi had the weakest foundation, the lowest understanding, and the weakest learning ability. Her only advantage might be her consistency—

Consistently mediocre, failing in every subject.

As Jiang Fuyue’s facial expressions kept changing, Liu Sisi couldn’t help but feel uneasy. She tried to find a few skills from her limited repertoire that Jiang Fuyue might find appealing.

Unfortunately, there were none.

But she wasn’t willing to give up—

“What do you need? I can learn anything from scratch. Maybe I’m not sensitive to academic knowledge, but I’m good at hands-on tasks!”

Liu Sisi wanted to prove herself, but having said what needed to be said, she couldn’t produce anything else. All she could do was quietly wait for Jiang Fuyue’s decision.

At that moment, she heard her own nervous and constrained breathing, as well as a heartbeat that seemed to be racing too fast, one thump after another.

It was also at that moment that she felt a clear sense of the future, seeing a way out.

After an indeterminate amount of time, she heard a sigh from above, both helpless and gentle.

“Then stay…”

Of course, staying or not didn’t depend solely on Jiang Fuyue’s words.

Liu Sisi wanted to stay, but there must be a meaning and value in staying.

“Go to Yufeng Kitchen tomorrow and look for this person; he will arrange everything for you.”

Liu Sisi took the business card, quickly scanned it, and saw the name “Liu Jinzhong” along with a string of phone numbers. There was nothing else.


In the silent night, Liu Sisi left King and hailed a taxi, saying, “Please go to Sanliu Street.”

Hearing this place name, the driver couldn’t help but glance at her through the rearview mirror.

Liu Sisi was already accustomed to such looks, maintaining an expressionless gaze that startled the driver.

Sanliu Street, also known as “Third-rate Street,” gathered people from all walks of life in Linnan District, with a harsh environment and a mix of good and bad.

Upon reaching the destination, the driver quickly collected the fare and turned to leave. In this dimly lit place, he, a grown man, didn’t dare to linger too long.

But Liu Sisi seemed oblivious to the darkness, walking straight through the unlit alley to an old and dilapidated apartment building.

At her doorstep, she took out her keys. Even before inserting them into the lock, the sound of banging and slamming emanated from inside, accompanied by a man’s angry scolding and a woman’s high-pitched screams. In the quiet night, it sounded particularly harsh.

Sure enough, several neighboring units quickly lit up with lights, and heads popped out through the door cracks—

“How come it’s starting again? It’s midnight, can’t you let people sleep?!”

“Fine! Old Seven Liu is drunk again. Xiuhua is also unfortunate. Why did she end up with him?”

“Sisi, what are you doing outside? Why not go in and persuade him?”

“Hurry up! The way your dad is causing a scene, the whole building should be awake by now. Everyone has to work tomorrow. It’s really unlucky to live in the same unit with such a person…”

Liu Sisi apologized to everyone and then took a deep breath before opening the door.

As she entered, she overheard someone saying, “Enough complaining. With a dad like that, it’s not easy for the child. Let’s be understanding of each other.”

“I understand her, but who understands us? Sister Zhang, it’s not that I’m mean, but look at how many times this has happened this month? Once or twice, I can endure, but he makes a fuss every few days. Who can stand that…”

The closing door cut off the neighbors’ complaints, but the sounds of cursing and crying inside became clear.

Liu Sisi changed into slippers with an expressionless face and walked into the living room.

When Old Seven Liu saw his daughter return, his eyes lit up. He ignored scolding his wife, pushed her into a corner, and approached with the smell of alcohol, “Good daughter, you’re back? Made a good profit today, right? I’m a bit tight on cash lately, can you…”


The man frowned, “What are you saying?”

“I didn’t work part-time today, so I didn’t earn any money.”

“Nonsense! Look at your appearance; how could you not have earned any money? Did someone take advantage of you? Who? I’ll find him!”

Oh, so he didn’t overlook her injuries; he just didn’t care. All he cared about was money.

“Don’t say I didn’t earn any money. Even if I did, I wouldn’t give it to you.” Liu Sisi sneered.


The man slapped her, “You’re going against me? Say it again, bring out the money, or no one will have peace tonight!”

After saying that, he burped.

Expressionless, Liu Sisi turned her head back and repeated, “No money. If you want to make a scene, go ahead. When the neighbors call the police, the police will come to sober you up.”

“You little b*stard! Dare to call the police?! Feeling rebellious, huh?” The man raised his hand again.

Liu Sisi didn’t flinch, her eyes filled with hatred.

“You dare to glare at me? Today, I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t forget…”

Just as the slap was about to land, the woman who had been crying in the corner suddenly rushed forward, “Don’t hit her…”


The final slap still fell, hitting the woman’s back and eliciting a painful groan.

“Mom!” Liu Sisi’s numb face finally showed a reaction, “Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

“It’s okay.” The woman forced a smile for her.

“Great! Are you two planning to unite and resist me? Fine…” The man, infuriated and with red eyes, looked around for a tool. Unable to find one, he simply pulled off his belt and swung it towards the mother and daughter.


The belt whistled through the air and landed on the woman’s shoulder, followed by a heartbreaking scream.

“Mom! Leave, don’t worry about me!”

The tearful woman shook her head.

Another lash came, directly hitting the woman’s arm without any fabric to shield it, leaving a visible red mark that immediately swelled.

“Liu Kaibing, have you gone mad?!”

“The little b*stard dares to call me by my full name; deserves a beating!”

Liu Sisi took a lash directly to her chin, tasting the metallic flavor of blood in her mouth.

“Where’s the money? I know you have it, bring it out!”


The man approached, grabbing her hair, “Say it again?!”

“I… have… no… money.”

“Who do you think you’re fooling? You sell alcohol and flesh all day, and you’re short on cash?”

“Mind your language. I work as a waitress!”

“Bedroom service is still a service. If you’re broke, go earn for me! Whether it’s performing or selling your body, I only care about money! Understand?”

Liu Sisi gritted her teeth, enunciating each word, “Dream on!”

Infuriated, the man swung the belt even harder.

“I’ll ask again, where’s the money? If you don’t tell me today, I’ll beat both of you to death!”

Liu Sisi sneered, “Hit me! If you have the guts, go ahead!”

“Sisi, stop talking!” The woman cried, panic in her eyes. “If he wants it, just give it to him. He won’t cause trouble then…”

“Mom! That’s my living expenses for next semester! If I give it to him, what will I eat? How will I survive?” Even though she expected this outcome, like countless beatings before, where her resistance eventually succumbed to Li Xiuhua’s softness, Liu Sisi was still furious.

She didn’t understand.

Really didn’t understand.

Why did Li Xiuhua compromise time and time again? Why tolerate this disgusting man?

She knew that domestic violence, once it happened, would repeat itself until it became routine.

She also knew that Liu Kaibing would never change in this lifetime, never become a responsible man.

She was even more aware that her own weakness would only make the man more brutal.

Yet, she still did nothing, silently crying and enduring everything.

Once, Liu Sisi pitied her mother greatly, thinking she was too miserable.

As she grew older, she began to feel that the suffering was self-inflicted, that she deserved it!

Now, only eight words remained —

Pity her misfortune, resent her lack of resistance.

“Heh, saying you have no money, a beating will solve that.” After saying that, he grabbed Li Xiuhua by the hair and pulled her up. “Go, bring out the money!”

Liu Sisi shook her head, “Mom, don’t give it to him…”


The man swung the belt again, directly knocking her to the ground. She struggled to get up, his mouth still muttering, “You little b*stard dares to talk back; say one more word, and I’ll beat you to death!”

The woman, frightened, quickly ran to the bedroom and soon came out with a crumpled envelope, “Stop hitting; it’s all here…”

The man snatched it, weighing it in his hand. Judging by his expression, he seemed satisfied.

Reattaching the belt to his waist, he casually left.

Meanwhile, Liu Sisi laid on the floor, eyes filled with despair.

“Good daughter, are you okay? Don’t scare your mom…”

The woman started crying again.

She was like water, easily shedding tears.

Over the years, crying seemed to become her only way to release emotions.

“Why give him the money?” Liu Sisi stared blankly at the ceiling, her voice icy and rigid.

“If you don’t, he’ll kill you!”

“He wouldn’t dare. I’ll call the police.”

“What’s the use of calling the police? Even if they come this time, what about next time? The time after that?”

“Then divorce him, and I’ll follow you.”

The woman started to stutter, “Sweetie, he’s still your father. When you were young, he really liked you, took you out to play, bought you sweets…”

As expected, it was the same story.

Liu Sisi let out a mocking smile.

The woman continued, “Which family doesn’t have conflicts? If we divorce, we won’t even have a home… Mom doesn’t want you to become a child of a single-parent family. Otherwise, classmates will make fun of you, and when you find a boyfriend in the future, his parents will look down on you…”

Every time after Liu Kaibing caused a scene, a similar conversation would take place between mother and daughter.

The words “divorce” had become tiring for Liu Sisi to say.

She repeatedly explained to Li Xiuhua that there were classmates in their class from divorced families, and they lived happily. Nobody mocked them. In modern society, where love was free, most parents were open-minded and reasonable, not interfering in their children’s relationships just because one of them came from a divorced family.

But it was futile; Li Xiuhua couldn’t comprehend.

She stubbornly believed that she was right, holding onto fragments of the past, thinking she was selflessly sacrificing.

“…With parents like this, in such a family, then I will be laughed at and looked down upon.” Liu Sisi murmured, a teardrop sliding down her cheek.


The next day, Liu Sisi left early in the morning.

Despite the despair of the previous night, there was nothing unusual about her appearance today.

“Is this Yufeng Kitchen?”

“Sorry, you came too early; we haven’t officially opened yet.”

“I’m not here to eat.”

The waiter was puzzled, “Then, what are you here for?”

“I’m looking for someone; please take me to see him.” Liu Sisi handed over the business card.

The waiter, after a quick glance, became noticeably more respectful. “Please follow me.”

Guided by the waiter, Liu Sisi entered the elevator. When the metallic doors opened, she found herself in a brightly lit area —

A magnificent lobby, a red carpet on the floor, and green silk decorations.

Crystal chandeliers cast a dazzling glow from above, and not far away, a set of genuine leather sofas surrounded a small purple round table.

Further inside, there seemed to be a large screen displaying densely packed small squares, each showing surveillance footage from different locations.

After Liu Sisi sat down, the waiter left.

She looked around, suddenly feeling a sense of unreality.

And in her heart, the fog around Jiang Fuyue’s identity deepened.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps approached. Liu Sisi followed the sound and saw a middle-aged man walking towards her. He was tall, dressed in a suit and leather shoes, but he wasn’t accompanied by anyone else.


“Please sit, don’t be formal. My name is Liu, the person on the business card.”

“Boss Liu, Sister Yue said… you could help me?”

“Yes.” He nodded, smiling warmly, making it easy for people to let down their guard. “But first, you have to tell me, what is the one thing you desire or want to achieve the most?”

Liu Sisi didn’t let her guard down due to his friendly attitude; instead, she became even more cautious. “…Make money, a lot of money.”

“No, you didn’t tell the truth,” Liu Jinzhong shook his head.

Liu Sisi, feeling no embarrassment at being caught in a lie, said, “I was afraid that telling the truth would scare you.”

“In that case, you really have to tell me.”

“…I want someone dead, does that count?”

“Of course, and the target is clear.” Liu Jinzhong replied calmly.

“But I don’t want to exchange one life for another, is there a good way?” Liu Sisi asked.

Liu Jinzhong nodded. “Yes, and there are many.”

“Then I’ll learn that.”

“Young lady, think it over. After learning, you’ll be a sharp weapon, and you must show your edge, or you won’t graduate.” His words were earnest and profound.

“I’ve thought it through. Isn’t that what she expects of me?” Liu Sisi replied.

Liu Jinzhong was momentarily stunned, then chuckled softly, “Yes, she has a charm that makes people willingly comply…”

Meanwhile, the charming person was interrupted by a phone call. “…Hello?”

“Is this student Jiang Fuyue?”


“This is the office of the National Physics Competition Committee. We regret to inform you that your summer camp qualification has been revoked.”

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