After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Deserving or Not, Divine Beauty Under the Moonlight 

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“Jiang Fuyue is so popular?”

Zhong Ziang was startled and looked at him, “What?”

Not that he didn’t understand, but he found it unbelievable that Xie Dingyuan would be interested in such a question.

Simply inconceivable.

“Do I need to repeat it?”

“N-No need…” Zhong Ziang shook his head, then asked, “Shouldn’t she be popular?”

The man remained noncommittal, and his deep and mysterious black eyes were calm.

However, the young man began to count on his fingers, “Firstly, she’s beautiful, especially her eyes – black and bright. Although she looks icy when looking at people, there’s always a kind of magical charm that sets people on fire.”

As he spoke, the young man’s eyes lit up, as if he might actually catch fire in the next moment.

“Catch fire?” Xie Dingyuan sneered.

“Don’t be unbelieving. When she looks at you, only at you…” Zhong Ziang seemed to be lost in a certain memory, a smile unconsciously appeared on his face, followed by a sharp intake of breath.

It was the first time Xie Dingyuan saw so many expressions on his face simultaneously.

He involuntarily raised an eyebrow.

“Secondly, her figure is great! Better than those so-called daughters of prestigious families in the capital, her curves are more exquisite and smooth. Just looking at her makes people jealous…”

As he spoke, Zhong Ziang rubbed his hands together.

Xie Dingyuan immediately gave him a hit, “You brat, be serious!”

“Where am I not serious?” Zhong Ziang held his head, wincing in pain. “You launched a sneak attack!”

“Craving more?” 

Xie Dingyuan said, raising his hand.

“Not craving, not craving!” Zhong Ziang surrendered to keep himself safe.

“Lastly, and most importantly, she’s outstanding!” Zhong Ziang’s eyes sparkled with hearts, turning into an infatuated expression.

“Outstanding?” Xie Dingyuan pondered the word, suddenly interested, “How is she outstanding? Tell me.”

“She’s a genius. She can even get a perfect score by sleeping in the exam hall until the end.”

“Well,” Xie Dingyuan nodded, “excelling in academics is good.”

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have qualified for two academic competitions’ summer camps simultaneously, and both with perfect scores.

“Do you like girls who are good at studying?”

Zhong Ziang scratched his head, “Not necessarily. If Jiang Fuyue’s grades drop one day, I won’t think it’s a big deal… it’s not a necessary condition.”

Xie Dingyuan seemed to be pondering for a moment before he delivered his blows: “But she has hit you.” First strike.


“Not just once.” Second strike.


“Moreover, if she’s so outstanding, are you worthy of her?” A direct hit.

Zhong Ziang: “?”

Jiang Fuyue was ready to head straight home. Just as she crossed the road, she heard a scream coming from a nearby alley.

This kind of situation was common outside nightclubs, but King had regulations: no provocation, fighting, or brawling within a radius of five hundred meters. Otherwise, the bouncers inside the club would make you understand why flowers were so red.

However, this alley…

Just outside the safety zone, it was rumored to be a “sacred place” for teaching people a lesson. It often echoed with screams, and those passing by didn’t want to get involved and didn’t dare to.

Who knew if they would provoke some extremely ruthless people?

Better to mind one’s own business.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t plan to interfere either. Every world had established rules, and she wasn’t a sword-wielding hero or a saint; she didn’t have that much overflowing compassion.

But this sound…

Why did it sound a bit familiar?

The moonlight couldn’t penetrate the pitch-black alley, which was a vegetable market during the day but turned into a purgatory at night.

A slender figure was thrown to the ground, struggling to get up.

But the next second, a man’s leather shoe stepped on her right shoulder, ruthlessly pressing down. The fair skin had a footprint, eventually stained with blood.

However, the girl tightly bit her lips, not crying out or begging for mercy. She endured silently, only the tense back and trembling muscles silently conveying her pain and… fear.

But the man wasn’t satisfied. While laughing loudly, he increased the force of his trampling. “Why aren’t you screaming? Weren’t you just making a fuss earlier?”

Li Sisi stared at him with red eyes. “If you’re going to hit me, then hit me. There’s no need for so much nonsense.”

“Heh, hit you?” The man retracted his foot, crouching down. His fingers, stained yellow from years of smoking, swept across the girl’s delicate face. A hint of obsession appeared in his murky eyes. “What if I hit you too hard? My heart will feel pained.”

“Pah!” Li Sisi spat on the man’s face. “Disgusting!”

The man’s face changed dramatically. The last trace of pity in his eyes, overwhelmed by the incoming rage, was completely replaced. Snap!

He raised his hand for a resounding slap.

“You d*mn wh*re, showing no gratitude when given face!”

After cursing, he followed up with another smack.

The crisp sound echoed in the narrow alley.

Liu Sisi’s vision darkened, her ears buzzed, and blood simultaneously dripped from the corners of her mouth and nostrils.

The man leisurely got up, took the handkerchief handed to him by his henchman, and casually wiped the saliva from his face.

Then, he wiped the bloodstains off his fingers.

“Third Master, do you think we need the brothers to…”

“What’s the rush? We’ve just hooked a fish. Wait until the other two arrive, and then we’ll settle the accounts together!”

The last three words, spoken through gritted teeth, carried a chilling determination.

Even the henchman involuntarily shrank his neck.

Lying on the verge of passing out, Liu Sisi suddenly widened her eyes at the words. “What do you want to do?”

The man chuckled.

“What ‘other two’ and ‘settle accounts together’? I don’t understand a single word!”

“Is that so? Since you don’t understand, why are you so nervous?”


The man laughed even more heartily. “Why, afraid I’ll deal with your two little friends?”

Liu Sisi exclaimed in shock and anger, “You dare?!”

As if hearing a joke, the man laughed heartily, leaning forward and backward. “Hahaha… Listen to what she’s saying! I dare? What is there that Wei San wouldn’t dare to do?!”

A group of henchmen behind him joined in the laughter.

“In this world, there’s actually something our Third Master wouldn’t dare to do? Haha…”

“This girl has no eyes!”

“In the end, it’s just asking for a lesson. She doesn’t know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is!”


Wei San raised an eyebrow at her and casually adjusted his sleeve. “Since you’ve asked whether I dare or not, if I don’t, wouldn’t I lose face? Then, fine, this Third Master will give it a try.”

Liu Sisi’s pupils contracted. “The person who offended you is me. If you seek revenge, come at me. Don’t involve the innocent!”

“Innocent? Heh… Sisi, ask yourself, are your two little friends truly innocent?”

“Madman! What exactly do you want?!” The girl roared, choked by the blood in her mouth, coughing violently.

“I told you not to be anxious. Look… you’re suffering, aren’t you?” The man’s big hand gently patted her back to help her catch her breath. Despite the seemingly gentle force, a chilling intent seeped through. “When the time comes, with everyone present, you’ll understand.”

“People… present?” Liu Sisi’s face turned pale, her scalp tightened. “What do you mean?”

“Oh, I just sent them a message from your phone a moment ago. A good friend is in trouble. Care to guess whether they’ll come or not?”

“You shameless—”

“Hahaha… Curse away, keep cursing. I love your spirited nature. You’re just too unruly, fluttering around too much. Think about it; we might as well clip your wings so you can stay peacefully in the cage. Stop thinking about flying out all the time. What do you think?”

Liu Sisi was horrified by the perverse thoughts of the other party, “You, this is a crime… you’ll go to jail!”

“Hahaha, little guy, you’re joking again. Which prison in Linhuai can hold someone like me, Wei San? Go and find out.”

Despair flashed in Liu Sisi’s eyes.

She couldn’t escape. She was destined to fall into a muddy pit, rot, and stink. However, she couldn’t let Jiang Han and Ge Meng get involved.

Thinking of this, she calmed down. “It’s useless. We’ve already fallen out. We don’t even greet each other when we meet. We treat each other as strangers, so—”

Taking a deep breath, Liu Sisi said, “Even if you sent a message, they won’t come!”

“Fallen out?” The man raised an eyebrow, pretending to be surprised. “Your two little friends are quite something. They came to set me up for a fallen-out friend. I still have a green chin now. How loyal, huh?”

“You’re thinking too much. They are still high school students. How could they do such a thing?” Liu Sisi tried to make her tone sound calm and unaffected.

“Yeah, I’m curious too. Where did two high school students get the courage to lay hands on me? I’ll have to ask them later.”

At this moment, one of the henchmen who was watching at the entrance of the alley reported, “Third Master, they’re here!”

Wei San bent down, smiling as he patted Liu Sisi’s face. “You see, the remaining two fish have willingly taken the bait, haven’t they?”

The latter stiffened.

The man stood up, his smile vanished, leaving only a chilling expression. “What are you standing there for? Go and bring those two kids in!”

Soon, Jiang Han and Ge Meng were brought in front of Wei San.

The man’s critical gaze fell on the faces of the two, showing a hint of disgust when he glanced at Jiang Han. He merely cast a fleeting glance at Ge Meng.

One too fat, like a pig; one too skinny, like a stick.

Both outrageously ugly!

Faced with these two people, any romantic thoughts in Wei San’s mind were completely gone.

He thought that Sisi’s friends would at least be comparable to her, but who knew…

Even his henchmen found them disdainful.

“Well, little students, you’ve watched a few movies and decided to put someone in a burlap bag. Have you thought about the consequences?”

“Who are you? Do we know you?” Jiang Han raised her chin, determined to play dumb.

“Oh, quite organized. No wonder you dared to make a move. Since you don’t know me, let my brothers teach you who I am…”

Saying that, he took two steps back, making way for his henchmen, who began rolling up their sleeves and approaching.

The “getting to know” in Wei San’s mouth meant beating them up first!

Ge Meng was frightened and grabbed Jiang Han’s sleeve. Jiang Han was equally panicked, but as her gaze swept over Sisi, lying on the ground, covered in blood, she felt that she couldn’t back down.


Wei San raised his hand, and the henchmen stopped. “What’s the matter? Just remembered now?”

Jiang Han said, “It seems we might have some vague impression.”

Ge Meng: “…”

Wei San: “…”

Everyone: “…”

“Now that you have an impression, shouldn’t we settle the score properly?” Wei San suggested.

Jiang Han nodded, “Okay, let’s settle it.”

“Heh, quite responsible. Don’t just talk nicely. Are you scared and peeing your pants? You—” Wei San turned and gestured to the nearest henchman, “Unbind one of her hands.”


Jiang Han was stunned, dumbfounded.

Ge Meng burst into tears, “Sister Han, what should we do? They’re serious!”

Trying to crawl up, Sisi, lying on the ground, was thrown back before she could stand, pressing her palm onto broken glass, her hands covered in fresh blood.

“Third Master, I beg you, don’t do this… I’m begging you…”

Tears streamed down her face, and all her pride and arrogance were crushed into pieces at this moment.

Liu Sisi crawled over, tightly grabbing the man’s pants leg, “I’ll give you whatever you want, just spare them…”

“If only you were this obedient earlier.” The man raised his hand, signaling to stop, and his henchmen put away the watermelon knife that had been resting on Jiang Han’s arm.

Wei San squatted down, wiping away the tears on the girl’s face and using his thumb to remove the bloodstains from the corners of her mouth. “So ugly.”

Liu Sisi shivered all over, dared not cry anymore, afraid he might change his mind.

This lunatic wasn’t joking.

He might really take Jiang Han and Ge Meng’s lives!

“Didn’t you say you had fallen out?” Wei San sneered. “They risked their lives to save you, and you sacrifice yourself to beg for their lives. What a touching sisterhood…”

The man clapped his hands, creating a weird and absurd echo in the dim alley.

“Alright, since you’re willing to exchange yourself, I’ll spare them.”

“Liu Sisi, don’t agree to him!” Jiang Han shouted.

With a signal from Wei San, a nearby henchman stepped forward and delivered a slap to Jiang Han’s face.

Ge Meng, in shock, said, “How could you guys…”


She, too, was slapped on the side of her head.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Han turned back, blood still dripping from her right nostril, and continued to shout recklessly, “Liu Sisi, I don’t want you to save me! I don’t need you to sacrifice! You idiot!”


Another slap.

The other nostril was bleeding, but she seemed to feel no pain. “Just an arm! I’m not afraid! Even if I leave my entire self here tonight, I won’t regret it! I’ve already reported to the police before you came, left clues and a will. If I lose my life, someone has to compensate me!”

“And I have insurance, the kind that pays out billions when you die. It’s perfect for supporting my dad in his old age. I won’t have to take care of him, enjoying life to the fullest. Do you guys have insurance? Can you get billions if you die? Lousy!”

The henchmen were dumbfounded, forgetting to continue slapping. They couldn’t help but ponder Jiang Han’s question—

Do they have insurance?

It seemed like Third Master didn’t get any for them.

Ge Meng cried while hiccupping, “Han… Sister Han, what should I do? I don’t have insurance.”

“Don’t worry; I’ve already enrolled you. Remember the ID I asked for last time? You even signed it. It may not be as much as mine, but it’s still millions.”


“Of course! If you follow me, and your life is in danger, how could I leave you without protection?”

“Thank you so much.”

Wei San’s eyelid twitched violently, veins bulging on his forehead. “Shut her up! Since she’s not afraid of death, cut off both hands!”

The henchmen were still in a daze and couldn’t react in time.

At that moment, Liu Sisi, who had been lying on the ground, suddenly stood up, grabbed a piece of broken glass from the ground, and thrust it toward Wei San’s throat.

She gripped it hard, the glass cutting into her fingers, blood dripping down. Her eyes were filled with determination.

“Let them go, or we all die here together. Choose.”

No hysterics or madness, just a voice echoing as if from the bottom of a cliff, hollow and cold, permeated with the aura of death.

“Third Master—”

“You release her, or don’t even think about leaving this alley alive!”


The henchmen began to speak in confusion. Some were threatening with harsh words, while others softened, attempting to persuade…

To some extent, the situation had already started to unravel.

Wei San couldn’t believe that Sisi still had the strength to resist. It was this “unbelief” that led to his negligence, resulting in a woman holding him hostage in public.

“Sisi, I always thought you were a smart girl, but doing this…”

“Shut up!” The glass piece pierced the skin, a small wound already oozing blood.

Wei San’s brow furrowed, a flash of killing intent in his eyes.

He thought he had a clever parrot, but it turned out to be a myna that bites. There was no need to keep it!

Liu Sisi said, “I’ll say it again: release them, or we all go down together! You’ve pushed me to a dead end. Since death is inevitable, I’ll do my best to drag someone down with me!”

After speaking, the glass went in another bit.


Wei San gasped in shock. The calm expression he had managed to maintain visibly cracked at an alarming speed. “Let’s talk it out. It’s just letting them go, right?”

“Enough talking!”

“Release them.”

With this command, Jiang Han and Ge Meng gained their freedom and quickly retreated behind Liu Sisi.

“Hurry, go! Don’t mind me.”

Jiang Han said, “If we’re leaving, let’s go together. The three of us can take him out, and once we’re on the road, these people won’t dare to mess with us.”

“Yes,” Ge Meng nodded, “We came to rescue you, and now that there’s a chance, we should leave together.”

Tears welled up in Liu Sisi’s eyes. “I’m sorry for what I did before.”

“Don’t mention that now. Let’s get out first.”


The three of them, with joint effort, moved Wei San towards the exit. Whenever they advanced, the henchmen took a step back.

As they were about to leave the alley, a stray cat suddenly darted out.

For people on high alert, the sudden movement was undoubtedly a huge fright. Liu Sisi’s hand trembled, giving Wei San a chance to reverse the situation.

“B*tch! Give face, but don’t want face!” Before Jiang Han and Ge Meng could react, Wei San forcefully pressed Si Si against the wall. The back of her head hit the hard brick wall with a muffled thud.

Liu Sisi’s vision went black, overwhelmed by intense pain.

But the enraged man was irrational. In the next second, he pulled out a Swiss knife from his pocket.

The blade refracted a chilling light under the moonlight, directly thrusting toward Liu Sisi!

“No!” Jiang Han’s eyes widened in despair.

Ge Meng was already voiceless, only able to shake her head frantically.

At the critical moment, a dark figure suddenly appeared, kicking Wei San’s hand aside. The knife tip got stuck in the gap between the bricks, refusing to come out.

One could imagine how vicious the strike was!

Wei San, frustrated and furious, abandoned the futile attempt to retrieve the knife after two failed attempts. He quickly turned around, warily looking at the newcomer.

The mysterious figure was clad in a long coat and pants, wearing a brimmed hat that almost completely covered their face. Despite having a somewhat lean figure compared to the men present, the strength displayed in that kick was not to be underestimated.

Now, Wei San’s hand was numb!

Wei San couldn’t help but reveal a trace of fear. “Who are you?”

Jiang Fuyue didn’t even glance at him, walking straight to Liu Sisi.

The girl had slid down the wall and was sitting on the ground, her face covered in blood, obscuring her original appearance.

Her clothes were torn in the struggle, with the neckline gaping open, revealing half of her shoulder, stained with blood and dirt, forming a messy clot of red and black.

Despite the disheveled state, her eyes were bright, shining prominently in the moonlight.

Like a lone wolf in a mountain hollow.

Liu Sisi looked at the approaching man. The moonlight was too dim to illuminate his face, only outlining a rough silhouette of his figure.

She was somewhat on guard, even though the man had just rescued her from Wei San’s clutches.

So, without a word, she discreetly reached for the shard again, quietly grasping it in her palm, ready to strike if needed.

At this moment, the man suddenly squatted down.

She caught a faint fragrance, unable to discern what it was before the man seized her hand. With a gentle force, her fingers involuntarily spread open, and the shard slipped from her grasp.

In the next second, Liu Sisi felt a warm sensation on her shoulder.

The man took off his own coat and draped it over her, concealing the mess and disarray.

In that moment, Liu Sisi saw the moon hanging high behind the man, casting a faint, desolate glow around him. It seemed to have bestowed an aura upon him.

Like a deity descending.

In the moldy and unpleasant first half of her life, Liu Sisi finally had something worth remembering and cherishing.

“Heh, buddy, are you here to play the hero and save the beauty?” Wei San wiped off the blood from his neck, speaking arrogantly, “I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place!”

Jiang Fuyue signaled for Jiang Han and Ge Meng to come over and take care of Liu Sisi. She then slowly stood up, facing Wei San directly.

“What if I am here to save her?” She lowered her voice, sounding hoarse and magnetic.

“Then it depends on whether you’ve got the skills!” Wei San said, gesturing for his henchmen to gather, preparing for a potential confrontation.

Jiang Fuyue smirked, her face remaining blurry in the shadows. “Do you think only you have henchmen?”

As soon as she spoke, a group of well-trained individuals in black swiftly entered the alley, surrounding Wei San and his group.

Footsteps echoed in the distance, and a gap was automatically left in the encirclement. A figure, tall and powerful, approached under the moonlight, his black suit making him look even more formidable.

But this distinguished figure walked straight behind Jiang Fuyue, bowing his head and closing his eyes. “Boss, the team is assembled.”

“Boss?!” Wei San was shocked.

Not long ago, he had just left King, it was today he encountered the new owner of this bar, Brother Hu, as a frequent customer!

Wei San knew that this bar could stand tall in Linhuai, and there must be someone backing it. The sudden appearance of “Brother Hu” was undoubtedly a formidable figure he couldn’t afford to offend.

Therefore, his words inevitably carried a hint of flattery, and both sides chatted amicably.

Unexpectedly, just a few hours later, he witnessed Brother Hu addressing another person as “boss.”

These black-clad individuals were clearly hired bodyguards by King, not only capable fighters but also known for their loyalty.

Otherwise, how could King maintain such tranquility? And why would no one dare to provoke trouble in the surrounding area?

These people contributed at least sixty percent to the situation!

Wei San knew the capability of his own henchmen. If things escalated, he would definitely not come out unscathed!

“… Brother Hu, what do you mean by this? I didn’t cause trouble in King’s protected area!” Wei San protested.

Hu Ben remained expressionless, as if he didn’t know him at all. “You harmed someone from King.”

Since Liu Sisi worked part-time at King as a waitress, Wei San’s actions against her were a direct challenge to King.

“That’s not accurate. Matters of affection involve mutual consent. How can you say I harmed her?” Wei San argued.

Hu Ben replied, “King never listens to sophistry.”

With a slight gesture, a bodyguard stepped forward and delivered a punch to Wei San’s abdomen, followed by a kick to his knee. Two moves left him kneeling on the ground, curled up in pain, emitting a series of suppressed groans.

The group of henchmen exchanged glances. The opponent was too straightforward and brutal, making them hesitant to take action.

Wei San suddenly lifted his head, his eyes bloodshot from pain, glaring at Hu Ben. Through gritted teeth, he said, “You’ve gone too far!”

“Daring to talk tough?” Hu Ben sneered, nodding to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard approached and delivered another round of punches and kicks.

Wei San, with blood in his mouth, said, “Don’t think you’re the only one with connections. I have them too. If you dare touch me today, be prepared to face the consequences—”

Jiang Fuyue interrupted, “Noisy.”

Hu Ben ordered, “Go, shut him up.”

Soon, the annoying chatter ceased, leaving only the muffled groans of fists hitting flesh.

Jiang Fuyue listened with satisfaction.

Jiang Han and Ge Meng cheered on the side—beat him up! Beat this scumbag!

Meanwhile, Liu Sisi leaned against the wall, staring intently at that figure.

Five minutes later, Wei San laid on the ground like a dead dog.

Seeing the situation turning unfavorable, the group of henchmen had long vanished without a trace.

No one was foolish; they knew that Third Master had kicked an iron plate this time, and they didn’t want to be pushed out as cannon fodder, so their only option was to escape.

“Woo-woo—woo-woo—” Come back! All of you, come back!

Bunch of useless people!

Jiang Fuyue walked forward, followed closely by Hu Ben. The bodyguards wisely stopped, stepping aside.

“Now you know if I have the capability?” she laughed, looking down on them.

The man’s pupils contracted.

Hu Ben removed what was blocking his mouth, allowing him to speak.

“You are King’s boss?” he asked.

Jiang Fuyue remained noncommittal.

Wei San said, “I don’t think I’ve offended you.” So, why make a big deal out of it?

Indeed, in Wei San’s view, the behind-the-scenes boss of King wouldn’t intervene just to save Liu Sisi and her two friends. There must be some other reason.

“Thought you were someone important, but it seems not.” Jiang Fuyue lost patience completely, turned around, and left, leaving the rest to Hu Ben.

Suddenly, she noticed Jiang Han, as if remembering something, she paused, “Rarely coming out, you can’t return empty-handed.”

Hu Ben was slightly puzzled, not understanding what she meant. Then, a light and ethereal sentence reached his ears—

“Leave something as a memento.”

Hu Ben shook violently, already drenched in cold sweat. “…Okay.”

Leave what?

… A hand?

Jiang Fuyue glanced at the corner, meeting three pairs of bright black eyes. “What are you standing there for? Aren’t you coming with me?”

“Oh! Let’s go! Right now!” Jiang Han immediately responded, helping Liu Sisi up.

“Yeah, yeah!” Ge Meng nodded eagerly, assisting on the other side.

As Liu Sisi looked at him with a slightly furrowed brow, she remarked, “Your voice…”

Jiang Fuyue turned around directly, striding out.

Oops! Just used my regular tone!

King, second floor.

Liu Sisi sat on the sofa, a private doctor helping her treat the wounds.

Lips split, capillaries in the nasal cavity damaged, plus shards of glass in her hand, and potential minor head injuries causing a mild concussion.

And that’s not even counting the various scratches and bruises on her body.

Jiang Han said, “That guy surnamed Wei is a d*mn animal! Should’ve beaten him up more when we tied him up in the sack that day.”

Ge Meng added, “We could’ve used a stick directly.”

Jiang Han said, “I think a brick would work too.”

Ge Meng replied, “But a brick isn’t as versatile as a stick.”

Jiang Han: “Alright, a stick it is.”

Jiang Fuyue, facing away from the others: “…”

Liu Sisi, enduring the pain: “…”

The doctor carefully treating the wounds: “…”

“Hello.” Jiang Han suddenly walked behind Jiang Fuyue. Seeing that he kept staring at the painting on the wall, she thought maybe big shots liked “standing with hands behind their back when entering,” so she didn’t get too close, afraid of offending him.

“Thank you for showing up suddenly and saving us today. Otherwise, the three of us would have been doomed!”


“Though I don’t know why you helped us and were so kind, bringing us here to treat our wounds, thank you anyway. Well, I don’t have much to offer. I have a few houses at home. How about I give you three… um… five sets?”

It’s not that Jiang Han is stingy; it’s just that she currently owns only this much.

Originally, she should have had seven sets, but due to her chemistry performance dropping in the final exam, her dad deducted two sets. Stingy!

Jiang Fuyue: “Are you sure you want to give me houses?”

Jiang Han: “Sure! Compared to life, what are houses?”

Jiang Fuyue, with a chilly tone: “Don’t you have insurance? Not afraid of death?”

“Heh, who wants to die when they can live? Insurance is the last resort.”

“How many billions?”

“I deceived them, a bunch of idiots who actually believed it. It’s just a few tens of millions, not enough for my dad to buy two riverside villas…” She sighed with a bit of regret, “I’ve decided! I’ll increase the coverage when I go back this time, and maybe I can claim a few billion!”

Jiang Fuyue’s mouth twitched, “Then why not call the police in advance?”

“Who knew it would be so dangerous? I haven’t had the chance to report yet… No, Big Boss, why do I feel like your voice sounds familiar?”

At this moment, Liu Sisi, who had been cooperating with the doctor to treat the back of her head, suddenly looked up, her face full of shock, “You…”

Today’s Sister Yue is playing the “relationship scam” that cheers up the little girls~

Liu Sisi: I fell in love with loneliness.

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