After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Prelude to Bullying the Scum, Personally Arriving

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“…Someone is really inquiring?” Zhao Yongtao took a deep breath, barely calming down.

“I wouldn’t lie to you, would I?” Li Xingfang on the other end was already panicking. “Just ten minutes ago, the office across received a call from the authorities, specifically asking about Jiang Fuyue. They didn’t have the list for this summer camp, so they came over to ask me.”

“What did you say?”

“What could I say? Before figuring out the situation, how could I dare to say?! I could only come up with an excuse to stall, but I can’t stall for too long. They’ve been urging on that side! Director Zhao, what should we do? Did the news leak, and did someone find out? Will I be punished?”

“Why be so anxious? Things haven’t been clarified yet.” Zhao Yongtao, afraid that she might be unstable, and would have a slip of the tongue, so his words carried a hint of authority to show composure.

Sure enough, Li Xingfang felt somewhat relieved when she heard this.

“You mentioned a call from the authorities? Which department called?”

Li Xingfang: “It seems to be from the City Construction Bureau.”

“How did a call from City Construction end up at the Competitions Committee?” It seemed unrelated.

Li Xingfang: “I also find it strange, but the office on the opposite side said that higher-ups were inquiring, and they only asked about Jiang Fuyue. It looks like someone is trying to find out something privately…”

Zhao Yongtao breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as it wasn’t a call from the Education Bureau, this matter could still be handled.

Li Xingfang: “What does the other side want in the end?”

“If I’m not mistaken, it should be the effect of the call you made this morning.”

Li Xingfang still didn’t understand. “…Director Zhao, my brain doesn’t work very well. Could you please explain it to me so that I have an idea? Otherwise, I feel quite anxious…”

“The City Construction side is probably acting on behalf of Jiang…”

“Jiang Fuyue.”

“Yes, acting on behalf of Jiang Fuyue to inquire about the specific situation.”

“Sigh…” Li Xingfang took a cold breath. “So, does that mean she’s already starting to suspect?”

Zhao Yongtao sneered, “What’s the use of suspicion? We are in a society ruled by law now; everything requires evidence.”

“But since she could make City Construction call, does that mean Jiang Fuyue has backing? It’s not that easy to deceive, right?” 

In the imperial city where “the streets are full of the powerful, and the second generation is as common as dogs,” it was quite normal for Li Xingfang to have such concerns.

Who knew if Jiang Fuyue had a powerful background? If she offended someone she shouldn’t have, her peaceful days might come to an end.

Although she had long coveted the position of deputy director, she had to ensure her own safety first, didn’t she?

Zhao Yongtao saw her thoughts and felt a bit disdainful, thinking: Climbing up has been difficult for so many years, and with this level of courage, what can she achieve?

But he reassured her, “Nowadays, who doesn’t have relatives and connections? Maybe someone in her family works in City Construction. They simply made a call to inquire about the situation, and you can reply after checking, right?”

Li Xingfang found his words reasonable.

Judging by the attitude of the office across, it didn’t seem to involve an important figure; otherwise, why would they allow her to drag things on like this? They would have pushed for an answer much earlier.

“If Jiang Fuyue really has backing, then this call wouldn’t have come from City Construction. Understand?” Zhao Yongtao’s tone was mysterious.

“Oh! You thought it out properly. I was too anxious. So, in your opinion, how should I respond to them?”

“Do I need to teach you this? Follow the procedures, don’t break the law or regulations. Why be nervous?”

Li Xingfang suddenly felt enlightened. “I understand.”

After the call ended, Zhao Yongtao put down his phone.

Zhao Lulin quickly brought a tea cup to him, “Dad, is it related to Tongtong?… Is there difficulties?”

Zhao Yongtao waved his hand casually, “No big issue.”

“That one who got replaced… does she have connections?”

“Heh, what connections does she have? It’s the City Construction Bureau. Does she think she can manage the affairs of our Competitions Committee? As long as the Education Bureau doesn’t intervene, everything will be fine.”

It wasn’t blind arrogance on his part; before targeting Jiang Fuyue, Zhao Yongtao had his people investigate her family background.

Her parents ran small businesses, and there were few relatives working within the system.

In other words, she was just an ordinary person with slightly better grades, so what connections could she have?

Zhao Lulin sighed with relief, “That’s good. This kind of thing isn’t uncommon, and it’s not like we’re the only ones doing it. As long as we cover our tracks well. But I’m afraid of accidents. If it accidentally gets exposed, in today’s society with the internet and public opinion, it’s really hard to handle…”

Zhao Yongtao nodded, “That’s good if you understand. When you go back, remind Tongtong to keep a low profile after entering the camp. She should be aware of what to say and what not to say.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve reminded her before. She’s well-instructed, and there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Good, let’s have a meal.”

As Zhao Yongtao’s heart, which had been half-raised, settled back into place, Li Xingfang quickly responded to the office next door.

The neighboring office relayed the information to the person from City Construction who had inquired.

Upon receiving the message, this person immediately called Xu Jing’s phone number.

“I inquired for you. They said there’s no problem, everything is being handled according to the procedures.”

Xu Jing furrowed his brows, and his tone suddenly rose, “Are you sure? Is that exactly what they said?”

“I recorded it. Do you want me to send it to you?”

“Okay, send it.”

“…..D*mn! Old classmate, are you serious?”

Xu Jing’s mouth twitched: “Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Well, this student is extraordinary, to make you take it so seriously.”

Xu Jing was serious, “Indeed, not ordinary.”

“…” I said you’re fat and now you’re out of breath?

“I’ll confirm it again. Did the capital Competitions Committee clearly state that there’s no problem, and everything is proceeding according to the procedures?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m very sure. I’ll send you the audio later, so you don’t suspect me.”

“That shouldn’t be…,” Xu Jing muttered.

“What shouldn’t be?”

“They initially said in the call that double science competitions weren’t allowed, but our side has all the procedures complete. If everything is as they claim, the camp qualification shouldn’t be canceled. The statements are contradictory, clearly just brushing it off. I had my suspicions before, and now I can almost confirm that something went wrong on the side of the capital Competitions Committee!”

“How do you plan to handle this? I can make a call as a favor from someone in City Construction, but I can’t intervene in the internal decisions of the Competitions Committee. So, sorry, old friend…”

“Don’t say that. You’ve already done a lot. For now, it seems contacting the Education Bureau is the only option.”

“Is that possible? Just for a student?”

Xu Jing emphasized again, “This is not an ordinary student.”

“Alright, then I’ll wait and see how extraordinary she really is…”

After ending the call, Xu Jing immediately contacted Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou, sharing the information he had just received.

Meng Zhijian: “I knew it was something cooked up by the Capital Competitions Committee! They even dare to play tricks!”

Yu Wenzhou: “Why are they causing so much trouble? What are they aiming for?”

“…In any case, it’s not something honorable.”

“What do we do next? We can’t just sit here! I’m worried that if Jiang Fuyue doesn’t show up at the opening ceremony tomorrow, our legitimacy, even if justified, will turn into an issue.”

Meng Zhijian fully agreed, “Before the ceremony begins, we must unilaterally confirm this matter. Only then can we cope with possible changes later on; otherwise, we’ll be too passive.”

“You two step forward and directly contact the municipal education bureau.”

Meng and Yu were both surprised.

“…Taking this step means there’s really no room for maneuver.”

“I’m worried about how we’ll explain this to the municipal Competitions Committee.”

Xu Jing smiled, “Alright, if you’re willing to watch Jiang Fuyue withdraw from the summer camp, missing the international stage, continue hesitating. The child seems quite calm about it, whether she participates or not, it doesn’t matter. After all, there’s still NOI without the Physics Olympiad. The preliminary round of the Mathematical Olympiad in mid-October has also started…”

Meng Zhijian, upon hearing this, couldn’t accept it.

“Why should NOI and your Mathematical Olympiad be allowed, but my Physics Olympiad isn’t? Contact the Education Bureau, right? Fine, I’m calling them right now!”

Yu Wenzhou nodded frantically, “Call, call, call! If Jiang Fuyue misses this summer camp, I, I will…”

Xu Jing asked, “What will you do?”

“I will expose it online, and then cry in front of the whole nation!”

“…” Quite resourceful.

Meanwhile, Meng Zhijian had already dialed the phone, but no one answered for a long time.

“What’s going on?!”

Xu Jing reminded him, “At this hour, they’ve already finished work.”

“…! What do we do then?”

“Try again tomorrow; there’s no rush at the moment.”

After some discussion among the three, that was the only option.

As for Jiang Fuyue, the person at the center of the storm, regardless of the chaos outside, she ate and drank at home as usual, slept soundly until waking naturally, and even enjoyed a bowl of egg noodles personally made by Han Yunru. Everything was peaceful and content.

At ten in the morning, Lin Xuan was at the Linhuai Airport.

Ling Xuan checked the time for the Nth time and looked towards the entrance for the N+1th time, but unfortunately, that person still hadn’t appeared.

He couldn’t help but frown.

There was only half an hour left to check-in, and Jiang Fuyue, who was on the same flight to the capital as him, hadn’t shown up yet!

Lin Xuan suspected that she might have overslept.

He wanted to call and check, but then he realized he didn’t have Jiang Fuyue’s number.

He couldn’t help but smile forcefully.

Another ten minutes passed, and another male student arrived, but Jiang Fuyue still hadn’t shown up.

“Maybe she’s delayed on the way?” The male student suddenly spoke.

He was Ren Xinghe, a student from the No. 3 High School. In the provincial finals, he ranked second, scoring five points higher than Lin Xuan, only surpassed by Jiang Fuyue.

This time, there were three summer camp spots in Linhuai, and he occupied one of them.

When they purchased tickets, the Education Bureau arranged for the three of them to be on the same flight, with seats next to each other.

Lin Xuan said, “I don’t know. She hasn’t replied to my messages.”

Ren Xinghe suggested, “Why don’t you just call her directly?”

Lin Xuan replied, “…”

“Don’t tell me you don’t have her number. Aren’t you classmates?”

“Do classmates have to have each other’s numbers?” Lin Xuan replied with a chilly tone.

Ren Xinghe touched his nose, “….Well, not necessarily.”

“In fact, you can call the teacher and ask the teacher to contact her.”

Lin Xuan was stunned for a moment and silently took out his phone…

Yes, why didn’t he think of that?

At that time, Meng Zhijian was explaining the situation to the leaders of the Education Bureau. When Lin Xuan called, he was indignantly saying, “This is clearly framing, discrimination, and disregarding the rules! I have ample reason to suspect that the capital Municipal Committee is engaging in secret operations. I don’t know the specific purpose, but my student has been treated unfairly. I hope the leaders can give an explanation, blah, blah, blah…”

Naturally, Lin Xuan couldn’t get through this phone call.

Turning around, Lin Xuan called Yu Wenzhou again, and this time he finally got through.

“Lin Xuan? Is there something wrong?” Yu Wenzhou was currently busy dealing with the Municipal Committee and didn’t have time to bother with a young kid.

“Teacher Yu, today we’re flying to the capital, but Jiang Fuyue still hasn’t arrived at the airport…”

“Oh, she’s not flying today. You don’t need to worry about her.”

Lin Xuan was stunned, “Why?”

“There’s been a situation, and it can’t be clearly discussed over the phone. Just focus on participating in the opening ceremony; we will handle it.”


“I have some matters on my end. I won’t discuss it with you for now. Have a safe trip.”

“Hey? Teacher Yu?!” He really hung up.

Lin Xuan cursed under his breath.

He didn’t miss the part where Yu Wenzhou said, “We will handle it”—emphasis on “we”!

What happened to Jiang Fuyue that required several teachers to help?

He suddenly had a bad feeling.

Ren Xinghe asked, “How is it? Did you find out? Is she coming?”

Lin Xuan raised his eyes, and his cold gaze swept over Ren Xinghe, with a hint of scrutiny and judgment. “You seem to care a lot about her?”

Ren Xinghe was stunned, smiled, and said, “We’re all from Linhuai. When we get to the capital, we should take care of each other. Isn’t it normal to care? But I think you seem to care even more?”

Lin Xuan’s eyes narrowed.

Ren Xinghe had already looked elsewhere, as if that last sentence was just a casual remark.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, the two arrived in the capital.

At two o’clock, they completed the check-in process.

At two thirty, they received a notice: all members gather in the tiered classroom, and the opening ceremony will start promptly at three.

“Have you heard? Professor Xu will attend the opening ceremony this time!”

“Professor Xu? Who’s that?”

“Xu Kaiqing! A national treasure-level physicist! If you don’t know about him, why are you even participating in this summer camp?”

“I heard that in previous years, he only sent prerecorded videos for speeches, and he didn’t come in person. Unexpectedly, he’s here this year! How strange…”

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