After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 131

Chapter 131: On-site Interrogation, Where is She? 

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This year’s Physics Olympiad summer camp training site was still located at Q University, and the activities were mostly centered around the physics building, making it convenient for Xu Kaiqing.

Even so, before the announcement was made, no one thought he would personally go to the scene.

After all, it hadn’t happened in previous years, so why would it this year!

Therefore, when Xu Kaiqing himself spoke up, taking the initiative to propose giving a speech at the opening ceremony, everyone was stunned.

It took a while for them to react.

Professor A: “I just had a medical check-up last week, and my ears are perfectly fine! Why does it feel like I’m hearing things?”

Professor B: “Did the sun rise from the west?”

Professor C swallowed his saliva. He didn’t doubt what he heard; he was worried that Xu Kaiqing didn’t express himself clearly, so he asked, “Can you say that again?”

Xu Kaiqing found their reactions amusing, “Look at you guys! I’m just going to give a speech. Is there a need to make such a fuss?”

“Is there a need?”

The last time you gave a public speech was at the award ceremony for the China Medal, and before that, it was at the United Nations Climate Summit, and even before that, it was at the International Quantum Computing Summit…

Speaking at a small opening ceremony was obviously not of the same weight!

No one had ever considered inviting Xu Kaiqing to the scene. Even though he still held the title of the Director of the National Physics Committee, there were reasons for this.

Firstly, the old professor was not young anymore, and the back-and-forth traveling might be too much for him.

Secondly, in such crowded and chaotic situations, accidents were likely to occur. If Xu Kaiqing were to attend, personal security arrangements, including bodyguards, would be necessary to ensure his safety.

Xu Kaiqing felt that making a big fuss was unnecessary, so, aside from necessary occasions, he generally didn’t appear in public easily.

In the end, he was just too busy, and he had to decline at least eight out of ten meetings and speeches scheduled every day. Isn’t it more delightful to shut himself in and conduct experiments or write papers?

Therefore, when he volunteered to attend the opening ceremony, everyone was surprised.

It was truly, truly unusual…

“Professor, your clothes have arrived. Should we hang them up first, or would you like to change directly?” Assistant Xiao Zhang entered from outside, carrying a neatly ironed suit.

Several professors were shocked again.

This was a battle uniform, the “big weapon” not easily put on. And it was quietly arranged?

Xu Kaiqing himself didn’t find it strange at all; he seemed quite satisfied. “Is this from Old Shen’s place? It looks spotless! Change, change now!”

In a while, he was going to meet his “goddess”!

Recently, he learned a new term online — “goddess”! This term only Chou could match up to it, he secretly thought.

Xiao Zhang quickly stepped forward to help. Several professors didn’t feel comfortable staying any longer; after all, the man was changing clothes!

“Well, Professor Xu, we’ll be leaving now. Is it okay if we arrange the speech right at the front?”

“Sure, you handle it.”

Great! He really was going!

The three of them left in succession. At first, they were silent, lost in thought. Later, they began discussing directly —

A: “Professor Xu seems a bit unusual.” A statement.

B: “I agree.”

C: “…”

A: “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

C: “I’m wondering if among the guest speakers we invited this time, there’s a female professor.”

B: “Huh?”

C: “Otherwise, why would Professor Xu dress up so neatly? It’s not only women who dress to please, men do too.”


The other two gasped in surprise.

“This can’t be true, right? Who doesn’t know that Professor Xu has devoted his entire life to the scientific cause, unmarried, childless, with his heart and eyes full of experimental data.”

“I also think this is too outrageous. Maybe Professor Xu just wants to express his emphasis on this summer camp? After all, there is a mission from higher-ups this time…”

“Whether you believe it or not, that’s up to you! Why, can’t the old house catch fire and enjoy the most beautiful sunset? I actually think it’s not bad if Professor Xu can find a like-minded partner, at least his later years won’t be too lonely.”

The other two collectively fell silent.

Yes, Professor Xu has always lived his life for scientific research, never living a day for himself…

“The words ‘unparalleled in the world’—do you think they came so easily?”

The wind passed without a sound, and the sun was shining brightly.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the tiered classroom was packed, and the opening ceremony proceeded as scheduled.

Originally, there weren’t so many people; there were only a total of twenty-five who qualified for the summer camp. They sat neatly in the first row, and the rest were mostly there for Xu Kaiqing, with the majority being students from Q University.

“They don’t even see Professor Xu often?”

“Professor Xu is usually very busy. When he’s not attending academic conferences, he’s in the laboratory doing research, focusing on data. Occasionally, he mentors a doctoral student, guides a thesis, but for undergraduate and master’s students who want to meet him—difficult!”

“Then aren’t we very lucky this time?”

“More than lucky, it’s simply a show of divine favor!”


The host took the stage, first welcoming everyone, then concisely introducing this training camp, and finally, the highlight came—

“Now, let’s welcome Professor Xu Kaiqing to the stage for a speech!”

Cheers erupted!

Immediately, applause erupted like thunder.

Xu Kaiqing handed the small mirror back to Xiao Zhang, adjusted his shirt collar, and fine-tuned his facial expression. Only then did he walk onto the stage from the side and sit on the chair prepared in advance.

In front of him was a lectern with a microphone, and there was also hot tea prepared on the side to soothe his throat. Two security personnel stood on the left and right below the stage, and two more were ready backstage.

“Hello, everyone. I am Xu Kaiqing…”

The speech was prepared in advance, and he had it all memorized, so he didn’t need to lower his head to read from the script.

As Xu Kaiqing began speaking, his gaze swept down to the audience. He started with the first row, but there was no sign…

The second row, still nothing.

The third row, the fourth row… none.

Further away, his aging eyesight failed him, and he couldn’t see clearly.

However, if he remembered correctly, in previous summer camps, the students were seated in the first row, and the leading teachers would carefully count the numbers, ensuring there were no mistakes.

But this year, there was no sign of Jiang Fuyue in the first row, and his heart sank a little.

“…Are all the twenty-five students who qualified for this summer camp present?”

The leading teacher below enthusiastically responded, “Everyone is present!”

Xu Kaiqing couldn’t help but furrow his brows. He scanned the crowd, and indeed, there were twenty-five students.

Simultaneously frowning, Ling Xuan noticed Jiang Fuyue was clearly absent. Why did they claim everyone was present?

There was a hint of surprise in Ren Xinghe’s eyes, but he said nothing, calmly listening to Xu Kaiqing’s speech.

Today, Zhao Yongtao also arrived, dressed formally in a suit and tie.

As a representative of the capital Physics Olympiad Committee, he had the privilege of sitting in the middle-right position of the leadership podium—not the highest, but certainly not low.

Beside him were representatives from other organizations.

Zhao Tong had smoothly completed the camp enrollment procedures in the morning and was now seated in the first row of student seats.

Zhao Yongtao glanced in that direction, unable to suppress the strong sense of pride welling up within him.

His granddaughter was truly outstanding, undoubtedly inheriting his talent. He had personally nurtured her.

As long as she successfully passed this summer camp selection and made an appearance in the international competition, regardless of whether she won a prize in the end, it would be enough to secure admission to the top university in China.

Of course, there would be some maneuvering involved, but those were minor issues.

Zhao Yongtao had already started envisioning the not-too-distant future—his precious granddaughter receiving an admission notice from Q University, and he couldn’t help but imagine the ecstatic expression on her face.

At this moment, a small commotion seemed to break out in the venue.

Regaining his focus, Zhao Yongtao noticed that Xu Kaiqing on the stage had stopped speaking. Right now, he was openly scrutinizing the students in the audience without any attempt to conceal his expression.

Assistant Xiao Zhang, sensing something amiss, immediately approached, nervously asking, “Xu Lao, is there any issue?”

Without responding, Xu Kaiqing once again swept his gaze over the twenty-five students in the front row. Then, he turned to the leading teacher and asked, “Where is Jiang Fuyue?”

The microphone was still on, and even if Xu Kaiqing spoke softly, his voice could reach every corner of the venue. Moreover, his voice carried a certain intensity.

Sensing the tone, Xiao Zhang knew that the old man was getting angry.

This was beyond his control. He tactfully stepped aside, quietly waiting, and in his heart, he sincerely began chanting scriptures for the person about to face an unfortunate fate.

The leading teacher was suddenly cued and appeared a bit confused, “Whom are you talking about?”

Xu Kaiqing, speaking into the microphone, enunciated each word, “Jiang Fuyue, this year’s first place in the preliminaries, the only one in the country with a perfect score. Where is she?”

The leading teacher’s hands trembled as he fumbled through his bag, searching for the list. Jiang Fuyue, Jiang…

There wasn’t anyone with the surname Jiang on the list!

Meanwhile, in the audience, Ling Xuan raised an eyebrow, surprised that Professor Xu mentioned Jiang Fuyue’s name.

Ren Xinghe was initially astonished, then his eyes flashed with contemplation.

As for Zhao Yongtao…

He was already trembling all over, drenched in sweat, no trace of his previous composure left.

How was this possible?

How could Professor Xu know Jiang Fuyue?

Wasn’t she just an ordinary student with slightly higher scores?

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