After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Nephew’s Wife, Her Grand Ambition 

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He rarely saw such genuine joy in Xie Dingyuan’s eyes.

In Zhong Ziang’s impression, his uncle was either sternly conducting research and writing papers or handling work with a blank expression, like an emotionless intelligent machine.

Coldness was real.

Lack of empathy was indeed true.

“Uncle, what are you smiling at?” Zhong Ziang asked.

If he wasn’t mistaken, looking from this angle…

His gaze fell squarely on Jiang Fuyue.

Afraid that he might misunderstand again, Zhong Ziang hastily explained, “She didn’t hit someone casually; it was that guy who tried to snatch her bag in the first place!”

Xie Dingyuan glanced at him indifferently, “I’m not blind.”

“Oh.” Zhong Ziang chuckled, “I was just afraid your impression of her would get worse.”

The man’s gaze became slightly mysterious, “Does it matter whether my impression of her is good or bad?”

“Of course, it matters! She’s going to be your future niece-in-law. If you have a bad impression of her, how will I introduce her to the family in the future?”

Xie Dingyuan frowned, “What did you say?”

“I said—if you have a bad impression, it’s not good for meeting the parents!”

“The first sentence.”

Zhong Ziang pondered, “Future niece-in-law?”

He squinted slightly, “At such a young age, who taught you these messy things?”

Even before growing a full beard, he’s already thinking about getting married. He truly lived up to being Zhong Yunyi’s offspring, just as carefree and unrestrained.

“You!” Zhong Ziang looked innocent.


“Didn’t you say any love that doesn’t consider marriage as a prerequisite is rogue behavior? So now, I’m pursuing Jiang Fuyue with marriage as the premise. How about that? Am I a good learner?” Zhong Ziang had a look of “quickly praise me.”

Xie Dingyuan: “…”

“I’ve already thought about it. Jiang Fuyue is so outstanding, my parents will definitely agree, especially my mom, always thinking I’m not smart enough. So, I’ll find her a smart daughter-in-law, perfectly balancing the genes of our Zhong family.”

“For children, let’s have two, a boy and a girl is the best. Two girls are also good, just don’t have two boys, that would be annoying. I look so handsome, and Jiang Fuyue is so beautiful. Our children will surely inherit the best qualities from their parents, reaching an unprecedented level of beauty…”

He became more and more enthusiastic as he spoke, as if he could already see the blueprint of a perfect marriage.

Little did he know that someone’s face had turned completely black.

“Uncle, do you think this is good?” Zhong Ziang asked.

Xie Dingyuan had an expressionless face, “Aren’t you afraid she’ll hit you?”

Zhong Ziang stiffened, “N-no, not afraid!”


“I’m not bluffing at all! Let me tell you, I’m not bluffing! If she really takes action, I’ll just…”


“I’ll, I’ll just let her!”

Xie Dingyuan’s eyelids twitched, scolding him, “Pathetic!”

“Uncle, you don’t understand. When you have someone you like, you’ll willingly let her hit you, hehe…”

With a cold face, Xie Dingyuan uttered each word distinctly, “That day will never come.”

It wasn’t clear if he said it for Zhong Ziang to hear or for himself.

Meanwhile, Jiang Fuyue, who had subdued the pickpocket, ignored the onlookers until the police arrived. She released the person, saying, “This person committed robbery in public and even tried to use a knife. There are two cameras in the ten o’clock direction; they should have recorded everything. This is my phone. I won’t accept reconciliation or any compensation. No need for mediation or communication. I want accountability, fierce accountability. The heavier the sentence, the better.”

Jiang Fuyue said it all in one breath, then pushed the person towards the police. The two police officers quickly took out handcuffs, but their eyes still showed some astonishment. This person had already said everything they wanted to ask.

Her attitude was decisive, her stance firm, showing no fear or panic that one would expect in such situations. If someone didn’t know better, they might think she was an undercover agent, pretending to be a passenger at the airport for law enforcement.

After all, at the moment, Jiang Fuyue looked neat and tidy, while the pickpocket was in disarray. No matter how you looked at it, she didn’t seem like a victim.

“…Do you know each other?” asked Officer A.

Jiang Fuyue: “No.”

Officer B: “Have you had a conflict?”

Jiang Fuyue crossed her arms, her cold demeanor carrying a hint of intimidating authority. “Why do you ask?”

“Because your attitude seems…” the officer carefully chose his words, “quite assertive.”

“Refusing reconciliation and insisting on accountability, and that’s considered assertive?” Jiang Fuyue’s face remained cold. “Sorry, I think this is a normal course of action.”

Why should she reconcile?

Just because she didn’t lose any property, does that mean “theft” is no longer “theft”?

Just because the knife didn’t actually stab her, does that mean “murder” doesn’t count as “murder”?


“Attempted crime is not an excuse to avoid responsibility, nor is it a reason to escape legal scrutiny. Since he used a knife, it indicates he contemplated murder. Allowing such a dangerous criminal to reconcile and be released, only to wait until he actually kills someone before locking him up again? Is that the plan?”

The two police officers were left speechless.

Because what Jiang Fuyue said was a fact.

The majority of murderers have a criminal record, but due to less severe charges, they receive criticism, education, or brief detention before being released. By the time they return, innocent lives have often been taken.

“Aren’t you afraid of retaliation?” Officer B, the slightly younger one, blurted out.

Only after realizing did he find that this question was somewhat inappropriate.

It didn’t fit his current role.

However, he suddenly became very curious, curious about what kind of answer this young girl could give him.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t answer but instead turned to look at the pickpocket who was already handcuffed.

The latter stared at her with eyes that seemed to want to kill. Surprisingly, there was a hint of “you’re dead when I get out” in his expression.

Jiang Fuyue smiled and met his gaze, “Not convinced?”

With that, she reached out and patted his face, making a crisp slapping sound.

Not too light, not too heavy, and not causing harm, but filled with a sense of humiliation.

“If you’re not convinced, just bear with it! If I can send you in once, I can send you in two or three times. Let’s see who gets revenge on whom.”

This statement was both rogue and shameless, not at all like something a young girl would say. Yet, she said it without a hint of discomfort.

A bit… How did it become a bit like the “Big Brother warning the underlings”?

Next, Jiang Fuyue took the initiative to explain her situation to the two police officers, implying that she might not be convenient to go back to the police station with them to make a statement.

The two immediately expressed their understanding. With such an important competition training and such an outstanding flower of the motherland, they naturally needed to take good care of it.

They quickly asked about the incident, spent fifteen minutes making a statement, left Jiang Fuyue’s phone number for further investigation coordination, and decisively let her go.

“Hey!” Policeman B suddenly stopped her, “Your hat fell off.”

Jiang Fuyue turned around, and he had already picked it up and brought it to her.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. You looked like a female knight just now.”

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow.

“Although I know this question is a bit silly, a bit official, and a bit cheesy, I still want to ask, why did you stick your neck out like that?”

The girl thought for a moment, “In this society, someone has to take the lead, and others will follow suit. Over time, when ‘not condoning’ becomes a social habit, there is no such thing as ‘sticking out’ or ‘not sticking out’ because everyone does it, and no one stands out.”

The young policeman stood still, and when he reacted, he could only see the girl stepping into the security gate, disappearing into the crowd at the airport.

His heart suddenly became extremely hot, and the directions that were unclear seemed to become clear all at once.

Yes, someone has to take the lead.

Although Jiang Fuyue didn’t realize the impact of her words, she left a warm imprint in the heart of the young policeman.

As she settled into her seat on the plane and saw that Xie Dingyuan was sitting next to her, everything about brightness and magnificence had nothing to do with her. Only a face full of darkness remained…

“Why is it you?” Her beautiful eyebrows slightly furrowed, and her stunning peach blossom eyes were full of vigilance.

Xie Dingyuan, hearing her words, didn’t even look at her, and indifferently threw out the word, “Coincidence.”

In the seats behind the two, as soon as Zhong Ziang saw Jiang Fuyue, he felt like his hands and feet were not his own.

“Sir, please sit down; we are about to start the inspection,” the beautiful flight attendant reminded him in a gentle voice.

“Ah? Oh!” Zhong Ziang then reacted, reluctantly shifting his gaze away from Jiang Fuyue’s face.

Then, he leaned over to Xie Dingyuan’s ear, whispering, “Uncle, am I your real nephew?”

“…Just say what you have to say.”

“Hehe!” He rubbed his hands together, sneakily glancing at Jiang Fuyue on the side, “Let’s change seats, what do you think? You obviously don’t like sitting with her, meeting her is like facing an enemy. I’m not afraid; let me handle it!”

Little Zhong: Let go of that girl! Let me handle it!

Ninth Lord: …Claw paw!

Do you think Xie 99 will give up his seat? Hehe…

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