After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Post Crisis, Sister Yue’s Skill 

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On the neat and tidy desk, alongside a pile of analysis reports, there lay a mobile phone.

The screen was lit up, paused on the friend circle page, with the latest post from Zhong Ziang fifteen minutes ago—

Three pictures, with only one protagonist: Jiang Fuyue!

The first picture: She was wearing a school uniform, looking up at the blackboard with a serious expression, her gaze focused.

The second picture: Capturing the moment she jumped up for a layup, her ponytail flying, exuding boundless youth.

The last picture: Jiang Fuyue leaning against the railing, the black suspenders complementing her slender frame, fair skin, and casually crossed long legs. At that moment, she was looking to the right, with a long neck and distinct collarbones. In the distance, the setting sun burned like fire, with red clouds filling the sky.

Caption: “Every action has consequences, your retribution is me!”

Xie Dingyuan furrowed his brows for the nth time, averting his gaze for the n+1th time, as if it was something unsightly.

As for the comments below, they were even more chaotic, making people reluctant to take a second look—

“D*mn! This girl is extraordinary! Totally stunning!”

“Future sister-in-law?”

“Oh, when did this start?”

“Brother Ang! Brother Ang! Please introduce!”

“I suspect you didn’t go to Linhuai to suffer, but to enjoy worldly pleasures.”

“Go wherever and charm everyone. My Brother Ang is truly amazing.”


【Copywriting 100 points, photos 101 points, giving an extra point, not afraid you’ll be proud.】

Xie Dingyuan walked over, picked up the phone, and turned off the screen.

After some thought, he unlocked it again, clicked on the comments, and entered a smiling [微笑] emoji.

At the same time, in a bedroom in the villa.

“Oops!” When Zhong Ziang saw this post, he was startled, almost rolling off the bed.

Soon, WeChat messages started pouring in—

“Brother Ang! Quick! Your uncle’s sudden move!”

“Ninth Master spotted, warning with a cane!”

“Ang, your uncle is peeking, deal with it quickly!”

“You didn’t group it when you posted?”

“I deleted it as a sign of respect; brothers have fled.”

“I deleted it too… I don’t deserve to be in the same comment section as the Ninth Master.”

The notification sounds kept ringing.

Zhong Ziang was already too lazy to look at them, returned to that post, scanned the comments below, and those who had blindly made a fuss before Xie Dingyuan were either deleted and abandoned, or deserted after him. There wasn’t a single like, let alone a comment.

Zhong Ziang: “…” My fault, forgot to group.

With a tap of his finger, the entire post was deleted without any hesitation.

When Xie Dingyuan refreshed and found that he couldn’t see that post anymore, he finally satisfiedly put down his phone.

After organizing the analysis report, locking it in the drawer, and putting his glasses back in their usual place, the man turned off the lights and left.

Under the same night sky, when Jiang Fuyue was about to fall asleep, she received a call from Yan Zhenfeng.

“….Zhao Yongtao confessed. Apart from this, there will be an investigation into other disciplinary and illegal activities. It’s safe to say that he won’t escape prison.”

“Oh.” Jiang Fuyue remained calm, evidently having anticipated this outcome.

Yan Zhenfeng became even more cautious, no longer underestimating her. “Your plane tickets are booked, and the flight information should have been sent to your phone. Please check. On behalf of all the teachers and students in the summer camp, we look forward to your arrival.”

Jiang Fuyue smirked, “Then, see you tomorrow.”

Seeing that he had booked a business class seat for her, Jiang Fuyue didn’t mind showing a bit of goodwill. After all, one catches more flies with honey.

After ending the call, she put down her phone.

“Sis, are you leaving?” Little Brother Jiang’s soft, slightly melancholic voice came from the upper bunk.

“Yeah. Going to the capital.”

“Then come back soon. I’ll miss you.”

Jiang Fuyue smirked. “Okay.”

The next day, after breakfast, Jiang Fuyue took the luggage she had packed two days ago and headed to the airport.

On the way, she sat in a taxi, practicing German listening for twenty minutes and completing two sets of IPhO questions.

The driver said, “Miss, we’ve arrived at the airport.”

Jiang Fuyue took off her earphones, paid the fare, and got off.

As she was retrieving her luggage from the trunk, someone suddenly pulled her shoulder. Seeing her bag about to slip off, she immediately pulled it back, forcibly dragging the pickpocket in front of her. Without giving the person extra time to react, Jiang Fuyue kicked the man’s knee.

There was a muffled groan as the man’s single knee touched the ground, his expression contorted in pain.

“Trying to steal my bag?” she chuckled.

“No, no… it was just an accident.”

Jiang Fuyue gave him another symmetric kick, but this time she controlled the force, still enough to make the man feel like he had been through the wringer.

“Let me ask again, did you try to rob me?”

The man was sweating profusely, gritting his teeth, and each word came out with great effort, “Yes, I did.”

Though he appeared somewhat tough, his heart was already crying out in despair: Went out without checking my horoscope, d*mn it, and ran into the female Pluto! Who said skinny and tall girls are easy targets?

Skinny means not much strength; tall usually means slow movements. However, at this very moment, all he wanted to do was roar at the person saying such things:

Your d*mn nonsense!

“Beauty, I’m begging you, can you not call the police?”

Jiang Fuyue turned a deaf ear.

“Lady, please have mercy on me. I’m forced to take this path, with an elderly person and a little one at home. My wife is still paralyzed in bed. I’m… I’m having a tough time!”

At that moment, Jiang Fuyue had already picked up her phone, “I’m reporting to the police. At Gate 3 of the airport, there’s a pickpocket…”

The man, seeing she was completely indifferent actually called the police!

In a fit of rage, he immediately erupted, a fierce expression on his face as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a fruit knife.

Jiang Fuyue calmly ended the call, performed a spinning kick to knock the knife out of his hand, and swiftly approached him, using a reverse grip to restrain both of his hands.

“Ah— it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!” The man wailed, tears and mucus flowing freely.

This commotion attracted quite a few onlookers. Some pointed and commented, while others took out their phones to capture photos and videos.

On the opposite side of the road, inside a discreet black Mercedes, witnessing the entire scene, Zhong Ziang’s scalp suddenly tightened.

He suddenly felt that Jiang Fuyue was very kind to him.

At this moment, a soft laugh came from the side, and Zhong Ziang turned his head to look at his own old uncle…

The retribution for silly little Zhong is not from Sister Yue, but from his own old uncle…

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