After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 22

Chapter 022 A tooth for a tooth, the younger brother eats

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It was unclear when Jiang Fuyue stood up from her seat.

She was 1.73 meters tall, a shoulder taller than Li Xue. At this moment, she was condescending, her indifferent eyes were empty, but thunderous.

Li Xue shuddered subconsciously, and the pain made her face pale.

“Noisy.” After Jiang Fuyue finished speaking, she threw it away coldly.

Li Xue’s center of gravity was unstable, and she took two steps back. In addition to fear, she was also dazed. Jiang Fuyue…

Why, why is she different from before?

Doesn’t she mind the exposure of the pancake stand business at home?

She thought she could only endure her oppression silently, with worsening grades and more gloom.

But this Jiang Fuyue in front of her…

The pair of peach blossom eyes were bright and terrifying, and she looked like the light was exploding and the fire was burning.

“You admit that your family sells pancakes?!”

Jiang Fuyue: “Why do you need to admit the facts?”

“Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at?” Li Xue stared at her like a monster, not missing any expression on the other party’s face.

It’s a pity that there was nothing, Jiang Fuyue was calm like a normal person.

“My family sells pancakes, not like yours which sells adult products. What is there to laugh at? Of course, if your thoughts are more mature, it’s not shameful to sell adult products.”

As soon as these words came out, it was like an earthquake.

Especially for the group of people who followed behind Li Xue, their expressions changed drastically.

“Real, is… is this for real?”

“Isn’t Li Xue’s family very rich? How can they sell… that kind of thing?”

“It’s that kind of thing that makes money, stupid!”

“But she never mentioned it. …”

“She definitely doesn’t want everyone to know about such a disgusting thing.”

“Guess her house must be full of discs? Or vibra… cough… or something.”

“Would she use it herself?”

Those people had quite a lot of boys in it, who were rash teenagers, full of curiosity and fantasies about the relationship between men and women, and dared to spit out nonsense.

Although they had tried their best to keep their voice low, she was too close, and Li Xue was not deaf, so what should be heard and what should not be heard burrowed into her ears.

She was stunned, her cheeks flushed, and her expression was extremely embarrassed.

“Jiang Fuyue, what nonsense are you talking about?! My family is not…”

“Linhuai surnamed Shiliang Brand Trading Co., Ltd., the main business is rubber products, couples products, adult products…” Jiang Fuyue acted as if she wa reciting the information found after reading it, and added, “Your company is very famous, and there is a special encyclopedia entry. If you don’t believe me, you can check it online.

Immediately someone whipped out a cellphone, then a “Wa”, “Ah, “Yeah”, the voices of emotion came one after another.

Li Xue froze in place, the discussions and colored glances from the surrounding were like poisoned arrows, and they shot her head and face.

“Jiang Fuyue,” her eyes were red, her chin was raised, and she sneered: “No matter what business my family does, they are still richer than your family! The clothes you haven’t worn are the ones I don’t like to wear; the things you have never eaten are things I’m tired of eating; even this restaurant that you haven’t been to is a place I won’t plan to come back to in the future. Being in the same place as you is really dropping my status!”

After speaking as if she had a victorious cockfight, she turned around and left arrogantly.

“This classmate—” The boss who had not spoken abruptly said, “Did you just say that you are not going to come again? This…”

“That’s right!” Li Xue gave him a stern look, “I thought your family was quite upscale. I didn’t expect that any cat or dog would be entertained, my aunt will definitely not come back to be a patron here in the future!”

When the boss heard the words, the smiling face that he originally brought out faded at a speed visible to the naked eye, and a bit of arrogance appeared in his eyes: “Since this is the case, then I can only say sorry, the store is small and cannot accommodate you, this big Buddha.” 

After speaking, he walked to the cashier counter, and operated the computer: “The balance on your card shows that there is still 2,928 yuan, so it will be refunded to you. Cash or transfer?”

Li Xue was choked up again.

At this time, shouldn’t the boss nod and bow like a grandson, beg her, please her, and even better blast that poor peaant out?

Boss: “…” Oh, there are so many scenes.

Li Xue became annoyed: “I don’t want it anymore! Bring all the delicious things you have here to the pancake girl, and the money will be used by this aunt to do good deeds to a beggar!”

The group of people left in a hurry.

Jiang Fuyue poured Wan Xiutong a glass of lemonade, “Take a sip, slowly.”

“Thank you.” The girl held the water glass, still in shock.

“Jiang Jiang,” she pursed her lips, the corners of her eyes flushed, “Am I useless?”

Jiang Fuyue was stunned, reached out and rubbed her head, with a gentle tone: “You were brave.”

Wan Xiutong froze.

Then the pink color hit her neck and spread to her cheeks and ears, and she dropped her eyes in shame.

Good, good tease…

Ten minutes later.

The boss stood at the table and introduced with a smile: “…these are all our signature dishes. The two of you can eat first, and there will be eighteen dishes that will be served later.”

Wan Xiutong was stunned: “Jiang Jiang, what should we do?”

Jiang Fuyue calmly took a sip of herbal tea: “What should we do?”

“These dishes were served by Li Xue, but why did the boss take it seriously?”

Jiang Fuyue chuckled, “Isn’t it good for someone to treat you?”

“Do we really want to eat?”

“Eat.” To be firm and strong.

“But… we can’t finish that much.”

“We will.” She laughed.

Ten minutes later, six more dishes were served.

At this moment, Jiang Fuyue’s cell phone rang: “Hey… where are you? En, come in directly.”

Wan Xiutong pricked up her ears, but unfortunately she didn’t understand what the other end said.

Soon, a little beanie appeared, still wearing the school uniform of Hongguang Elementary School, with red lips and white teeth, soft and handsome.

Seeing Jiang Fuyue, his eyes lit up, trotted to the table, and shouted cheerfully: “Sister!”

Wan Xiutong: “!”

Jiang Fuyue let him sit down, and asked the boss to add a bowl and chopsticks.

“This is my younger brother, Jiang Chenxing.”

Wan Xiutong reacted immediately, and said hurriedly: “Hello little brother! Both you and your sister have nice names and born good-looking…”

“Older Sister, are you my Sister’s classmate?”


Jiang Chenxing looked at her with more friendly eyes.

“Eat.” Jiang Fuyue patted the back of his head.

Little Brother Jiang swallowed his saliva. In fact, after he sat down, his eyes couldn’t move away from these dishes.

“Can I?” He looked up, carefully confirming.


Jiang Chenxing suddenly wanted to cry when the sweet and sour pork ribs were put into his mouth and the tip of his tongue tasted the sweet and sour taste.

He didn’t know why either.

It seems that there had never been a moment in his memory that was as satisfying and happy as he was now.

He thought, it turns out that the sweet and sour pork ribs that Xiao Wen spoke about was this taste, it’s really delicious! It’s no wonder that every time she got a perfect score in the exam, she asked her mother to make it when she got home, and then happily came to school the next day to share with him how many pieces she ate yesterday, whether it was sour or sweet, the pineapple or meat, oranges zest or lemon juice…

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