After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 23

Chapter 023 The family situation is exposed, and the leaflet strikes back

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“Little Brother, do you want to try other dishes?” Wan Xiutong kindly reminded him when she saw that he had been eating sweet and sour pork ribs and his plate was almost bottomed out.

Little Brother Jiang shook his head and said seriously: “Eat this first, then eat the others.”

“What if you are full and can’t eat the rest? This beef is also very fragrant, and this handmade fish ball…”

Jiang Chenxing: ” No.” 

I won’t be full, nor will I be unable to eat.

Wan Xiutong just took it as him speaking casually, and didn’t force it any more.

“Jiang Jiang, the three of us still can’t finish these dishes, why don’t you call a few more people?”

Jiang Fuyue said, “I can finish it.”


Thirty minutes later, Wan Xiutong understood what those four words meant.

The table was full of dishes, the plates were still stacked, and most of them had been resolved at this moment.

And after eating sweet and sour pork ribs, braised beef, chestnut slippery chicken, and fried fish steak, Little Brother Jiang put down his chopsticks on the plate of stir-fried chicken.

Jiang Fuyue: “Boss, please add another bowl of rice.”

“Still, still adding more?”

“Is there no more?”

“There are some, another pot on steam, I’ll add another one for you… no, two bowls!”

“No need…” Jiang Fuyue raised her hand.


“Just bring the pot up.”

“…” The corner of the boss’s mouth twitched, and the original appearance of being calm had already disappeared from the first two extra servings.

This little classmate is tooooo…capable in eating!

Wan Xiutong’s face was sluggish, because she was too surprised. She didn’t know what kind of face to put on.

Forty-two dishes were served in two rounds. The rice was cooked in three large pots, and was finally wiped out by Little Brother Jiang.

Jiang Fuyue: “Are you full? Do you still want to order?” 

The boss was terrified, and hurriedly winked at the back kitchen: are there any more ingredients? Was there any rice leftover? Were there enough condiments?

Little brother Jiang nodded: “I’m full.”

Suddenly thinking of something, worry appeared in his eyes, “Sister…Are these expensive? I’m sorry, I…” I couldn’t control it.

“Remember what I said? Just eat what you want, and don’t worry about the rest.”


Jiang Fuyue got up to check out, “How much?” 

The boss smiled and said, “The one before had already paid for it just now. “

He gave Jiang Fuyue the dishes on the table according to the balance in the card, no more, no less, just perfect.

Jiang Fuyue took out her mobile phone, scanned the code, and transferred 3,000 to it.

Then she waved to Wan Xiutong and Jiang Chenxing: “Let’s go.” 

The boss was surprised: “It’s really not necessary, anyway, someone was rushing to treat the guests, why are you doing this?” 

If you don’t eat, it’s of no use to you if you put it there.

Jiang Fuyue’s tone was light, but she couldn’t not say anything: “It’s her business if she wants to treat and I can choose not to accept it.” 

The boss was dumbfounded and watched the three leave. 

The two girls on the opposite side were holding their mobile phones and whispering- 

“Did you take a picture?” 

“Take a picture! Take a picture! The kid was so cute!” 

“Let me see… His skin was so white and his eyes were wet, look at him. I’m hungry after seeing him eat, what kind of dish was that?” 

“Sweet and sour pork ribs, right? Hey, I seem to be a little hungry too. Boss – when will the food be served?”

“Coming!” The boss responded in a distant voice.

“Is it professional eating and broadcasting? They are too capable. There must be dozens of empty plates on the table…”

“I will make a Chanyin and let everyone see what this is. Hahaha!”

Little brother Jiang, who didn’t know he was photographed, left the restaurant and was taken to a taxi by Jiang Fuyue in a blink of an eye.

After paying the fare, she gave him another fifty yuan.

“I don’t want…” Little Brother Jiang leaned on the car window, shaking his head like a rattle.

Jiang Fuyue glanced at him lightly and asked, “Do you have any money on you now?”


Little brother Jiang pursed his lips, his face flushed red, and there was a hint of cute embarrassment.

Originally, he had ten dollars, but when he came, he used a taxi.

Jiang Fuyue put the money into his hand, and then instructed the driver: “Drive.” 

In the car.

“Little classmate, is that your sister?”

Little brother Jiang clenched the corners of his mouth and didn’t speak. He was still not used to talking with strangers. 

The driver didn’t mind either, he smiled and said, “Seeing that she is still a student, I know that she took her money to spend on her brother. You must have a good relationship usually right?”

Jiang Chenxing was no longer silent and nodded seriously: “Very good.”

They thought it was bad enough after eating lunch at noon, but they didn’t expect it to be even worse.

In the afternoon, the news that Jiang Fuyue’s family set up a stall selling pancakes spread throughout the class.

“It must be Li Xue! How could she do this?” Wan Xiutong almost cried.

Jiang Fuyue, the target, was unusually calm, with a thoughtful expression.

After school that day, she went to the print shop and came out with an extra bag in her hand.

The next day, before the start of the early reading class, each of the seventh class students had something in their hand – a flyer?

Bright yellow background, bold black text, small fresh and industrial style, bold and eye-catching overall design.

[High-end ingredients often only require the simplest way to cook…]

[Jiang Ji pancakes, the ultimate experience on the tip of the tongue, the ultimate luxury for the taste buds]

[If you love him and her, remember to buy them pancakes~]

Looking at the picture- –

On the golden crust, there was meat floss and bacon, fresh lettuce was covered, and then a layer of salad dressing was poured into the random filaments.

The filter modified the whole picture to be warm and full, as if it had its own fragrance.


It was unclear who started it, but the whole class was gulping.

“Look, look at the delicious food…”

“Ow! I woke up late today, I haven’t had breakfast yet, why are you showing me this kind of thing? Take it away! Don’t…actually let me see it again. Maybe I’ll be full just by looking at it.”

“Jiang Fuyue’s family really sells pancakes? I’ve never heard of her before.”

“Jiang Ji, do you see it? Both are surnamed Jiang, so it must be. “

“I’ve eaten this pancake. It’s right at the back door of the school. It’s super fragrant, with enough ingredients, and it’s cheap!” 

“Hey! Isn’t that the one you brought me to last time?” 

“Yes yes yes! Her house sells it.”

“D*mn it, it’s delicious! It’s more delicious than all the pancakes I’ve ever eaten, and I haven’t had any better than it since.”

“Really? Don’t exaggerate, was it that delicious?”

“If you don’t believe me, try it!”


Li Xue saw the development of the situation completely deviating from her plan, and sliding in a strange direction. Angrily, she crumpled the leaflet in her hand and threw it into the trash can.

She wondered why this happened?

It was clear that Jiang Fuyue’s family was shabby and lowly, yet not only did everyone not laugh at her or ridicule her, but instead… wanted to eat pancakes?

Are these people transformed from pigs?

Eating all day long!

“Sister Xue, let’s also go to buy some after school too—” Uh!

The follower met her fire-breathing eyes, the tone changed, and suddenly became fierce: “Buy a fart!”

But it looks really good…

Li Xue, like Jiang Fuyue, sat in the last row, just one against the wall and one against the door. She turned her head to see Jiang Fuyue’s expression at the moment, she must be proud and arrogant, like a quivering hen.


But when she stretched her neck and finally caught Jiang Fuyue across the heads in the middle, she actually found that she was… flipping through an English book?

There was no turbulence in the calm profile, even if the current heated discussion was caused by her.

“Pretending! Let’s see how long you can pretend!” Li Xue gritted her teeth.

“Sister Xue, why don’t you just forget it? I feel that Jiang Fuyue doesn’t care at all. Isn’t it free advertisement for her family if we continue to make a fuss?”

Moreover, you used this to threaten them to be the last place in the exam, now It doesn’t work anymore.

The follower silently cursed.

But Li Xue didn’t realize it, or at least didn’t think of it at all. Her mind was filled with the scene of Jiang Fuyue humiliating herself in front of so many people yesterday, making her feel disgraced, and her eyes filled with hatred.

It’s just a lowlife, on what basis could she do that?

Suddenly, someone raised their voice: “Student Jiang, if you buy more, is there a discount?”

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