After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 24

Chapter 024 We are not worthy, Jiang Han asks for abuse

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Jiang Fuyue thought for a while, “Buy ten get one free.”


After class, she called Han Yunru to inform her of the situation.

After listening, Han Yunru was shocked and anxious: “…Yueyue, why didn’t you discuss it with us?” 

Jiang Fuyue paused: “Buy ten get one free? That should be fine.”

Although there was suspicion of breach of trust, but she can not let her family lose money.

“That’s not what I mean,” Han Yunru stomped her feet in a panicked tone. “You… didn’t you just tell all your classmates that you own a pancake stand at home then?”

“Mom thinks it’s embarrassing to sell pancakes?” Jiang Fuyue’s tone was light.

“How could that be?! I was afraid…”

Afraid of what?

She was afraid that her Yueyue would not be able to raise her head in front of her classmates, that her classmates from well-off families would laugh at her, and she was even more afraid that she would be isolated from school, and that her classmates’ cold violence would happen to her daughter!

“Mom, don’t worry, just listen to me.” 

On the other side, Han Yunru was stunned, her flustered mood gradually calmed down after these words.

“I was wrong before, I’m sorry.”


“It’s true that our family has a stall, but you and Dad don’t steal or rob, you rely on your own labor to make money to support me and Jiang Chenxing. You send us to school to study and are no worse than other parents. I will not belittle myself and feel that I am lacking among my classmates, because—”

Jiang Fuyue paused, “You gave me the confidence and courage.”

So, please also don’t undervalue yourself either.

Han Yunru didn’t speak for a long time, only the sound of blowing her nose could be heard faintly.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t speak.

The mother and daughter were so far apart on the phone, but their hearts were getting closer and closer.

After a long while, “…Yueyue, Mom understands and welcomes your classmates to eat pancakes.”


Without saying anything, the mother and daughter ended the call.

Jiang Fuyue put away her phone and was about to go back to the class when she bumped into Jiang Han and the two puppy followers that were inseparable from her.

“Hey, Sister Yue…” Jiang Han rubbed her hands.

“If you have something to say, just say it.”

“After school yesterday, you didn’t come to watch us do our homework… was there something that delayed it?”


“That…” Jiang Han hesitated, cautiously.

Jiang Fuyue knew what she wanted to ask: “Last time, you were busy helping, now our previous grievances have been written off. From now on, you don’t have to stay and squat at the toilet door every day to do your homework.” 

After she finished speaking, she passed Jiang Han and walked straight forward.

Who knew –

“Don’t, Sister Yue!” Jiang Han rushed up and hugged her calf.

That fat body almost made Jiang Fuyue stumble, her blue veins jumped on her forehead, and she gritted her teeth: “What are you doing?!”

“Sister Yue, you can’t abandon us!” Saying that, she winked wildly at Ge Meng and Liu Sisi.

The two reacted and immediately rushed to Jiang Fuyue’s feet, but did not dare to reach out to hug her legs.

One was because of fear.

Second, Jiang Han’s size was too large, and all the space was occupied, and they couldn’t hold it even if they wanted to.

Jiang Fuyue turned her back to the three of them. Jiang Han couldn’t see her cold expression, so she was not afraid: “How can you write it off? How can it be done? You see, the three of us are arrogant and hateful to the extreme, blocking you in the toilet, warning and humiliating you, how can you easily forgive just because we helped teach a few elementary school chickens?”

Jiang Han grieved: “We are not worthy!”

Ge Meng and Liu Sisi: “Yes, not worthy!”

Jiang Fuyue: “?”

“I’ll say it again, let go!”

Jiang Han: “Then you can’t go.”

“I’ll count to two, one, two…”

It was too late to withdraw: “Isn’t it three, how come it has changed to two…” Jiang Han muttered.

Jiang Fuyue turned around and Jiang Han was still squatting. She lowered her head, she raised her head, one was majestic and the other pitiful.

“Get up.”

Jiang Han obeyed.

“And you two.”

Ge Meng and Liu Sisi looked at each other and stood up.

Three people stood in a row, you look at me, I look at you, nervous and uncomfortable.

Jiang Fuyue: “Tell me, what’s the situation?”

Jiang Han bit the bullet: “That… we just want to keep being watched.”

“To do homework?”


Jiang Fuyue gave her a suspicious look : “Was your head kicked by a donkey?”

Jiang Han: “…”

If Jiang Fuyue said “write it off” two days ago, Jiang Han would jump up with joy, the kind where you would hit the ceiling but have a painless head.

But just yesterday, the shock came just in time.

Her math quiz, unexpectedly she—passed? !

Not only was Jiang Han stunned, but the teacher was also amazed.

After all, this classmate hadn’t scored more than fifty in math since she entered high school.

Of course, the teacher was more relieved. After all, in the past two weeks, he has seen Jiang Han ask the first question in class several times, probably because she really wanted to study hard.

That night, the math teacher called Father Jiang. The content of the conversation was not known, but after the call, Father Jiang’s face was almost smiling.

The chubby hands held the girl’s round shoulders, and said earnestly: “Hanhan, you are finally sensible, Dad is very pleased!”

Jiang Han’s eyes were blank.

Her father had never complimented her like that since that woman came in the door when her mother died.

“…In order to encourage you to study hard and make progress every day, Dad decided to pass on the family property to you from now on. How about Zhongling Lansheng apartment? I remember you liked it very much before.”


“Not satisfied ?” Father Jiang pondered for a moment, “What about adding a set of Caiyunhu loft?”

Suddenly, Jiang Han saw the pale and colorless face of her stepmother, and the brain that was barely used was running at high speed at this moment. 

She seemed to have accidentally… pinched someone’s lifeline?

It turned out that the pranks that she thought she could give that woman a little taste of pain was nothing at all. Every time she let herself be scolded without saying anything, over time, it pushed her father further and further away.

No wonder she always said disgusting things intentionally or unintentionally at home and did disgusting things!

Now thinking about it, it was just to irritate herself!

Jiang Han’s eighteen years of wisdom were all concentrated in this moment.

She first called “Dad” affectionately with a smile, then put her head on Jiang Guohui’s shoulder and acted like a spoiled child. She hooked the corner of her mouth to her young stepmother, just like every time she framed herself and pinched herself, to see who was beating who.

“Thank you Dad, don’t worry, I will study hard, and carry forward the renting business of our old Jiang family in the future, and then be a happy landlord!”

“My dear daughter, you are finally sensible, Dad is so happy…” Tears.

The next day, the two apartments were transferred to Jiang Han’s name in a blink of an eye. Many middle-aged people struggle for a house that they cannot afford for half their lives, yet she took it easily.

“So?” Jiang Fuyue raised her eyebrows.

Jiang Han raised her chin, her squinting eyes were squeezed by the fat and were about to disappear: “In order to successfully inherit the family business, I have to work hard!”


“Sister Yue, just watch me, you have to do your test paper anyways, right? Hehe… I’m not very demanding, just passing is fine.”

“If you insist on doing the questions and listen carefully, you will pass.”

“It’s not the same!” Jiang Han scratched her ears and cheeks anxiously, “Look, I didn’t listen to lectures or do homework before, but when you watch, I listen to lectures and finish the homework on time.”

Jiang Fuyue wondered: “What does this have to do with me?”

“Of course it does,” Jiang Han said confidently: ” Because I’m afraid of you!”

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