After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 28

Chapter 028 Young Master Zhong is beaten, full marks in physics

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“What is she doing?”

“Not dribbling, not doing a layup, does she want to shoot a three-pointer directly?”

“What joke is this? The distance between the three-point line is between 6.7 meters and 7.25 meters. Where she is standing now, the basket is about nine or ten meters away, do you think she is Curry*?”

* bball player

“As long as she dares to shoot, as soon as the ball is let go, Brother Ang will take it in minutes, and then get another slam dunk to score!”

“These women, they think they can play basketball after watching a few games? How naive.”

“Brother Ang – abuse her!”

Jiang Han was not to be outdone: “Sister Yue, you are the best!” 

Both parties shouted across the field and refused to give in to each other, but the two on the field turned a deaf ear to them.

At a crucial moment, any distraction can lead to irreparable failure.

“You can’t get it in.” Zhong Ziang smiled, like a patient hunter admiring the beauty of his prey’s dying struggle.

As long as he guarded the center area, Jiang Fuyue can be completely defeated without having to take the initiative to attack.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if he lost the center area, will she definitely score goals?

Hehe… Who thinks they are the slam dunk king?

In the face of the boy’s provocation, Jiang Fuyue never responded, there was not even a trace of anger.

She only looked ahead, her eyes firm and calm, with courage and determination, and then——

With the ball in her hand, she quickly jumped to an eye-popping height, and flicked her wrist. When the ball left her hand, it drew a line in the air, a graceful parabola.

Swish straight into the basket!

Zhong Ziang was stunned.

The brothers who were cheering for him also suddenly fell silent.

Jiang Han’s heart had long been stuck in her throat, but now it steadily fell back to her chest, and then——

“It went in? It went in! OMG–Sister Yue! Three-point shot! Three-point shot! My god!”

Ge Meng’s eyes were blank: “…Am I dreaming?”

Liu Sisi: ” Then what we dreamed might be the same.” 

In the field.

Jiang Fuyue walked up to Zhong Ziang, “Accept your defeat.” 

The young man gritted his teeth, his cheeks stiffened: “You cheated!” 

She deliberately concealed her strength and pretended to be a pig to eat a tiger.

She laughed, “Why don’t you say that you underestimated the enemy?”

Zhong Ziang choked and glared at her fiercely.

“Okay, let’s start.”


“Don’t you need to apologize?” Jiang Fuyue said calmly, “I’m ready.”

“…” he felt offended.

“Why, you want to go back on your words? So many people were watching, you can’t get out of it.” It’s the same as Zhong Ziang’s previous sentence “you can’t get it in”, the expression was very similar.

This was revenge!

Zhong Ziang’s scalp tightened.

There had always been only someone else who would apologize to him, how could it be his turn to be inferior?


“I’m sorry!”

The woman was right, he was willing to admit defeat!

Jiang Fuyue nodded: “I am a big person and am magnanimous, so I won’t take it any further.”

Zhong Ziang clenched his silver teeth.

Hah….should I thank you!?

In the next second, a fist suddenly hit, and Zhong Ziang was stunned for a moment. When he reacted, his jaw hurt, and he groaned, his eyes full of astonishment –

“D*mn! Are you really fighting?!”

“It’s a bet, it has to be fulfilled.” Jiang Fuyue moved her wrists and neck, as if relaxing her tendons.

She felt uncomfortable under the force, so one can imagine how powerful this punch was.

Zhong Ziang was about to cry.

He had never been bullied like this starting in kindergarten. He was a top class student in elementary and middle school, not to mention high school, wherever he went.

F*ck! How strong is this woman? The lower half of his face doesn’t feel like his own.

Jiang Fuyue paced and stopped by his ear: “Classmate, this punch is to teach you to be a human being, remember, don’t be too arrogant in the future.”

After speaking, she reached out and patted him twice on the shoulder.

Zhong Ziang leaned forward, his cheeks blushing. D*mn, did this woman grow up on iron? !

“Let’s go.” Jiang Fuyue picked up her schoolbag and left the sports field.

Jiang Han packed the exercise book and chased after her: “Wait for me, there are some questions that I don’t know…”

Ge Meng glanced at the homework in her hand: “I also have one… No, two…”

Liu Sisi crying and grimacing, she was going to die, she did not know all of it!

It’s hard to be a pile of manure with flowers in it.

“Wait for me!” 

In the setting sun, the four girls walked away one after another.

“Brother Ang, are you alright?” The crowd gathered around.

Zhong Ziang supported both knees with his hands, his chest heaving violently.

He was pissed off like this.

“Give me a hand.” 

The group sat on the bleachers, while Zhong Ziang unscrewed the mineral water bottle. He raised his head and his chin was moved as soon as he opened his mouth, and he gasped in pain.

“Wipe—” He smashed down the water bottle, his eyes gloomy.

The crowd didn’t dare to breathe too much, and they waited carefully.

After a long while, he unscrewed the bottle again, this time with a much lighter action.

“What’s the background of that girl?”

“Her name is Jiang Fuyue, she is in the Year Two class Three of high school, the last place in the grade.”

Zhong Ziang frowned: “What else?”

“…Her parents set up a pancake stand at the back gates of the school. It was only exposed today.”

“What’s going on with that?”

The man recounted the story of Jiang Fuyue handing out flyers and Zhao Tiezhuang’s hard work.

It’s no secret, it was spread all over the sophomore year in just one afternoon.

Zhong Ziang grinned, “A tough person.”

No wonder they were so stubborn.

Everyone: “…”

Zhong Ziang asked, “She plays basketball?”

The three-point shot, if it had not been trained on, it could not be done so professionally, and it would never go in.

“I haven’t heard of this, but she only entered the No 1 high school because of her sports bonus points.”

“What event?”

“High jump, and… shot put.”

According to the international standard, the weight of a women’s shot put is 4 kilograms and he just received her hit.


At the same time, the teaching building, the grade office.

“Old Meng!”

“Hey… Old Xu, you really rushed back?” Meng Zhijian gasped.

“Is Zhao Tiejun here? I’ll go find him now!”

“Hey, wait—”

“Don’t stop me! Jiang Fuyue can’t be punished, or this winter camp will be ruined!”

“No…you listen to me first…”

“We’ll talk about it later!”

“Old Xu!” Meng Zhijian raised her voice.

Xu Jing was stunned.

“Jiang Fuyue didn’t get punished! You should calm down first.”

“That’s not right…” Xu Jing was a little confused, “You called me this afternoon, didn’t you say Zhao Tiejun went to the class to find her?”

“Yes.” Meng Zhijian nodded. Seeing that Xu Jing was anxious again, he quickly explained, “But she was not punished.”


Zhao Tiejun’s temper, how could he not know?

Any student who fell into his hands, there was no major issue to be reduced to a minor one. No one’s face would be given and as his name suggests, he was tough and stubborn.

“Why is it impossible?” Meng Zhijian hummed lightly, “Not only did Student Jiang got herself out of it, but she also defeated Old Zhao. Now it has spread throughout the whole grade, and they even gave her a nickname, what was it called?— “

“Sister Zhong!” Yu Wenzhou suddenly raised her head, and the mobile page happened to stay on the campus forum “Today’s Hot Posts”.

The whole screen was full of “Jiang Fuyue” and “666”.

Xu Jing: “Why?”

Meng Zhijian: “Beat iron*.”

* zhao tiejun has iron in his name


“Oh, right,” Yu Wenzhou put down his phone, took out a sheet of test papers, and said calmly, “This small physics test, Jiang Fuyue got full marks.”

Xu Jing: “!”

Meng Zhijian: “!” 

“Tsk, what are your expressions? You’re like a country bumpkin who has never seen the market.” After speaking, he pouted in contempt.

Well, when calculating the points, he was also a country bumpkin, and when he wrote “110” with a red pen, he shivered for a long time.

Meng Zhijian: “Show me the test paper!”

“What do you want to do?”

“Give it to me!” Meng Zhijian took it directly.

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