After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 29

Chapter 029 Uncle is too outrageous, forced exams

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Meng Zhijian looked so serious that neither Xu Jing nor Yu Wenzhou dared to interrupt.

After a long while, he put down the test paper, his eyes a little dull, “…really a perfect score huh?”

Yu Wenzhou: “…” This man didn’t believe him.

After dinner, Jiang Fuyue had Little Brother Jiang do his homework at home, and went to the pancake stand by herself.

“Yueyue? Why are you here?!” Han Yunru was surprised.

Jiang Da also placed down the tea cup and stood up.

This place was not so busy, but there were still guests occasionally, so the couple kept it like this, selling one more was one more.

“I brought you food, eat it while it’s hot.”

Han Yunru took it from her and handed it to Jiang Da: “Don’t send it next time, it will delay your homework.”

“It’s already finished.”

“So…then watch TV at home and relax.”

Jiang Fuyue didn’t argue any more, anyway, being a mother always has it’s reason.

While Jiang Da and Han Yunru were eating, she walked around twice and found a shop behind the stall, but the door was closed and there was no sign.

“What do they sell here?”

“Grain, oil, rice, non-staple food, fruit, condiments, but they closed last month.”

Han Yunru sighed casually: “If the rent was cheaper, we can buy it, and in the future, we won’t have to be afraid of wind and rain.”

Jiang Da held the bowl and said nothing.

“How’s business today?” Jiang Fuyue asked at the right time.

Speaking of this, Han Yunru and Jiang Da showed joy at the same time: “After school in the afternoon, many students from No. 1 High School came to buy pancakes, and one person even bought 20 pancakes in one go, so we gave her two for free.”

“Wife, we sold twice as much today compared to usual!” Jiang Da grinned and looked at Han Yunru with anticipation, like a child asking for praise.

The woman quietly twisted his tight waist, reminding him to pay attention to his image.

“Why are you so proud? If it wasn’t for Yueyue’s flyers, how else could so many of her classmates show up here?”

“Yes, yes, Yueyue takes the most credit.” Jiang Da laughed stupidly.

“But…” Han Yunru looked worried, “Is the school allowed to do this? Has the teacher criticized you?”

Jiang Fuyue: “No.”

Night time, Yutianhua residence.

The door of the villa was pushed open from the outside, Xie Dingyuan, wearing an iron gray shirt and a suit jacket draped over his arms, walked in slowly.

Liu Ma greeted him, “Sir is back.”


“The food is ready. Do you want to eat now, or…” 

The man raised his wrist and glanced at the time: “Half an hour later.”

After speaking, he went straight upstairs.

Today, he not only participated in an academic conference, but was also in the laboratory for a long time. He smelled of disinfectant, and he couldn’t eat without taking a bath.

Half an hour later, the man appeared in the dining room on time.

Liu Ma quietly served him the food.

The man changed into home clothes, a polo shirt made of soft material, buttoned to the last button. It wrapped around his neck rigorously and harshly, with a slightly protruding Adam’s apple above, which rolled gently along with eating and swallowing.

His slender fingers held the wooden chopsticks, and there was a kind of warm jade beauty to it.

“Sir, the young master has returned from school.”


Liu Ma: “As soon as he got home, he hid in his room. He still hasn’t come out now, and has locked the door. And… I saw that his chin was blue. Did someone bully him at school?” 

The man’s expression remained the same: “I understand.”

Liu Ma hesitated a few times, but didn’t dare to say more.

Sir was good everywhere, but he was a little indifferent. This was his nephew…

After dinner, Xie Dingyuan took a walk against the night wind; the moon was hazy, and the street lights were dim.

Twenty minutes later, he returned to the villa. First, he went to the study to get the spare key, and then knocked on Zhong Ziang’s door.

“Liu Ma, I said, I’m not hungry! Don’t give me anything to eat!”

God knows, he was so hungry now that his chest was on his back.

“Open the door, it’s me.” The man’s deep voice came in clearly through the door.

“D*mn—why is he here?” Zhong Ziang was frightened and panicked, the more he didn’t want something, the more likely it would come.

Simply beep the dog*!

* it is a sentence that is said when you are particularly unlucky and frustrated

“…Uncle, what do you need?”

“Open the door.”

“I’m going to bed. If you’re not in a hurry, we can talk about it tomorrow!”

“Zhong Ziang, don’t make me repeat it a second time.” 

Half a minute later, the door opened.

Seeing the scarf around his neck, Xie Dingyuan gradually knitted his brows: “It’s summer, what’s wrong with you?”

“Cough…” Zhong Ziang clenched his fists and coughed lightly, burying his chin in the scarf, “The temperature of the air conditioner was too low, and I have a cold.”

The man glanced at the beads of sweat oozing from his forehead, his face expressionless: “I’ll call Old Tang.”

Zhong Ziang’s face changed greatly: “Don’t don’t don’t… It’s just a small cold, there’s no need for Dr. Tang to run around, I’ll just wipe my sweat.”

“Turn on the air conditioner to wipe your sweat?”


“It’s so cool, cool…” 

Xie Dingyuan’s eyes suddenly turned cold, as if the warm jade was covered with frost, and he became stern: “Remember what I said on the first day you arrived in Linhuai?”

The young man was first stunned, then he didn’t know what came to his mind and his face turned white.

“Zhong Ziang, never lie to me, can you do that?” The voice was calm, but the turbulence under the dark waves made one’s heart tremble.


“Didn’t you always wanted to go back to the imperial capital? I’ll call Zhong Yunyi tomorrow and ask her to send someone to pick you up.” After speaking, he turned and left.

“No–I won’t go back!” The young man pulled off the scarf, “I said, I said, is it not enough?”

Xie Dingyuan turned around slowly, “En.”

“…” His uncle was too outrageous!

Ten minutes later.

“So, you were beaten by a girl in the same grade.”

Zhong Ziang jumped: “It’s not beaten, it’s just willing to admit defeat!”

“That’s still being beaten.”

“…” Tch!

“It’s rare that someone can make you deflated,” Xie Dingyuan nodded, her eyes showing relief, “That’s good.”

“Are you still my uncle?” His eyes were filled with resentment.

“Unless you are not Xie Yunzao’s son.”

“…” Can’t fight, can’t fight.

Zhong Ziang said pitifully, “I’m hungry.”

“You said you didn’t want to eat, so nothing was left. By now, Liu Ma is probably already asleep.”

“…” Zhong Ziang felt helpless.

Is there any “young master” worse than him in the world?

Next day, in physics class, Yu Wenzhou sent out the test papers for evaluation.

Scores and rankings were usually not published on single-subject quizzes like this one.

Wan Xiutong: “…It’s a pity, if everyone knew that you got a perfect score on the test again, it would be estimated that their eyes would pop out!” It was the same as when she first saw Jiang Fuyue’s math quiz with a perfect score.

“It doesn’t matter.” She didn’t get a perfect score in the test to make everyone’s eyes pop.

Wan Xiutong simply fell in love with her cold expression, and her eyes suddenly had red hearts.

Another day when she was so obsessed with her deskmate that she couldn’t help herself~ 

The bell rang after class, and Yu Wenzhou passed by Jiang Fuyue, “Follow me.”

Jiang Fuyue: “?”

Entering the office, several eyes turned towards her.

Some of them Jiang Fuyue did not know at all.

It’s not that the teachers were too idle, but that she has been in and out of the office too frequently during this time.

When Xu Jing saw Jiang Fuyue following behind Yu Wenzhou, his heart throbbed, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Sure enough –

“You take these exam papers back and do them.”

“?” Do teachers like to stuff exam papers to students these days? And it’s a big pile.

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