After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 30

Chapter 030 Physics Genius, Old Meng is really enticed

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Yu Wenzhou was embarrassed by Jiang Fuyue’s clear gaze, so he touched his nose and explained, “You got a perfect score in this physics quiz.”


“You are a gifted child, and you should be trained well. “

Finally, Jiang Fuyue left with a stack of test papers.

Xu Jing exploded——

“Old Yu, what do you mean by this?”

“What do you mean?” Yu Wenzhou pretended to be stupid.

“You clearly know that Jiang Fuyue is my student, but you still stuffed her with so many test papers, what do you want?”

“That’s my student too, why are you so domineering?”

“I’m domineering?” Xu Jing was so angry that he laughed, but his eyes were really fierce, “I don’t have any opinion on her completing her daily physics homework, but if you add something else to her plate, I don’t agree!”

“Why do you disagree?” Yu Wenzhou put down the water cup.

“Because I’m her form teacher!”

“I’m still her class teacher!”

Xu Jing: “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

Yu Wenzhou’s eyes flashed and he muttered: “What can I think of……”

Xu Jing sneered: “What is one perfect score? It’s probably due to luck. Besides, the quiz was not difficult, you’re probably too happy too soon.”

Yu Wenzhou frowned, but did not refute what Xu Jing said. 

This time the questions were really simple, and it was not impossible to get a full score. Maybe… Jiang Fuyue was really just lucky?

“Old Yu, you should know that one person’s energy is limited. If you do one thing well, you can’t do another thing well at the same time. Jiang Fuyue is now specializing in the Olympiad. If you expect her to make breakthroughs in physics, even reaching the level of competitions, I advise you to give up as soon as possible.”

The more you jump in now, the more disappointed you will be in the future.

Yu Wenzhou fell into deep thought, and after a long while, he finally compromised: “…fine.”

Xu Jing let out a long sigh of relief, he was really afraid of Yu Wenzhou robbing the person.

As for not believing that Jiang Fuyue had the strength to participate in the physics competition, it was not nonsense. After all, no matter how smart and powerful a person was, they are not omnipotent.

The next day, Yu Wenzhou finished class and asked Jiang Fuyue to return the stack of test papers.

“…In such a hurry? I only finished half of it.”

Yu Wenzhou thought that “half” meant “half of a paper”, so he asked casually, “How long did it take?”

“One afternoon plus one night.”

Sure enough, once the difficulty goes up, it becomes difficult. It seems that Old Xu was right. A full score in the quiz does not mean that you can learn to compete well. This was not something that can be achieved by hard work alone, but also required talent.

Even though he was well prepared, Yu Wenzhou was still disappointed.

Jiang Fuyue glanced at him inexplicably, this teacher was probably not very smart.

The not-so-smart Yu Wenzhou returned to the office.

Why can they do the Olympiad, but not the physics competition?

It happened that Meng Zhijian also came back from class, “Old Yu, have you finished reading the questions on this monthly exam? If you have any questions, just say it, if there is no problem, I will sign it and send it to print in the afternoon.”

Yu Wenzhou waved his hand: “Print it. “

“Yo, why are you frowning? Was someone following you on Weibo, or was there another student posting on the school forum to complain about you?”

“Don’t make trouble, I’m depressed.”

Meng Zhijian saw that his condition was really bad, and said seriously: “What happened?”

“Oh, let me tell you…”

He talked about the test paper given to Jiang Fuyue, and repeated Xu Jing’s theory of “limited energy”.

“…In order to dig a good seed for our physics competition class, has it been easy for me?”

Meng Zhijian: “It’s not easy. Just this stack of test papers?” He flipped through it.

“En, I also figured it out. Anyways, Jiang Fuyue is not that material, so I won’t fight Old Xu, lest his nose is not a nose, and his eyes are not eyes*…”

* describing a person who is unhappy and angry

“Old Yu,” he moved away from the test paper with difficulty and looked up, “Are you sure—Jiang Fuyue isn’t that piece of material?”

“Yeah, she didn’t even finish one test paper in one afternoon and one night, and only wrote half of it. Besides, this is not a regular competition question, just entry-level, at this speed she can’t even reach the threshold of the provincial final.”

“Are you stupid?” Meng Zhijian couldn’t bear it.

“No… we’re just talking, why are you scolding people? Don’t use such personal attacks!”

“… really stupid.” After leaving such a sentence, Meng Zhijian walked away.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

“Class 3!”

Yu Wenzhou was a little confused: “You are the form teacher of Class 7, why are you going to Class 3?”

Of course Meng Zhijian went to Jiang Fuyue!

Half completed…

Maybe only Old Yu’s stupid hat would think it was half of a test paper, but in fact Jiang Fuyue completed half of all the test papers!

There were a dozen or so, to say the least.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Fuyue was not only a genius in mathematics, but also an expert in physics.

He scanned it roughly just now, but he didn’t find a single mistake.

Soon, Meng Zhijian came to the door of class three, but was greeted by an empty space.

“Where’s the student?” He grabbed a colleague.

“Class 3 has gone to the sports field for physical education class. Is there anything wrong Teacher. Meng?”

Meng Zhijian thanked them and walked to the sports field.

The sports field was so big, and there was more than one class in a physical education class, he searched for a while before he saw a few familiar faces from Class 3.

A group of people around the basketball court.

“Liu Bowen.”

“Who is it, don’t disturb me watching…”

Meng Zhijian’s mouth twitched.

“D*mn it! Go in! Go in! Oh, almost… steal the ball! Press him! Press him and rub him on the floor—”

“Liu Bowen!”

“Who is it, so bother—” Don’t bother me.


“Meng, Teacher Meng.” Liu Bowen was shocked.

Meng Zhijian’s face was stern, he didn’t expect that the top ten of Class 3 would have this kind of virtue, being so excited to watch basketball.

“You’re just watching basketball, what are you going on for about rubbing the floor? Pay attention to the unity and friendship among classmates.”

“Oh.” The spiritless was taught a lesson. 

“Cough… Where is your class’s Jiang Fuyue?”

“On the field.” 

Meng Zhijian was stunned, his eyes drifted over. 

Liu Bowen turned back and continued to watch the game, then: “F*ck—three points! Made it? Made it! How did she shoot it? D*mn—too cool, why didn’t I discover how cool Jiang Fuyue was before?” 

Ten minutes later.

Meng Zhijian stood at the outermost periphery, staring at the field without blinking, clenching his fist with one hand and pounding the palm of the other. 

“Avoid! Avoid again! Move! Layup! Press him! Yes, that’s it… Beat him to death! Beautiful! “

Others may not have heard it, or they may not have noticed it, but Liu Bowen was standing a little in front, and his nerves were highly tense, and he was always paying attention to Meng Zhijian’s movements, even if his voice was small, he could still hear it.

In this regard, he would like to ask: press him? Beat him to death? Does your face hurt?

“Oh hoo hoo – nice job! Another three points!”

Liu Bowen: Even calling what will come, was there anything you can’t do?

Meng Zhijian (shut up immediately): It’s really hard for the teacher to watch the students play a basketball game…

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