After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 33

Chapter 33: I want to pursue her, a refined scoundrel

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“Okay, okay, I’ll talk! I’ll talk, alright! So, there’s this arcade that’s having a basketball shooting game, and the first prize is a limited edition Hulk action figure that you can’t buy even if you have money. So, I thought… hehe…”

“You like the Hulk?”

“It’s not me, it’s Ling Xuan. He likes to collect Marvel action figures, so I thought I could win it and give it to him.”

“So, you want me to help you win the prize by shooting basketballs, and give it to Ling Xuan?”

“Can you?” Jiang Han’s eyes lit up.



Jiang Fuyue walked on, with Jiang Han following closely behind. When they reached the corner, the staircase was just down below. However, Jiang Fuyue suddenly stopped.

Jiang Han seemed to see hope and quickly caught up, panting but smiling brightly, “Sister Yue, I knew you–“

She stopped abruptly halfway through her sentence.

At the end of the stairs, a girl with long hair was leaning against a boy’s chest, whispering something shyly. From Jiang Han’s perspective, she could see her crimson neck, as if it were coated with a layer of rouge.

The boy lowered his head slightly, holding onto the girl’s slender shoulders with both hands, his gaze tender.

Jiang Han pursed her lips, a faint sense of loss in her eyes, and the smile that was about to bloom on her face gradually disappeared and vanished completely.

“Do you still want to give him the action figure now?” Jiang Fuyue sneered lightly and went down the stairs.

The footsteps that followed startled the embracing couple. The girl hastily looked up, like a frightened bird, while Ling Xuan also turned his head and his gaze met Jiang Fuyue’s, showing a subtle reaction.

However, despite the commotion caused by the pair of lovebirds, Jiang Fuyue walked straight past them without even glancing at them and continued down the stairs.

Jiang Han caught up and brushed past Ling Xuan. The uncomfortable feeling gradually dissipated.

The two came in a hurry and left just as quickly, soon disappearing from sight.

This left Ling Xuan and Lin Yao standing still, maintaining their “intimate” posture without speaking for a while.

“Are you standing steady now?” The boy spoke lightly.

“I… I’m steady.” Lin Yao braced herself against the wall with one hand, barely maintaining her balance, but her tightly furrowed brows betrayed a hint of pain.

“Okay.” Ling Xuan retracted his hand and took a step back. “I’ve called Uncle Lin, and the driver should be here by now. I’ll go check. You wait here.”

With that, he started to walk away.

“Brother Ling!” Ling Xuan’s steps faltered.

Lin Yao watched his clear and refined figure, her gaze flickering. “Thank you for taking me to the infirmary earlier. What I said earlier… was all true. You also have those feelings for me, don’t you?”

“….tomorrow I will help you request leave from school. Have a good rest.” After speaking, he left in big footsteps.

Lin Yao’s eyes flashed with disappointment, and a hint of doubt. 

Clearly, it wasn’t like this before. Even before they were interrupted just now, the atmosphere between the two of them was still good. Lin Yao even had a hundred percent certainty that Ling Xuan would accept her confession. 


Why did it change in the blink of an eye? 

Ling Xuan’s eyes and attitude… 

Thanks to this scene, Jiang Han finally gave up on the idea of asking her to participate in the shooting competition. Of course, Jiang Fuyue wouldn’t agree to it either. 

On Saturday, she was busy at the pancake stand, mainly responsible for collecting money.

Little Brother Jiang was about to take the entrance exam for middle school soon, so he had been staying at home studying and preparing for it. 

At the same time, Ling Xuan, who was practicing the piano in his room, made consecutive mistakes. He was a bit irritable as he closed the piano cover. 

“Master, Madam instructed you to visit Miss Lin today before she left, and the gift has been prepared and put in the trunk. When do you plan to leave?” 

“I’m not going.” 


“I said I’m not going, don’t you understand?”

The servant’s scalp tingled. “But what if Madam asks about it…”

“I’ll explain it to her.”

Meanwhile, Yici was sitting in a well-decorated hair salon, looking at himself in the mirror from left to right, inspecting every detail.

“Is it done yet? Why is it taking so long?”

“Ei, sir, you’ve dyed your hair before, you should know that it takes some time. Luckily, dyeing it back to black this time is much easier than dyeing seven colors like last time. It’ll be done soon.”

“Well, then… can you give me a cool haircut later?”

“Um, what kind of cool style specifically?”

Yici thought for a moment, “Just the kind that’s likeable.”

“Likeable to elders?”


The stylist saw his speechlessness and had a sudden idea, “Oh, I get it. Likeable to girls.”

Yici raised his chin in front of the mirror.

How dare they say his hair was ugly, hmph!

Just wait until Monday, he’ll show up at school looking suave and charming!

Zhong Ziang slept until the sun was high in the sky, and was called to lunch by Liu Ma.

“… Don’t make noise, let me sleep a little longer… just a little bit…”

“Young master, Mister is waiting for you in the dining room.”

“!” Zhong Ziang sat up in surprise.

Five minutes later, in the dining room.

Adhering to the rule of “no talking while eating”, Zhong Ziang focused on his food.

Sitting across from him was Xie Dingyuan, calm and unhurried, even his chopstick-holding posture exuded nobility.

Zhong Ziang was momentarily stunned.

Until the end of the meal, his eyes were still glued to Xie Dingyuan, as if trying to see through him.

Thinking of the crazy scenes of those noble ladies in the imperial capital fawning over his uncle, Zhong Ziang’s scrutiny became even more focused, as if trying to find a flower.

Xie Dingyuan couldn’t take it anymore, it had been almost half an hour since the end of the meal.

“What are you trying to do?”

“…Uncle, I have a question for you.”

“Go ahead.”

“What type of guy would a very fierce and tough girl like?”


Zhong Ziang’s neck shrunk, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Thinking of the debt of romantic entanglements he caused in the capital, and Xie Dingyuan couldn’t help but frown, his gaze turning cold. “Who do you have in mind?”

Zhong Ziang didn’t catch the coldness in his words, his mind was filled with scenes of Jiang Fuyue sweating and playing basketball, her small waist and long legs…

Absolutely stunning!

Even he himself didn’t notice the smile slowly creeping onto his face. “That one…the one who beat me up last time.”

“?” Xie Dingyuan was confused.

“Uncle, I want to pursue her!”

“?” Is he out of his mind?

Zhong Ziang suddenly stood up, “I’m going out to buy new clothes. I bet that kind of fierce girl will like someone like you, dressed in a dress shirt, suit pants, leather shoes, tie, and don’t forget the pair of gold-rimmed glasses, perfect!”

With that, he rushed upstairs like the wind to change clothes, then came back down and left.

Xie Dingyuan sat on the sofa, rubbing his chin with one hand, his gaze deepening.

He’s such a…refined scoundrel?


On this Saturday, while the students were able to relax to their heart’s content, the teachers were still working overtime.

“Old Xu, how many papers do you guys in the math department have left?”

“Four bundles.”

“Wow, that’s fast! Every time I have to grade papers, I think to myself, why couldn’t I have been a math teacher? Or even a physics or chemistry teacher would do. But no, I had to be a language teacher, and reading these essays one by one is making me dizzy…”

“Language, that’s normal…” Xu Jing glanced at the time, “It’s almost noon, let’s go eat lunch first. Old Meng, let’s go.”

“Just a minute, don’t disturb me,” Meng Zhijian didn’t even raise his head, his red pen scribbling at lightning speed.

Xu Jing walked over, “What are you doing? You’re so focused…”

Before he could finish speaking, Meng Zhijian suddenly stood up, looking excited and his eyes shining, “It’s here!”

“What’s here?”

“The scores! This is the first time ever that someone got a perfect score in the science section!”

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