After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Full Marks in All Subjects, One Battle to Become a God (Highly Inspiring)

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The large office fell strangely quiet for two seconds.

Xu Jing said, “Full marks in all three science subjects?” He wondered if Meng Zhijian had made a mistake or misread it.

The other teachers looked at each other in confusion.

Full marks were rare enough, let alone in all three science subjects. One full mark meant getting everything right in all three subjects.

“Chemistry couldn’t have been that easy this time, could it?”

“Biology was also quite difficult.”

“There was even a question in physics that was beyond the syllabus…”

The group of teachers quickly surrounded Meng Zhijian, all wanting to see this miraculous exam paper.

“…En, it’s really full marks.”

“Who did it?”

“It’s sealed, so we can’t see the name.”

“It’s probably Ling Xuan.”

“Sun Cheng did well in all three science subjects last time, getting first place in biology and chemistry. It’s not impossible for him to get full marks.”

“In any case, it’s only a few students in our class who could do it. Teacher Song, come and check the handwriting and see who it belongs to.”

The homeroom teacher of Class One was pushed to the front. She carefully looked at it once, then again.

Definite tone: “This is not Ling Xuan’s handwriting, nor does it look like Sun Cheng’s.”

“Then is it Zhao Qing? Sun Yue? Li Handong?” A teacher named several top students in Class One.

Song Xiaoxia still shook her head.

“That’s strange. It can’t be someone not in Class One, can it?”

“Guessing like this is too complicated. Isn’t it simple to just find out?” Yu Wenzhou tore the seal with his bare hands. “There, done.”

“…” It’s you who’s bold.

“…” I can’t afford it. Goodbye.

“Jiang Fuyue?!” Suddenly, an exclamation.


Xu Jing heard those three words and pounced on it.

But someone was faster than him. Meng Zhijian snatched the test paper, confirmed the name several times, and was elated: “Hey! It really is her!”

Full marks in all three sciences, now the principal should have nothing to say!

Xu Jing looked at Meng Zhijian suspiciously. She wasn’t his student. Why was this person so excited?

“Jiang Fuyue… is from Class Three?”

“…We don’t have a second Jiang Fuyue in our grade, right?”



“Well… why don’t we go to the cafeteria and have lunch first?” In the dead silence, Xu Jing quietly suggested.

In the afternoon, the marking work continued.

Sitting in front of the computer, Song Xiaoxia entered the composition scores and compiled the results from the machine-readable cards to get the final English score.


“Huh?” She was surprised at something she saw.

“What’s wrong, Teacher Song? Is your computer lagging again?”

“No, it seems like there was an error in recording a score, so I’m checking it.”

Two minutes later, “No, it’s correct. It’s a perfect score…”

As soon as the crowd heard the words “perfect score,” their spirits were instantly lifted:

“What perfect score?”

“Did someone get a perfect score in English too?”

“Let me see…”

Song Xiaoxia took out the machine-readable card, checked it once using the machine and then double-checked it manually. The multiple-choice questions, numbered A, B, C, and D, were all correct with a total score of 115!

Then she looked at the essay… perfect score!

Song Xiaoxia herself typed it, and both the format and content were flawless.

At the time, when she was reading this essay, she was still wondering which student was so talented in expressing themself, with impeccable sentence structures and humor.

The sense of humor in the English language system was completely different from that in the Chinese language system. If one hasn’t personally immersed oneself in that language environment, one simply cannot write like that.

With practice, it becomes easier. This time, there was no need for Yu Wenzhou to take action. She couldn’t wait to tear open the seal and then…

“Jiang Fuyue?!”

The other teachers looked at each other in amazement.

At this moment, Xu Jing suddenly chuckled, “What a coincidence, there is also a perfect score in math, two.”

The Chinese teacher sitting diagonally across from them quietly raised her head and said, “I’m sorry… I also want to join in the fun.”


Monday was a gloomy day for both working people and students.

Especially, with the release of the exam results.

As is customary since middle school, small quizzes are not ranked, but the results of major exams are listed.

Regardless of whether you are first or last, have a perfect score or zero, the final results will be displayed on the grade’s red list.

During the big break, the second-year students poured out of their classrooms and crowded the corridors, all trying to find their names among the hundreds of others listed.

“Don’t push me…”

“With your grades, why are you squeezing up here? Go to the back.”

“Did you see my name?”

“I saw it, I saw it! Thirty-seven… where’s mine?”

“Here! Sixteen!”

The two girls were both from the same class and were about to leave after checking their rankings.

“Wait, let me see who’s in first place.”

“Do we even need to check? It must be Ling Xuan.”

“Well, he hasn’t gotten second place since first year… wait! Second, second place?!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh my god—Ling Xuan is actually second?!”

“Huh? Then who’s in first?”

“Jiang Jiang Jiang… Fuyue?! And with a score of 750?!”

“Don’t joke around, what kind of joke is this?”

“Believe me, it’s true! It’s right at the top, the first one…”

“Oh my god, you might not believe me when I say this, but I think I’m having hallucinations.”

“Then I must have caught it from you.”

Apart from these two girls, everyone else saw it too.

“Jiang Fuyue” was hanging conspicuously in the first row, followed by a space and the score 750. Everyone could see it clearly.

“Are you sure the list isn’t upside down?” Otherwise, how did the last place person become first place?

“The number must be wrong, right?” How could it be 750? That’s a perfect score!

“Maybe Jiang Fuyue switched her name while no one was paying attention?”

“Switching from last place to first place, are they stupid?!”

In the past, everyone would just check their ranking on the list and then leave. Then the next group of people would take their turn to look.

But this time, everyone gathered around the red list and didn’t leave. They talked and discussed non-stop.

Year Two Class One.

Sun Cheng came back from the restroom and said, “Let’s go, Ah Xuan, let’s check the list!”

Ling Xuan didn’t even look up. He finished writing the last step on his exam paper, turned the page, and started on the next question. “No need.”

“That’s true. Anyways, you always get first place, it doesn’t matter if you look or not. I’ll go then!”


Two minutes later, Sun Cheng came running back, looking a bit dazed.

“Ah Xuan, you need to be mentally prepared.”


“You got second place this time.”

Ling Xuan was taken aback.

Sun Cheng continued, “Jiang Fuyue got first place, and she got full marks in all subjects.”

Ling Xuan’s brow furrowed visibly.

Such outstanding results not only caused a stir in the second years, but the whole school was buzzing in just half a day.

“Did you hear? There is a genius in second-year who got full marks in Chinese, Math, English, and Science, with a total score of 750!”

“Is it true? Can you really get full marks in Chinese?”

“It’s already posted. If you don’t believe it, go check it out yourself.”

“Who is it? They are so amazing!”

“Jiang Fuyue.”


At the same time, in the principal’s office.

Meng Zhijian stood there with a smile, no need to say anything.

The old principal quickly put on his glasses, “I approve it! I’ll approve it right now!”

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