After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Slandered by Rumors, Jiang Da has an accident 

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To be honest, Jiang Fuyue was surprised to see the newly renovated shop.

“How is it?” Han Yunru asked nervously.

“Mom, you might be the legendary ‘treasure girl’.”

“What nonsense? I’m a middle-aged woman… not a girl.”

Jiang Da opened the curtain and came out of the kitchen, his sweaty face full of joy and excitement. “Everything inside is clean and tidy. You two, have some water.”

The cups were left behind by the previous noodle shop and were cleaned thoroughly.

“Dad… I threw out all the garbage. It’s really hot outside…” Little Brother Jiang walked in. “I want some water too.”

“If you want water, pour it yourself.”

“…Why doesn’t Mom and my sister have to do it themselves?”

Little Brother Jiang silently walked into the kitchen.

In the end, he was the only one who did all the heavy lifting.

After finishing, Jiang Da started cooking in the shop, and the family of four sat together to have lunch, which was a rare sight.

“In the future, you two won’t have to run around delivering food. We can cook in the shop,” Jiang Da said.

This was also why Han Yunru had been wanting a storefront.

Jiang Da nodded. “We won’t have to spend 40 minutes closing up shop at night either. We can just close the door and be done.”

It was certainly much more convenient.


“Yueyue, this storefront is spacious and well-located, and the rent is only 1,000 yuan. Are we taking advantage of your classmate? Will she be able to explain it to her parents?” Han Yunru asked.

“Don’t worry, I have everything under control.”

In the afternoon, the signboard that Jiang Fuyue had ordered arrived.

When the red cloth was lifted, the words “Jiang’s Pancakes” written in regular script appeared.

Jiang Da didn’t know calligraphy, but it didn’t affect his most intuitive judgment of beauty and ugliness. “The writing is really nice.”

Han Yunru nodded. “The person who wrote this has been practicing calligraphy for at least ten years. Look at the strokes, they’re so precise.”

Jiang Fuyue’s eyebrows and eyes lightly moved, and she gave a slightly dark look at the beautiful woman’s mother.

Jiang Chenxing nodded repeatedly, “Like the sign of a big restaurant. Sister, who wrote it?”

“Oh, I just found someone randomly, and the effect is not bad.”

Could she say that she wrote it herself?

Of course not!

The original owner couldn’t even do calligraphy, let alone have a dozen years of experience.

Jiang Da stepped on a stool, held the sign with both hands to secure it, and turned his head to ask, “Is this okay?”

Jiang Fuyue said, “It’s too high on the left.”

He adjusted it, “How about this?”

Jiang Chenxing said, “It seems too low now.”

The father and two children were busy, and a woman suddenly walked over to Han Yunru with a smile, “I saw this shop open from far away and thought the noodle shop owner had come back, but it’s you, Sister Han.”

After speaking, she shouted at Jiang Da’s back, “Brother Jiang –“

The two words were called out with a melodious and touching tone.

Jiang Fuyue saw her father’s figure sway and almost fell off the stool, probably scared.

This was strange, so she turned her head to look.

She saw a plump woman standing next to Han Yunru, with her arms folded and a smile on her lips. She was dressed very casually, with an apron tied around her waist. She looked like she had come over from the next-door shop, but her face had a different style–

Her powder was applied very thickly, the whitest shade, and because it didn’t fit perfectly, there was a layer of it floating on the surface. Her eyebrows were carefully trimmed into willow leaf shapes, and the pink lipstick outlined a full lip line. Perhaps it was applied too far inside, and she didn’t even notice when her teeth were stained.

Greasy and vulgar.

With just one glance, Jiang Fuyue silently looked away.

Jiang Chenxing muttered under his breath, “Why is she here again…”

“Little Sun, don’t you need to watch the store? How come you have time to come over here?” Han Yunru maintained a smile, but her eyes were cold.

“I asked Auntie Zhang next door to help watch the store. It’s not busy at this time, so I wanted to come over and see what was going on. I didn’t expect to run into acquaintances. Are you and Brother Jiang… renting this storefront and planning to move here?” Little Sun inquired.

“Yes,” Han Yunru replied.

Little Sun looked around and sized up the storefront, “This storefront is nice. It must cost a lot to rent, right?”

“It’s not too bad,” Han Yunru replied.

“3,000 yuan?” Little Sun continued probing.

Han Yunru turned and brought her a glass of water, “This is a cooling herbal tea. Would you like some?”

“Thank you,” Little Sun replied.

Seeing that she couldn’t extract any useful information, the woman finished her tea, pinched her waist, and left.

Originally thought to be just a small episode, rumors spread the next day.

“Jiang Da and his wife’s pancake stand is moving! Where are they moving to? Don’t you know? It’s the first storefront on the street, the one that used to be a noodle shop…”

“Wow! That location is great. It’s spacious and well-lit.”

“The rent must be several thousand yuan, right? Can they make enough money just selling pancakes to recoup their investment?”

“Did Jiang Da strike it rich? No matter how we advised him before, he never wanted to rent a decent storefront. Who knew he would suddenly rent the best one! Amazing!”

“Isn’t that storefront Mr. Jiang’s?”

“Mr. Jiang? Which Mr. Jiang?”

‘The fat one who’s always smiling and carries a bunch of keys to collect rent, wearing a big floral shirt. I heard that this kind of nouveau riche has unique tastes, and only eats overripe fruit.” She finished with a meaningful smirk.

“You mean Jiang Da’s wife…”

“Hey, hey, hey… let’s not say too much, you guys understand.”


There were only a few shops on the street, and in no time the rumors reached the main character’s ears.

“It must be Sun Honghong!” Han Yunru was so angry that her whole body trembled, her eyes turning red.


A loud noise came from the kitchen.

Immediately, Jiang Da rushed out, without saying a word, and ran outside.

Han Yunru’s face changed suddenly. “Oh no… Old Jiang! Don’t be impulsive!”

On Thursday afternoon, in the math class in with Xu Jing, only one lesson was taught, and the rest of the time was spent doing problems.

“……There are a total of six test papers, and as usual, once you finish one, come to me to get the next one.”

On the first test paper, Jiang Fuyue only took five minutes because it was all multiple-choice questions.

As she stood up and left her seat, the whole class looked up at her.

Sun Cheng exclaimed, “Is she even human?”

Ling Xuan looked down at his test paper, which he hadn’t even finished half of, and suddenly felt irritable.

This was what it felt like to be completely overshadowed, and to be honest, it didn’t feel great.

Especially when the one overshadowing you was someone you used to look down on the most.

“Ah Xuan, do you think Jiang Fuyue’s brain suddenly lit up? How did she become so bright all of a sudden?” Sun Cheng joked.

Ling Xuan coldly raised his eyes, “I don’t know if she lit up or not, but I think you need to calm down.”

“Hey… just kidding, relax.”

“Shut up. Focus on doing the test!”

Sun Cheng sneered, wondering if this guy had eaten gunpowder today.

Jiang Fuyue used eight minutes for the second test paper, which had no multiple-choice questions but had fill-in-the-blanks, and still left everyone far behind.

By the time she had finished writing most of the third test paper, Ling Xuan had only just gone up to get the second test paper.

When Jiang Fuyue was on the fifth test paper, her phone vibrated. She was the only one who knew because it was on silent.

She took a quick glance and saw two missed calls from Han Yunru. Why would she be calling at this time?

Something must have happened!

Jiang Fuyue quickly finished the last step of the test, handed in the paper, grabbed her backpack, and walked quickly to the podium, “Teacher Xu, I have an urgent matter to attend to, can I take the last test paper home to do?”

“Of course!” Teacher Xu had no reason to refuse, as Jiang Fuyue’s talent in mathematics during this period had surprised and amazed him.

She grabbed the test paper, put it in her backpack, and immediately called back, “Mom, don’t worry, tell me slowly…”

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