After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Law of Fragrant Goodness, Popularized Online

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In the afternoon after school, she walked with her friends as usual.

“Qiao Qiao, let’s take the back gate.”

“Why?” They usually take the front gate.

Her friend smiled shyly, “I’m going to buy a pancake.”

“Jiang Ji?” Lin Qiao frowned.

“Yeah! I’ll treat you. Their pancakes are so delicious, and the fried dough sticks are so fragrant! I went there this morning and they only had meat buns left, I was so disappointed! Anyway, I have to eat one of them today, or it would be a waste of my saliva!”

“Haha! Is it really that exaggerated? It’s just a pancake.”

Her friend looked serious, “Trust me, it’s really really good!”

“Okay, okay, let’s go. I’ll accompany you.” Despite her words, Lin Qiao still had doubts in her heart.

The shop was not far away, just a few steps after they left the school back gate.

There was already a long queue at this time, and her friend looked desperate, “Oh my god! Why are there still so many people? Did I come too late?”

Apart from students in school uniforms, there were also some office workers and elderly people.

“Quick! Let’s go over there…”

Before Lin Qiao could react, she was pulled forward.

“Qiao Qiao… I’m sorry, I may have to ask you to wait a few more minutes.” Her friend looked apologetic.

“It’s okay.”

“What do you want to eat? I’ll treat you! I heard that the newly released ‘Blizzard Sour Plum Juice’ is really good, do you want to try it?”

“No thanks.” Lin Qiao looked around the shop with a picky eye, only stopping at the sign for more than two seconds, nothing else caught her eye.

After about ten minutes, it was finally their turn.

“Two family portrait pancakes, thank you!”

During the cooking process, the friend stared hungrily, but Lin Qiao didn’t look up and just played on her phone.

“Okay, be careful, it’s hot.”

“Thank you, uncle.”

“Hey, you’re welcome!”

On the way home, the friend handed a pancake to Lin Qiao: “Although you said you didn’t want it, I still suggest you try it. Since we already bought it, if it doesn’t taste good, we can just throw it away.”

At this point, with the friend’s good intentions, Lin Qiao didn’t refuse any longer.

As soon as she took it, she felt the heat in her palm, followed by a strong and overbearing aroma that filled her nostrils. It had a rich but not greasy flavor, with distinct colors.

Lin Qiao instinctively swallowed her saliva, then opened her mouth and took a bite…

Unlike the “Ten Full Fortunes” that were full of ingredients and carefully wrapped, this was just an ordinary pancake made with the simplest ingredients and dipped in the most common sauce, yet it offered a delicious taste that surpassed all expectations.

The pancake was soft and tender, with just the right amount of crispness, and the filling had three layers of texture: the first layer was the crispness of the fruit, the second layer was the chewiness of the shredded meat, and the third layer was the tenderness of the bacon.

Lin Qiao was completely stunned, and then she began eating faster.

At this moment, all thoughts of Cao Ji and “Ten Full Fortunes” were thrown out of her mind, leaving only the delicious taste rolling on her tongue.


Her friend was stunned: “…Don’t eat so fast, you might burn your mouth.”

“Mhm! I know–“

But her speed didn’t slow down at all.

Her friend was quite happy: “See, I didn’t lie to you, did I? The pancake from this place is delicious! And you can also absorb some of the luck from Jiang High School’s gods. It’s a win-win situation for both grades and food, blah blah blah… huh? We’re going the wrong way, we should be going this way…”

“We’re not going the wrong way!” Lin Qiao threw away the empty bag in her hand. “Come with me to buy another one.”

Friend: “?” Shocked.

From then on, Lin Qiao officially became a member of the “Jiang brag” group, but she only praised “Jiang Ji pancake,” not Jiang Fuyue.

Okay, even though she often unintentionally praised it…

Please give her some dignity as a fellow academic prodigy, thank you.

After falling in love with Jiang Ji pancake, Lin Qiao also tried the soy milk and fried dough sticks, buns, rice porridge, and various beverages in the store.

“Burp! Liu Bowen, can you help me?”

“If you keep eating like this, you’ll turn into a pig.”

Lin Qiao glanced at the half braised pork preserved vegetable pancake in her hand and sneered, “You’re saying that like you haven’t eaten anything.”

Liu Bowen: “…”

“Is this the new dish from Jiang Ji? Is it good?”

“It’s delicious!”

The friendship between the tablemates is so plastic and sturdy.

Not only did Lin Qiao eat, but after finishing, she also wrote her thoughts about it.

Especially under the influence of her father, a food blogger with 3 million followers and a verified account, Lin Qiao’s writing skills were top-notch.

She opened her own personal Weibo account in elementary school, not posting about her daily life or being funny, but almost every original post was about food.

With exquisite pictures and spot-on critiques, her fan base slowly grew and now she has tens of thousands of followers, with the majority being active fans.

One day, her account that had been silent for over a month suddenly updated –

Little foodie Qiao Qiao V: Sisters, promise me, you have to go to this divine pancake shop! [Pictures] [Pictures] [Pictures] [Pictures]

It was a four-square image, filled with valuable information and sincerity.

[Little Linzi]: Sister Qiao updated her blog! Girls, come quickly! [Megaphone]

[Big-faced cat doesn’t like fish]: Leave a comment first to grab a front-row seat, save the pictures, and snatch the hot topic to prevent censorship, I’m a pro!

[Already a dead cat]: Excellent comment upstairs.

[Chongqing girl is a beauty]: The decoration of this shop is so special, are the rope picture frames and dried flower pendants on the wall all handmade?

[Chongqing girl wants to be first]: Is there only pancakes? It’s hot summer, don’t you want to eat something else?

[Chongqing girl begs you to leave more comments]: There are drinks too! That plum juice looks so good, I’m already drooling like crazy. Does it really have the fragrance of tea flowers inside?

[Readers don’t chase after the text]: Someone wrote a blood oath and is asking for the shop address!

[Come here and get spanked]: Hey, there’s someone in the photo wearing the uniform of Linhuai No.1 high school! It’s probably near the school.

【Humble author is online begging for survival】: I am from No.1 high school! This Jiang Ji pancake shop is really popular recently! It’s said that if you eat their food, you’ll have the blessing of the Exam God [Hush].

Lin Qiao scrolled through the comments for a while and checked her private messages. Almost all of them were asking for the address.

She left the address in the comments section and then turned off the screen, ready to take a nap.

When she woke up, she found her phone was burning hot, which scared her.

It turned out that her dad had reposted her Weibo with his big account “Gourmet Old Lin,” and several uncles and aunts had also reposted and liked it, causing such a big reaction.

Gourmet Old Lin V: A year ago, I took my little girl to high school and had this pancake at that time, but it was just a roadside stall. Congratulations to Jiang family for leveling up. [Throwing flowers] @Qiao Qiao is a little foodie V: Sisters…

It was unclear how many new customers were brought by this round of internet celebrity recommendation, but one thing is for sure, Jiang Da and Han Yunru were getting busier and busier.

Of course, their income was also increasing day by day.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t have time to pay attention to these things because the national high school physics competition was looming…

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