After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Scum Escapes, and the Little Shop Booms

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“In school. What’s wrong?”

Jiang Da was silent for a moment.

“What’s the matter? Why did you suddenly bring up our daughter?” Han Yunru couldn’t help but push him.

“It’s not me, it’s Sun Honghong.”

Jiang Da roughly repeated what she had said, “What does she mean?”

Asking him to persuade their daughter not to do something extreme…

What did Yueyue do?

She actually made a female hooligan beg for mercy in a low voice.

Jiang Da couldn’t figure it out.

But Han Yunru seemed to have an idea.

Yesterday at the hospital, Sun Honghong stopped causing trouble only after Yueyue came out of the ward.

“Wife, do you know something?”

“Let’s wait for Yueyue to come back and talk about it. You go take a shower first, you smell…”

“Do I?” Jiang Da teased.

“Still smelling? Hurry up and go!”

In the afternoon, Jiang Fuyue came home from school and saw Jiang Da and Han Yunru were both there.

“Dad, you’re out.” She wasn’t surprised.

“Yeah.” Jiang Da looked complicated.

“Come, try this sour plum juice.” Han Yunru waved her over.

Jiang Fuyue took a few sips and felt instantly refreshed.

“How is it?”

“It’s good.”

Although it was sweeter than normal sour plum juice, the taste of jasmine flowers on her tongue balanced out the sweetness.

“If it were five yuan a cup, do you think anyone would buy it?”

Jiang Fuyue put down the cup and slowly raised her eyes, “If it’s made into sour plum juice shaved ice, or sour plum juice ice powder, or jelly, and some hawthorn crumbs, peanuts, raisins, and other toppings were added, it can easily sell for ten to fifteen yuan per serving.”

Han Yunru’s eyes lit up, “Yes! Why didn’t I think of that…”

After speaking, she hurriedly went into the kitchen, and soon the sound of the blender crushing ice could be heard.

“Daughter, do you have a minute?” Jiang Da asked.

“Dad, is there anything else?”


“Then I’ll go back to my room.”


“Hmm?” Jiang Fuyue turned around, looking curious.

Seeing her peach-blossom eyes, which were just like his wife’s, Jiang Da’s heart softened. “It’s nothing… Sun Honghong told me something.”

Jiang Fuyue raised her eyebrows, thinking he would ask more.

But Jiang Da didn’t, he just said, “Don’t do anything illegal and take care of yourself.”

Jiang Fuyue’s eyes warmed slightly, smiling and nodding, “Don’t worry.”


That night.

Jiang Da and Han Yunru finished their evening routines and stayed in their room, one doing accounting and the other studying drink recipes on their phone.

“Wife, did you do it on purpose today?” Suddenly, Jiang Da spoke up.

“What do you mean by ‘do it on purpose’?” Han Yunru put down her phone and looked at him.

Jiang Da sighed and muttered, “You said ask Yueyue whens he comes back…”

“But then I felt it wasn’t necessary,” replied Han Yunru, patting the edge of the bed to signal Jiang Da to come over.

“I just feel like Yueyue is more like an adult than us. She speaks and acts in an orderly manner and knows everything that’s going on. If we ask too much, it might actually create a burden for her.”

“I’m just worried…” Jiang Da said, reluctantly agreeing with Han Yunru’s point but still feeling uneasy.

Before going to bed that night, he decided to go back to Sun Honghong the next day and ask for more details. However, the next day, all he found was an empty bread shop that was being cleared out.

“Hey, brother, what’s going on here?” Jiang Da asked, looking at a group of workers moving in and out.

“This shop is closing. The landlord wants it emptied today, and tomorrow they’ll bring in people to sign a new lease. If we’re quick enough, it’ll be a seamless transition. But with this location, they won’t have trouble finding new tenants…” the man replied.

“Where did the previous owner go?” Jiang Da asked.

“I don’t know,” the man shook his head, “I’m just a mover.”

Jiang Da came back excitedly but returned in confusion. He told Han Yunru everything that had happened.

“…Do you think something happened to her?” he asked.

Han Yunru shrugged. “Are you worried? Then go find her. I’m not stopping you.”

“You see what you’re saying?” Jiang Da’s face turned red, embarrassed and frustrated by his own worries.

“Why would I be worried about her, why should I care? Who is she to me? You’re trying to trap me again, but I won’t fall for it!”

Han Yunru pursed her lips to hide a smile. “Just speak normally, why are you getting angry?”

Jiang Da muttered, “It was clearly you who spoke nonsense…”

Sun Honghong left without making a sound.

Even her two closest sisters on this street didn’t receive any news about her leaving.

“What happened to Ah Hong? The steamed buns were selling well, why did she leave so suddenly?”

“Yeah, we didn’t hear her mention anything when we had dinner together last Monday.”

“Did she get into some trouble and had to run away?”

“Could it be related to the incident at the pancake stall? That’s unlikely… With Ah Hong’s skills, only Jiang Da would be on the losing end, why would she run away with her tail between her legs?”

That night, Jiang Da told his daughter about what happened.

Jiang Fuyue responded calmly and didn’t say anything else.

Of course Sun Honghong had to leave, otherwise she would have to face the consequences when Feng Junxiang’s wife came looking for her.

With the agitators gone, the rumors about Han Yunru also died down completely.

Jiang’s family began to manage their small shop seriously.

First, they expanded their range of offerings. In addition to the pancakes, they also started selling steamed buns, mantou, soy milk and fried dough sticks for breakfast. Jiang Da could make them all, and they tasted just as good as his best pancakes.

In the past, their stall was narrow and they had few tools, so Jiang Da had no room to showcase his skills. Now, the new store was spacious and the kitchen was big enough for him to show off.

However, Han Yunru was worried about the issue of customer flow. No matter how good their food was, if no one came to their store, it would be for nothing.

Jiang Fuyue smiled confidently, “With so many students in No. 1 High School, we won’t have trouble selling.”

Han Yunru silently thought to herself, “It’s true that there are a lot of students, but there are also other breakfast shops nearby.”

However, within just a few days, she was proven wrong.

“Auntie, two fried dough sticks and a bowl of soy milk to go, thank you!”

“Uncle, no fruit in my pancake, but extra sauce please!”

“Is this the shop owned by Jiang Fuyue’s parents?”

“It should be, just look at the long queue. Everyone wants to come and absorb some of the good luck of the school genius.”

“Let’s hurry and join the line!”

Before long, the Jiang family’s breakfast shop became hugely popular within No. 1 High School.

How popular, you ask?

Anyone who claimed they hadn’t eaten at Jiang’s pancake shop would immediately receive a scornful look and be told they were “out of the loop.”

And then there would be a wave of Jiang fans who would jump out to enthusiastically recommend the shop, accompanied by a flood of saliva.

Even if you didn’t want to eat there, you couldn’t help but feel envious just from hearing about it.

Lin Qiao was a student in Class Three of the second grade, and her seat was just in front of Jiang Fuyue’s diagonal, which was also in front of Wan Xiutong’s desk.

Although she was slender and didn’t look like she ate a lot, she was actually a big foodie.

Thanks to her family’s good financial situation, she had tried many types of cuisine from all over the country, including Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, and Hubei. Although she couldn’t say she had tried every type of food in the world, she had certainly had a wide range of experiences.

For example, when it came to pancakes, the best one she had ever eaten was the “Ten-Fold Bliss” from Cao’s Pancake Restaurant.

The pastry was thin and the filling was generous, and the presentation was exquisite. When she took a bite, the fluffy and tender meat and the crispness of the fruit burst together in her mouth, complemented by the secret sauce that was salty, spicy, and fragrant. It was like a tap dance party on her tongue.

She still remembered the taste to this day.

Compared to that, the “Jiang’s Pancake” that was being hyped up by the entire school was probably just average.

She hadn’t even thought of trying it herself, because after eating shark fin, who would still want to eat vermicelli?

However, the backlash came too quickly, like a tornado…

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