After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Ling Xuan joins, invitation rejected

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“If you can’t keep up, just quit.”

Otherwise, encountering someone like Hou Siyuan, who would develop psychological issues over a competition, would truly be a case of losing more than gaining.

“It’s no use,” Yu Wenzhou shook his head, “look at him, do you think he would quit?”

He went to the infirmary in the morning and came back to class in the afternoon, even switching to sit next to Jiang Fuyue.

Meng Zhijian frowned, “I’ll call his parents.”

“Let’s wait and see, maybe he can catch up?”

Those who find the high-intensity training challenging were not limited to Hou Siyuan alone. However, he had a strong reaction, so he was being specially focused on.

This also indirectly indicated that there were problems with the current training.

However, there is no good solution in a short period. They can only take it step by step.

“If only there were more students like Jiang Fuyue,” Meng Zhijian sighed.

Yu Wenzhou followed his gaze and looked at the slender back of the girl who stood straight, unable to help but laugh-

“Do you think geniuses are like carrots in the ground, that you can pull out as many as you want? What are you daydreaming about in broad daylight?”

“Don’t talk nonsense! You’re thinking the same thing!”

Yu Wenzhou shook his head earnestly, “Absolutely not.”

Meng Zhijian curled his lips. “I don’t believe you, old man!”

On the fifth day of training, a new person joined the class.

“Lin Xuan, find a seat first,” said Meng Zhijian.

“Thank you, Teacher Meng,” Lin Xuan replied.

Liu Bowen muttered, “…Why is he here?”

As he spoke, he caught sight of Jiang Fuyue from the corner of his eye.

Cough! He remembered how School Grass Lin had publicly rejected Jiang Fuyue when he came to their class, only to be countered by her. Liu Bowen didn’t believe that there was no connection between the two of them.

But the nature of their relationship was elusive, even to Liu Bowen’s sharp eyes.

For instance, as soon as Lin Xuan entered the classroom, his gaze was fixed on Jiang Fuyue and never left her.

But Jiang Fuyue? Her test paper was more interesting than the school grass.

“From today on, our team has one more member. Soon, Lin Xuan will take the exam with all of you,” Meng Zhijian announced.

“Welcome, Student Lin —”

“Sit here!”

“I have an empty seat here.”

It was evident that Lin Xuan had a good reputation throughout the grade and even the school.

But he declined every invitation and headed straight for Jiang Fuyue. He sat in front of her and left a seat open for her behind him.

Liu Bowen wondered, “Why did he choose the front row?”

Hou Siyuan was confused, “Why do I feel like he wants my seat, but can’t say anything?”

Meanwhile, Jiang Fuyue had quickly finished the multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blanks and was preparing to tackle the big questions. As for Lin Xuan…

Perhaps in her eyes, he was equivalent to air.

After class, the reason why Ling Xuan appeared in the Physics Olympiad class was thoroughly exposed.

Sure enough, wherever the school grass went, he attracted attention.

“I heard he applied on his own.”

“Don’t you guys know that when Ling Xuan just entered the first year of high school, he was attending both the Math Olympiad class and the Physics Olympiad class. It’s just that later he had limited energy and wanted to specialize in one subject, so he gave up on Physics. For this, Teacher Meng was quite regretful for a long time.”

“So why did he come back now?”

“Who knows? Maybe there was a time conflict between the two classes before, and now that the schedule has been adjusted and someone has set a precedent, Ling Xuan couldn’t bear to give up Physics and came back. By the way, he’s also taking classes in the Math Olympiad class at the same time.”

“Isn’t that just like Jiang Fuyue?”

Everyone looked in a certain direction unconsciously.

In fact, they rarely talked about Jiang Fuyue when they chatted. They didn’t know why. Anyway, they subconsciously chose to avoid the topic.

Maybe her solitary behavior had created a gap between her and others, or maybe her position was already on a different level than others. Or perhaps, excellent people are often unable to accept the existence of those who are even more excellent than themselves?

In any case, Jiang Fuyue was distant and aloof, even more so than the impression that Ling Xuan left on them. Otherwise, how could they casually discuss the school grass without any pressure, but keep silent on Jiang Fuyue?

On one side, the training for the Physics Olympiad was in full swing, while on the other side, the Math Olympiad class was not so cooperative.

To be precise, Xu Jing was not happy.

Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou, these two cunning guys, first snatched Jiang Fuyue from his hands, and then somehow managed to lure Ling Xuan away.

“…Old Zhao, you’re the grade director, aren’t you going to do anything about it?”

Zhao Tiejun took a sip of tea slowly, “What do you want me to do?”

“Of course, you should get them back for me!”

“Do the students want to come back?”

“… ” Xu Jing fell silent.

“Jiang Fuyue was already in two classes, and now Ling Xuan has applied. I can’t stop him, can I? Besides, he has the ability to handle both classes.”

Xu Jing’s displeasure was written all over his face after hearing this. “So you want to sacrifice math for physics? No way!”

“Old Xu, don’t be in a rush! I said that after the preliminaries are over on the Physics Olympiad side, Jiang Fuyue and Ling Xuan will be yours again. Just half a month…”

“Half a month is short?! One day of practice missed is a step backward!”

“Is it?” Zhao Tiejun glanced at him coldly, “But how come I heard that Jiang Fuyue and Ling Xuan completed their homework on time every time, despite not attending classes, and got almost full marks.”

Xu Jing was speechless.

Zhao Tiejun patted him on the shoulder, “Old Xu, don’t be so petty. Be generous. Don’t you want to see the potential of these two kids?”

“Go away, don’t give me that!”

Action is disdainful, but the eyes are thoughtful.

After this conversation, Xu Jing reluctantly accepted the fact that his favorite disciple was taken away, but he never hesitated to hand over papers to Jiang Fuyue and Ling Xuan.

“…Seven sets of questions, 28 pages, to be completed within this week. Any questions?”

Jiang Fuyue responded calmly, “No.”

As long as she wanted to, she could finish not just seven sets, but even seventeen sets of questions.

Ling Xuan paused for a moment before nodding. He had already started planning his time in his mind.

There were still four days left this week. With 28 pages to complete, he needed to finish at least seven pages every day. With his current speed, it would take him about three to four hours. That meant he could only use the time after school to study. As a result, he had to finish all of the training content during the day, or else he would have to stay up late.

After leaving the office, Jiang Fuyue walked ahead on her own.

Ling Xuan had already silently made a study plan for the future. As he looked up, his gaze fell on the girl’s back.

She seemed slimmer than ordinary girls, but her back was more straight, with a difficult-to-describe temperament, or…strong momentum.

“Jiang Fuyue, wait a minute…” Ling Xuan caught up with her.

“Do you need something?” She turned around, her peach blossom eyes shimmering.

In that moment of eye contact, Ling Xuan unconsciously avoided her gaze, but he also felt that it was too cowardly. So, he mustered up the courage to look her in the eye and said, “…Do you want to work on the test papers together this weekend?”

“No need.”

“I don’t have any other intentions. We are the only ones in the school who participate in both physics and math competitions. By joining forces, we can accomplish more in less time. You should know this too,” Ling Xuan explained.

Jiang Fuyue smiled and said, “I don’t have any other intentions. I just simply don’t think it’s necessary.”

Ling Xuan: “?”

“Because – I can finish the papers before the weekend,” she said.

Sister Yue: Little rookie, you’re still too naive.

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