After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 53

Chapter 053: Left Behind and Kaiqing arrives

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Ling Xuan stood still in his tracks.

Jiang Fuyue had already walked a distance away from him.

It seemed that most of what she gave him was her back view, which stimulated Ling Xuan. He yelled at her without thinking, “Jiang Fuyue, I won’t always be left behind by you!”

The figure went straight ahead without hesitation.

As it turned out, just talking with one’s mouth was useless when the strength gap was too great. It was normal to widen the gap. 

Jiang Fuyue had completed all 28 pages and submitted them to Xu Jing on Friday, with a correct rate of 100% and without delaying the training progress. 

Ling Xuan, on the other hand, submitted his work on the last day of the deadline. Although his correct rate was not bad, it was far from Jiang Fuyue’s mythical “full marks” level.

A miss is as good as a mile.

Although 99 and 100 differed only by 1 point, that 1 point was enough to widen the gap by tens of thousands of miles.

Xu Jing didn’t say anything.

In his opinion, it wasn’t that Ling Xuan wasn’t excellent. On the contrary, he was already outstanding, but just had a bit of bad luck to encounter Jiang Fuyue, who was non-human.

There is no harm without comparison. When two sufficiently tall people stand together, there is always one who is taller.

“Why are you sighing?” Meng Zhijian was grading papers and raised his head when he heard the sound.

Xu Jing didn’t answer but instead asked him, “How is Ling Xuan’s recent performance?”

“He’s doing well. Besides Jiang Fuyue, he was the first to submit his work. Although he hasn’t studied for a year, his foundation is solid, and he is willing to work hard.”

After listening, Xu Jing’s eyebrows didn’t relax but instead tightened.

Meng Zhijian found it strange, “The student has the willpower, why are you still worried?”

“Being too tight on the bowstring might lead to it breaking,” Xu Jing replied.

“You mean…”

“I don’t believe you haven’t seen it. Ling Xuan’s application to return to the Olympiad class is for the sake of competing with Jiang Fuyue.”

“Competition brings progress, I don’t think there’s a problem. Jiang Fuyue is like a catfish, and the rest are like sardines being chased by her, a good thing.”

“Think about Ling Xuan’s attitude towards learning before and now.”

Before, he was confident, so he took his time, and every step was taken with ease.

But now, he’s in a hurry, and it’s hard to keep up the pace.

For a student who is already outstanding, this kind of competition is too risky. If he is slightly careless, his mentality will collapse.

Meng Zhijian understood his concerns, but he also had his own opinion, “Don’t think of Ling Xuan as weak.”

Jiang Fuyue’s routine was simple yet fulfilling.

Occasionally, she would go to the old bookstore she visited before, but finding such good deals was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and she didn’t have high hopes.

After browsing through the old book section, she didn’t find anything good, so she turned and went to the computer technology and construction engineering reading area.

There were almost no people here, which was perfect for being alone.

Jiang Fuyue found the book she didn’t finish reading last time in her usual spot and continued flipping through it from where she left off.

She stayed for two hours. 

Since she submitted her paper early, she left the school earlier than usual, just around the normal dismissal time for the students. 

She placed her books back in their original positions, and as she pushed the door open, she brushed shoulders with an elderly man. 

Jiang Fuyue didn’t pay much attention to it. 

Xu Kaiqing walked up to the front desk of the bookstore and asked, “Excuse me, do you sell used books here?” 

The shopkeeper nodded, internally wondering, “What’s been happening recently? Everyone is avoiding new books and buying old ones?” 

Xu Kaiqing’s eyes lit up, “Can I take a look?” 

“Of course! Just walk straight down this way to the end, then turn left. That entire section is filled with used books.” 

“Thank you.” 

This was Xu Kaiqing’s third visit to Linhuai this month. 

The previous two times were too rushed, and he hadn’t had a chance to properly find “Chou*.” He was called back to the capital by the school with several consecutive phone calls. After hearing about it, Old Peter was anxious in California, almost wanting to fly over himself with wings to find Xu.
* refers to part of mc’s login name

Xu Kaiqing was also anxious. He managed his affairs as quickly as possible to ensure that he wouldn’t be summoned back to the school for trivial matters in the short term. Then, using his position as the director of the National High School Physics Competition, he traveled to Linhuai to inspect the situation for setting questions. This allowed him to secure a week off. 

He really had a tough time!

“Sir, what kind of book are you looking for? Can I help?” The shopkeeper approached him, seeing him lingering in front of the bookshelf for a long time.

“Are there any manuscripts among these old books?”

“Manuscripts?” The shopkeeper was puzzled. “Do you mean handwritten drafts?”

Xu Kaiqing waved his hand, “It looks like a notebook on the outside, and the contents inside are in English, not the commonly seen printed font, but handwritten. There are a total of seven volumes, and they talk about physics.”

The store shopkeeper thought for a moment, “I don’t understand English, so I don’t know if the content inside is related to physics, but there were indeed seven notebooks in this pile of old books, with deep green covers that looked exactly the same, except for the numbers marked on the spine.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Xu Kaiqing had just casually walked into a bookstore and asked if they had any old books for sale. He didn’t expect to stumble upon the right one!

He became excited, like a withered tree encountering nourishing rain, or a traveler seeing an oasis.

The store shopkeeper was taken aback, “But sir, those books have already been sold.”

“I know, I know! Can you tell me who bought them?”

“Well…” the store shopkeeper was a little hesitant, “I don’t know the person who bought them.”

Xu Kaiqing suppressed his excitement, “What does the person look like? Do you have any impression of their height, weight, age, and appearance?”

“I do!” How could there be no impression?

“That girl was tall and thin, very beautiful, and wearing a school uniform, she should be a high school student…”

“Wait,” Xu Kaiqing interrupted the store shopkeeper, looking slightly anxious, “a girl? Wearing a school uniform? Are you sure?!”

Xu Kaiqing couldn’t believe it.

“Chou” is a girl?

And even if it was a girl, why would she be wearing a school uniform?”

The shopkeeper spoke seriously, “I remember very clearly, it was bought by her.”

Perhaps… the girl bought it first, and then it ended up in “Chou’s” hands?

Yes, that’s the only possibility!

In other words, this girl had direct contact with “Chou.” As long as they found her…

The previously dimmed expression on Xu Kaiqing’s face suddenly brightened, “Can you find that girl?”

“Ah! She just left…” the shopkeeper said.

As for Jiang Fuyue, she knew nothing about this.

She walked through the familiar streets, and not far away was the apartment building where she lived.

Suddenly, her footsteps halted, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

“Brother Hu, she stopped. Did she notice us?” Little Six leaned against the wall, peeking out.

“It’s impossible!” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Fuyue suddenly turned around and her gaze fell accurately on their hiding place. “You’ve been following me for so long, don’t you want to come out and chat?” she said.

Three seconds of dead silence.

Then two people slowly strolled out from around the corner.

“It’s you?” Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow.

Feeling her cold gaze on him, Hu Ben’s neck went cold, and he struggled to force a smile that was more ugly than crying, “Hey, what a coincidence… we, we meet again…”

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