After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 6

Chapter 006 The male protagonist comes and goes, bantering flirtatiously

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 “Just,” the young man swallowed, “Mess with him!”

“What if I don’t agree?” 

Yi Ci pressed down his discomfort, smiled and took out a pink envelope from his school bag: “Does it look familiar?”

Bad, provocative eyes.

Jiang Fuyue frowned.


“I didn’t expect your writing style to be pretty good, but your words are a little ugly. No wonder Ling Xuan didn’t even read it—”


Before he could finish speaking, there was a sharp pain in his jaw, and Yi Ci was stunned.

Jiang Fuyue bent her elbow and pressed him against the wall.

The boy smelled the faint fragrance again, and his hands loosened. The basketball that was originally carried by the net suddenly fell to the ground, bounced a few times, and stopped moving.

But his heart couldn’t calm down, thump, thump…

Beating endlessly.

Jiang Fuyue took the opportunity to grab the envelope from his hand. Her tone was light, but her eyes were sharp: “Where did this come from?”

Yi Ci was still immersed in that strange and novel feeling, and did not respond for a while.

Until the woman suddenly exerted force, almost knocking him out of breath: “I picked it up!”

“Where did you pick it up?”

“Next to the trash can in the corridor.” He saw Ling Xuan throw it casually with his own eyes.

“Did you open it and read it?”


Jiang Fuyue pressed harder, “Have you seen it?”

“Cough, cough, wheeze, I can’t breathe… You’re… killing…”

“Have you seen it?”

“No! If you don’t believe me, check…the seal…it’s not torn…”

Jiang Fuyue glanced at it, and it was indeed intact. She immediately let go, put the letter in her pocket, turned around and left.

“Hey—” Yici leaned against the wall and shouted at her back.

Jiang Fuyue did not turn back.

The young man grunted and touched his neck, “Sigh…”

Really savage!

He leaned over to pick up the basketball, stomped on the cigarette butt on the ground as if venting his anger, and strode away.

All this was clearly seen by the three pairs of eyes in the car.

“Yo ho, this young master has taken off his trousers, but that’s all?” The seventeen-year-old boy laid crooked in the back seat, his long legs twitched, as if he still had no idea about the scene just now.

Linnan No. 1 High School, right?

Tsk tsk, it seems that his high school life will not be too boring in the future.

“Sit down.” Suddenly, a cold voice came from beside him.

The boy’s body stiffened, his legs stopped shaking, and he quickly sat up straight: “Uncle…”

This sound made the driver in the front row feel good.

The young master of the Zhong family, he was known to be the famous demon king in the capital, but even he had a day like today?

However, looking at the other person sitting in the back seat, the driver was not surprised at all.

The man’s eyes were cold, and he was sitting upright. Just one glance and he could sense the distance. Even though he had driven the car for him for three years, he still did not dare to look directly at the other person’s face.

Some people, even though their feet are on earth, are not part of this world.

“Uncle, you can see that school is already over now, how about we… come back tomorrow? Anyway, there’s no need to rush an extra day or two.”

“After you go in, someone will take you to report.”


“Get out the car.”

Zhong Ziang stiffened his head and didn’t move: “Then… can the pocket money go up a bit?” 

The man turned his eyes coldly and looked at him, and the young man felt a burst of frost hit his face in an instant, which made him shudder: “Tre, treat it as if I didn’t say it.”

Then he opened the car door and fled.

After watching the boy enter the school gate, the man was able to withdraw his gaze.

The driver deliberated: “Ninth Master, do we want to wait for the young master?”

“No need. Go back to Yutianhua Mansion.”


Suddenly, the phone rang along with the sound of the engine. The driver turned off the engine, and glanced at the screen: ” It’s from the Eldest Miss.” 

The man stretched out his hand. It was a big palm with well-defined joints and a cold-toned white complexion, faintly visible cyan blood vessels were on the back of his hand.

The driver handed over the phone.

The man put it to his ear: “Big Sister.”

“Little Nine, have you arrived in Linhuai? How is Ziang? Did he cause you any trouble?” The woman’s voice was gentle like water.

“We’re here and no trouble.” He said succinctly.

“Has transferring school been established yet?”


“Which school is it?” 

The man looked out the window, “Linnan No. 1 High School.”

“One of the top five high schools in Linhuai City, it should be good.” 

The man frowned, the scene that he just saw suddenly flashed into his mind: the girl held a cigarette in her hand and pushed the boy against the wall rudely and forcefully. The two seemed to be fighting for a pink envelope, or were they just flirting?

In short, it is not the behavior that a normal high school student should have.

Remembering that Zhong Ziang was also a demon king, Xie Dingyuan felt that his Big Sister was too optimistic: “I don’t think so.”

“Little Nine?” The woman suddenly became nervous when she heard the words, “Did Ziang get into trouble again?”


“That’s good, me and your brother-in-law can’t control him, he only listens to you now. Whether it is beating or scolding, don’t be soft. This time causing such a big disaster, it shows how much he is used to…”

Xie Yunzao also spoke a lot of other things and the man just listened quietly, unless necessary, he rarely actively spoke.

At the end of the call, Xie Dingyuan rubbed his temples tiredly and instructed the driver: “Let’s go.”


After Jiang Fuyue climbed the stairs, just as she was about to take out her keys, the door opened.

Little brother Jiang was wearing an apron and stood timidly behind the door to make way for her: “Sister.”

“En.” Jiang Fuyue put on slippers and walked inside.

Little Brother Jiang was still in charge of dinner, but Jiang Fuyue took the initiative to take the bowls and chopsticks to set them up and laid out the dishes.

Under Little Brother Jiang’s slightly surprised gaze, she calmly put a piece of tofu in her mouth, and after chewing, she said, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“…I… I want to eat it.”

“Smooth out your tongue before speaking.”

Little Brother Jiang lowered his head in embarrassment, and then snorted obediently.

Jiang Fuyue resisted the urge to rub the top of his hair, coughed lightly, and continued to eat.

Seeing Jiang Chenxing stuffing a pot of rice into his stomach again, and still look unfinished, Jiang Fuyue was very calm.

“Sister, I’m going to wash the dishes!”

Jiang Fuyue hummed softly and didn’t fight to do it.

After washing the dishes, Little Brother Jiang sealed the food left for his parents with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator, during which, he had to swallow his saliva multiple times.

When he returned to the room, he found his sister standing in front of the desk, flipping through his workbook.

Jiang Chenxing snorted: “Sister…”

Jiang Fuyue turned her head back and said in a negotiating tone, “Half the desk for each of us, is that okay?” 

The original owner never did homework, so this desk was basically used by Little Brother Jiang.

“Yeah! Of course! I, I’ll put the things away…”

“No, I’ll just sit here.” The table was clean, but Little Brother Jiang’s textbooks were piled in front of it, which did not affect the use.

Jiang Chenxing ran to the living room and brought a stool in, and looked at her with bright eyes: “Sister, sit down.”

When he was a child, Jiang Chenxing liked to stick to Jiang Fuyue the most, but when Jiang Fuyue went to school, he could only stay at home alone, so he dreamed of going to school with his sister.

But the real situation was that there was a difference of nearly 6 years between the siblings, and it is impossible to be in the same grade or even in the same school.

For this reason, Little Brother Jiang hid and cried for a long time. Later, this wish turned into doing homework with his sister.

But Jiang Fuyue, who was in high school, didn’t do her homework at all, and sometimes she didn’t even carry her schoolbag home.

This hope failed again, but Little Brother Jiang stubbornly left half of the table empty, hoping that a miracle would happen one day.

So, is it going to show up now?

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