After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 7

Chapter 007 Tutoring my brother, math quiz

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Jiang Fuyue said thank you and sat down.

Little Brother Jiang’s heart was warm, and he found that the sister who didn’t want bangs suddenly became so gentle.

Bangs: “?” Are you blaming me?

The siblings sat side by side, each at one end of the desk, and the white energy-saving lamps illuminated the room brightly.

Jiang Fuyue took out a stack of test papers, and basically filled them out after scanning them, which was faster than copying answers.

Little Brother Jiang didn’t notice at first, but the more he looked back, the more stunned he became.

What is this new way of playing?

He knew that his sister didn’t like classes, hated exams, and never touched her homework, but… it’s better not to write it like this, it’s a waste of play time – Little Brother Jiang really was thinking for his sister.

“Done?” Jiang Fuyue said suddenly, raising her eyes and filling in the last blank.

Jiang Chenxing hesitated, nodded and shook his head.

Jiang Fuyue frowned: “It’s done or it’s not done, just speak directly, don’t be shy like a little girl. You can express your thoughts and opinions on your own initiative.”

“….the ones arranged by the teacher are finished, the rest I haven’t yet.”

Jiang Fuyue paused and took out a piece of scratch paper from the exercise book he had opened earlier: “Does the rest refer to the questions on this?”

Little Brother Jiang nodded subconsciously, suddenly remembering something, and said: “Yes.”

“You copied it yourself?”


“Mathematics Olympiad?”

Little Brother Jiang’s eyes lit up: “Sister knows?”

Jiang Fuyue didn’t answer, but instead asked, “Is there no test paper?” Otherwise, why did he have to copy it by hand? 

“Only those who attend the Mathematical Olympiad class…” Jiang Chenxing knew that his family had no money to sign up for him, so he didn’t mention it, but he really liked it, so he borrowed the paper from a dsekmate to copy the questions and answers, and took them back to do it at home.

“What do you do if you don’t know the answer?”

Little Brother Jiang pursed his lips and lowered his head.

Jiang Fuyue understood. With such a personality, he would not take the initiative to ask his classmates, let alone ask teachers for advice. He could only sit idly and forget about it.

“Which questions do you not get?”

Jiang Chenxing raised his eyes suddenly, a guess came up in his heart, but he couldn’t believe it, so he could only stare at Jiang Fuyue.


“No… there is, yes.” His tongue began to get tied again, “This, this, and the next three, the calculated result is not the same as the answer…”

Jiang Fuyue swept over it, “Bring out a new piece of scratch paper.”

Little Brother Jiang acted immediately, his peach blossom eyes, which were the same as Jiang Fuyue’s, were full of expectation and trust, completely forgetting that his own sister was actually a scumbag.

“Look at this first. To process a batch of parts, the original plan was to process 15 parts per day, and it could be completed in a few days. When three-fifths of the processing task is completed, a new technology is adopted, and the work efficiency is increased by 20%… In essence, it’s actually… first calculate the efficiency and then process it every day…”

“Sister! I understand!”

Jiang Fuyue nodded, and did not talk about the next steps, and immediately switched to the next question: “A and B are on a 400m round track…”

A quarter of an hour later.

When Jiang Chenxing looked at Jiang Fuyue again, there was nothing but admiration in his eyes, “Sister, you are so amazing!”

Jiang Fuyue reached out and touched his head. When she was done, she realized that this action was too intimate, and she remembered her previous life. She also poured such warmth and softness into the person she called “younger brother”, but in return, only abandonment and betrayal were given to her.

Jiang Fuyue’s expression suddenly became cold, her eyes were filled with indifference again, she got up and left the bedroom and went to the living room.

Jiang Chenxing held the pen, his eyes were blank, and his face turned pale immediately.

Did… did he do something wrong?

That night, the siblings didn’t talk.

Little Brother Jiang hesitated several times, but Jiang Fuyue ignored it, and finally he lowered his head in frustration, like a wilted autumn grass.

At night, everything was silent.

Jiang Fuyue laid quietly on the bottom bunk until she heard the sound of Jiang Da and Han Yunru opening the door, then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She thought, Jiang Chenxing and Lou Mingshen were entirely differentl…

The next day, Jiang Fuyue got up without having her younger brother call her. She washed her hands and feet swiftly, had breakfast, and went to school.

“You want to hand in your homework?” The front row opened their mouths wide, surprised and had nowhere to put them.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t say much, and handed him the test paper and workbook directly.

Liu Bowen picked it up in a daze, and then passed it forward again ignorantly. It wasn’t until the bell rang that he reacted—

F*ck! The last place person in ranking handed in their homework? !

The sun didn’t come out from the west today right… 

The first and second class was another language class, this time Jiang Fuyue didn’t fall asleep, but took out her physics workbook to do it.

Most of the semester had passed, and the original owner’s book and exercise book were almost brand new, so she could only make up for it now.

Although the knowledge and concepts has been read over and memorized yesterday, she was not a real high school student after all, and some topics have to be done again to get started.

But Jiang Fuyue didn’t do all of them. She only did the same type once, and she skipped it when she encountered it again.

Therefore, from Wan Xiutong’s point of view, she could only see that this deskmate, who had been full of mysterious temperament since yesterday, was filling in the blanks in the physics exercise book at random, and she would turn two pages in an average of one minute.

For some big questions, she simply skipped the steps and wrote the answers directly, without using scratch paper.

Wan Xiutong leaned over between classes and asked her in a low voice, “Are you doing a problem?”


“This fast?” The small mouth opened into an “O” shape.

“Do you want water?” Jiang Fuyue took out a cup.

“Yes, yes!” Wan Xiutong was flattered.

The third and fourth blocks were mathematics in succession. After the bell rang, Xu Jing walked in with a stack of papers: “Everyone, put away the things on the table, keep your pens and scratch paper, let’s do a small test.”

Immediately, there was wailing of complaints.

She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Jiang Fuyue felt Xu Jing glancing in her direction several times.

After the exam started, in the huge space, only the light sound of paper flipping could be heard.

Jiang Fuyue spent half a minute going through the test paper from beginning to end, and suddenly, her eyes lingered slightly on the additional questions.

Then she suddenly looked up at Xu Jing who was sitting on the podium, her eyes…meaningful.

Xu Jing seemed to feel something, looked back, and moved away quickly in the next second, which made her see a little guilt in him.

Jiang Fuyue hooked her lips, interesting…

Without further delay, she began to immerse herself in writing.

It took less than five minutes for the multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions, and the answer was written directly. There was no way to save steps for the proof questions, so Jiang Fuyue could only write it down step by step.

It was not difficult to solve the problems, there was a set of formulas, and numbers were brought in, which can easily solve it.

After Jiang Fuyue had done all this, it took twenty minutes before only the additional question remained.

Gee, thirty minutes.

Only now did she take out the scratch paper…

In the second half of the exam, more accurately speaking, in the larger second portion of time, Jiang Fuyue fell asleep.

It wasn’t until the class representative called out to hand in the paper that she was woken up by Wan Xiutong, who grabbed the exam paper and handed it to the front.

Liu Bowen was once again shocked that she had filled in every blank.

When the class representative gathered up the test papers and handed it over to Xu Jing, he saw a hint of urgency on the face of the teacher known for his “Buddhist calmness”, especially the small gesture of rubbing his hands together, which made people think of the phrase “Mo Quan Ca Zhang*”.

* roll up one’s sleeves for battle; eager to get into action or start on a task

When Xu Jing returned to the office, he took bigger steps than usual.

He couldn’t wait to find Jiang Fuyue’s test paper…

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