After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 62

Chapter 062: Don’t Provoke Her, Becoming the backbone

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He was instantly enraged, like a cat with its tail stepped on: “Why did you look for her? What do you want from her? Did she apologize? Well, I will never forgive her!”

Xie Dingyuan sneered, “You still want her to apologize?”

“She should apologize!” Zhong Ziang lifted his chin and pointed to his neck. “Look, this is what she did. It’s bruised all around!”

“Absurd!” the man rebuked coldly. “You provoked her first, so you deserve to be taught a lesson. And now, what is this? The culprit crying foul? Did you get a taste of your own medicine?”

Zhong Ziang couldn’t believe it. “Are you my uncle or her uncle?”

Xie Dingyuan calmly replied, “Do you want me to call Xie Yunzao and confirm?”

“…” No need.

“From now on, don’t provoke her anymore,” Xie Dingyuan warned coldly.

“Why should I? So I suffered this injury in vain?” Zhong Ziang protested.

“What else do you want? To retaliate in the same way, to report her to the police and have her locked up for a few days, or to demand money as compensation?”

Whichever option he chose, it would only bring shame upon himself.

“I won’t accept this!”

Xie Dingyuan coldly laughed. “You are inferior in skill, so what is there to be indignant about?”

“Me? Inferior to her?! Bullsh—”

The man narrowed his eyes.

Zhong Ziang swallowed the word “sh*t” that was about to come out of his mouth, and he hummed, “This time, I was careless and fell for her tricks. Next time, I will make her kneel and call me daddy…”

“Hmph, you think there will be a next time? What if you end up not even knowing how you died?”

Zhong Ziang dismissed the warning.

Jiang Fuyue may have had a bit more strength and agility than an average person, but so what?

No matter how strong she acted, she was still a woman.

Would the great Zhong Ziang be afraid of a woman?

Absolutely not!

Xie Dingyuan could tell from Zhong Ziang’s wandering eyes that he was contemplating something. “Jiang Fuyue is not as simple as you think.”

Hmph, how difficult can she be? Zhong Ziang scoffed.

There was no point in saying more. Some people had to experience the consequences firsthand before realizing the pain. Xie Dingyuan chose to remain silent and went upstairs.

“Uncle, there’s a parent-teacher meeting next week. If you’re not available, it’s fine. I can ask Old Zhang to go! Or even Liu Ma!” Zhong Ziang silently hoped that his uncle wouldn’t be available.

“I know,” Xie Dingyuan replied without stopping his steps, his pace steady.

At that moment, Liu Ma entered from outside, holding a paper bag in her hand. “Young Master, where is Sir?”

“He went upstairs.”

“I see…”

“Do you need anything?” Zhong Ziang turned his head, his gaze falling on the paper bag in her hand. “What’s in there?”

“I don’t know. Old Zhang gave it to me just now. He said Sir left it in the car and asked me to return it.”

“Let me see…”

Liu Ma wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

The next second, Zhong Ziang exclaimed, “The latest high-end model… The touch is amazing… He even bought a Bluetooth mouse and a laser keyboard together…”

Zhong Ziang was moved to tears.

He thought, deep down, his uncle still had him in his heart. Despite all the restrictions and prohibitions on the surface, he had secretly prepared something special.

Liu Ma hesitated for a moment. “…Young Master, should I go and ask? What if there’s a mistake…”

“No, no, no,” Zhong Ziang quickly waved his hand. “How could there be a mistake? It’s clearly meant for me. Besides, who else in this world deserves such a cool and extravagant laptop other than me?”

Liu Ma: “…”

If you want something, just say it. No need to boast like that, right?

On Saturday, after finishing lunch, Jiang Fuyue went to the pancake shop to help out.

Thanks to the promotion by Lin Qiao and Father Lin, both food enthusiasts, the shop had gained a reputation, attracting a wave of new customers.

Fortunately, most of these customers came during lunchtime and in the afternoon, so the mornings were relatively quiet, avoiding clashes with students and office workers.

However, this meant that Jiang Da and Han Yunru were even busier.

Especially since the shop kept introducing new items, the more variety there was, the more complex the preparations became for Han Yunru.

Previously, they only sold pancakes, but later they added steamed buns, rice porridge, soy milk, and deep-fried dough sticks. Recently, they were also experimenting with small noodles, dumplings, rice noodles, and other dishes.

“Mom, having too many things to prepare doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing,” Jiang Fuyue gently reminded.

“I know,” Han Yunru smiled, “Quality matters, not quantity.”

When she smiled, her peach blossom eyes sparkled, not as transparent and clear as Jiang Fuyue’s, nor as innocent and adorable as Jiang Chenxing’s, but a kind of gentle warmth bestowed by time, an accumulation of charm from the passage of time.

Unintentionally flowing at the corners of her eyes and eyebrows, spreading through layers of laughter lines, like an elegant orchid, tranquil and harmonious, emitting a faint fragrance. It was beautiful without being aggressive, effortlessly making people let down their guard.

Anyone who had visited the shop would praise: “The boss is kind-hearted and beautiful.”

Once, a tourist who had checked in at the shop captured a photo of Han Yunru and Jiang Da together and posted it on Weibo.

The man was tall and dark-skinned, while the woman was beautiful and graceful. The visual impact created by the stark contrast was incredibly strong.

The comment with the highest number of likes in the comment section read as follows:

【Real-life Beauty and the Beast】

Jiang Chenxing immediately ran to tell Jiang Da after seeing it, then whispered in complaint, “Those people are talking nonsense. Dad is not a beast…”

Jiang Da, on the other hand, wasn’t the least bit angry. With a wide grin and big white teeth, he smiled foolishly, “They’re praising your mom’s beauty, you know? Even the most vibrant flower needs the green leaves to make it stand out. I’m that green leaf, the perfect complement to your mom’s beauty. Besides, I never deserved your mom in the first place. It’s her who doesn’t mind being with me…”

“What are you telling the child? No filter at all,” Han Yunru’s gaze floated gently over.

Jiang Da immediately fell silent. “…You three continue chatting. I’ll go do the dishes.”

But within two minutes, Han Yunru followed him into the kitchen. “Together.”

“Sis, what were you looking at?” 

Jiang Fuyue shifted her gaze away, recalling the scene she had just witnessed — the couple standing together at the sink, the man washing the dishes while the woman took them from him one by one, drying them with a towel and placing them in the cupboard.

No words were needed to express their complete understanding.

She thought, it’s really wonderful like this…

“Sis,” Little Brother Jiang stuttered, his eyes somewhat dazed, whispering softly, “You look so beautiful when you smile…”

No matter how many times he had seen it, every time Jiang Fuyue smiled, he would be captivated.

“Have you finished your homework?” Jiang Fuyue’s lips flattened, her smile suddenly disappearing.


“What about the math problems I assigned?”

“…I’ve done those too.”

“Alright, then do a few more.”

“?” A little question mark, do you have many friends?

Jiang Ji’s business was booming, not only due to the astonishing number of customers but also because of the rapid growth of their delivery service.

Using Jiang Da’s phone number, Jiang Fuyue applied for “Merchant Registration,” filled in the required information, uploaded the necessary documents, and went through the identity verification process. The next day, it showed that the application was approved.

As long as things started off well, everything would naturally fall into place.

With the monthly sales of the store continuously increasing, new problems quickly followed.

In fact, this issue was not entirely “new” because it had been there ever since they relocated their store.

“Mom, you and Dad are both too busy. This won’t work in the long run.”

“What should we do then?” Han Yunru looked up at her, her eyes filled with exhaustion.

Jiang Da also turned to look at their daughter.

Unconsciously, Jiang Fuyue had become their backbone.

“Hire more people.”

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