After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 63

Chapter 063: Hu Ben Rushes to Apologize, I Didn’t Tell You to Stop

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Of course, finding the right people is not something that happens overnight, but with this idea in mind, they can slowly search and it shouldn’t be too difficult.

That afternoon, Jiang Da posted the job advertisement.

The next day, someone came to apply in person. She was a middle-aged woman who spoke fluently and had nimble hands and feet. However, Han Yunru noticed that she wasn’t very clean. There was dirt under her fingernails, and she liked to use the towel for cutting boards to wipe the table.

Jiang Da said, “These are minor issues. We can remind her next time.”

Han Yunru rolled her eyes at him. “What do you know? Small details can best reflect a person’s habits. Is it easy to change them?”

“Well, I didn’t care much about hygiene before, but I changed, didn’t I?”

Han Yunru pursed her lips. “It took me more than ten years to correct you. How long do you think it will take to change a stranger?”

“I… I didn’t mean that. So what do you suggest?”

In the end, Han Yunru paid the woman for a day’s work and sent her away.

“Don’t rush, we’ll take our time and find the right person eventually.”

Jiang Da sighed. “I’m just worried about you working too hard. Every day we don’t find someone, you have to work an extra day.”

“I’m fine. Like Yueyue said, it’s better to deal with the trouble now than to hire someone unreliable and have trouble later.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Let’s eat quickly. The food is getting cold…”

On Sunday, Jiang Fuyue didn’t go to the shop, so she didn’t know about the difficulties in hiring.

At that time, she received a phone call. The person on the other end seemed talkative, chattering away, while Jiang Fuyue maintained a cold expression, only uttering two sentences throughout the conversation.




After the call ended, she went into the bedroom to change clothes, getting ready to go out.

“Sis,” Little Brother Jiang ran over, pitter-pattering, “Are you going out?”


“Where are you going?”

“To the bookstore.”

Little Brother Jiang blinked, his eyes filled with anticipation. “Can I…” go with you?


“…” Oh well, self-isolation.

“Lend me your cap. I’ll bring you something delicious when I come back.”

Little Brother Jiang’s eyes lit up at the mention of the cap.

The familiar dialogue seemed to have happened not long ago…

When Jiang Fuyue said she was going to the bookstore, it wasn’t a lie. She did go, but she didn’t find the materials she was looking for.

Closing the book in her hand, “Engineering Physics (2nd Edition),” and placing it back in its original position, she turned and left.

“Hey! Honghong, weren’t you looking for the girl who came to the shop to buy used books before?”

“Yes,” the employee called “Honghong” placed a stack of books on the counter and nodded, “I was searching for her on behalf of an elderly gentleman. He wanted to buy those used books. What happened?”

“Just now…” The colleague hesitated, “I saw a woman at the farthest row of bookshelves. She looked a bit like her, but she was wearing a cap, so I couldn’t see her face clearly.”

“I’ll go check!”

“Don’t…” The colleague pulled her back. “The person has already left.”

Honghong looked disappointed.

“Don’t be like that. What if I mistook her? Besides, her attire doesn’t resemble that of a high school student at all…”

“I’ll give that elderly gentleman a call. He has visited several times, so I should let him know, regardless of whether it was her or not.” Honghong turned around, took out her phone, and opened the contacts to find the number. “Hello, is this Mr. Xu? I’m an employee at Begonia Bookstore…”

After leaving the bookstore, Jiang Fuyue walked to Chunfeng Street.

As night fell, the lights began to illuminate the city.

In front of Niu Sao’s store, customers were coming and going, creating a lively atmosphere.

Jiang Fuyue scanned the area and found where Hu Ben and his little brother were sitting. She walked over.

Same place, same people, even the cap was the same. Jiang Fuyue’s condescending gaze was just as it was that day.

Dignified and aloof, looking down from above.

The only difference might be the attitudes of Hu Ben and Little Six—

“You’re here, please have a seat.” Hu Ben extended his long arm and pulled over a chair with a smile on his face.

The other person diligently wiped the chair a few times for her, even blowing away non-existent dust, acting extremely obsequious.

And this seat, facing the entrance, was the upper guest seat in traditional banquet settings.

Looking at the two of them again, they sat obediently and quietly at the lower end, their smiles becoming even brighter, with a hint of pleasing intention.

It should be noted that during their last meeting, their impatience and annoyance were written all over their faces.

“What do you want?” Jiang Fuyue got straight to the point.

Hu Ben and Little Six glanced at each other. “I…”

Just at that moment, the boss lady brought over the freshly grilled skewers. “Enjoy, would you like something to drink?”

Hu Ben: “One bottle of beer and a glass of fruit juice.”

Jiang Fuyue: “No need for fruit juice, I’ll have alcohol.”

“But last time…”

The girl lifted her eyes, her clear gaze falling on his face. “Is there a problem?”

Hu Ben swallowed hard and turned to the boss lady. “Listen… to her.”

Niu Sao looked slightly surprised as she glanced at Jiang Fuyue, but all she could see was a covered top of the head under the cap, with the skin on the neck glowing white, and a slender frame beneath the camisole, with delicate shoulders.

“Okay!” she replied with a smile. Soon, 12 bottles of beer were placed on the table.

Hu Ben opened one bottle and tentatively handed it to Jiang Fuyue.

She took it and enjoyed a mouthful of beer and a mouthful of skewer, quite content.

“How do you find the taste?” Hu Ben eagerly asked.

Jiang Fuyue’s expression remained unchanged. “It’s fine.”

“That’s good, that’s good…” He breathed a sigh of relief, rubbing his palms together, “Actually, we invited you out today without any other intentions. We just wanted to apologize in person. Last time, we were blind and offended you with our words. Please… forgive us, Masters don’t remember the faults of the younger ones.”

After speaking, he lifted the beer bottle and caught sight of Little Six still frozen, so he quickly gave him a signal, and Little Six immediately followed suit.

“We’ll start drinking, you can do as you like.” Then they began to drink.

Jiang Fuyue calmly watched without showing any response.

Hu Ben’s heart sank, he gritted his teeth and started the second bottle.

Little Six didn’t quite understand the twists and turns involved, nor could he figure out Jiang Fuyue’s attitude. But one thing was clear to him—whatever Big Brother Hu Ben did, he would follow suit without fail.

For a while, in the noisy stall, two men were drinking bottles like madmen, without taking a break.

At the same table, there was a woman with a cap covering most of her face, making it difficult to see her exact expression. But from the leisurely manner in which she tasted the alcohol and ate the skewers, it was evident that she was in a good mood.

Men were agonizing over drinking, while the woman remained calm in eating and drinking. In comparison, there was an indescribable sense of strangeness…

By the fifth bottle, Hu Ben felt like his stomach was about to burst, but since Jiang Fuyue didn’t speak, he didn’t dare to stop.

He could only grit his teeth and continue to be an emotionless drinking machine.

Just as he was about to start on the sixth bottle, Jiang Fuyue spoke—

“Just drinking, no food?”

Hu Ben and Little Six both stopped at the same time, their two pairs of bloodshot drunken eyes looking at her.

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, her expressionless gaze met Little Six’s. “Did I tell you to stop?”

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