After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 65

Chapter 065: Acknowledging Her as the Leader, Searching for a Bar

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At that moment, Jiang Fuyue had already filled her glass and started enjoying it with the side dishes. Since her back was facing them, they couldn’t see the expression on the girl’s face, but her occasional toasting gestures and relaxed posture clearly conveyed her current leisure and contentment.

On the other hand, the two men opposite her were not faring as well. They were forcefully downing bottle after bottle of beer, their expressions becoming more and more strained, bordering on repulsion, yet their hands never stopped moving.

“What are they doing?” Zhong Ziang’s face was filled with confusion.

Two grown men relentlessly pouring alcohol? And not for her but for themselves?!

Are they out of their minds, unaware of when to stop?

“I’ll go down and take a look…” 

Inside the street stall on Chunfeng Street.

Little Six finished apologizing and then thudded down, lying flat on the ground. Hu Ben, still somewhat sober, kept his gaze fixed on Jiang Fuyue, his emotions in turmoil but unable to speak.

“If there is nothing, I’m leaving,” Jiang Fuyue gestured to depart.

“Wait!” Hu Ben quickly stood up and took two steps forward, his urgency hiding a trace of uneasiness even he hadn’t noticed.

Jiang Fuyue turned her head.

“What can I do for you?” he asked, the darkness of his pupils reflecting a surprising brightness under the lights.

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow.

“I still have some value to you, don’t I? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have agreed to meet with me in the first place,” Hu Ben voiced his speculation. “It was the same last time, and it’s the same this time.”

Someone like Jiang Fuyue, if she didn’t have an ulterior motive, would never waste her precious time just to hear two insignificant people apologize face to face. She would simply ignore him and Little Six like they were air.

After speaking, Hu Ben remained silent, his burning gaze fixed on Jiang Fuyue’s face, not missing a single expression.

Soon, the woman’s brows moved slightly, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, revealing a trace of mystery. “You’re smarter than I imagined…”

Her tone was light, as if whispering.

The content was disjointed, but it made Hu Ben’s heart skip a beat, intensifying the feeling that he was about to uncover a profound secret.

Jiang Fuyue looked him up and down, as if reevaluating this person. After a while, her red lips parted gently. “Then tell me, what do you think you can do?”

Hu Ben: “Things that you are not convenient to do or don’t have time for.” 

And he, can do them all. 

Jiang Fuyue’s smile deepened.

Hu Ben replied calmly, as if a surge of wisdom accumulated over his entire life had erupted at that moment. He heard his own voice in a composed tone, “How about we sit down and talk about it?”

“Alright,” Jiang Fuyue replied.

In that same corner, at the small table, there were originally three people. One was completely unconscious from intoxication, while the other two were sober but the atmosphere inexplicably serious.

Jiang Fuyue asked, “Aren’t you going to ask me what I want you to do?”

Hu Ben remained composed. “When the time comes, I’ll know.”

Jiang Fuyue smiled. “It seems like you’re accepting this business deal with me?”

Hu Ben shook his head. “I don’t consider this a business deal.”

“Oh? Then what is it?”

“A pledge.”

Jiang Fuyue’s eyebrows jumped, and she raised her eyes sharply.

“I want to join you,” Hu Ben’s fiery eyes seemed to have two flames burning within them. “To help you with your tasks, it’s my way of showing sincerity, just like these drinks today are a form of apology.”

He had offended Jiang Fuyue too severely before, and the heavy drinking just now had settled their past grievances. But if he wanted to follow her in the future, he had to demonstrate enough capability to prove his “usefulness.”

Hu Ben was extremely clear about this.

Jiang Fuyue chuckled, seemingly indifferent and somewhat dismissive.

Such an attitude could provoke anger in others.

But Hu Ben remained unfazed, his gaze fixed on her, silently expressing his determination.

“Join me? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Have you lost your mind?” Jiang Fuyue spoke coldly. “I’m a high school student. What’s next? Are you planning to return to school and take the college entrance exams?”

“No, no, no,” Hu Ben hurriedly shook his head, a horrified expression on his face. “I’m not cut out for studying!”

“Then why do you want to join me?”

Upon hearing this question, both of them fell silent, one appearing calm and the other burdened.

After a while, Hu Ben managed to squeeze out a sentence, “I don’t believe you’re just a high school student!”

Jiang Fuyue became interested and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Oh? Then tell me, what else could I be?”

“It’s, it’s not that simple!”

“How can you tell?”

“I can sense it everywhere.”

Jiang Fuyue’s lips curled, a smile that was not quite a smile. “You rush to express your loyalty to me without even understanding the situation. Isn’t that too hasty?”

“I’ve thought about it for a long time before making this decision.”

Jiang Fuyue narrowed her eyes slightly. “Aren’t you afraid that I might ask you to commit murder or arson?”

Hu Ben suddenly stiffened, his eyes flickering between brightness and darkness, as if genuinely contemplating that possibility.

After an unknown amount of time, he finally spoke, “…I can be your loyal servant, but you have to be worth it.”

At this point, it wasn’t Jiang Fuyue choosing him anymore; it was Hu Ben choosing his master.

After saying that, Hu Ben scratched his head and added, “I don’t think you would do that, and naturally, you wouldn’t order others to do it either.”

Take the case of Li Xue, for example. If Jiang Fuyue had wanted to, there were more direct and cruel methods to deal with the other party, but she didn’t. Instead, she brought up the “Zhan Yating incident” and acted as an informant behind the scenes, fueling the public opinion and allowing the truth to be exposed through public discourse and legal judgment.

She used the most righteous and noble means.

Perhaps it was because of this that Hu Ben acted recklessly and wanted to follow her.

Subconsciously, he felt that this person wasn’t dangerous, which was why he let his guard down and allowed himself to get close.

“Interesting,” Jiang Fuyue sat up straight, her smile unchanged. “Since you want to offer your pledge, listen carefully…”

Hu Ben suddenly sat upright, his eyes shining.

“Find me a bar that meets three criteria.”

“First, it should have a blue sign, a golden gate, and seven money trees arranged in a row near the entrance, either three on the left and four on the right.”

“Second, the bar counter should not be in front of the main entrance, and the cashier should be protected from water. There should be at least two side doors or back doors.”

“Third, there should be forty-nine booth seats, eighty-one light fixtures in the hall, and private rooms should have decorative items featuring Tai Chi and Eight Trigrams.”

“When you find a bar that meets these three conditions, inform me.”

Hu Ben went over what Jiang Fuyue said in his mind and had a strange expression. “Why does it sound like feng shui?”

Jiang Fuyue looked surprised. “Do you understand feng shui?”

“My great-aunt is a ‘Flower Watching Madam.’ I’ve heard her mention it before, so I have some impression.”

“I see.”

Hu Ben pondered for a moment. “Does this bar have a specific range? Is it within the city or the entire province? It would be helpful to have a general idea before we start.”

“In the city of Linhuai,” Jiang Fuyue replied.

After her rebirth, she had been wanting to find it, but she couldn’t find the time. Hu Ben, on the other hand, was a suitable candidate from all walks of life, but Jiang Fuyue didn’t dare to use him before.

She hadn’t expected that he would come looking for her on his own…

“One month. I want to see results.”

“Alright.” Hu Ben nodded and then raised his glass, which still had a sip of leftover alcohol. “From now on, you’re my boss!”

“I don’t mingle with the underworld, so I don’t need such gangster-like titles. You can just call me by my name,” Jiang Fuyue replied.

“That won’t do,” Hu Ben insisted. What did those henchmen in TV dramas call the female protagonist again?


No, that’s not it.

“Miss.” Hu Ben lowered his gaze, showing a respectful demeanor.

Jiang Fuyue let it be and placed a black plastic bag on the table. “Keep this.”

Hu Ben curiously opened the bag, and the next moment, he gasped in shock…

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