After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 64

Chapter 064: Ninth Master Encounter, She is not proper

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Little Six was dumbfounded.

He was already teetering on the edge of drunkenness, so when he heard the words, he stared at Jiang Fuyue without any reaction for a while.

But Hu Ben understood. He directly handed the last opened bottle of beer to Little Six, saying, “Six, drink!”

Little Six mumbled a vague “Oh” and began to struggle to drink the bottle.

Perhaps he had reached his limit, as he drank this bottle slower than the previous ones. His cheeks turned a liverish color, as if they could start dripping blood in the next moment. His eyeballs bulged uncomfortably, filled with bloodshot veins and even tears due to the physical strain.

Hu Ben’s heart skipped a beat, his eyes revealing pity. He glanced at Jiang Fuyue, who was also looking at Little Six, but her beautiful face remained unchanged. It was as if she was accustomed to storms and tempests, and everything happening before her was just a minor disturbance, not worth even a hint of compassion.

This realization sent a chill down Hu Ben’s spine, and even when he looked at Jiang Fuyue, he unconsciously felt a sense of “fear.”

This made him abandon the thought of helping Little Six completely.

Hu Ben had a faint idea of Jiang Fuyue’s intentions.

One was to punish, and the other was to warn.

She still remembered the grudge from last time, which couldn’t be resolved with a few words or by groveling. Without sincerity, she would never be moved.

And these bottles of alcohol were her test of sincerity, regardless of how much or how little he drank.

Hu Ben had finished five bottles, and Jiang Fuyue thought it was enough, so she spoke up and called for a stop.

As for Little Six…

Last time, he was extremely rude, and even considered using force. So, he had to miserably continue.

Every matter, every grievance, Jiang Fuyue may not say it out loud, but she remembered it clearly.

Reward and punishment, severity, everything had its measure, and she understood it well.

The deeper Hu Ben thought about it, the more he couldn’t control the chill running through his body.

“Hu, Brother Hu… I… hic… I really can’t… can’t drink… anymore…” Little Six was sweating profusely, looking like a person pulled out of water.

The fingertips gripping the bottle were turning white from exertion, the back of his hand revealing bulging veins, and his body starting to twitch slightly.

“Little Six, snap out of it. Can you hear me?”

“Brother, I feel terrible…” His alcohol tolerance was already lower than Hu Ben’s, and he had also drunk an extra bottle.

Hu Ben gritted his teeth and pleaded as he looked at Jiang Fuyue, “My brother can’t handle it anymore. There are just two sips left. Can I drink them on his behalf?”

Jiang Fuyue remained unmoved, her translucent eyes staring straight ahead, feigning indifference and brimming with coldness.

“You—” This is going too far!

Hu Ben was on the verge of blurting it out.

Jiang Fuyue glanced at him lightly, locking eyes with him. He felt as if he saw a deep abyss, a desolate wasteland, a deathly mystery.

His pupils shook intensely, his throat felt like it was stuffed with cotton, and he no longer had the courage to utter those words.

“…I’m sorry,” he lowered his eyelids, “I didn’t understand the rules.”

After speaking, he took hold of Little Six and forcefully poured the remaining two sips of beer into his mouth.

Perhaps because he had rested for a while, Little Six’s reaction wasn’t as strong, and he became somewhat sober.

If he still couldn’t sense Jiang Fuyue’s displeasure towards him now, he might as well gouge out his own eyes.


The beer bottle was placed heavily on the table. Little Six suppressed the churning in his stomach, clenched his teeth, and spoke slowly, word by word, “I… apologize… to… you!”

Unfortunately, he was heavily intoxicated, and his speech became slurred. But it didn’t affect the meaning he wanted to convey.

Jiang Fuyue finally gave him a proper look, then casually said, “Oh.”

Hu Ben let out a long sigh of relief.

Throughout the night, they had been on edge, and now they could finally land safely.

Just a wall away from Chunfeng Street was a road called “Huayu Road.”

This road led directly to the central CBD, with numerous restaurants and clubs lining both sides. It was a well-known “wealthy consumer area” in Linhuai.

Minghui Hall was a high-end restaurant specializing in northern cuisine. With its retro octagonal eaves and exquisite interior, it exuded an antique charm. It stood proudly in the prime location of Huayu Road.

Inside, there were main halls, private booths, and upstairs private rooms. Of course, the prices varied greatly.

The booths were open to everyone, but the private rooms were only available for VIP customers, and it was said to be extremely difficult to reserve one.

In addition to enjoying high-quality dishes and impeccable service, each private room was connected to a viewing platform. With different orientations and angles, they provided unique sensory experiences.

Among them, the “Proud Snow Plum” viewing platform had the best orientation and the finest view. It was said that standing there not only offered a panoramic view of Chunfeng Street on Huayu Road but also a glimpse of the “DNA Building” of Historical Biological Pharmaceuticals in the city center.

At that moment, Zhong Ziang was full and stood on the platform, leaning against the railing. He enjoyed the cool night breeze while admiring the night view.

On the other hand, Xie Dingyuan stood facing another direction, overlooking the bustling Chunfeng Street below.

This meal was requested by Zhong Ziang. He couldn’t adapt to Linhuai cuisine and had been clamoring to eat Peking roast duck from the capital city. He didn’t even acknowledge the roast duck cooked by Liu Ma.

Xie Dingyuan had to put aside his work and bring him here.

Since it was just a simple dinner between uncle and nephew, not a business banquet, they dressed more casually. The white shirt was replaced with a polo shirt, and the tailored suit pants were replaced by khaki casual pants. The only constants were the fully buttoned collar and the neatly pressed fabric without a single wrinkle.

Even though they had eaten the meal halfway through, they still looked immaculate, as neat as before.

Suddenly, his gaze froze and settled on a corner of an open-air food stall on Chunfeng Street.

On a cheap plastic stool, with her back facing him, sat a person.

A woman.

Of course, it wasn’t strange to see women on this street, but Xie Dingyuan couldn’t help but focus on her—Jiang Fuyue!

Even though she was sitting, her back was naturally straight, exposing her slender shoulders. Only two thin straps hung on them, and her long neck formed a ninety-degree angle with her shoulder blades. Her scapulae moved gracefully with the movement of her arms, opening and closing elegantly.

This figure…

Xie Dingyuan frowned. Besides the day she pinched Zhong Ziang and he stepped in to stop her, he seemed to have seen her on another occasion…


The man’s gaze focused, suddenly becoming clear.

In the school corridor, there was a girl leaning against the railing, writing and drawing with a pen and paper in her hand. She was also wearing a camisole, and her fair skin, exposed to the outside, was dazzling. Just a second before she turned to look back, he withdrew his gaze and turned to push open the office door.

So, it was her…

The man chuckled softly.

Suddenly, a beer bottle came into his line of sight, and Xie Dingyuan finally noticed that there were two young men sitting across from her.

Judging from their attire and demeanor, they weren’t decent individuals. Their posture and crude behavior were apparent.

She actually accepted the beer they handed her!


Birds of a feather indeed, none of them are good people!

“Uncle, what are you looking at?” Zhong Ziang appeared next to him, and following his gaze, he looked towards the street next door…

In the next second, his eyes widened!

“Isn’t that Jiang Fuyue?!”

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