After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 68

Chapter 068: Conquering with Beauty, Captivating Second Highschool

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How can it not be living up to expectations in this context?

No. 1 High School has not made it to the finals for three consecutive years. They have entered the competition time after time, only to be defeated every time. This has not only shattered the confidence of the school administration but has also made even Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou doubt themselves.

While No. 1 High School has been gradually declining, Second Highschool has been consistently improving and has become the leading school in the city in terms of physics competition performance. This has resulted in some students who were originally considering No. 1 High School to choose Second Highschool instead.

Once the quality of students declines, the physics competition class has even less hope. It’s like a vicious cycle, where everyone is aware of the severity of the consequences but lacks the ability to break the cycle and change the outcome.

Until Jiang Fuyue appeared…

“I bet Zhang Ju’s eyes will pop out this time!” Meng Zhijian lifted his teacup, leaned back in his chair, crossed his legs, and shook it playfully. He took a sip of tea with an affected manner.

Yu Wenzhou put on his armor and stormed into the online forum of Second Highschool, searching for discussion threads about the preliminary results of the physics competition.

In fact, it didn’t take much effort to find them.

Because… the thread was highlighted on the homepage with a “hot” label, making it hard to ignore.

“Announcement of the Preliminary Results of the National High School Physics Competition: Second Highschool Takes the Lead Again, Leaving No. 1 High School Far Behind!”

1st comment: As the title suggests, Second Highschool has achieved a new record in the physics competition. There were 116 participants, with 30 passing the cutoff line and 13 scoring above 160 points. Here’s the highlight: Feng Kaixuan achieved a perfect score, ranking first in the city!

2nd comment: D*mn! A perfect score! God Feng never disappoints.

3rd comment: Congratulations on stepping on No. 1 High School again, grinding them into the ground like a devil’s dance!

4th comment: No. 1 High School is really falling behind. Thankfully, I chose Second Highschool.

5th comment: Our school will become the number one high school in the city from now on!

16th comment: They keep bashing No. 1 High School above, but do they have the guts to show No. 1 High School’s physics competition results this year?

The original poster quickly replied: I’ll show it. Only 5 students passed the cutoff line, with only 5 scoring above 160 points. So, are you convinced or not?

18th comment: [Weak]

19th comment: [Facepalm]

20th comment: [Sweating]

38th comment: [Awkward]

Yu Wenzhou was enraged by the expressions flooding the screen.

He immediately geared up and prepared to fight back–

39th comment [Only One No Two]: Please, can the original poster show some decency? You’re quite talented at cherry-picking and distorting the facts, a potential future tabloid journalist, twisting the truth about the participants! [Middle finger]

40th comment [Only One No Two]: The real results of the physics competition preliminary exam at No. 1 High School are yet to come. There were 13 participants, with a 100% pass rate and 9 students scoring above 150 points. Among them, Jiang Fuyue achieved a perfect score, ranking first in the city; Ling Xuan scored 196, ranking second in the city; Liu Bowen scored 185, ranking 16th in the city.

41st comment [Only One No Two]: 116 students from Second Highschool took the exam, but only 30 made it through. They couldn’t withstand the elimination process. Although No. 1 High School had only 13 participants, they all made it through. It’s better for the original poster not to embarrass themselves. As a student from Second Highschool, I feel embarrassed for you.

Yu Wenzhou couldn’t help but protect his little pseudonym.

As a teacher from No. 1 High School, do you have the audacity to go to Second Highschool forum and pretend to be a Second Highschool student while bashing Second Highschool?

Yu Wenzhou: I do have the audacity, thank you~ [Smile]

Just as he was about to post another comment, a system message popped up: [You have been banned by the administrator for 30 days. Click here to file an appeal.]

Yu Wenzhou: “…” He was speechless.

Even though he was banned, it couldn’t extinguish the enthusiasm of this “middle-aged addict” for online gossip.

With Yu Wenzhou leading the way, many informed students quickly joined the discussion, expressing their opinions.

Thus, a heated debate began:

92nd comment: Are you out of your mind to say that No. 1 High School is not good? The camel is still alive and you’re already jumping around like a horse. Can’t you be a bit more modest?

93rd comment: You’re starting with the horse… I suspect the commenter above is being ironic, but I have no evidence.

94th comment: I’m not interested in the competition between schools. I just want to know who this Jiang Fuyue is and if she has any friends.

95th comment: Raise my hand! Me, me, me!

96th comment: Look here! I’ve never heard of this name before. Who is she? Is she a transfer student?

122nd comment: Actually, everyone should have heard of her. In the last monthly exam at No. 1 High School, this girl named Jiang achieved a perfect score in all subjects and became the top student in the second year, making her the strongest student in the history of No. 1 High School!

123rd comment: Wow! So it’s her!

124th comment: Blinded by another perfect score in all subjects!

136th comment: Any photos? Please share.

137th comment: +1

138th comment: +2

141st comment: [Image][Image] Take them, you’re welcome. Finally, I’m not the only one shedding tears over such a heavenly beauty!

142nd comment: Why do I feel like the guy above is being sarcastic?

143rd comment: The internet is slow, and the images haven’t loaded yet. Sarcastic comment +1. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as Sister Feng’s look, that would be hard on the eyes.

As the two images appeared on the screen, the entire forum experienced a momentary freeze and silence.

In the first image, a girl dressed in a sack-like school uniform sat in a classroom. Her back was straight, with a slender neck. Her simple high ponytail was tied at the back of her head, and a gentle breeze blew through the window, lifting her loose hair that fell along her temples. There was even a strand that touched her lips, but she seemed completely unaware, her beautiful peach blossom eyes focused straight ahead.

Pure as a lotus, naturally beautiful.

In the second image, the background was a basketball court. The girl was dribbling the ball with one hand, captured in the moment when she looked up at the basket, with sweat rolling down her cheek.

No longer wearing the loose school uniform, she wore a cool basketball jersey, with a black spaghetti strap peeking out, revealing her snow-white arms and collarbone. Her shoulder and neck lines were almost perfect, and her slender waist and long legs were incredibly eye-catching!

157th comment: OMG! Who is this fairy?

158th comment: To the person who posted the pictures, please forgive my ignorance, and accept my tears.

159th comment: An A4 waist, square shoulders, swan neck, butterfly back, this goddess could kill me ten thousand times!

160th comment: This face, this figure, it’s incredible!

161st comment: Even I, as a girl, can’t help but stare!

211th comment: Give me all her information, including contact details, within a minute!

212th comment: Share some more details. Although she and God Feng both scored perfect marks, she handed in her exam and left after only forty minutes [smile]

213th comment: I just picked up my dropped jaw and put it back, why did you make it fall to the ground again?!

214th comment: Is it because I didn’t stand tall enough? Why can’t I understand?

215th comment: It turns out that the heavens are truly unfair. They gave her a stunning face and figure, and also gifted her with intelligence and a brain that surpasses everyone else.

255th comment: It’s time to change the title of No. 1 High School’s school flower.

256th comment: I think Second Highschool can change their title too.

Never underestimate the power of appearance lovers. Not only do they flood the comments section, but they also engage in various forms of adoration.

Originally, the post had only a few hundred comments, but with one wave after another of appearance lovers joining in, it skyrocketed to over a thousand comments within an hour, showing signs of continuous growth.

After the two images were shared, the discussion about the preliminary exam results turned into a live discussion about “Jiang Fuyue” herself.

Towards the end, many students from No. 1 High School even bragged about their “own girl” and proudly showed off over the internet.

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