After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 69

Chapter 069: Academic Goddess, Zhang Ju is Anxious

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4563rd floor: My Sister Yue, doesn’t like to talk much, but she’s skilled in both fighting and basketball!

5631st floor: Academic goddess, my Sister Yue, kills without leaving a trace!

5632nd floor: I’ve never seen the campus at 1 a.m., but I’ve seen the campus goddess who keeps people tossing and turning and unable to sleep at that time!

The discussion thread grew too large, with the excitement remaining high, resulting in a consequence–

The forum crashed.

It was a busy weekend, and the technical team was not available to fix it.

Fortunately, most of the “beauty enthusiasts” had saved the pictures. They immediately relocated and migrated to Weibo, where they could continue their self-admiration.

At this point, Jiang Fuyue had become famous.

Whether at No. 1 High School or Second Highschool, she became synonymous with “top student” and “goddess.”

The only difference might be that No. 1 High School students could openly admire and praise her without restraint, while Second Highschool students could only secretly appreciate her stunning beauty and quietly cheer for her powerful intellect.

Three days ago, Zhang Ju was sent to a prestigious university in the capital for an exchange program. She didn’t return to Linhuai until 11 p.m. on Saturday, and by the time she got home, it was already 2 a.m.

Exhausted, she fell straight into bed and didn’t wake up until noon the next day.

After having a meal, she went to her study to prepare for her classes but felt like she had forgotten something important.

It was only when her daughter returned from her tutoring class in the afternoon that she suddenly remembered that the results of the preliminary exams should have been announced yesterday!

“Qiuqiu! Did Teacher Liu inform everyone about the preliminary exam results?”

“They notified us yesterday.”

Zhang Ju breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. “That’s good. I’ve been so busy these past few days that I almost forgot… How did you do on the exam? What score did you get?”

A dark expression appeared on the girl’s face, and a hint of melancholy welled up in her eyes. “192.”

Zhang Ju instinctively frowned. “The difficulty level this time wasn’t high, and with your ability, getting a perfect score shouldn’t have been a problem. What happened?”

Huang Yanqiu remained silent.

Zhang Ju realized something. “Was it because you were influenced by the person who submitted the exam early?”

The girl pursed her lips. It wasn’t just an influence; her smooth thought process became stuttered and stumbled after that person submitted their exam. It took her a long time to adjust and regain her focus. Although she managed to recover later, she wasted too much time, which resulted in her inability to finish the last question and miss out on a perfect score.

“I told you before the exam that you must concentrate solely on answering the questions. No matter what happens around you, you mustn’t be affected. We’ve practiced this many times. How can you not remember?” Zhang Ju scolded.

Facing her daughter, Zhang Ju automatically switched to the strict mode she used as a teacher. It had become a habit, being harsh without realizing it.

Huang Yanqiu seemed accustomed to this dynamic between her and her mother. She lowered her head and softly said, “I won’t do it next time.”

“This week’s lab courses have doubled, and the finals are coming up. Train well during this period and don’t get distracted. I don’t want to see any more mistakes!”


Zhang Ju’s expression eased a bit. “Go to your room and do your homework. I’ll call Teacher Liu to ask about everyone’s scores this time.”

Huang Yanqiu nodded and went back to her room. Once she closed the door, her pretense of being obedient completely disappeared, leaving only a gaze filled with resentment and hostility.

She took out her phone and logged into Second Highschool campus forum. The page was blank with a small line of text in the middle saying, “Server under maintenance, please try again later.”

Huang Yanqiu had witnessed the entire “server crash incident” yesterday, so she not only knew why the forum crashed but also knew who caused it!

Jiang Fuyue–

That crazy who submitted the exam early!

She prevented her from getting a perfect score, but she managed to score full marks himself. And now she’s being recognized as some crazy “top student goddess”?

Who does she think she is?!

Huang Yanqiu was filled with anger, trembling all over. Her hands clenched into fists, and her nails dug into her palms without her realizing it.

[Qiuqiu, I’ve already talked to Wang Peng. Once the forum is back up, he’ll delete that post immediately.]

A WeChat message came in from her best friend.

Followed by several more messages–

[That Yue person is nothing special. I don’t think she’s that good-looking. The guys in our grade must be blind.]

[They’re talking about changing the school flower? Pah! You’re the eternal school beauty of Second Highschool. 🌹]

[Qiuqiu? Are you there? I just ran into God Feng, and he asked me what score you got.]

When Huang Yanqiu saw the words “God Feng,” her eyes lit up.

She immediately replied: [You ran into Feng Kaixuan? Where?]

Gui Mi: [Happened to finish tutoring classes at the same time.]

Huang Yanqiu: [Besides the score, did he say anything else?]

Gui Mi: [He also asked about the blackboard and attendance, but nothing else.]

Huang Yanqiu suddenly lost interest. She tossed her phone aside and ignored its ringing, choosing not to respond.

In the living room, just a door away, Zhang Ju dialed Teacher Liu’s phone number.

Before the call connected, she wasn’t too concerned about the preliminary exam scores this time.

After all, Second Highschool’s strength has been evident in recent years, and there shouldn’t be much deviation from previous years.

Sure enough, there were 116 people in total, with 30 people passing the cutoff line, which was two more than last year. The top score in the city was also in her class.

Zhang Ju was quite satisfied with this. After expressing her gratitude to Teacher Liu, she began to arrange the training plan for the upcoming period, saying, “…Compared to theory, we have less practice. Although it’s only worth 40 points, even a single point can make a difference in the competition. So for the next week, we will focus on intensive training in this area…”

The call lasted for forty minutes, with Zhang Ju doing most of the talking while the other end listened quietly, occasionally chiming in.

It wasn’t until they were about to hang up that she casually asked, “How did No. 1 High School perform this year?”

There was a moment of silence on the other end, abnormally quiet.

“Teacher Liu? Are you still there?”

“No. 1 High School… had 13 people pass this year.”

Zhang Ju chuckled, “They’re making progress compared to last year.” But they still couldn’t surpass Second Highschool.

Thirty and thirteen, the difference was more than just a point and a half.

The next moment, it was somewhat difficult for the other end to add, “…but there were only 13 participants from No. 1 High School in the preliminary exams.”

Zhang Ju was taken aback, “What did you say?”

The “surprise” wasn’t over yet. It was only after that when Teacher Liu’s words truly left her stunned.

For example–

There wasn’t much difference in the number of high-scoring students between the two schools.

While Second Highschool had Feng Kaixuan, No. 1 High School also had Jiang Fuyue, and they had the third place in the city as well.

“…How could this be?” Zhang Ju suddenly realized.

No. 1 High School’s physics competition had declined a few years ago, and in recent years, good students had been flocking to Second Highschool. No. 1 High School didn’t have a chance to turn the tide, so how could this happen…

Teacher Liu said, “I heard that two weeks before the preliminary exams, Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou organized a training camp. Could that be the reason?”

“Just a last-minute effort. It’s impossible to make up for the foundation they’ve lost in just half a month!”

Since when was the physics competition child’s play?

Teacher Liu fell silent.

Zhang Ju didn’t say anything either.

Under the silence, the atmosphere inexplicably grew heavy.

After a while, “…Who is this Jiang Fuyue from No. 1 High School? I’ve never heard of her before.”

Teacher Liu said, “I don’t know the details either, but they say she’s a dark horse who emerged suddenly in the second year of high school. Before that, she achieved a perfect score in all subjects in the monthly exams.”

“A perfect score in all subjects?!” Zhang Ju’s tone changed.

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