After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 70

Chapter 070: Sour to the Teeth, Niu Hu Lu Jian*

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* sturdy and unyielding nature of a person. It describes someone who remains resolute and unwavering in the face of challenges or difficulties. The phrase is often used to praise someone’s determination and perseverance.

“Yes, Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, and biology, a total of six subjects.”

If there were special effects in real life, Zhang Ju’s forehead would definitely display a giant question mark at this moment.

“Chinese also got a perfect score?” she confirmed once again.

Sighing, Mr. Liu gave an affirmative answer.

“How is that possible…” Zhang Ju couldn’t believe it, “Did the examiners go crazy?”

It was unclear whether she was referring to the grading of the monthly exams or the competition papers.

After ending the call, Zhang Ju paced back and forth in the living room, feeling increasingly unable to restrain her inner restlessness.

Fifteen minutes later, she decided to call Meng Zhijian…

Both of them were physics teachers, located in the rival camps of No. 1 High School and Second Highschool. They were even recognized as “outstanding teachers” in the same year, indicating their competitive relationship.

Although they secretly competed against each other, they maintained a decent appearance on the surface and remained polite when they met at district meetings.

As for what they truly thought, only the two of them knew.

“Hello, Teacher Zhang. Why did you suddenly think of calling me? I heard that you were sent to the capital for an exchange program. What a rare opportunity! I guess they will invite you to give a speech at the next subject discussion meeting in the district. How excellent!”

At that moment, Meng Zhijian was sitting on a rocking chair, sipping tea and answering the phone.

His praise was sincere and not artificial at all.

Zhang Ju smiled and responded naturally, “Where did you hear that, Teacher Meng? As for me, I’m just destined to be busy and exhausted. I’ve gotten used to it. This trip has been quite fruitful, gaining a lot of experience. I suppose Teacher Meng hasn’t been idle in Linhuai either, right?”

Meng Zhijian chuckled, “Can’t be idle, can I? I have to keep an eye on the Physics Olympiad class. Luckily, those little brats have performed well, making all my hard work worthwhile. But speaking of it, as teachers, we’re bound to have these responsibilities and it doesn’t matter if we’re a bit tired.”

His words were sour to the extreme.

Zhang Ju felt her teeth ache. It was as if the person speaking had no sense of it, possessing an unimaginably thick skin.

“Oh, by the way,” Meng Zhijian seemed to suddenly remember something and casually said, “The results of the preliminary exams came out yesterday. Second Highschool once again leads the district in terms of the number of students passing the cutoff line. Congratulations!”

Zhang Ju: “…” Feeling overwhelmed.

“Ah, I’ve been talking about myself nonstop. I haven’t even asked why Teacher Zhang called me.”

The woman forced a smile, even though the other end couldn’t see it, she did it instinctively.

“Well, the results came out, and I heard that No. 1 High School did well this year…”

“Tsk! What do you mean ‘did well’? It’s far behind Second Highschool!”

Zhang Ju’s toothache resurfaced, and she couldn’t help but let out a couple of cold laughs. “Teacher Meng, you’re being too modest. A 100% pass rate, not just in Linhuai, but you won’t find a second case in the whole country.”

“Luck, it’s all luck.” Meng Zhijian’s tone was tepid, and his attitude was so low that it was like they were not friends.

Instead of calming her anger, Zhang Ju’s fury grew even stronger. “If that’s luck, then being first with a perfect score is out of the question, right?”

“How is that not possible?” Meng Zhijian immediately retorted, “That’s simply incredible luck! She handed in her paper after only forty minutes, without checking or verifying her calculations. She didn’t even bother using scratch paper, and yet she managed to get a perfect score? Can you believe it?!”

Zhang Ju: “?”

You’ve got to be kidding me!

This conversation was becoming unbearable. If they continued, she might just perform a three-liter blood vomit on the spot.

“…But don’t worry, Teacher Zhang. I’ve severely criticized Student Jiang for it! I told her that even though she’s smart, has powerful thinking skills, and extraordinary abilities, she shouldn’t be so sincere in her actions. She should reserve a bit and give others a way out. But guess how she responded?”

Zhang Ju: “…” No, I don’t want to guess!

“She actually told me that this was the reserved effect, and it’s not just ‘a bit’ reserved, but ‘a lot’ reserved. Sigh, when you encounter a genius like her, what can you do? I’m just… so helpless!”

Zhang Ju: “…” You’re such a divine being!

This was the first time she had seen a teacher helping a student show off, doing it so naturally without any flaws.

Meng Zhijian: “I’ve already asked Jiang Fuyue to learn from your Feng Kaixuan at Second Highschool. Whether it’s a big or small exam, she must keep going until the end, fully utilizing every second, and be cautious for a lifetime…”

Zhang Ju couldn’t take it anymore and hung up before she vomited blood.

“What?” Meng Zhijian looked at his phone, “Zhang Ju, are you still there? Why did you hang up? We were having a good conversation…”

Meng’s wife leaned against the door frame and with a twitch of her mouth, said, “Take it easy, that’s enough. Don’t be too harsh on people.”

“What do you know? It’s called giving someone a taste of their own medicine. How did she used to boast and show off to me before? Oh, now that I’m just speaking the truth, she can’t handle it? What kind of person is she…”

Meng’s wife couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. “Fine, as long as you’re happy.”

After saying that, she turned and walked away.

Meng Zhijian pulled her back and grinned, “Wife, was I handsome and cool just now?”


“Was I handsome and cool or not?” He looked at her earnestly, with a hint of anticipation.

“It was okay, but… it felt different from your usual self.” Especially that strange tone of voice, it made her body shiver with goosebumps.

“Of course,” the man suddenly became serious, “just now, I wasn’t Meng Zhijian, I was… Niu Hu Lu Jian!”

Niu Hu Lu Jian’s wife: “?”

It’s quite puzzling.

Meanwhile, after hanging up the phone, Zhang Ju didn’t stop her restless actions. After thinking for two minutes, she dialed another person.

“Hello, sister-in-law, it’s Little Ju… Oh, I’ve been doing well recently, and Qiuqiu has been well-behaved too… Yes, yes, I’ll definitely go back to see our parents next Monday… There’s something I wanted to ask for your help with…”

On the other end, something was said, and Zhang Ju instantly smiled with joy, “You’re the best, sister-in-law! I want to look into a student… not from Second Highschool, but from No. 1 High School… Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to her. I just feel that this child has extraordinary talent. I want to see if there’s a chance to bring her under my wing and nurture her. You know I’m involved in competitions, and a good talent is like a rare steed, hard to come by…”

After some persuasion, the person on the other end finally agreed.

Zhang Ju instructed, “…We need information about her family background, as well as her address and contact information!”

Jiang Fuyue had no idea about the competition and rivalry between schools, the discussions and praises on forums, and the hidden currents between the two teachers!

As soon as the results were announced on Saturday, Meng Zhijian called to inform her, and she casually mentioned it to Little Brother Jiang.

Soon, Jiang Da and Han Yunru also found out. They hurried back home from the shop and prepared a sumptuous dinner for the siblings.

If this had been two months ago, Little Brother Jiang would never have dared to dream that their dinner table would simultaneously have chicken, duck, fish, pork, and beef.

Jiang Da and Han Yunru wouldn’t have dared to dream either.

Now, the street stall had turned into a small shop, and business was getting better and better. Finally, the family had a glimmer of hope in their lives.

But they still needed to work harder and earn more money!

So, after finishing their meal, the couple hurried back to the shop, racing against time.

Jiang Chenxing put the bowls into the kitchen and was about to grab an apron when a hand was quicker than him.

Jiang Fuyue: “I’ll wash them.”

“Huh?” Little Brother Jiang looked up in surprise.

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