After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 72

Chapter 072: A Large Table, Ninth Master’s Suspicions

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“Sis, apart from what you mentioned earlier, is there anything else to pay attention to?”

Jiang Fuyue was comparing the two versions of the recordings when she heard the question. Her gaze left the phone screen and landed on his face. Instead of answering immediately, she asked back.

“What do you think?”

A good guide is not someone who walks ahead, leaving footprints for you to follow without using your own brain.

Sometimes, it’s better to let him make his own judgments about the direction.

Little Brother Jiang pondered for a moment. “The interviewers will surely ask other questions, and the subsequent answers must maintain the good impression that the self-introduction has given them in order to truly pass the test, right?”

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow.

“Sis, did I say something wrong?”

“No, it’s good that you can see this.” She was just somewhat surprised.

Just now, Jiang Chenxing’s words had already hinted at “establishing a character.”

The next day, Jiang Da and Han Yunru went to the store as usual, while Jiang Fuyue accompanied Jiang Chenxing to the exam.

The exam ended at eleven o’clock in the morning.

Jiang Chenxing walked out briskly, with a small backpack slung over his shoulder.

It seemed like he did well in the exam.

“Let’s go eat first.”

Jiang Fuyue had made a reservation at a private restaurant nearby, just a five-minute walk away.

“Welcome, do you have a reservation?”

“I reserved a private room.”

The waiter was taken aback. “…Miss Jiang?”

“That’s me.”

“I’m really sorry, but the private rooms are fully booked. Can you settle for a table in the main dining area? The seating by the window is comfortable and the environment is nice.”

Jiang Fuyue frowned. She had clearly confirmed a private room over the phone, but the main dining area would do, except…

“We’ll need a larger table.”

“No problem, please follow me.”

Jiang Chenxing, who was visiting such a high-end private restaurant for the first time, followed Jiang Fuyue, curiously looking around.

“Sis, is this place expensive?”

“It’s alright.”

“Then…” He licked his lips, his eyes shining, “can I eat whatever I want?”

“No, you can’t. We still have an interview in the afternoon, so you should eat to about 80% full.”

“En En!” He sounded downcast in the first half of the sentence, but perked up in the second half.

After the siblings took their seats, the waiter brought the menu. Jiang Fuyue quickly scanned it. “This one, this one, this one… and this one…”

She flipped the menu and continued, “This one, this one…”

As she pointed, the waiter took notes.

Finally, Jiang Fuyue said, “None of these, just one serving of the others.”

The waiter’s pen paused, dumbfounded.

Jiang Fuyue handed her the menu, returning it.

The waiter finally reacted and said, “…Mi…Miss, our dishes have substantial portions. Will you be able to finish all of these that you’ve ordered?”

Jiang Fuyue turned to look at Jiang Chenxing.

The latter nodded solemnly. “We can finish it.”

“En, please bring them out as soon as possible.”

The waiter, wearing a bewildered expression, went towards the kitchen and soon, another person claiming to be the manager came to confirm the order.

After Jiang Fuyue nodded and confidently said, “No problem,” the person left with a beaming smile.

“Manager, what’s going on? Did the customer order incorrectly?”

“That’s right, have the kitchen start preparing the dishes quickly.”

“Yes.” We dare not ask anything or say anything.

Only when the various dishes, big and small, were gradually brought out did the waiter realize why they had specifically requested “a larger table.”

They couldn’t fit all of this!

Jiang Fuyue picked up her chopsticks and handed a pair to Jiang Chenxing. “Let’s eat.”

When she ordered, she deliberately avoided ordering raw, spicy, or dishes that would easily upset stomach. She also only chose two types of soup, fearing that drinking too much would result in frequent trips to the restroom during the interview.

Jiang Chenxing had no objections to this.

He loved being arranged by Jiang Fuyue so clearly. It was a feeling that was difficult to describe, but once experienced, one would understand how blissful it felt.


As the two of them ate, the kitchen continued to send out new dishes, while empty plates were collected multiple times.

The waiters and surrounding diners were left stunned.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chenxing paid no attention, keeping his head down and focusing on the delicious food in front of him.

This stir-fried pork was so fragrant, the tofu soup was tender and smooth, and that dish with an unpronounceable name, how can it be so crispy?!

“Is that little boy a big eater? He can eat so much!”

“A professional food reviewer, perhaps?”

“Why don’t I see a tripod and a camera?”

“Check-in! First time witnessing it live, it looks like genuine eating, no signs of vomiting.”

“Wow… that little boy is so handsome! But… he looks familiar.”

“Stop objectifying him, this is just a young child. You’re being outrageous!”

“No… I’m serious! Doesn’t he resemble the one we saw before on the Vibrato app and Weibo hashtag?”

“Which one?”

“The one who commented on a table of food and called himself ‘Xiao Didi’ while praising his peach blossom eyes… Remember?”

“Oh! It’s him! Why are you just standing there? Take out your phone and take a video! He’s a living internet celebrity!”

At the same time, inside the private room.

“Xu Lao, how’s the taste?”

Xu Kaiqing nodded. “The fish is tender without being fishy, and the tofu is soft without falling apart. It’s just like the taste from back then!”

“As long as you like it.” The man nodded slightly.

“Don’t just focus on me, you should eat too!”

Only then did Xie Dingyuan start using his chopsticks. “I heard from teacher that you came to Linhuai for the selection of this year’s IPhO winter camp?”

“…You can say that.”

Xie Dingyuan’s eyes flickered. “Could it be that you have other considerations?”

Xu Kaiqing didn’t answer, just urging him, “Eat, eat…”

Xie Dingyuan didn’t press for an answer either. In a seemingly casual manner, he placed a spoonful of greens into his bowl and said, “Last month, I used 20 SA coins on the S-SA internal network to purchase ten rare books…”

Xu Kaiqing perked up, his chewing speed unconsciously slowing down.

“The seller is very mysterious. Not only did they request a virtual account transaction, but they also arranged for airdrop shipping, leaving no useful information behind.”

“But…” His words suddenly took a sharp turn, and Xu Lao’s heart jumped to his throat.

“From the moment the package was sent out to the time I received it, the transportation time was only one day. Achieving such speed, I have every reason to suspect that it was shipped within the same city. In other words, the mysterious seller is also in Linhuai. What are the odds, right?”

Xu Kaiqing nodded. “Indeed, it’s quite a coincidence.”

“And there’s an even bigger coincidence.” Xie Dingyuan’s tone was relaxed, his expression calm. “On that day, the website suddenly displayed electronic fireworks, followed by a vast field of irises blooming…”

“Did Old Shen tell you about it?” Xu Kaiqing suddenly looked up.

“Teacher only mentioned that such effects would occur when the founder logs in, but the website founder hasn’t appeared in twenty years.”

“Yes…” Xu Kaiqing sighed. “Since Old Shen already told you, there’s nothing more for me to hide. This time in Linhuai, I came for two reasons: to select candidates for this year’s winter camp and to find ‘Chou’.”

Xie Dingyuan asked, “Chou?”

“I live with a worried heart, the founder of S-SA.”

“Has he really been missing for twenty years?”


Xie Dingyuan seemed to have a realization. “And that mysterious seller…”

“Exactly, it’s him!” Xu Kaiqing said confidently.

“Do you have any leads now?”

“Those ten rare books were once sold at a discounted price in the used book section of a bookstore, and they were bought by a high school student, all on the same day of the transaction!”

In other words, the books were sold in the store and then immediately auctioned off.

Xie Dingyuan caught onto the key information. “A high school student?”

“Yes, I’ve seen the surveillance footage from the store and even took photos. Take a look…” He handed over his phone.

Xie Dingyuan looked at it and suddenly his gaze turned cold…

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