After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 73

Chapter 073: Recognizing Her, Chenxing’s Interview

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The photo was taken facing the screen, and the already unclear image quality was further blurred by the phone camera.

However, Xie Dingyuan still recognized the girl in the photo at a glance.

The superior body proportions, the familiar silhouette from behind, and the highly recognizable uniform of No. 1 High School Middle School!


“Ah Yuan, do you know her?” Xu Kaiqing’s eyes sparkled.

Xie Dingyuan placed his hand on his knee under the table and smiled, “I know her.”

Thanks to her, I experienced my first shoulder throw. How could I not know her?

Xu Kaiqing stood up abruptly, “She likely had direct contact with ‘Chou.’ Take me to find her!”

“Don’t rush. It’s the weekend today, and No. 1 High School doesn’t have classes. Even if you go now, you’ll only find an empty place.”

“Right, right, right,” Xu Kaiqing calmed down, sat back down, and suddenly remembered something. He turned to ask, “You know her, don’t you? Are you familiar with her? Why don’t you just call her and ask her out?”

A hint of coldness flashed in the man’s eyes, but quickly dissipated.

He said, “Not familiar.”

Xu Kaiqing didn’t doubt him. He simply nodded and expressed some regret.

“By the way, Ah Yuan, what’s the name of this girl?”

“…Jiang Fuyue.”

Sss! Why does this name sound somewhat familiar? Xu Kaiqing wondered to himself.

After finishing their meal, the two left the private room and went downstairs to the lobby.

Xie Dingyuan was a VIP customer, so he settled the bill directly and didn’t need to go to the cashier.

Xu Kaiqing had to go to the city in the afternoon to review the problems for the semifinals. The competition committee’s car was already waiting at the entrance.

Xie Dingyuan opened the car door for him, displaying impeccable manners.

“Ah Yuan, don’t forget about Monday. I’ve rescheduled everything else.”

“Rest assured.”

Standing in place, he watched the taillights recede until they disappeared from his field of vision. Then, he turned and got into another car.

The driver said, “Ninth Master.”

“Return to the company.”

“The eldest Miss made a phone call twenty minutes ago. She didn’t specify the details, just said for you to clear your schedule and call her back.”

Xie Yunzao’s phone calls always revolved around one topic—her son.

Otherwise, it would be her subtly urging him to get married on behalf of the old master.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested in either of those things.

Xie Dingyuan took out his tablet, opened an encrypted file, and quickly glanced at the dense data that appeared on the screen. “Tell her that I’m in the laboratory and won’t have time these couple of days.”

The driver nodded respectfully and acknowledged his instructions.

Meanwhile, Little Brother Jiang, who had just finished eating and was holding a glass of juice, stood on the steps in front of the restaurant, attentively observing a car that he couldn’t name but was obviously expensive.

Then he saw a tall and handsome but cold-faced uncle (note: uncle!) bend down and get into the car after seeing off an old man.

After that, the car drove away…

When would he ever grow as tall as that uncle? He had eaten a lot of food, and he never had a picky appetite.

Even if he didn’t grow tall, it would be fine to gain a little weight.

That way, he wouldn’t be afraid of Zheng Yonglin bullying him, but he shouldn’t become as overweight as Zheng Yonglin, like a little fat pig…

Jiang Fuyue settled the bill, left the cashier, and walked out of the restaurant.

“Jiang Chenxing, let’s go.”


2:00 PM, No. 1 High School Middle School.

Jiang Chenxing held his number card and was led into a classroom along with a group of students of the same age.

“Everyone, rest here for now. When the teachers outside call your number, you’ll come out with me. Understood?”

Jiang Chenxing was number 6, a relatively early number.

As expected, it was his turn in less than twenty minutes.

An empty classroom with only the first row occupied by people, a total of ten teachers, both male and female.

The moment Jiang Chenxing pushed the door open and entered, all ten pairs of eyes focused on him simultaneously.

At that moment, it was false to say that he wasn’t nervous.

But he remembered last night downstairs, when he spoke loudly in English in front of so many people, including many neighbors who knew him. Now, there were only ten people!

Hmm, it’s not scary!

Not scary at all!

“Jiang… Chenxing?”

“Hello, teachers.” He stood in the center, bowed at a ninety-degree angle, then straightened up and smiled slightly, “I am Jiang Chenxing.”

Several teachers exchanged a glance.

Elder sister said that this is called “interest.”

When one person becomes interested in another person, it creates an opportunity for the latter to showcase their abilities.

“Let’s start with a self-introduction.”

Jiang Chenxing almost blurted out a string of English words, but luckily, he remembered the last reminder from his sister before they parted ways—

Read the question carefully! Even if the answer is perfect, if it doesn’t match the question, it’s useless.

“Good afternoon, teachers. My name is Jiang Chenxing, and I am a sixth-grade student from Hongguang Elementary School. I…”

“Can you introduce yourself again in English?”

“Sure! My name is…”

Two self-introductions combined took less than a minute.

With clear diction and accurate pronunciation, compared to the previous people, it indeed stood out.

“Jiang Chenxing, why did you choose No. 1 Middle School?”

“What are your hobbies and interests?”

“Tell us about something unforgettable.”

“What are your expectations and plans for the upcoming middle school life?”

He was prepared for these four questions, so answering them wasn’t too difficult.

There was one question left, the so-called “unconventional” and “finale” question that his sister mentioned. It was the key to leaving a lasting impression on the interviewers and distinguishing himself from others!

Jiang Fuyue: “…Such questions are quite random. It depends on the interviewee’s thinking and mood at the time. There’s no way to prepare for it; you can only rely on improvisation.”

Little Brother Jiang took a deep breath, and the teacher in front of him slowly began to speak—

“In your plan earlier, you mentioned ‘exploring the world of physics.’ However, as far as I know, elementary schools do not offer physics courses, and many children your age may not even be familiar with the concept of ‘physics.’ So, how did you come to learn about this subject, and what is your understanding and perspective on it?”

This was two questions!

Answering how he came to know about it wasn’t difficult. Books, the internet, daily observations, and contemplation could all be valid answers.

The difficult part was the second question!

Asking a primary school student for their understanding and perspective on “physics” was like putting an ant on a playground and asking it whether the area under your feet is a circle or a square, and what its length, width, or radius is.

“Cough!” One teacher realized that the question was too difficult and couldn’t help but interject.

However, the teacher who posed the question remained unfazed and looked directly at Jiang Chenxing, with encouragement and expectations in their eyes.

Of course, some teachers were simply watching the show. This student had been at ease since he entered, but now it would become clear whether he was truly talented or just good at putting on a show, depending on his answer to this question!

Jiang Chenxing didn’t respond immediately, as he appeared to be thinking, daydreaming, or… at a loss for words?

Just as the glimmer of anticipation in the questioning teacher’s eyes gradually faded into disappointment, he spoke up…


Ninth Master: What did you call me? 

Little Brother Jiang: Uncle? 

Ninth Master: Be good, call me brother-in-law. 

Little Brother Jiang: Sister, there’s a weird uncle here… 

In the next chapter, Little Brother Jiang will stun everyone with an amazing performance, leaving all the teachers stunned!

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