After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Asked to Leave, She is Chou

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“Is this important?” she countered.

Xu Kaiqing responded without hesitation, “Of course it’s important!”

Jiang Fuyue thought to herself: Did she have such a deep relationship with Xu Lao in her past life?

“I can tell you, but—”

Her tone shifted, “I can only tell you.”

As for Xie Dingyuan…

He could just go wherever he wanted to cool off!

“Cough! Ah Yuan, look at this…”

The man understood it well and showed no annoyance or anger, “I’ll wait outside.”

After speaking, he walked away and even remembered to close the door behind him.

“Student Jiang, can you tell me now?”

“I can,” Jiang Fuyue nodded, “But before I do, I have two questions.”

Xu Kaiqing looked serious, “Go ahead.”

“What’s your relationship with the other person?”

The old man was momentarily taken aback, his relationship with “Chou”…

“Kindred spirits, close friends who understand each other.”

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, “Second question, why did you look for them?”

“Frankly, the experimental conjecture he left behind, neither I nor my other partner have been able to prove it to this day. Only by finding him is there a possibility of breaking through the bottleneck and gaining new insights.”

Jiang Fuyue recalled.

Back then, she had casually mentioned it during an online exchange with “Xu” and “Peter.”

She never expected that these two would actually spend twenty years researching it!

“…Since it’s just a conjecture, there’s a possibility of errors. You don’t really need to—”

“No!” Xu Kaiqing suddenly stood up, his eyes shining with solemnity, as if expressing his faith. He spoke each word deliberately, resounding with conviction, “He won’t be wrong, and it’s impossible for him to be wrong!”

Jiang Fuyue was momentarily dazed.

“Young student, I can sense you’re in a difficult situation. While I’m not aware of the reasons, I still hope you can reveal a bit more, even if it’s just a small clue. At least it will allow us to continue our investigation. I won’t hide it from you, we’ve been searching for him for twenty years, during which we’ve had no news whatsoever. It’s just…”

Xu Kaiqing’s voice grew strained, “We can’t wait for another twenty years.”

Jiang Fuyue lowered her gaze, concealing the ripples in her eyes.

“You haven’t even met face-to-face, how did you become kindred spirits?” she murmured softly, her words laced with a hint of mockery and disbelief.

The mockery was directed at herself, the disbelief aimed at Xu Kaiqing.

What merits or abilities did Lou Mingyue possess?

“Words can’t be said like that, although we haven’t—” Wait a moment!

Xu Kaiqing suddenly snapped back to reality, his gaze trembling, lips quivering, “How do you know we haven’t met?!”

Outside, Xie Dingyuan waited for a full twenty minutes.

During this time, the door remained tightly shut, and no sound came from the reception room.

He stood straight in the corridor, his gaze fixed in the distance, his expression still indifferent, his emotions hard to discern.

Twenty minutes later, the door opened from inside.

The old man walked out with a smile, and Jiang Fuyue followed him closely. The distance between them had clearly transcended the boundaries of strangers, even closer than Xie Dingyuan.

“…Keep in touch, make sure to keep in touch!” Xu Kaiqing urged Jiang Fuyue earnestly before leaving.

He wasn’t a verbose person; when guiding graduate and doctoral students, he was always concise. But now, facing Jiang Fuyue, he has turned into a chatty, ordinary old man.

Xie Dingyuan observed quietly, his expression unchanged, but his eyes grew deeper.

It seemed this Jiang Fuyue was indeed extraordinary.

Aside from attracting younger boys to compete for her attention and incite jealousy, she even had a way with charming the elderly.

He didn’t know what the two had discussed inside, but the smile on Xu Kaiqing’s face seemed genuine.

“Alright, alright, you go back to class. No need to see me off, I’ll leave on my own. Though I’m not as young as I used to be… cough… I’m still going strong in my old age!” Xu Kaiqing chuckled.

“Sure, I’m heading back then. Take care.” Jiang Fuyue indeed didn’t see him off, her tone casual, even omitting the honorifics.

“Eh~” Xu Kaiqing, however, acted as if nothing happened, not minding at all and readily agreeing.

This tactful tone…

How to put it?

Xie Dingyuan inexplicably detected a trace of… “flattery”?

No, no, no, he must have misheard!

As Jiang Fuyue turned to leave, Xu Kaiqing watched her retreating figure, his gaze gentle, a smile like warm sunlight.

Xie Dingyuan: “…” Perhaps maybe possibly I didn’t mishear?

This is getting rather perplexing!

That night, as scheduled, Xu Kaiqing logged into the S-SA platform without a second’s delay. Once logged in, he did nothing else but stare at the computer screen, reluctant to even blink.

Half a minute passed, and it happened just as he expected!

He watched in real-time as the profile picture of “I live with a worried heart” changed from grayscale to color. However, there was now a small lock icon in the bottom right corner, indicating that the user was in invisible mode.

So, this time there were no electronic fireworks, no irises in full bloom.

Everything remained calm, as usual, except for Xu Kaiqing’s heart pounding wildly in excitement.

【Xu】: “Chou, is it really you? This is incredible!”

【I live with a worried heart】: “I told you before, we would meet again.”

Xu Kaiqing stared at the words “meet again” in the chat box, his expression complex.

He never imagined that the legendary figure in the academic world, the one who reached the pinnacle, would turn out to be a woman!

Mind you, it’s the academic world we’re talking about, not the field of physics!

The breadth of “Chou’s” knowledge had been unfathomable even twenty years ago.

Furthermore, she couldn’t even be called a “woman,” more accurately a “girl.”

At that moment, Xu Kaiqing didn’t believe it. His mind wasn’t deranged. “Chou” had already gained fame twenty years ago, yet Jiang Fuyue was just seventeen years old this year, a high school student who hadn’t even reached the threshold of “academics”!

It was simply absurd to the extreme!

How could she be “Chou”? How could she possibly be “Chou”?

Yet, when she accurately mentioned the “Lapland Experiment,” the “Turin Conjecture,” and the “Hölder Curve,” Xu Kaiqing had no choice but to believe.

These experimental results had never been published; they were just names mentioned in their online discussions for convenience.

For instance, the “Lapland Experiment” was named after Lapland city due to its discussions on poles, extremums, and limits, which coincidentally was situated within the Arctic Circle.

Apart from Old Peter and Xu Kaiqing himself, the only person who knew about these terms was… “Chou”!

“Don’t ask anything. Even if you ask, there won’t be answers.” Faced with his confusion, Jiang Fuyue said.

Though curious, Xu Kaiqing wasn’t overly concerned.

In his view, discovering “Chou’s” identity was about finding “him.” Since they had found him now, there was no need to dwell on who “Chou” was.

Gender, age—on the path of scientific research, they were all just fleeting clouds. Only strength could speak.

Of course, he was not unaware of the possible “mysteries.”

But as Einstein said: “The end of science is theology.”

So, regardless of what had happened to “Chou” he didn’t find it strange. After all, wasn’t he, oh, no, I should say “she,” a “scientific genius” and a “light of academia”?

It wasn’t just the world of martial arts that “yearned for strength,” their academic field was the same.

【Xu】: “I’ve already informed Old Peter. He’s itching to come over immediately, but the BCI Conference just started, and he’s invited to attend, so he can’t free himself right now.”

【Xu】: “Also, I’ve prepared the recommendation letter. You can go directly to Q University for registration in September. Are you planning to start as a postgraduate student or go straight for a Ph.D.?”

【Xu】: “With your abilities, I think starting as a postgraduate student is too low. You might as well go straight for a Ph.D… Actually, a Ph.D. isn’t suitable either. It’s a waste of time. How about joining a postdoctoral research station?”

Jiang Fuyue, sitting in front of her computer: “?”

Although you’re the dean of Q University’s Physics Department and a nationally renowned academician, do you really need to be this bold?

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