After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 76

Chapter 076: Xu Lao’s Arrival and Meeting Him Again

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Jiang Fuyue bought a new computer and didn’t deliberately keep it a secret. She informed Jiang Da and Han Yunru that same evening.

“Where did you get the money?”

Jiang Fuyue: “Saved up.”

“Is it enough? Should Dad chip in a bit?”

“It’s enough.”

The two didn’t ask any more questions.

Subconsciously, they had already started treating Jiang Fuyue as a “young adult.”

After all, their daughter’s excellence was visible to the naked eye, and her abilities were evident.

It was Little Brother Jiang who looked at it with envy. If only he could be like his sister…

On Monday, they returned to school for classes.

Early in the morning, news spread through the grade that Jiang Fuyue had scored full marks on the preliminary exam for the physics competition.

Xu Jing sat in his office, seemingly lost in thought.

“My goodness,” Meng Zhijian said in exasperation, setting down his teacup. “Since I walked in here, you’ve grunted at me at least ten times. Is that really necessary?” 

“Hmph! My promising math student hasn’t even had a chance to shine in her own territory yet, but you’ve fattened her up with the physics competition. How can I not be annoyed? I have every reason to be annoyed!”

“Ha, you’re quite the stingy one, Xu Jing.”

“I’m stingy?!” Xu Jing felt a bit offended, “Fine, then give Jiang Fuyue back to me.”

“No, that’s not what I meant!” Meng Zhijian’s composure wavered, “The semifinals are just around the corner…”

“Oh, Old Meng, there you are, perfect timing,” Zhao Tiejun walked in, “There’s an elderly gentleman surnamed Xu looking for you, claiming to be from the competition committee.”

“Competition committee?” Meng Zhijian paused, “Looking for me?”


“Well, there’s no one surnamed Xu in the city’s competition committee… Anyway, where is he? I’ll go see.”

Reception area.

The moment Meng Zhijian pushed the door open and entered, the figure by the window turned around.

Their eyes met, and he froze in place, completely dumbfounded.

“Xu Xu Xu Xu… Lao! What, what are you doing here? I’m… really surprised. Please, have a seat!”

“Little Meng, hope I didn’t disturb your class.”

“No, not at all.”

Xu Kaiqing sat on the couch, “Come, have a seat too.”

Meng Zhijian walked over and sat down cautiously, unsure where to place his hands and feet.

Despite being an educator for many years, he was still nervous like a primary school student in front of this academic luminary.

“Xu Lao, is there some change in the competition rules? I’m truly embarrassed that you came in person. A phone call would have sufficed…”

“It’s not about the competition.” Xu Kaiqing waved his hand, “Don’t be nervous.”

“Not nervous, not nervous…” that would be strange.

“Little Meng is now teaching the senior grade 2 and also coaching the competition class, right?” The old man’s eyes held a smiling expression, radiating kindness.

Meng Zhijian was pleasantly surprised, “Uh, yes, that’s right. They’ll be promoted to third grade when the new school year starts in September.”

Xu Kaiqing felt a surge of joy within, but his expression remained unchanged, “Do you know a student named Jiang Fuyue in your grade?”


“Jiang Fuyue.” Xu Kaiqing thought he might not have heard correctly and repeated it.

Meng Zhijian’s expression immediately became complicated, “I didn’t expect news of her perfect score on the preliminary exam to reach your ears as well. It really wasn’t necessary. Although this student is indeed outstanding and finished the exam two hours and twenty minutes early effortlessly, I never imagined it would cause such a stir and lead you to personally come here…”

Modesty without sincerity.

Meng Zhijian: I am the teacher of the top scorer, I am proud! I am Jiang Fuyue’s gardener, I am proud!

At first, Xu Kaiqing was puzzled.

As he listened, suddenly a realization dawned on him—Jiang Fuyue!

Of course, that’s why he found the name familiar. Wasn’t she the student who scored a perfect mark in the preliminary exam for the physics competition this year in Linhuai?

Of course, achieving a perfect score in the preliminary exam wasn’t all that rare; the competition arena was never lacking in “geniuses.”

However, there were two aspects that made her unusual.

First, she was a girl. Second, she submitted her exam paper far ahead of time.

And the reason Xu Kaiqing remembered this was because for the past couple of days, people from the competition committee had been discussing it, and no matter how much he tried to ignore it, he couldn’t help but hear about it.

He never expected it would be her!

Second Grade Class Three.

“Is Jiang Fuyue here? Teacher Meng is looking for her outside!”

Jiang Fuyue got up and walked out. At the first glance, she noticed something off about Meng Zhijian’s expression—a hint of excitement mixed with suppressed anxiety.

So, what could be the reason for his mixed feelings of joy and worry?


“Tell me honestly, what’s your relationship with Professor Xu?”

Jiang Fuyue was taken aback, “Professor Xu…?”

Meng Zhijian raised an eyebrow, “You don’t know him?”

She found it amusing, “Should I know him?”

“Something’s not right…” If she didn’t know him, why would Professor Xu ask to meet her privately?

If it was about recognizing Jiang Fuyue’s potential and acting as a mentor, he shouldn’t have requested the school and her teacher to step aside!

“Never mind, follow me…” Regardless of the reason, Xu Lao was waiting, and after he came all this way, they couldn’t stop him from seeing her.

As they walked through the corridor, Jiang Fuyue lagged behind Meng Zhijian, her eyelids half-lowered, lost in thought.

Suddenly, she asked, “Teacher Meng, what’s Professor Xu’s full name?”

“Xu Kaiqing.”

Jiang Fuyue’s gaze subtly shifted.

At the reception room’s entrance, Meng Zhijian stopped, “Go in, Xu Lao is inside.”

“Alright.” She nodded slightly, trying to remain composed.

However, upon pushing the door open, Jiang Fuyue’s first sight wasn’t of Xu Kaiqing.

A tall man stood with hands by his side, meticulously dressed in a white shirt, every button fastened, revealing a slightly pronounced Adam’s apple. Below his black suit pants, his legs were long and straight, like they were precisely cut.

Cold, restrained.

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, indeed… encountering him anywhere.

Her gaze shifted slightly, landing on the figure sitting on the couch—a man with silver temples, wrinkles covering his face, yet his old eyes were exceptionally bright.

Especially when his gaze met Jiang Fuyue’s, it was as if a prospector had found a gold mine—excitement and fervor radiated.

“Hello, Classmate Jiang,” he initiated, his demeanor very humble.

Even the composed Xie Dingyuan couldn’t help but be surprised.

But Jiang Fuyue’s gaze remained calm, and she responded with ease, “Hello, Professor Xu.”

“May I ask, last month, did you buy ten old books from the Begonia Bookstore?”

Jiang Fuyue remained silent.

Xu Kaiqing continued with urgency, though there was a hint of probing in his tone, “About this wide and this thick, an all-English manuscript. Do you remember?”

Simultaneously, Xie Dingyuan’s gaze fixed intently on her, like two hooks, vigorously digging into the true emotions beneath the girl’s calm exterior.

“I remember,” she nodded.

There was no trace of suspicion on her stunning face.

Xie Dingyuan frowned, but he quickly smoothed the crease away, leaving no trace.

“What about those old books? Do you still have them?” Xu Kaiqing’s eyes gleamed brightly, a mixture of eagerness and a hint of probing.

Otherwise, he shouldn’t be asking Jiang Fuyue this way, knowing the books had already been sold.

“They’re not with me,” she spoke honestly.

Xu Kaiqing’s eyes shone even brighter, “Who did you give them to?!”

Jiang Fuyue’s calm gaze swept over him, then drifted lightly over Xie Dingyuan.

Both of them caught their breath.

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