After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 80

Chapter 80: His Heart, a Beam of Moonlight

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“What are they commemorating?” Manager Cai shrugged, skeptical. “It’s just a way of getting back at each other, naming something similar to annoy the other side!”

After the call ended, apart from reminiscing, the two had not reached a consensus.

Setting aside the temporarily balding head of the foundation manager, let’s focus on Ling Qingzhou, who ended the call feeling even more discontent. His tie, loosened during the conversation, hung crookedly around his neck, adding a touch of disarray to his appearance.

Despite being past middle age, he insisted on exercising, maintaining an excellent physique. At 6 feet 2 inches tall, with long legs and an upright figure, he looked almost like a young man in his thirties.

Add to that his handsome face, exuding the charm of a mature man from head to toe, particularly appealing to young girls.

Fortunately, Ling Qingzhou was not promiscuous, and one could even say he was virtuous.

Zhou Qin placed a cup of warm tea in front of him, prepared half an hour ago and served at the perfect temperature.

After eighteen years of marriage, she understood every one of his habits.

“And where’s our son?” As the tea entered his throat, the annoyance in Ling Qingzhou’s heart gradually subsided.

“Second floor, attending class.”

He arched an eyebrow, somewhat surprised. “He’s been studying hard lately.”

“He doesn’t have a choice,” Zhou Qin sat beside him, a smile playing on her lips. “Last month’s exam was taken over by a female classmate who pushed him out of the top spot in the grade. I heard that he scored four points less than her in the physics competition this time. He’s holding onto that dissatisfaction and competing secretly.”

“Oh? Is there someone who’s outperforming him?”

Zhou Qin gave him a stern look. “Is your son invincible, unbeatable throughout the world?”

Ling Qingzhou chuckled softly, and the faint wrinkles that appeared at the corners of his eyes softened his stern face, adding a touch of gentleness. “Well, not exactly. It’s good to give him a bit of frustration. At his young age, he shouldn’t sail too smoothly.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

After discussing their son, it seemed there were no other topics of interest between the couple, or at least none that intrigued Ling Qingzhou.

“I have some matters to attend to. I’ll be in the study.”

“Alright.” Zhou Qin stood up, watching her husband go upstairs, a hint of melancholy appearing in her dimmed eyes. She then turned to the housekeeper. “You can start cooking now. Make sure to remove all the strings from the string beans thoroughly. Check them twice.”

“Of course, Madam.” The housekeeper had worked for the Ling family for several years, knowing the master’s dietary habits like the back of her hand. She understood that the master disliked foods like string beans that were tough to chew, and she meticulously ensured they were properly prepared.

Despite her years of careful work, Zhou Qin would still diligently remind her every time.

She thought to herself that there probably wasn’t a wife in the world who was more dedicated to her duties than she was.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, as Ling Xuan finished his work, Zhou Qin, after bidding farewell to two teachers with a smile, instructed the housekeeper to prepare dinner. Then, she went upstairs to call Ling Qingzhou.

The study door was unlocked. With a gentle twist, it opened. “Honey, dinner is re—”

At the same time, the man swiftly closed the file in front of him and calmly locked it back into the safe.

Zhou Qin lowered her gaze and then raised it again, smiling as she finished her sentence. “It’s ready. You can go down. Don’t keep the child waiting.”


Ling Qingzhou got up and left the study, with Zhou Qin following a step behind, closing the door gently as she used to.

Through the gradually closing crack, her gaze involuntarily fell on the safe in the corner, about half the height of a person. Then, as if scalded, she quickly averted her eyes.

In reality, he didn’t have to hide, because she had long known what was locked inside.

Wasn’t it just a photograph?

The woman chuckled self-deprecatingly, sighed softly, and then completely shut the door with a click.

Back in the day, when Zhou Qin chose to marry Ling Qingzhou, she knew that there was a beam of moonlight hidden deep within this man’s heart.

It was said that during his youthful enthusiasm, he had a relationship in the capital, but somehow, that woman had passed away. It was because of her death that he had left gloomily and settled in Linhuai.

When Zhou Qin met him, he was far from successful. At that time, he had just started from scratch, earned a little money, but was not content with modest wealth. He secretly plotted for a grander future!

He was an ambitious and capable man. He might not be overly tender or sweet-talking, but he possessed the most steadfast embrace in the world and had the responsibility that a man should carry.

Marrying him might not be romantic, but it would certainly bring a strong sense of security.

So, Zhou Qin unwaveringly chose to enter his life.

As for that beam of moonlight, she was long dead, so what did it matter?

Could several decades of companionship in the future not surpass a youthful and naive memory from one’s youth? Could a living person not compete against a dead person whose memory was destined to fade over time?

Zhou Qin was full of confidence.

And this confidence persisted through their marriage and continued until the birth of Ling Xuan.

However, time was long, and time was ruthless. As Ling Qingzhou’s business grew, social engagements increased, and he returned home later and later, Zhou Qin’s once steadfast confidence quietly eroded, eventually disappearing without a trace.

Then, she saw her own foolishness—

It turned out that companionship couldn’t compare to infatuation, and the living couldn’t compete with the dead!

And the photographs treasured and frequently caressed within the safe, as well as the “Mingyue Building” that had sprung up in various major schools in Linhuai, were all evidence!

It was a brutal reality laid out before her, cutting deep like a sharpened blade.

But Zhou Qin never pursued it; this was the last vestige of her dignity that she could maintain.

As long as she remained “Madam Ling,” she would still have her place in this household. As long as she didn’t bring up divorce, Ling Qingzhou would still be her husband and her son’s father!

After all, moonlight was ultimately illusory, incapable of posing any threat. She told herself this.

But why did her heart ache so much every time she heard about him wanting to build a building, every time she saw him open the safe?

Two days later, at a business reception, both Ling Qingzhou and Yi Hansheng received invitations to attend.

After exchanging pleasantries with the host, the two of them walked to an inconspicuous corner of the venue, sitting face to face behind some potted plants.

Ling Qingzhou wore a white suit, and behind his gold-rimmed glasses were eyes that held a warm smile. But if you looked closely, you would find that the smile at the corner of his mouth didn’t quite reach his eyes. Instead, his eyes held a calm coolness.

Yi Hansheng, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. His bold and daring crimson suit was contrasted against a white shirt. His muscular arms stretched out straight to the sides, and then his elbows bent, casually resting on the back of the chair. His posture was visibly nonchalant, but it didn’t diminish his wild and unrestrained charm in the slightest.

Their eyes met, one gentle and one mischievous, one soft and one intense.

The atmosphere grew increasingly tense.

Unable to bear it any longer, Yi Hansheng was the first to explode, swearing vehemently, “Ling Qingzhou, you shameless piece of trash! I was the one who first talked to No. 1 High School, what the h*ll are you so envious of? Even a wild dog stealing sh*t wouldn’t be as panicky as you, you d*mn idiot! What the h*ll are you smiling at? I’m cursing you, can’t you understand? It’s been so many years, and you’re still acting like such a useless fool. If you want to laugh, then go ahead! I’ve held it in for you!”

He said all this in one breath, without pausing for a single gasp.


Your “Zaun President” is now online. Please check it out.

Ling Qingzhou tried to maintain a smile, “…”

But I still have an “F*** off” that I don’t know if I should say or not?

Note: The main character has not had any romantic involvement with Ling or Yi. The term “white moonlight” can have multiple meanings beyond just “lover,” such as “rival,” “idol,” “family,” “friend,” etc.

What Zhou Qin sees is only her interpretation, which may not necessarily reflect the truth.

So, there’s no need to talk about the main character being fickle or having loved someone else. This story insists on maintaining a pure romantic relationship in both aspects. Of course, later on, there will be a super big shot who sees the main character as the “unattainable moonlight”!

PS: For those unfamiliar with the reference, you can look up “Zaun” online.

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