After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 81

Chapter 81: CEO’s Argument, Awkward Old Xu

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“Done yelling?”

Yi Hansheng choked, “…Not yet, because you interrupted me.”

Ling Qingzhou: “…”

“I didn’t come here today to argue with you.”

Yi Hansheng scoffed, “That’s because you can’t possibly win against me.”

Ling Qingzhou: “…” Holding back his anger is like holding a knife against his throat!

“Don’t even think about No. 1 High School. With me around, you won’t stand a chance.”

Yi Hansheng bared his teeth, “Stop boasting. Are you afraid of dying if you keep your mouth shut? You act as if you weren’t around when Linbei Seventh High School was built. In the end, didn’t I build my ‘Yueming Building there? Jealous, huh? Hehe, even if you’re green-eyed, it’s useless.”

He shifted to a more relaxed sitting posture, legs crossed, a smug look in his eyes. “Winning is winning, losing is losing. She taught us that twenty years ago, don’t you remember? So, is it that your memory is bad, or your understanding is lacking? Huh?”

Ling Qingzhou felt like he had been stabbed by something, his expression turning cold and his brows furrowing deeply. “Shut up! Who are you to mention her?”

The mocking smile on Yi Hansheng’s face suddenly disappeared. “Why can’t I mention her? The one who has no right here is you!”

“Bullsh*t—” Even someone who prided himself on being refined couldn’t help but curse, showing just how furious he was.

“I’m talking bullsh*t? Then you’re sh*tting eggs! Don’t think I don’t know, it was clearly you back then…”

Suddenly, footsteps approached from not far away, and both of them fell silent simultaneously.

One relaxed their tensed back, while the other smoothed out the nonexistent wrinkles on their sleeve.

Soon, a woman in a pink evening gown walked by, accompanied by a man, leaving discreetly. Yes, this corner was close to the entrance, so those leaving would pass by here.

Fortunately, the potted plants provided cover, making it less likely for them to be noticed.

Ling Qingzhou took a deep breath, quickly regaining his composure. A mocking smile tugged at the corner of his lips. “Yi Hansheng, spare me your useless words. The true winner of No. 1 High School will be the ultimate victor, and you, you’re already a loser!”

“Hmph, you think I’m afraid of you?”

Ling Qingzhou stood up, adjusted his suit, and spoke slowly, “Then let’s wait and see.”

With that, he turned and walked away.

Yi Hansheng remained seated, unmoving. At Ling Qingzhou’s words, his gaze turned icy, far from his previous arrogant and rebellious demeanor.

Xu Kaiqing was getting ready to return to the capital city. Before leaving, he called “Chou” to have a meal together.

“…The day after tomorrow’s flight.”

“So soon?” Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow.

“The work of the Competition Committee has temporarily come to an end, and Q University is urging me. Plus, there are still a few crucial data points pending from the laboratory, and I need to personally oversee them to feel at ease. Originally, I came to Linhuai this time to find you, and now that I’ve found you, my mission is accomplished, and I can rest easy.”

Moreover, there was a bit of an issue with organizing the previous experimental data on Old Peter’s side. After dealing with matters at the institute and the lab, Xu Kaiqing planned to fly to California himself.

“…Originally, he was planning to come see you after the BCI exchange conference, but plans couldn’t keep up with changes.”

They chatted for a while and then returned to the topic of having a meal.

As today and tomorrow were not days off, Jiang Fuyue still had classes, and time was not abundant. However, Xu Kaiqing’s enthusiasm was so contagious that it was hard to refuse.

“…In that case, let’s meet at the rear gate of No. 1 High School tomorrow at noon.”

“Alright, alright, alright.” Without asking anything or considering anything, Jiang Fuyue agreed first and would think about the rest later!

The next day at noon, when Jiang Fuyue arrived, she saw Xu Kaiqing waiting already.

Standing tall in the sunlight, dressed in a dignified and substantial suit with a properly arranged tie, at first glance, he looked like a sturdy… ahem… old poplar tree.

“Why aren’t you finding some shade to hide in? It’s scorching…” Jiang Fuyue pulled out a tissue to wipe her sweat, then asked Xu Kaiqing, “Want some?”

“…Sure.” He was afraid Jiang Fuyue wouldn’t be able to find him, so he stood in the most conspicuous spot.

Sister Yue says: You don’t have to.

“Did you… just finish a meeting?” Jiang Fuyue led him to a shaded area, her gaze skimming over Xu Kaiqing’s shiny leather shoes, and finally settling on his sleek, perfectly styled hair.

“No…” Xu Kaiqing turned slightly, avoiding her gaze, then covered his mouth with a clenched fist and coughed lightly.

If one observed closely, they would notice that this luminary of the academic world was currently exuding an aura of awkwardness from head to toe.

Jiang Fuyue, however, persisted, “Are you not feeling hot dressed like this?”

“Not at all, not at all. I’m not feeling hot at all. My health hasn’t been great these past two years, and I’m sensitive to the cold…” His toes almost constructed an exquisite ancient city.

Last time in the reception room of No. 1 High School, they met in a hurry, and he didn’t even have time to tidy himself up properly. After returning, Xu Kaiqing stood in front of the full-length mirror in the hotel, looking at himself in a blue shirt, cropped pants, leather sandals, and messy hair, and felt remorse.

How could he let his longtime friend, his admired idol, see him in such a disheveled state?

Mistake! A big mistake!

So this time he was well-prepared. He started by going to the barbershop early for an oil treatment, then had a stylist at the shop give him a handsome and youthful hairstyle. Just before leaving, he changed into a suit that had been ironed to perfection and sent to him last night. Finally, he put on his hand-polished top-grain leather shoes and headed out for the appointment with joy.

However, while he guessed the beginning, he didn’t anticipate the ending…

Jiang Fuyue: “Old Xu, you’re sweating.”


“…It’s just nervous sweat.”

“Are you sure you’re not hot?” Jiang Fuyue, noticing his obvious discomfort despite his unwillingness to admit it, feeling puzzled.

Had she fallen behind the trends of the elderly in the past twenty years?

Xu Kaiqing stated firmly, “You don’t say. I’m actually feeling a bit cold.”

Jiang Fuyue: “?”

“Cough! Haven’t we already picked a place to eat? Let’s go, we can head there now.” He quickly changed the subject.

“But like this…” Jiang Fuyue hesitated for a moment, “You might not be accustomed to the dining environment there.”

“Accustomed, accustomed, I’m accustomed to any environment!”

Five minutes later, when Xu Kaiqing sat in Jiang Ji’s shop, holding a steaming hot pancake in his hands and glanced down at himself in a suit and leather shoes, he realized that saying he was “not accustomed” was just a tactful way of putting it. If he were to be accurate, he was “out of place”!

Another exquisite ancient city appeared.

“Um… Am I dressed strangely today?” Xu Kaiqing finally mustered up the courage to face reality.

Jiang Fuyue nodded, “A bit.”

He sighed.

“But very handsome,” she continued.

Xu Kaiqing suddenly felt rejuvenated, thinking that perhaps “Chou” was not only a “brainstorming expert” but also the legendary “exquisite cuteness.”

With the burden lifted, Professor Xu finally admitted that he was overheating. He quickly took off his coat and unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt.

At this moment, Han Yunru happened to bring a bowl of rose ice soup dumplings to his table. “Sir, please try this, it’s refreshing.”

“Uh, thank you!” Xu Kaiqing dug in with a spoon and took five or six mouthfuls in succession, instantly feeling refreshed all over.

The sweetness of honey, the fragrance of roses, the coolness of shaved ice, all converged on his taste buds, like a symphony of ice and snow.

Seeing that he had almost recovered, and Han Yunru wasn’t busy at the moment, she briefly introduced them.

“This is Professor Xu, from the capital.”

“This is my mother, Han Yunru.”

Han Yunru stepped forward graciously, smiling and exchanging pleasantries, “Professor, welcome. Our shop is small, and our service is not the best. I apologize…”

Xu Kaiqing subconsciously waved his hand and looked at her face. “Miss Han, you’re too kind—”


His voice halted abruptly, and his hand remained suspended in midair, frozen in place.

What had Old Xu discovered?

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