After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Almost Bald, Almost Collided

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The second round of the Science Olympiad was scheduled for August 15th, less than a week away.

The experimental section that had been overlooked in the preliminary round was now being vigorously reviewed.

Although the final score was only worth 40 points, the exam time for the experimental section was the same as that for the theoretical part—three hours—indicating its difficulty.

The experimental section was also known as the “score-pulling item” in the annual Science Olympiad. It could easily create a gap in scores among candidates.

In short, for candidates who were already at a top level in the theoretical part, those who performed well in the experimental section would dominate!

In the last class, Jiang Fuyue blatantly slipped out to the laboratory, wanting to get there early.

Unfortunately, she coincidentally ran into a math class where Xu Jing was standing at the podium. He gave her a light glance, not saying anything, but that look conveyed too much—

Are you ready to voyage through the sea of math problems? [Smile]

Add twenty, no, thirty more papers over the weekend!

Jiang Fuyue didn’t even furrow her brows. She picked up her backpack and decisively left.

Add them up, she could handle it.

On the first floor laboratory, Yu Wenzhou had already opened the door in advance and was waiting for her.

“Table number five.”


Jiang Fuyue walked over, placed her backpack down, and began to peruse the experiment details.

Experiment One: Precise Measurement of the Forward Voltage Drop of a Diode

Experiment Two: Measurement of the Refractive Index of Transparent Containers and Liquids

The difficulty wasn’t high, but the text contained a lot of information, densely packed across eight sheets of A4 paper.

For instance, in Experiment One, the introduction to the optical experiment was filled with a bunch of useless gibberish—

“The diode is a typical nonlinear element, and its volt-ampere characteristic follows I=… where I0 is the reverse saturation current… q is the elementary charge of an electron… k is the Boltzmann constant… Accurate measurement of its volt-ampere characteristic requires designing a rational circuit to eliminate the ammeter…”

In short, as far as Jiang Fuyue was concerned, anyone who knew the I-V characteristic formula didn’t need to read such a long explanation.

So, she skipped it directly.

By the time the first experiment was completed, the dismissal bell rang, and Ling Xuan arrived.

Seeing Jiang Fuyue’s spread-out experimental equipment and her ongoing fluid movements, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows and secretly swear that he would also skip the last afternoon class tomorrow to do experiments!

But the key was that Jiang Fuyue hadn’t skipped the entire class; she had left only after almost half an hour had passed.

However, no one told Ling Xuan, so he remained oblivious…

“Teacher Yu.”

Yu Wenzhou nodded slightly, pointing at Ling Xuan, “You go to table number three.”

Coincidentally, it was in front of Jiang Fuyue.

This arrangement was mainly to prevent Jiang Fuyue’s nearly fanatic pace in experiments from affecting Ling Xuan’s normal performance.

Ah, these kids, what are they comparing to?

If you want to compare, find a more practical target, okay? Why bother competing with Jiang Fuyue? Isn’t that asking for trouble?

Anyway, Yu Wenzhou and Meng Zhijian never compared themselves to Jiang Fuyue… cough… as teachers, they should always accommodate their students, right?

But the fact was: If I don’t compare, I’ll never lose! Hahaha—

It took Ling Xuan eight minutes to read and understand the questions. He was about to start the first problem when Jiang Fuyue had already put away all her experimental equipment. “Teacher, I’m done.”

Yu Wenzhou: “?”

Ling Xuan: “?”

Just a bit bald.

When Jiang Fuyue left, Liu Bowen, Hou Siyuan, and others arrived belatedly.


“She’s already gone?”

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, “What else?”

“Aren’t we going to do the experiment?”

Yu Wenzhou: “Hurry up, you guys! She’s already prepared and left!”

Liu Bowen: “Oh…” Sorry, my bad.

Hou Siyuan: “Um… ” I’m guilty, I repent.

Jiang Fuyue left the laboratory and didn’t go home directly. Instead, she walked towards the sports field.

Jiang Han and Ge Meng were already hunched over the ping-pong table, writing frantically.

She had promised them to provide half an hour of tutoring every day after school. However, it was interrupted due to participating in the Science Olympiad training. She had only resumed a few days ago.

“Sister Yue!”

Jiang Fuyue glanced at the papers in their hands and asked, “How long have you been working?”

Jiang Han: “About half an hour.”

“Mmm,” she nodded, “your speed is good.”

Jiang Han became even more spirited with her encouragement.

Since the third monthly exam, the progress of Jiang Han and Ge Meng was visible to the naked eye.

First, their grades unexpectedly rose out of the bottom ranks. Though they hadn’t reached the positive range yet, they had at least made it into the middle.

Next was their discipline: they didn’t skip classes, didn’t fight, listened attentively, and completed assignments on time. Meng Zhijian almost couldn’t believe his eyes at how well-behaved they were.

Fifteen minutes later.

Jiang Han: “I’m done!”

Ge Meng also quickly put down her pen.

Jiang Fuyue took Jiang Han’s paper first, quickly scanned it, and then said, “Three wrong in multiple choice, two wrong in fill-in-the-blank,” she flipped the paper over and continued, “All correct in the proofs, two correct in problem-solving, total score 101.”

Then she turned to Ge Meng, “Four wrong in multiple choice, none wrong in fill-in-the-blank, all correct in the proofs, two wrong in problem-solving, three correct, total score 117.”

“Yes!” Jiang Han and Ge Meng high-fived each other.

This was the first time the two of them scored a hundred in a test under Jiang Fuyue’s guidance.

“Where’s the other person?” Jiang Fuyue asked. “I haven’t seen her around lately.”

Jiang Han’s expression instantly soured.

Ge Meng stammered, “Sisi, well… she… she…”

But there was no continuation to her words.

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, suspecting that they had a falling out, but she didn’t press further. After all, it was someone else’s private matter, and it wasn’t her concern.

However, the truth was that it was indeed related to her.

Ever since the last “duel in the alley” with Hu Ben, after Liu Sisi refused to attend, Jiang Han hadn’t given her a friendly look.

Running away at a critical moment, betraying a sister—such behavior was simply unforgivable!

Liu Sisi felt slighted under Jiang Han’s cold treatment, and although it might have been insignificant one or two times, it became embarrassing over time. She decided to take the path of least resistance and stopped trying to mend the relationship.

Over time, she distanced herself from the group and often wandered alone.

With them not being in the same class and actively avoiding each other, it seemed like their relationship had truly severed, like two people who would never cross paths.

Even if they occasionally crossed paths in the hallway or restroom, they would completely ignore each other, treating each other like strangers.

Jiang Han was harboring a grudge, and Liu Sisi wasn’t about to give in.

Ge Meng anxiously watched this unfold, but she didn’t know what to do and could only fret.

After it was over, Jiang Fuyue parted ways with Jiang Han and Ge Meng at the school gate, heading to the bookstore.

Just as she had walked a few steps, a Land Rover rushed towards her from the opposite direction, the sound of the engine roaring audible even from a distance.

Jiang Fuyue abruptly stopped, her gaze icy as she looked straight ahead. When she saw the person in the driver’s seat clearly, her eyes narrowed slightly, a sense of vigilance passing through.

Meanwhile, the Land Rover continued its high-speed approach, straight towards Jiang Fuyue.

Surprisingly, she didn’t dodge or move. She simply watched as the front of the car came closer and closer…


A sudden brake, and the front bumper stopped less than twenty centimeters from her knees. If it had been just a second later—just one second—Jiang Fuyue wouldn’t have been able to stand there unharmed.

In that moment, all noise seemed to fade away, and the world fell into a deathly silence.

Separated by a transparent windshield, the man and woman locked eyes…

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