After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Teasing Dog Xie, His Shame

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One emanated an icy danger, while the other exuded a calm enigma.

Jiang Fuyue spread her hands, leaning against the hood of the car, her body slightly bent in alignment with the gesture.

Then, she suddenly raised her gaze, meeting the man’s eyes at the same level.

“Is this fun?” she asked.

Xie Dingyuan remained expressionless. No anger, no apology; only inherent nobility that seemed to follow him like a shadow.

“Move aside,” he coldly demanded.

Jiang Fuyue retorted, “Get out of the car.”

Two equally domineering individuals, possessing equally commanding auras, locked in a standoff.

“I’ll say it again, move aside.”

Jiang Fuyue smiled, “What if I don’t?”

The man’s gaze darkened abruptly. “You’re playing with your life.”

“So, if I don’t move, you’ll just ram into me deliberately, is that what you mean?”

A crease formed between Xie Dingyuan’s brows.

Jiang Fuyue emphasized each word, “You did it on purpose just now.”

The man remained silent, steadfastly observing her.

“I’ll say it again, get out of the car. Mr. Xie probably wouldn’t want to create a scene near his nephew’s high school, right?”

“After all,” her smile deepened, her lips forming two elegant arcs, her peach blossom eyes shimmering like ripples, “Trees need bark, and people need face.”

Xie Dingyuan sneered, irritation flashing briefly in his eyes before quickly receding.

“Are you threatening me?”

Jiang Fuyue nodded, “You could interpret it that way.”

“I always thought that smart people wouldn’t do foolish things,” he insinuated.

“Then, Mr. Xie, why did you step on the gas and rush toward me just now? Isn’t that foolish?”

Certainly foolish!

Utterly foolish!

In that moment, Xie Dingyuan himself didn’t know why, but he had this thought and acted on it.

Seeing him remain silent, Jiang Fuyue demanded once more, “Get out of the car!”

This time, Xie Dingyuan didn’t refuse.

He turned off the engine, opened the car door, stepped out, and landed on the ground. He then walked around half of the front of the car and stopped in front of Jiang Fuyue.

“Shouldn’t you be apologizing to me right now?”

A flicker appeared between his brows, and he lowered his gaze, his voice softening, “…Yes.”

Jiang Fuyue stood upright, awaiting the continuation.

“I apologize,” he said.

Then he asked, “Do you have any other requests you’d like to make?”

“I was frightened,” Jiang Fuyue stated.

The man complied readily, “Do you need compensation?”

“Of course.”

Xie Dingyuan asked, “Name your price.”

“Who told you I wanted money?”

Suddenly, he had a sense of impending doom…

Five minutes later, the man sat back in the car with a dark expression. He looked as if someone had stolen his wife, emitting a chill from head to toe.

Jiang Fuyue clapped her hands, stepped back to the side of the road, and gazed at the front of the car with satisfaction.

On the black hood, a huge emoticon was boldly placed in the center. A foolish-looking Shiba Inu was grasped by an imaginary hand around its metaphorical throat, wearing an expression of extreme timidity.

Hand: Did I do something wrong?

Clueless Shiba: I messed up, I messed up!

The image had been bought from a nearby convenience store, and Jiang Fuyue had personally pasted it on.

“Alright, Mr. Xie, you may proceed as you please,” Jiang Fuyue stepped aside, gesturing with her hand as if inviting him, “Just remember, you must keep it on for at least three hours before tearing it off. Of course, you could choose not to adhere to that, but I believe Mr. Xie isn’t a person who goes back on his word, right?”

The man coldly stared ahead, his stiff jawline slightly raised.

He didn’t smile, appearing like a snow-capped mountain standing tall, sending shivers down one’s spine.

But that certainly didn’t include Jiang Fuyue.

“Oh, by the way, I have one more question,” the girl’s eyes and brows were suffused with a smile, under the setting sun radiating brilliantly, “You don’t strike me as an impulsive person, so why did you engage in such an illogical action? I’m curious, can you explain?”

She was referring to why he suddenly drove towards her.

“Can’t.” The man left these two words expressionlessly and started the engine. 

The car just passed by Jiang Fuyue, with a gap of less than 10 centimeters. It flashed by like a shooting star and disappeared into the distance. 

She didn’t get angry; instead, she smiled playfully. 

Is this big guy really so sore a loser? 


As for Xie Dingyuan, he kept the gas pedal down until he turned a corner and couldn’t see the entrance of the school anymore. Then he gradually slowed down. 


A Mercedes tried to overtake, and although it had already changed lanes to the fast lane, it suddenly slowed down, running parallel to Xie Dingyuan, and then started honking wildly. 

“Hey! Bro, where did you get that exterior done? It looks amazing! Why didn’t I know they make emoji cars?” The driver controlled the steering wheel while striking up a conversation. 

The next second, Xie Dingyuan closed the Land Rover’s window and suddenly accelerated, leaving only a cold and proud rear end to the other driver. 

“D*mn! Do you think you’re cool just because you’re driving a limited edition Land Rover? If it weren’t for your cute emojis, I’d—” 

Xie Dingyuan: Cute my a**! 


Yutianhua residence. 

As soon as Liu Ma heard the sound of the engine, she rushed out to open the gate. 

When the iron gate opened and the car the Mr. liked the most drove in, Liu Ma casually glanced at the hood and was instantly dumbfounded. 

Originally, Zhong Ziang, who was playing games in the living room, also ran out. “Uncle—” 


He only made one sound, like a duck whose neck was being stepped on, and his expression was even more exaggerated than Liu Ma’s. 

The two stood like wooden stakes in front, and Xie Dingyuan couldn’t even drive in. 

Then, he felt embarrassed. 

From an angle that couldn’t be seen, his ears turned slightly red. “Move aside!” 

Liu Ma awkwardly stepped aside. 

But Zhong Ziang wasn’t as obedient. He stared at the emoji on the hood for a long time and, after counting for an unknown number of seconds— 


Xie Dingyuan: “…this kid is done.” 

Liu Ma: “!” Can I still make it in time to cover his mouth? 


That night. Xie Dingyuan finished work, left the study, and returned to the bedroom. 

After taking a shower, he lazily leaned against the headboard and read the latest research paper results in “Nature” for half an hour. Then he took off his glasses, laid down, and drifted into a dream. 

In the dream, the afternoon scene seemed to be replayed. 

The girl walked in front of him, and he accelerated the car, but the camera angle shifted, turning into Jiang Fuyue’s face with a smile. 

She leaned on the car window and asked, “I’m curious. You don’t seem like an impulsive person, so why did you do something so irrational?” 

In the dream, Xie Dingyuan felt like “that person” was himself, but he couldn’t control “that person’s” actions. 

So when “that person” turned around and faced Jiang Fuyue, he said, “If I told you I just wanted to scare you, would you believe me?” 

The dream stopped abruptly there, and the person who had been sound asleep suddenly opened his eyes and sat up. 

The night was deep, and sleep was nowhere in sight. 


August 15th, the semi-final of the Physics Olympiad arrived as scheduled. 

It was rumored that this year’s semi-final paper was closely monitored throughout by Professor Xu Kaiqing, the dean of the School of Physics at Qing University, a national treasure-level academician, and the director of the National High School Physics Competition Committee. 

Before the semi-final, there were rumors that the paper would be challenging. 

However, when the candidates received the theoretical part, they realized just how challenging it was. 

In the semi-final, there were no multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank questions, just eight open-ended questions, each worth 35 points. 

In any case, Hou Siyuan’s mind went blank after the second question, and he felt like vomiting. 

Liu Bowen was slightly better, but he got stuck on the second question and only started scratching his head at the third question. 

This time, the two of them weren’t in the same examination room as Jiang Fuyue, so there was no appearance of anyone handing in their paper early. 

But on the other side, it was a different story…

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