After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Second Round of Physics Competition, Early Finish Again

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Whether intentional or not, if one were to carefully compare the list of examinees, they would notice that the top ten students in the city’s preliminary rankings were all in the same examination room!

This included Jiang Fuyue, as well as Ling Xuan.

Of course, there was also Feng Kaixuan, who scored a perfect score in the preliminary round, and Huang Yanqiu, who just managed to squeeze into the top ten with a score of 192.

The competition between the students from No. 1 High School and No. 2 High School was thus silently unfolding within the examination room.

Feng Kaixuan sat in the first row, first column. He couldn’t see what was happening behind him, but those behind him could see his figure and the pen in his hand, allowing them to deduce his progress through the questions.

Huang Yanqiu was one of those observing.

She noticed that Feng Kaixuan’s hand wasn’t moving smoothly. Five minutes into the exam, he paused twelve times.

Could this mean… that the difficulty of the questions was indeed quite high? Were there more than just her struggling to find a starting point?

Zhang Ju had once said that Feng Kaixuan was the student she had taught with the most competition-oriented mindset and that he was sure to go far in this field.

If even Feng Kaixuan found it challenging, then it seemed reasonable that she also struggled to begin.

Thinking this, Huang Yanqiu’s anxious heart began to calm down gradually.

Just as she was starting to make some progress on the first question, she suddenly glimpsed a boy in front of her flipping a page.

This indicated that he had already finished two of the major questions and was ready to tackle the third!

Her emotions, which had just calmed down, surged once again.

How could he be so fast?

He couldn’t possibly be faster than Feng Kaixuan! That doesn’t make sense…

This person wasn’t from No. 2 High School; could he be from No. 1 High School?

The more she thought about it, the more her mind became chaotic. Coupled with the fact that she couldn’t make sense of the wording in the first question, Huang Yanqiu felt like she was on the brink of collapsing.

But Zhang Ju wasn’t the invigilator this time, so there was no one by her side to give her any hints.

Ling Xuan moved smoothly through the first two questions, decisively flipping to the next page to tackle the third question.

After reading the question, he knew that the difficulty had increased yet again.

At this moment, a delicate hand quietly rose. The invigilator walked over and lowered his voice, “What’s the matter, student?”

“Turning in my paper.”

Ling Xuan’s eyelids twitched. It was happening.

Upon hearing this, Feng Kaixuan, seated in front of Jiang Fuyue, stiffened at the sound of those words.

Meanwhile, Huang Yanqiu’s mind buzzed, and she was left stunned.

Five seconds later, the invigilator, who was momentarily dazed, finally responded, “… There are still two hours and thirty minutes left until the end of the exam. Are you sure you want to turn in your paper now?”

“I’m sure.”

“Alright, then… organize your exam paper, answer sheet, and scratch paper, and leave the room quietly.”

Jiang Fuyue left, walking away with ease and a carefree demeanor, leaving the other examinees burdened with anxiety and unease.

In comparison, Ling Xuan was influenced the least; after all, he had long been accustomed to living in Jiang Fuyue’s shadow.

In the second round of the competition, early submission of the paper was allowed, and there was no waiting area. After submitting the paper, dedicated security personnel would escort the student out of the examination room.

This was how Jiang Fuyue was escorted all the way to the school gate.

At that moment, Meng Zhijian was holding a disposable takeout box, squatting in a corner, eating porridge.

Yu Wenzhou was sitting next to him, bowing his head and slurping noodles.

As they were enjoying their meal, they were suddenly taken aback by the sight of Jiang Fuyue being “escorted” out by two people in police uniforms.

One on the left and one on the right, she stood in the middle. If that wasn’t being “escorted,” then what was it?

Instantly, numerous questions and speculations swept through their minds. Meng Zhijian almost choked on his porridge, and Yu Wenzhou forgot to bite down on the noodles in his mouth. They both trembled in disbelief.

Then, simultaneously, they put down their bowls and chopsticks and rushed forward. However, the two security personnel turned around and left?

Meng Zhijian: “What’s going on?”

Yu Wenzhou’s mind was flooded with countless palace intrigue scenes. “Are you being framed?”

Jiang Fuyue’s lips twitched. “I turned in my paper.”

“Oh, so you… what did you say?! You, you, you, you turned in your paper?! Are you kidding me?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Of course there’s a problem! A big problem!” In a split second, Yu Wenzhou switched into a frenzy, pointing at his watch. “How could you turn in your paper? How could you possibly turn in your paper? It’s been less than forty minutes since the exam started, and you, you, you’ve already turned in your paper? Haha—turned in your paper?!”

Meng Zhijian: chuckles “Cough!” I’m sorry, those two “haha” sounds got to me.

Jiang Fuyue tilted her head and countered, “I finished all the questions, why shouldn’t I turn in my paper?”

After saying this, without waiting for their reactions, she sat down on a nearby stool. “Do you have any paper?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Meng Zhijian reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of napkins.


“Take these.”

Jiang Fuyue: “… I meant the kind of paper you can write on.”

Meng Zhijian was puzzled. “What for?”

“Do you need this set of exam questions?”

Yu Wenzhou, who was sulking with his back turned, suddenly perked up. “Need, need, need—”

His voice was loud!

Then, as if performing a magic trick, he pulled out a roll of A4 paper from his pocket, opened it, and handed it over. “Hehe… take a look, I’m all prepared.”

Meng Zhijian’s face twitched: What a character!

Jiang Fuyue reached out and took the paper, spreading it out and starting to write quickly.

Meng and Yu exchanged a glance, quickly surrounding her and finding a spot that didn’t block the light.

They saw her write swiftly and decisively, as if she didn’t need to recall anything at all.

Question 1 (35 points): As shown in the figure, a hemisphere with a radius of R and mass M is stationary on a smooth horizontal tabletop…

Question 2 (35 points): Parallel plate capacitor plates 1 and 2 have an area of S each and are horizontally fixed…

Question 8 (35 points): Thermal radiation incident on a reflecting surface is used by a reflecting mirror to perform work externally using the radiation pressure of thermal radiation…

One paper, one question, a total of eight questions. Jiang Fuyue finished writing, handed it back to Yu Wenzhou, then turned to Meng Zhijian seriously, “Teacher, I’m hungry.”

“… Huh?” The topic changed a bit too quickly, and Old Meng didn’t catch up.

She capped her pen and put it in her pocket. “I want to eat the noodles Teacher Yu was eating just now.”

“Oh! Okay! Wait here for a moment, I’ll get it for you.”

Ten minutes later, a steaming bowl of lamb and rice noodles was placed in front of Jiang Fuyue.

Meng Zhijian: “Dig in.”

“Thank you, Teacher.”

“Hey! You’re welcome.”

Yu Wenzhou stood beside them, holding the freshly memorized questions, looking puzzled as if surrounded by a thick cloud of confusion.

Meng Zhijian thought there might be an issue with the questions. “What’s wrong? Are they difficult?”

“Yes, they’re too difficult.” He nodded gravely.

Meng Zhijian: “?”

Yu Wenzhou stared at Jiang Fuyue’s cheerful back as she enjoyed her noodles. “Why did she let you treat her to food…”

“What’s wrong with that? It’s just a bowl of noodles.” Meng Zhijian waved his hand generously.

But Yu Wenzhou hadn’t finished. “Why didn’t she let me treat her?”

When combined: Why did she let you treat her to food, but not me?


“Old Meng, do you think she’s upset with me for criticizing her for turning in her paper early?” Yu Wenzhou suddenly stomped his feet. “Oh, I see! You did it on purpose! You’re plotting against me! Guards, take him away and reward him with a yard of red cloth!”

Veins popped on Meng Zhijian’s forehead as he gritted his teeth. “For heaven’s sake, can you please watch fewer soap operas? Are you out of your mind?”

“Hey—you dare to pull me, huh?”

They went back and forth, neither giving in. Suddenly, a female voice chimed in—

“Hey, Teacher Meng, Teacher Yu, what’s going on here? Starting a quarrel within the ranks?”

Zhang Ju smiled as she walked towards them, but suddenly her gaze froze on the A4 paper in Yu Wenzhou’s hand…

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