After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Sister Yue Predicts the Questions, Accurate to the Extreme

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Meanwhile, on the other side.

“It was quite difficult, huh?” Meng Zhijian looked at the group of young students, smiling encouragingly, “It’s okay, everyone making it to the finals is already fantastic!”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s right,” Yu Wenzhou quickly agreed, “As the saying goes, it’s the participation that counts, isn’t it?”

Liu Bowen scratched his head, “A few questions were indeed a bit challenging, but overall, I think it was manageable. How about you guys?”

Hou Siyuan stepped forward, “Well, I managed to solve the ones I could. Around four or five, I think. As for the rest, I’ll write down whatever I can. Who knows, maybe I’ll get partial credit for the steps! Hehe…”

“You solved four or five questions?!” Yu Wenzhou suddenly raised his voice.


“Are you confident?”

“I compared answers with Ling Xuan just now, and it should be correct.” No, why are you looking at me like that? Is it strange that I got four or five questions right?

Of course, it’s strange!

Very strange!

Yu Wenzhou and Meng Zhijian looked at each other for a while, huddled together in discussion. They only managed to organize their thoughts on four or five questions, while the rest still required careful consideration.

When did Hou Siyuan, this “vomiting child,” become so skilled?!

“What about you?” Meng Zhijian turned to the other students.

Student A: “I think I might have gotten four questions right.”

Student B (after some thought, rather cautiously): “Conservatively estimating, five questions.”

Student C: “Three questions.”

Ling Xuan: “I’ve finished all of them.”

Meng Zhijian: “?” Is there something wrong with my ears?

Yu Wenzhou swallowed nervously, still finding it hard to believe. Yet, all these young students were so confident.

One or two students being confident wouldn’t be surprising, but if everyone said the same…

That’s interesting.

Yu Wenzhou took the stack of A4 papers from Meng Zhijian and handed them to the students one by one, “Did you have these questions in today’s exam?”

“Yes, yes, they’re exactly the same!”

“You were able to see the test paper this quickly?”

“Look closely, it’s handwritten. Needless to say, it must be Sister Yue memorizing the entire test paper again.”


“Hey? Where’s Sister Yue?”


Yu Wenzhou didn’t answer about Jiang Fuyue’s whereabouts. Instead, his eyes lit up as he asked the group, “These questions are way beyond the scope of our curriculum. The concepts involved, and even some theorems, have never been taught. How did you manage to solve them?”

Hou Siyuan chuckled, “Teacher Yu, although you and Teacher Meng didn’t teach us, someone else did.”


“Sister Yue. I still have the notebook with me…” he reached into his backpack and pulled it out, flipping it open and pointing to a page, “Look, this question combines Newton’s Laws of Motion, as well as Hooke’s Law. Sister Yue explained these while also discussing concepts like inertia centrifugal force, apparent weight, and Coriolis force. She said these all fall under the realm of dynamics and were likely to be combined into a single question. And that’s what happened.”

“There’s also this example question about mechanical energy. Sister Yue said there’s a ninety percent chance it will be on the exam. Because last year, they asked about gravitational potential energy and gravitational force, the year before was about functional principles and mechanical energy conservation law, and the year before that was about restitution coefficient. This year, they’ll probably ask about center of mass kinetic energy, likely combined with knowledge from the equilibrium section. She listed five possible combinations for us. This time, the fifth question was from the second combination, with only different numbers. The solution strategy remained unchanged, and you can derive the final answer by following the same steps.”

“And then there’s this question… and this one… and this one…”

Yu Wenzhou found Hou Siyuan’s presentation a bit crooked, so he grabbed the notebook and flipped through the pages one by one.

Finally, with a snap, he closed the notebook, and on its cover, bold black letters spelled out: “68 Must-Know Questions for the Physics Competition”

Below, in small letters: Internal material, strictly prohibited from being disclosed!

“This…” Yu Wenzhou swallowed nervously, pointing at the notebook, “Did Jiang Fuyue do this?”

Hou Siyuan replied, “To be precise, Sister Yue dictated, Liu Bowen recorded on-site, and I transcribed and distributed it. Isn’t that right?”

“Yeah, yeah!” everyone nodded in agreement.

Yu Wenzhou and Meng Zhijian exchanged a glance: Alright! They might really lose their jobs this time…

After lunch, they took the students back to the hotel for a nap.

Coincidentally, Second High School was also staying there, and they bumped into Zhang Ju in the corridor.

“Teacher Zhang, have you had lunch?” Yu Wenzhou maintained a smile.

“I have, thanks for your concern,” Zhang Ju’s expression was lacking in gratitude as she brushed past him.

At the moment, Zhang Ju wasn’t in the mood to engage with him. The morning’s exam had severely affected the students’ mood. During lunch, everyone ate in silence, lacking their usual liveliness and ease.

They still had the experimental section in the afternoon. How could things go on like this?

Therefore, she was preparing to individually boost their spirits and motivate them.

After Zhang Ju finished making her rounds and returned to her room, she found her daughter sitting on the bed lost in thought.



“Huang Yanqiu!”

“Ah? Mom…”

Zhang Ju furrowed her brows, her tone unconsciously stern, “What’s going on? I told you to rest well, and now you’re just sitting here daydreaming! You have the experimental exam in the afternoon. What if you’re not in good shape? Lie down immediately and close your eyes!”

“Mom, I actually…”

“Why waste words? Hurry up!”

“Mom! I’m not taking the exam! Why should I even bother?” Huang Yanqiu suddenly erupted, tears streaming down her face.

Zhang Ju was taken aback, “I just scolded you a bit, and now you’re crying?”

“Sob… sob…”

“Is it because you didn’t do well in the morning? It’s okay. Didn’t Feng Kaixuan leave five major questions untouched? Everyone’s in the same boat…”

“But… sob… sob…”

Zhang Ju gently patted her back, an unusual tenderness in her gesture, “Mom knows you hold high standards for yourself and always want to measure up to Feng Kaixuan. But we can take it step by step. It’s just a few questions you didn’t understand. Those questions are way beyond the scope. It’s not your fault…”

Huang Yanqiu froze, even forgetting to cry as she leaned against her mother’s warm embrace.

“But…” It wasn’t just a few questions she didn’t understand, she didn’t understand any of them!

With her mindset in chaos, her brain couldn’t function properly.

“No ‘buts’,” Zhang Ju interrupted her, “The theoretical part is already over. Don’t overthink it and don’t take what the students from No. 1 High School said seriously. Don’t believe any of their claims about the questions being easy or having encountered similar ones before. They’re saying these things to disturb your confidence and make you perform poorly in the afternoon exam. Understand?”

Huang Yanqiu bit her lip, hesitating before nodding.

She didn’t think the students from No. 1 High School were just making things up…

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the practical exam officially began.

Jiang Fuyue, Ling Xuan, Feng Kaixuan, and Huang Yanqiu were all in the same exam room.

However, this time, Jiang Fuyue was seated in the front, and her experimental actions and smoothness could be observed by those behind her, allowing them to make guesses.

Yet, reality showed that observing was often worse than not observing.

There was a loud crash—

“Teacher, someone fainted!”

Guess who the unlucky one was?

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