After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Another Early Submission, Sneaky Brokerage

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Ling Xuan glanced forward and saw the girl who had fainted being helped up by the invigilator.

“Keep working on the questions, don’t get distracted! Student? Student? Are you alright?”

Huang Yanqiu was awakened and taken outside the exam room.

Invigilator: “Can you continue?”


“Alright, go back in. I’ve informed the medical staff to come over. If you feel any discomfort, raise your hand immediately, understand?”


Just as Huang Yanqiu re-entered the exam room, Jiang Fuyue looked up, “Teacher, I’m done.”

Huang Yanqiu stumbled, could she faint again, please?

Ling Xuan let out a light chuckle without lifting his head.

The more he looked at Jiang Fuyue, the more he’d be hit with a sense of inadequacy, why bother?

Wasn’t it better to spare himself?

After all, he never looked…

At 2:20 PM, twenty minutes into the exam, Jiang Fuyue came out.

Meng Zhijian: “Sit.”

Yu Wenzhou: “Want some sunflower seeds?”

Compared to the morning, the two of them were much calmer now.

It was manageable once you got used to it; after all, frequently dropping your eyeballs made it hard to pick them back up.

Zhang Ju just coldly stared in their direction.

There was a moment when she hoped that Jiang Fuyue had submitted early because she couldn’t answer the questions.

“Need the questions?” Jiang Fuyue asked.

“Hehe…” Yu Wenzhou smiled and handed her paper and a pen, also getting a small table from a nearby stall for her, “Here, sit here and write.”

While there were only two practical questions, they were extensive, with many sub-questions and occasional tables and diagrams. It took Jiang Fuyue some time to write down her answers.

After handing her answers to Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou, it was only around three o’clock, and there were still two hours left until the end of the exam.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t plan to waste time here. After a brief greeting, she left.

Jiang Ji Pancakes.

“Sis—” Little Brother Jiang, who was helping collect money, spotted her and his eyes lit up.

Jiang Fuyue patted his head, “Can you handle it here?”

“I can, you go rest.”

Jiang Da was currently cooking pancakes. Upon hearing her voice, he looked up, “Yue Yue!”

“Dad, you keep working. I’ll go wash my hands in the back.”

“Hey! Go ahead, there’s plum soup on the table, help yourself.”

“And Mom?” After washing her hands, Jiang Fuyue looked around but didn’t see Han Yunru.

Jiang Da replied, “She went to deposit money.”

With disposable gloves and a mask on, Jiang Fuyue went up to help with the packaging.

The queue had noticeably shortened quite a bit, as a long line of customers diminished at a visible speed.

After seeing off the last person in line, the father and daughter (and son) trio finally took a moment to catch their breath.

“Dad, it’s been a while, and you still haven’t found the right person to hire?” Jiang Fuyue took the water cup handed to her by Jiang Chenxing and took a couple of sips. “Thanks.”

Little Brother Jiang smiled shyly, sitting on a small stool as he continued to organize the change, his head bowed.

Jiang Da sighed, “We’ve tried seven or eight, but your mom wasn’t satisfied with any of them.”

“It won’t work at this rate. The shop will only get busier,” Jiang Fuyue said.

“I know, I know…” Jiang Da nodded repeatedly.

He knew, but there was no way around it. If his wife disagreed, he couldn’t go against her.

Jiang Fuyue’s lips twitched.

Wife’s servant.

“Oh, right,” Jiang Da suddenly remembered something, “Weren’t you supposed to have an exam today?”

Jiang Fuyue replied, “I finished it.”

“So quickly?”

Before she could answer, Little Brother Jiang eagerly responded, “Sis definitely finished early and submitted.”

Jiang Da was taken aback, “Finished and submitted? Without checking?”

Spokesperson Little Brother Jiang chimed in, “Sis got everything right, no need to check.”

Jiang Da: “…”

Since Han Yunru came back, she didn’t let her two kids stay in the shop.

“Go back, your dad and I can manage. Oh, right, Yue Yue, please take this envelope with next quarter’s rent to Aunt Li. Remember to greet her when you go, and be polite…” As she spoke, Han Yunru took an envelope out of her apron pocket.

Clearly, it had been prepared well in advance.

Back home, Little Brother Jiang went into the kitchen to cook, while Jiang Fuyue went upstairs to deliver the rent.

The owner of the two-bedroom apartment was surnamed Li, and his family lived upstairs. His wife and Han Yunru had a good relationship.

After delivering the rent, Jiang Fuyue was warmly given two large apples by Aunt Li.

As she descended the stairs and turned the corner, she spotted a man crouched down, leaning against their door, looking left and right.


Suddenly, she hit him, catching him off guard and making him see stars. “D*mn! Who ambushed me?!”

He looked up and, upon focusing, saw an apple rolling on the ground.

The man straightened up, looking toward the staircase, where a beautiful girl was standing, observing him from above. She held a large apple in her hand, as if ready to launch a second attack at any moment.

“You threw that?” the man demanded.

Jiang Fuyue nodded, “Yes, I did.”

“Hey, you little girl, quite audacious, aren’t you?” The man laughed, sounding annoyed.

“You were acting suspiciously near my doorstep. Isn’t that quite audacious as well?” She maintained a neutral expression.

“This is your house?” The man furrowed his brows, pointing at the door in front of him. “Here?”

Jiang Fuyue descended the stairs, reaching up to knock on the door, producing a clicking sound. The partially open door was now firmly shut.

“Is there a problem?” she asked.

“Who are you to Jiang Chenxing?”

Coming for Little Brother Jiang?

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, her scrutinizing gaze falling on the man’s face, akin to the most advanced scanner, leaving no detail or emotional expression hidden.

The man was surprised that such a young girl had such a sharp gaze, particularly the vigilance directed at him. It wasn’t because of her young age, but a deliberate act to expose his intentions.

As for the purpose…

Besides a warning, he couldn’t think of anything else.

Tsk, such a young age, yet quite cunning!

The man recalled his purpose for being there. The pain from being hit faded, and he quickly put on a friendly smile. “Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not a bad person, and I have no ill intentions.”

Jiang Fuyue remained unaffected.

The man maintained his smile, thinking that this girl was not easy to deal with. His smile became even more sincere. “I’m Wu Qian, a talent agent from Yimi Entertainment. I saw a video of Jiang Chenxing on Vibrato half a month ago and thought he had great potential…” He pulled out a business card from his pocket and extended it with both hands.

Jiang Fuyue glanced down at the card but didn’t take it.

Yet, in those few seconds, all the information on the card was imprinted in her mind, including Wu Qian’s personal phone number and the company’s address.

The man smiled amiably, smoothly retracting the card. “Don’t worry, I’m not a fraud…”

“Alright.” Jiang Fuyue suddenly responded.

The man noticed a change in her attitude and his eyes brightened. “May I ask, are you Jiang Chenxing’s…?”


The light in Wu Qian’s eyes dimmed. “Here’s the thing, could you pass on a message to your parents for me…”

“No need,” Jiang Fuyue interrupted. “I can make decisions about small matters.”

Small matters?

Wu Qian felt that the other party might not have understood what he meant at all. Yet, the girl’s clear and transparent eyes, along with her logical way of speaking, made him think otherwise. She didn’t seem like she didn’t understand.

“You might not have understood my previous words. What I meant was…”

“You’re interested in my brother and want to sign him,” Jiang Fuyue said with a smile.

Wu Qian was about to nod in agreement, but the next moment, he saw the girl’s expression change drastically, her cold gaze sharp as a knife…

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