After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Final Exams, Information Contest

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At 8:40, the number of viewers experienced the first small peak, surging from seven thousand twenty minutes ago to fifty thousand. The comments section was so densely packed that it was impossible to read everything, and the livestream shot up to ninth place on the popularity chart.

At that moment, Little Brother Jiang had finished eating the rice from the small and medium-sized electric rice cookers. Most of the dishes were gone as well. He now struggled to hold the large electric rice cooker in his little arms.

As he lifted the lid, steam billowed out. In the next moment, his eyes widened in surprise, his small mouth forming an “O” shape, as he exclaimed, “Wow!”

It turned out that this pot contained corn and cured meat rice.

It smelled so good!


At this moment, he suddenly remembered what Uncle Wu had said about occasionally looking at the camera. Taking advantage of picking up his chopsticks, he glanced up at the camera.

This was the first time since the livestream started that he had shifted his attention away from the food. His beautiful peach blossom eyes were clearly visible, like clear water, and there was a faint hint of confusion, as if he wasn’t fully present.

Then, the comments section exploded:

[Aaah! Didi is killing me!]

[Help! What kind of otherworldly beauty is this? I’m dead.]

[Looking this handsome at such a young age, what will he look like when he grows up?]

[Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Who is this? Tears are flowing out of my mouth.]

[At most, wait for him for fifteen years, otherwise I’ll hit menopause!]

[His eyes are so beautiful, his nose is so attractive, I want to kiss him.]

[Form a group to abduct kids, anyone signing up?]

[Series of “Deceiving Me to Have a Son”]

[I surrender, I’m under your spell.]

[Yacht x10]

[SportsCar x15]

[RedWine x60]

[Yacht x5]

[SportsCar x2]

The comments were either praising his looks or showering him with gifts.

However, Little Brother Jiang didn’t pay much attention to it. He took a quick glance and then shifted his gaze back to his food, continuing to eat.

The comments section started calling for “Er Kang’s hand,” urging Didi to come back quickly so they could have another look.

Wu Qian was about to remind Jiang Chenxing, but Jiang Fuyue stopped him.

“What are you doing?”

Wu Qian: “They want to see Chenxing’s face…”

“If they want to see it, do we have to give it to them?”


Jiang Fuyue: “No ‘buts.’ The best things are the ones you can’t get.”

“…” Expert manipulator.

While the two were talking, Little Brother Jiang’s livestream room had already climbed to fifth place on the popularity chart and third place on the gift chart.

At 8:40, with the prime recommendation spot, the oblivious young host, and his unique style of “hugging the rice cooker while eating,” the number of viewers exploded, approaching two hundred thousand.

By then, several plates on the table had emptied, and there wasn’t much of the cured meat rice left in the pot.

Wu Qian instinctively wanted to extend the livestream, but just as he was about to speak, he caught a glimpse of Jiang Fuyue’s expressionless profile, and his enthusiasm waned.

At a quarter past nine, Little Brother Jiang ended the livestream. The viewer count had reached two hundred and eighty thousand, and he had secured the top spot on both the popularity and gift rankings.

Burp! Little Brother Jiang looked up at the camera with an innocent smile, saying, “Thank you, everyone, goodbye~”

Wu Qian turned off the camera.

The two assistants started compiling the data, and ten minutes later…

“Brother Wu! There were two hundred and eighty-seven thousand viewers, and the gift income was one hundred and twenty thousand!”

Wu Qian was dumbfounded.

Although he had mentally prepared himself, hearing the specific numbers was still a shock.

This achievement wasn’t just something Yimi had never achieved; it was remarkable even within the entire industry.

Little Brother Jiang stood by Jiang Fuyue’s side, looking at Wu Qian with a hint of expectation.

“Uncle, how did I do?” He blushed shyly, his cheeks turning slightly red.

Wu Qian crouched down, took a deep breath, and placed his large hand on Little Brother Jiang’s arm. “Chenxing, listen to Uncle. You did great, really great! From now on, you’re my little prodigy! If you need anything, just let me know. Whatever you want to eat or have, as long as it’s feasible, Uncle will do his best to satisfy you, okay?!”

Little Brother Jiang bashfully bit his lip, obediently replying, “Okay~”

With the first battle won, Wu Qian became even more dedicated. He practically wanted to spend twenty-four hours a day at the Jiang family, tirelessly providing Jiang Chenxing with delicious food.

Today, he’d bring in the chef from this hotel, and tomorrow, he’d invite the master from that restaurant. The nutritional balance was strictly adhered to, with guidance from professional physicians. After all, children were growing, and there was no room for negligence.

The livestream duration was also strictly controlled, from 8:00 to 9:30 every day, no exceptions. Love it or leave it.

It turned out that this “hunger marketing” strategy was really effective. In just an hour and a half, they not only saved time but also cultivated fans’ habits, enhancing their loyalty by ensuring they entered the livestream room every day on time.

What’s more, it didn’t disrupt the child’s sleep schedule. They could finish early and achieve multiple benefits at once.

Wu Qian had to admit that Jiang Fuyue was a formidable character.

And she was hard to figure out, too.

That’s why, on certain crucial matters, he would seek her opinion first before making a decision.

Meanwhile, on one side, Little Brother Jiang’s “career” flourished, and on the other side, No. 1 High School ushered in the final exams.

The exam rooms were divided based on the results of the previous monthly exams. Naturally, Jiang Fuyue was assigned the first seat in the first exam room.

Then, everyone witnessed the power of the “academic goddess” once again.

After thirty minutes into the Chinese exam on the first day, she handed in her paper and left the exam room.

The remaining students: “?!?!”

When the exam ended, as everyone rushed into the cafeteria to get food, Jiang Fuyue was already napping in bed at home.

The mathematics exam in the afternoon was even more astonishing. She finished writing in just fifteen minutes and then sprawled on the desk to take a long nap.

The invigilating teacher walked over and coughed several times to remind her, but she remained completely oblivious, sleeping soundly until the bell rang.

It wasn’t that Jiang Fuyue was disregarding others; she was just extremely tired and couldn’t hold on any longer.

Besides, she was just sleeping; it wasn’t affecting other candidates.

Who said you couldn’t sleep during an exam?

The invigilating teacher: “…” Unable to refute.

Afterward, she couldn’t help but find Xu Jing, hoping he could use his position as the class teacher to impose some discipline. “Although there’s no rule explicitly stating that sleeping in the exam room is not allowed, it does give a bad impression. We should emphasize this aspect of discipline…”

Xu Jing listened but didn’t respond, casually picking up a teacup and taking a sip in the middle of her speech.

When she finished, he nodded in a serious manner. “Alright, I’ll definitely have a good talk with her later! However, Teacher Wang, I’ve seen students sleeping in exam room eighteen too, and many of them are from your class. Should I make a list and give it to you so that you can talk to them individually? This issue of discipline should be emphasized collectively; it’s not something I alone can address. I’ll report this matter to Director Zhao later and ask him to pay special attention to it.”

Teacher Wang left with a disgruntled expression.

Meng Zhijian witnessed the entire scene and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “When are you going to get rid of your annoying habit of protecting her like she’s your own child?”

“I’m happy to! Don’t you think Teacher Wang is being overly concerned? The student finished the exam and took a little rest. She didn’t bother anyone. Does he really need to make such a fuss about it?”

“In your eyes, Jiang Fuyue is like a precious gem that no one can touch!”

Xu Jing smirked. “It sounds like you’re not treating her like a precious gem. Fine, then. Give her to me. Lately, she’s been spending all the time in your science competition class…”

“Don’t!” Meng Zhijian’s calm demeanor shattered when he realized the conversation was directed at him. “What do you mean, take her back? She was originally in my physics competition class. Are you jealous or something?”

Speaking of the devil, she appeared.

As they spoke about her, Jiang Fuyue came and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

“Teacher Xu, Teacher Meng.”

“We were just talking about you. Have you been having trouble sleeping recently?”

Jiang Fuyue hesitated for a moment, guessing that the invigilating teacher had probably talked to Xu Jing about it. Nonetheless, she answered truthfully, “I went to bed later than usual last night.”

“Did you stay up late?”


“Is there any difficulty with your studies?”

“No, I was reviewing past problems from the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).”

Xu Jing frowned, “IOI? The International Olympiad in Informatics?”

“Yes, I’m considering whether the school could recommend me to participate in it.”

“You want to participate in the IOI?!” Xu Jing and Meng Zhijian exclaimed in unison.

So, the correct answer to the previous question was A~ Did you get it right?

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