After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 91

Chapter 91: A Test, The Live Broadcast Begins

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“What if I give up 20% of the earnings?”

According to the original contract, the platform and the host split the gift earnings 50-50. In order to secure a relatively favorable contract for Jiang Chenxing, Jiang Fuyue had to negotiate terms using the split ratio with the other party.

If Little Brother Jiang became popular, giving up that 20% of earnings would be quite substantial.

If Little Brother Jiang didn’t become popular, it would merely be a contract for a lesser-known talent, and there wouldn’t likely be any major disputes over the contract.

From any perspective, the talent agency wouldn’t be at a loss.

Being profit-driven by nature, the other party had no reason to refuse.

As expected, once Jiang Fuyue finished speaking, the other side readily agreed.

“…If there’s nothing else, we’ll leave now.” The girl stood up, nodding slightly.

Jiang Chenxing smiled at Wu Qian, “Goodbye, Uncle!”

The siblings left, and it took Wu Qian a moment to realize—

This girl is quite the expert.

When he went to the front desk to settle the bill, he was told that it had already been paid.

Wu Qian gazed in the direction where Jiang Fuyue had left, feeling increasingly cautious about underestimating this girl…

Three days later, Wu Qian brought the contract to their home.

Jiang Fuyue carefully reviewed it and confirmed that there were no issues before allowing Jiang Da to sign it.

In the afternoon, renovation workers came and painted the bedroom walls where the future broadcasts would take place. They also brought in a coffee table and placed it against the wall, leaving a gap in the middle where they put a low stool and surrounded it with plush cushions.

Wu Qian said, “Chenxing, go sit there. Uncle will adjust the camera angle.”

“Okay.” Little Brother Jiang ran over and obediently sat on the stool.

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s fine like this. When you’re eating, remember to occasionally glance at the camera. Do you know where the camera is? See, it’s right here…”

Wu Qian covered every detail. Jiang Fuyue had to admit that he was quite professional.

Finally, after the renovation workers installed curtains around the broadcasting area, separating it from the daily living space, they created two separate and undisturbed areas with a simple pull of the curtains, making things much more convenient.

After Wu Qian inspected and approved everything, he signed the receipt, and the renovation workers left.

“For now, we can only do this. It’s a makeshift setup. The best environment for food broadcasts is still at home, as it feels more authentic that way.”

Little Brother Jiang’s debut broadcast was scheduled for three days later, and Yimi Talent Agency would focus their resources to give it a strong push.

If the outcome was good, subsequent marketing and branding efforts would follow suit. If the results were average, they would arrange a second round of promotions to assess the aftereffects. However, if the outcome was truly poor, the project might be shelved.

“,,,,Do we need to tell Chenxing about this?” Wu Qian asked.

Jiang Fuyue’s expression remained calm as she replied, “He can handle it better than you might think.”


“If he can’t handle this bit of pressure, how far do you think he can go?”

“…Alright, I know what to do.”

Sure enough, Little Brother Jiang just calmly responded with an “Oh” after listening, as if it wasn’t unexpected at all.

Wu Qian suddenly felt like he was less mature than a child. He looked at the plan in his hands, then made a bold decision…

“Me?” Jiang Fuyue looked at the man in front of her, his eyes filled with hope. “Isn’t this something your talent agency should be handling?”

“But I want to hear your opinion. This plan has been taking shape in my mind for a long time, but I always felt like something was missing. I want to make it the best it can be. Besides, Chenxing is your brother. You also want him to have a good start, don’t you?”

Jiang Fuyue didn’t refuse any further. She picked up the folder by her side and opened the first page…

Twenty minutes later, she looked up and closed the materials in her hand, setting them aside.

Wu Qian: “How is it?”

Jiang Fuyue: “Not very good.”

“…Clang,” the sound of a broken heart.

After a moment, Wu Qian managed to sort out his complicated feelings and asked her what was wrong.

Jiang Fuyue: “The competition between hosts ultimately comes down to attracting viewership. While a visitor’s choice of livestream room is influenced by personal preferences, it’s also closely related to the host’s individual characteristics. Even though they’re all food broadcasts and they’re all about eating, why do some people become popular while others go unnoticed?”

Why is that?

Wu Qian pondered for a moment. “Uniqueness.”

“Exactly, only standing out from the crowd can make you shine.”

And Jiang Chenxing had so many things that made him stand out!

“Thank you!” Wu Qian suddenly stood up, excitement shining in his eyes. “I know what to do now. Trust me, the results won’t disappoint you!”

Jiang Fuyue appeared unaffected, lowering her head to drink her tea.

Actions spoke louder than words. Rather than talking about it, it was better to do it. In the end, it had to be translated into action.

If Wu Qian didn’t have this capability, she wouldn’t let Little Brother Jiang waste his time with him.

Rather than calling this guidance, it was more like a test.

A test of Wu Qian, the talent agent!

On the day of the live broadcast, it was a Saturday.

Eight o’clock, the prime time for platform traffic. With a snap of his fingers, Wu Qian activated the camera. Little Brother Jiang was already sitting properly on a small stool, wearing a loose T-shirt with a Pikachu pattern. His little arms were pale and chubby, and he had a gentle yet shy smile.

“Hello, everyone.”

And then, nothing.

Two assistants brought in a table, filled with a variety of dishes, both meat and vegetarian. Stir-fried, sautéed, fried – everything was there. Then, three electric rice cookers, from large to small, were placed next to Jiang Chenxing.

The young boy gazed at the delicious food, subtly swallowing his saliva.

When Wu Qian nodded, Jiang Chenxing picked up his chopsticks. Without a bowl, he held a small electric rice cooker, taking a bite of food and then a bite of rice, eating happily and contentedly.

The dishes were prepared by a hotel chef according to the recommendations of a nutritionist, and they were served hot and delicious.

Initially a bit nervous, Little Brother Jiang was instantly immersed in the feast before him. The external factors seemed insignificant.

At 8:05, the recommendations started coming in, and the number of viewers in the livestream room jumped from twenty to two thousand.

The comments section began to buzz:

[Sweetness Galore]: Let me take a look at whose adorable little one is enjoying a meal?

[Lutebones]: Oh, I’ve never seen Little Didi before, is he new?

[FeedFishSomeRedBeanDuck]: Catching up with the cute baby eating broadcast? Front row! Front row!

[Yuzhouliaojitou]: Sending [Yacht] x5

[LittleBee]: A wealthy person has appeared upstairs, impressed!

[TheInternetExploded]: How old is Little Didi this year? His skin is so fair, what baby cream is he using?

[NightLongWriting]: My goodness, this little brother is too beautiful, looks like a little sister~

[GottoBeBald]: Eating so obediently! My heart is melting~

[WantToClimbMountainsTogether]: There’s rice on the corner of his mouth, I really want to wipe it off for him.

[TimeManagementMaster]: I’m different, I want to be that grain of rice.

[DongshengTeachesYouLife]: I’m even more different, I’m starting to drool.

[SunshineMom]: Sending [Lollipop] x20

[FishFishDoesntGiveUp]: Sending [Rose] x200

[Yuzhouliaotu]: Sending [SportsCar] x1

At 8:20, the number of viewers increased to seven thousand, and the excitement continued to rise.

Wu Qian answered a phone call, then came back and grabbed Jiang Fuyue excitedly. “We made it to the front page of the popularity chart!”

Jiang Fuyue took out her phone and glanced at it, her tone flat. “We’re just at the bottom.”


Like a bucket of cold water being poured over his head, Wu Qian snapped out of his excitement.

In reality, he really wanted to say, being on the front page is already impressive enough, what more do you want? Do you want to be at the top?

Are you kidding?

You should know that the other hosts at the company have never even made it to the bottom of the list.

The current level of popularity has far exceeded expectations.

Jiang Fuyue glanced at him coldly, her sarcasm undisguised. “Is this all you’re capable of?”

Wu Qian: “Me…?”

As it turns out, boundaries are meant to be broken. There’s only “I didn’t think of it” and no “I can’t do it.”

Let’s have a little quiz~

What is Little Brother Jiang’s final ranking on both the popularity chart and the gift chart?

A. First, first; B. First, second; C. Second, second; D. Third, second

Single choice, answer in the comments, muah~

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