After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Another First Place, Perfect Score in the Finals

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Full marks in mathematics, English, and the comprehensive science exam, and a 148 in Chinese. With a high score of 748, Jiang Fuyue firmly secured the top spot in her grade.

Although it wasn’t as terrifying as the previous monthly exams, even with just a two-point deduction for the Chinese essay, it was a result deliberately orchestrated by the examiners. It was practically no different from achieving full marks in all subjects.

When Wan Xiutong saw the good news in the class group chat, she leaped out of her bed like a carp and sat up. She was even more excited than if she had achieved full marks herself.

“What are you doing?” Father Wan covertly leaned his head in from the door frame, “Resurrecting like a zombie?”

“My deskmate! She’s in first place again! Ah ah ah—how can there be such a beautiful and smart girl in this world? And the crucial point is, she’s my deskmate! My deskmate, hey!”

Three seconds after the good news was sent, there was an inexplicable silence in the class group chat for a moment. Wan Xiutong was about to send a congratulatory flower bouquet emoji, but before she could send it, a string of “666” filled the chat, and then…

【It’s still your Sister Yue】

【Presenting tea to the master】

【I can only offer my knees】

Wan Xiutong messaged Jiang Fuyue but didn’t get a reply after waiting for a while.

She didn’t feel disappointed though; she figured her deskmate was probably busy reading some profound and mysterious research papers or books she hadn’t even heard of.

Indeed, Jiang Fuyue was busy, but not with reading. She was using Pascal programming.

In the midst of her work, Xu Jing called, informing her about her final exam results and ranking.

After listening, Jiang Fuyue calmly responded with, “Oh. Is there anything else?”

Xu Jing: “?” Is that it?

No other reaction?

“Cough… You’re participating as an individual, and the school agreed. They’ve also promised to reimburse your round-trip transportation and accommodation expenses.”


After the call, Jiang Fuyue continued with the next question, her ten fingers swiftly tapping on the keyboard, producing a rhythmic tapping sound.

Ling Residence, second-floor piano room.

Ling Xuan had just finished his piano lesson and was still wearing an elegantly tailored tailcoat.

He was a person who appreciated ceremony, and every time he practiced the piano, he would present himself impeccably, meticulous in every detail.

“Your progress is remarkable.” The piano teacher nodded in satisfaction.

Ling Xuan inclined his head, his smile composed and reserved. “Allow me to send you off.”

In the living room, the piano teacher waved at him. “You can stay.”

Ling Xuan stood in place, watching her leave before turning and heading upstairs.

Every word and action, every movement he made, was executed perfectly, leaving no room for error.

Back in the piano room, Ling Xuan soon began playing the piece “Love’s Dream, Chapter Three,” the melody flowing gently.

Two hours later, the music came to a halt.

Coincidentally, at that moment, a servant knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

“Master, it’s time for lunch. Mr. and Mrs. are already in the dining room.”

“Alright, I got it.”

Ling Xuan went to his bedroom to change clothes and came down ten minutes later. “Dad, Mom.”

“Ah Xuan is here.” Zhou Qin waved for her son to sit down and instructed the kitchen to bring the food.

“How’s your piano practice? What did the teacher say?”

“It’s alright.”

“Here, have some ribs. It’s your favorite cumin flavor.”

“Thank you, Mom.”

Ling Qingzhou didn’t usually talk much, and Ling Xuan wasn’t a very talkative child either. During the meal, there were only Zhou Qin’s gentle reminders as she helped them with the food, and the slight clinking of dishes and bowls.

“That’s enough, you should eat too, don’t bother yourself.” Ling Qingzhou spoke, and Zhou Qin stopped serving.

After the meal, Ling Qingzhou routinely inquired about his son’s studies.

“I heard that you’ve been sleeping an hour later than usual recently?”


“Is it because you’re finding your studies challenging?”

Ling Xuan furrowed his brows, but his voice remained calm. “I have an additional competition class, so it requires more time.”

Ling Qingzhou didn’t say much and asked, “Are there any tutors in your tutoring team who you want to replace?”

“Yes. Teacher Liu, who teaches physics, I think he’s not suitable.”

“Alright, I’ll instruct the secretary to take care of it.” He didn’t ask for specific reasons.

At that moment, Zhou Qin came out of the kitchen carrying a fruit platter and placed it in front of the father and son. “These are lychees that were just delivered this morning. Would you like to try some?”

The translucent white lychee flesh was removed from the pit, and the thin layer of brown membrane attached to the flesh was also removed, making it look delicate and delicious.

Ling Xuan picked up a silver fork, took a piece, and put it in his mouth. “I’m going upstairs first.”

Zhou Qin sat down beside her husband. “Aren’t you going to eat?”

Ling Qingzhou waved his hand and went to the balcony, while venting his frustration over the phone: “… There’s no need to discuss it. Even if he, Yi Hansheng, dares to act recklessly, I’m not afraid of facing the consequences. I’ve made up my mind about No.1 High School!”

Zhou Qin lowered her gaze and picked up a piece of lychee to eat, but it tasted bland.

Meanwhile, Ling Xuan went back to his room on the second floor and took a half-hour nap. After that, he began working on math and physics problems: 12 sets for the math competition and 8 sets for the physics competition.

As the sun set, he finally finished and recorded the time and accuracy for each set of papers, comparing them to his previous attempts.

Although there wasn’t a significant change in accuracy, his speed had improved by 5%!

Satisfied, Ling Xuan set aside his work and took out his phone.

It had shut down automatically at some point, so he found his charger.

As soon as he turned it on, he was bombarded with missed call notifications and WeChat message alerts.

He casually opened a message, but in the next moment, his previously relaxed brow furrowed:

Jiang Fuyue is in first place again!

The aftermath of the final exam results had yet to subside when, two days later, the results of the physics competition preliminaries were announced.

Jiang Fuyue scored full marks in both the theory and practical sections, securing the first place in the province.

Ling Xuan was ten points behind her, ranking third in the province.

Liu Bowen, Hou Siyuan, and four others received first-class awards, three received second-class awards, and four received third-class awards at the national level.

With this, the 13 students under the guidance of Teacher Meng and Teacher Yu in the physics competition class all received awards without exception!

Upon receiving the news, Meng Zhijian was fishing by the creek. He had waited all morning for a bite, and just when there was a little movement on his fishing rod, he received a phone call.

His face turned dark. “Hello…” It better be something really important!

Thirty seconds later, he jumped up with excitement and his eyes gleaming. A mixture of astonishment and wild joy appeared on his face. “Is it true?! Director, are you sure you’re not kidding me? It’s a perfect score, haha… It’s actually a perfect score! Can you believe it?!”

He couldn’t even believe it himself!

“… Alright, alright, I’ll be right there!”

After hanging up, he didn’t care about fishing anymore, reeled in his line, and left decisively.

Half an hour later, a taxi stopped in front of the competition committee office. Just as Meng Zhijian got out of the car, he ran into Yu Wenzhou, who had hurriedly arrived.

The two of them exchanged glances from a distance. Meng Zhijian observed Yu Wenzhou’s shorts and flip-flops and thought he looked rather slovenly, while Yu Wenzhou thought Meng Zhijian’s fisherman’s hat and baggy T-shirt made him appear overly casual. Each held their own opinion of the other.

However, in the end, they entered the office together.

Upon pushing the door open, they found Zhang Ju inside, her expression not looking too good.

The two exchanged a glance, and Yu Wenzhou greeted cheerfully, “Teacher Zhang is here too. As expected, you’re always one step ahead of us.”

Zhang Ju forced a smile.

“Where’s the director?” Meng Zhijian looked around but didn’t see anyone.

Another teacher spoke up, “He’s handling something. He asked us to wait here for a moment.”

Yu Wenzhou nodded, “No rush. We already know the results anyway.”

Before this, the Director had called everyone individually to inform them of their students’ results, so they knew their own students’ scores, but they were still unaware of the performance from other schools.

“Old Yu, how did your No. 1 High School do this time?” A male teacher who had a good relationship with Yu Wenzhou asked directly.

Zhang Ju, sitting nearby, couldn’t help but perk up her ears.

Jiang Fuyue scored 748, option C~ With a two-point deduction for her essay, she’s still the unofficial champion.

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