After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 95

Chapter 95: She Calls the Shots for Their Achievements

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Yu Wenzhou glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, his heart secretly amused, but his expression remained poker-faced. “It’s not bad, just average.”

“Just average? What does ‘just average’ mean? Be clear, why are you beating around the bush?”

Yu Wenzhou replied, “There are only three or four first-class awards, after all.”

“Come on, what do you mean by ‘only’? You’re not satisfied with three or four?!” The male teacher retorted sarcastically. “I don’t have a single one here.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Ju’s lips tightened involuntarily.

Yu Wenzhou sighed, “I think four is still a bit low, considering we had 13 students in the preliminaries.”

The male teacher widened his eyes. “What did you say?! Are you daring to say that again? Only 13 students? And you got four first-class awards? Wait… are you joking?”

Among his 25 students who made it to the preliminaries, the best result was only a second-class award. Yet, this beast Yu Wenzhou had casually claimed four first-class awards?

And he was actually complaining about it?!

It was too much. His blood pressure was soaring…

But the shock was far from over; the climax was yet to come.

Just as he was about to go overboard, Yu Wenzhou continued, “Actually, it’s not a big deal. What surprised me more when comparing notes with Old Meng is that Jiang Fuyue and Ling Xuan did incredibly well. Jiang Fuyue got full marks in both the theory and practical sections, ranking first in the province. On the other hand, Ling Xuan came close but was deducted ten points in the theory section, placing third in the province.”

Third… in the entire province?

What kind of audacious statement was this?

The male teacher’s blood pressure completely went out of control.

Meanwhile, Zhang Ju’s hand, which was resting casually on her knee, had already unconsciously clenched into a tight fist. Her nails dug deeply into her skin, but she seemed oblivious to the pain.

“Oh, everyone’s here?” The director hurriedly arrived.

Everyone stood up to greet him.

“Please, have a seat.” He looked all smiles, “The results of the preliminaries have been communicated to you over the phone. The official report cards are being printed and will be delivered shortly.”

“Today, we have two main points to discuss. Firstly, the award ceremony will be held this Friday, just two days from now. Students who received first, second, and third-class awards will be invited to the stage. We have invited over a dozen media outlets to cover the event, and interviews will be conducted afterward.”

“Secondly, the list of students who have qualified for this year’s summer camp is out. Following the tradition of previous years, students who rank in the top three in each province will attend a ten-day intensive training camp in the capital. The national team members for the IPhO will be selected from this camp. This process won’t change much this year. Interestingly, the top three students from J Province are all from our Linhuai City, which is quite an impressive achievement. It’s the first time in many years that all top three ranks in the province come from the same city.”

“In addition, Jiang Fuyue from No. 1 High School, with her outstanding performance of full marks in both theory and practical sections, has caught the attention of the national team. Let us give a warm round of applause to Teacher Meng and Teacher Yu. They’ve cultivated an exceptional student!”

Thunderous applause filled the room.

Meng Zhijian’s eyes were brimming with tears, and Yu Wenzhou, who had been arrogant and proud earlier, now showed a hint of complexity and nostalgia in his eyes.

In their prime, No. 1 High School’s physics competition team had shone brilliantly, and both of them had been renowned as exemplary educators. Unfortunately, the team’s glory gradually faded, year after year. Despite their efforts to salvage the situation, their attempts had been in vain.

Their former glory had dimmed, and they were confined to a corner. Both had returned to their roles as ordinary teachers. Although they continued to teach, their ambitions had been worn away by the monotony of each passing day.

They had thought it was the end, but Jiang Fuyue’s appearance had rekindled their hopes.

Rather than saying they contributed to Jiang Fuyue’s success, it was more accurate to say that Jiang Fuyue had fulfilled their dreams!

After the meeting, Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou left, surrounded by a crowd of well-wishers.

“I have to say, Old Meng, you two hid it quite well. Such a promising talent only emerges now when they’re already in the second year of high school, about to enter their third year.”

“Yeah, if they had joined in their first year, what would be left for No. 2 High School?”

“I heard this little girl handed in her paper early again? And she even memorized the questions on the spot. Is that true?”

“Jiang Fuyue and Ling Xuan are naturally talented contestants; they are hard to come by. We have no arguments there. But every other student getting awards? You can’t tell us you two didn’t share any tricks. We don’t believe that!”

“That’s right, we’ve been friends for so many years. Old Meng, you can’t keep any secrets, spill the beans so we can all learn!”


While some questions were genuine, others were just jests. Surrounded by the overwhelming enthusiasm that was difficult to fend off, Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou exchanged glances, seeing the helplessness and wry smiles in each other’s eyes.

What tricks did they have?

Jiang Fuyue set the questions, scored full marks, and even took care of several lessons on their behalf.

It seemed like they were really about to lose their jobs this time…

The next day, Yu Wenzhou and Meng Zhijian personally went to deliver Jiang Fuyue’s report card.

When they arrived at the pancake shop, they didn’t see anyone.

Jiang Da and Han Yunru warmly welcomed the two, and they each received a family-sized pancake generously filled.

After taking a bite, they exchanged a look, it was excellent!

They couldn’t help but speed up their eating.

After finishing, Han Yunru offered them chilled sour plum soup, which was refreshing and perfect for cooling off after the meal.

After just one sip, they were once again pleasantly surprised.

They had heard many students talk about how delicious Jiang’s pancakes were, but they hadn’t paid much attention to it. They hadn’t expected it to be this good!


It would’ve been better if they had come to try it earlier.

“Is Jiang Fuyue here?” They had their fill, so it was time to discuss business.

“Jiang Fuyue has been at the city library recently. She leaves in the morning and comes back at night.”

“I see…”

Han Yunru smiled warmly, “Do the two of you have something you need? Should I call her back now?”

“No need, no need. We’re here today to deliver her report card and also wanted to talk to her parents about Jiang Fuyue’s situation.”

Jiang Da wiped his hands, coming out from the kitchen. At the mention of that, his heart skipped a beat. “Has something happened to Yue Yue?”

“No, no, she’s exceptional and stands out. This is her report card from the physics competition preliminaries. You can take a look… She got full marks in both theory and practical sections, ranking first in the province. Even if she competes on a national level, it’s unlikely anyone will do better.”

The couple’s reaction was unexpectedly calm.

Yu Wenzhou cleared his throat. “Do you two know that she’s participating in the informatics competition next?”

Jiang Da thought for a moment. “I think I’ve heard about it.”

Han Yunru sounded more certain. “Yes, I remember hearing something like that.”

Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou exchanged a glance. Well, the parents were unreliable; no wonder the child had such grand plans.

“Here’s the thing. Jiang Fuyue has been selected for this year’s physics summer camp. She has a chance to represent China in an international competition. If she wins a gold medal, she’ll be able to choose freely among the top five universities in the country. She wouldn’t even need to take the college entrance exam; she could get a direct recommendation. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that some people might never encounter. Our suggestion is for her to focus on the summer camp and put aside less important matters for now…”

Such as the informatics competition.

Yu Wenzhou continued, “Do you two understand our point?”

Jiang Da nodded. “Yes, you don’t want Yue Yue to participate in that… competition.”

Alright, they understood.

Yu Wenzhou looked expectant. “So, what are your thoughts?”

Jiang Da grinned innocently. “We don’t have any thoughts.”

Yu Wenzhou: “?”

Jiang Da continued, “Even if we did, it wouldn’t matter. Yue Yue doesn’t listen to us.”

Han Yunru nodded. “In our house, her word counts.”

Jiang Da confirmed with a determined look; that’s right, it was like that.

Yu Wenzhou: “?”

Meng Zhijian: “?”

A family relationship puzzle?

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