After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Ninth Master Presents Awards, Heading to the Capital

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In the blink of an eye, the day of the awards ceremony arrived.

Early in the morning, Jiang Fuyue made a trip to the library. After completing a set of IOI practice questions, she left and took a taxi to the city sports arena.

“Sister Yue! Over here—” Liu Bowen waved to her from a distance.

After giving the taxi fare, Jiang Fuyue walked over.

“Where are the others?”

Liu Bowen: “They’re all inside.”

Jiang Fuyue checked her watch. “Isn’t there still half an hour?”

She thought she had arrived quite early.

Liu Bowen’s lips twitched. “We got here two hours early.”

Not everyone is like you. Being punctual? Not everyone treats awards so lightly, you know?

“Let’s go.”

Entering the hall, seats for No. 1 High School were arranged prominently at the front, making them very noticeable.

Meng Zhijian and Yu Wenzhou were there. Hou Siyuan waved enthusiastically to the two.

“Teacher Meng, Teacher Yu.” Jiang Fuyue walked over and greeted the two before finding her seat.

Of course, it wasn’t just any seat. Each seat had a label with the name written on it. Jiang Fuyue’s seat was conveniently next to Ling Xuan’s.

“Congratulations, another perfect score,” the young man spoke up.

Jiang Fuyue gave a faint “thank you” and didn’t say anything more.

Amidst the surrounding excitement, it felt like there was an icy wall between the two of them, with even the air feeling cold.

At exactly three in the afternoon, the awards ceremony officially began.

Several leaders took the stage to give speeches, mentioning Xu Kaiqing several times in the process, thanking the higher-ups for their guidance that led to their excellent results…

At Q University in the capital:

Professor Xu sneezed.

Let me tell you, you might not believe it, but I actually went to Linhuai to find someone.

During the official award presentation, when No. 1 High School was called, everyone stood up in unison, creating a spectacular scene compared to the few other schools that stood up.

They first awarded the third prize, then the second prize, and finally the first prize.

Feng Kaixuan was also among the first prize winners, but he was the only one from Second High School to receive an award.

Jiang Fuyue, Ling Xuan, and another male student were called up to the front. The host announced that the three of them would represent J Province in this year’s summer camp.

Instantly, thunderous applause erupted.

“Today, we are honored to invite Professor Xie Dingyuan, the actual controlling shareholder and chief researcher of Historical Biology Technology, as well as a researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the Medical Science Academy, to present awards to these three students!”

As soon as the host finished speaking, a tall figure appeared on the stage.

The man was dressed in a light charcoal gray suit, his tie meticulously knotted to the last button, his demeanor elegant and handsome, seemingly unreachable.

The spotlight illuminated his stern and cold face, adding an air of unreality. He appeared as if he had walked out of the interplay between light and shadow, a god untainted by the mortal world.

For a moment, the venue fell into silence for two seconds.

Then, like dropping water into a hot oil pan, the place exploded—

“Is that the ‘Historical Biology’ and ‘Professor Xie’ I know?”

“Oh my god! It’s really him! He actually came, it’s unbelievable.”

“I read in the news a few days ago that Historical recently launched a new biochemistry project. Shouldn’t he be very busy?”

“A new project? What kind of cutting-edge technology is about to emerge?”

“Um, excuse me, do you guys know him?”

A wave of incredulous gazes turned toward the questioner. “You don’t know him?”

“I don’t.”


“So who is he? Why are you all looking at me like that? He’s not a celebrity, can’t we expect not everyone to know him?”

“Classmate, which school are you from? Doesn’t your school allow you to follow current events? Do you know about the Nova disease?”

“I do, but what does that have to do with him?” Their eyes turned to the man on the stage.

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. It’s just that this big shot led his team to develop the C99 vaccine.”

“What? He developed the C99 vaccine?”

“Do you need me to explain it to you in simple terms?”

“…No, no need.”

Five years ago, the Nova virus swept through with great force, infecting millions of people worldwide. Later, a biological team from China took on the daunting task and managed to develop a life-saving vaccine within two months, saving the world from catastrophe.

Some researchers used hypothetical models afterward to speculate on the consequences of the continued spread of the Nova virus. It was predicted that in just six months, the world would have succumbed entirely, and the global population would become a breeding ground for the virus, mere hosts for parasitic organisms.

Of course, hypotheses remained just hypotheses, and the worst-case scenario did not materialize. However, this only served to emphasize the contributions of the researchers.

And Xie Dingyuan was the anchor that kept them steady!

No wonder everyone was so excited.

Even Jiang Fuyue, upon hearing the words “Historical Biology,” was momentarily taken aback.

After her rebirth, in order to catch up with the times, she had fervently absorbed the new technologies, knowledge, and achievements of the past two decades. And in the field of biology, Historical Biology was particularly prominent!

Historical… Will you uphold your unswerving principles through history?

Just that she didn’t expect the unapproachable Mr. Xie to be the captain of Historical. According to the introduction, he also seemed to be a highly accomplished scientist?


“We invite Professor Xie to present the trophies and certificates to the three students!”

The first, second, and third prizes were certificates, while only the special award came with a trophy.

As Jiang Fuyue received the trophy from Xie Dingyuan’s hands, she suddenly looked up. The man seemed unfazed, his gaze returning calmly.

Their eyes met, and it felt like an eternity had passed, but in reality, it had only been two seconds. Then, they both looked away, one proudly presenting the trophy, the other lowering her head seemingly deferentially.

It was as if nothing had happened, yet it felt like everything had.

Xie Dingyuan: “Continue to work hard and bring honor to the country.”

Jiang Fuyue: “Thank you.”

When it was Ling Xuan’s turn, Jiang Fuyue could clearly see his trembling hands due to excitement. “Thank you, you’re my idol!”

Xie Dingyuan: “Continue to work hard and bring honor to the country.”

A twitch formed at the corner of Jiang Fuyue’s mouth.

Ling Xuan, however, held the moment as if it were a precious treasure. Excitedly, he nearly spun in place. “Rest assured, I’ll work hard!”

When it was the turn of the other male student, Xie Dingyuan once again repeated the same eight words, emphasizing the syllables and using the same tone.

Jiang Fuyue: “…” Savage.

After the awards ceremony, as Jiang Fuyue was preparing to leave, she was suddenly stopped by Meng Zhijian—

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave. Come with me to the backstage.”

Jiang Fuyue: “Why?”

“The organizing committee arranged an interview with a TV station.”

“I’m not going.”

Meng Zhijian was momentarily stunned, thinking he had misheard.

Jiang Fuyue had no intention of repeating herself. She walked past him and headed straight for the exit.

“It’s not…” Meng Zhijian caught up, his expression anxious. What a great opportunity, why were these kids so unappreciative?

Jiang Fuyue: “I’m busy. You can find Ling Xuan.”

“He turned it down too.”

“Is that so?” The girl raised an eyebrow and then shrugged helplessly. “Well, I can’t do anything about it then.”

Meng Zhijian: “?” Was this even a human thing to do?

Three days after the end of the ceremony, Jiang Fuyue sat alone on the high-speed train bound for the capital.

This year’s NOI would be held at Q University.

This was also the first time Jiang Fuyue had returned to the place where she had lived in her previous life since her rebirth. She didn’t know how those familiar faces were doing. Were they doing well? Not well?

“Mom, look, that sister’s smile is so scary—”

The woman across from her complexion changed slightly, quickly reaching out to cover her daughter’s mouth. “I’m sorry, she doesn’t know better, she’s just saying nonsense. Sweetie, you can’t be willful. Do you understand?”

Jiang Fuyue’s smile remained unchanged.

“Wow—wuwuwu—” That sister is still smiling!

Sister Yue: Did you hear that I can scare children with my smile?

Ninth Master : I can scare them without smiling.

Author: Perfect match!

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