After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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If it weren’t for Rong Qiu’s strength, bringing Qin Muye to the hotel would have been troublesome. But Qin Muye was drunk, and Rong Qiu still had to put in some effort to coax the man out.

Yes, coax him out.

Rong Qiu had seen Qin Muye drunk before, but this time the man was exceptionally intoxicated, and his reactions were quite different. When Rong Qiu supported him, Qin Muye’s dark pupils were clearly unable to focus.

“Ah Ye is drunk. Let me carry Ah Ye.”

“Not drunk. I can walk in a straight line.”

But every step the man took showed signs of swaying.

Qin Muye still tightly held onto Rong Qiu’s hand, gripping it with such force that it felt like he could crush Rong Qiu’s hand bones. Rong Qiu had to carefully guide him in each step.

Finally, they reached the predetermined hotel, and Qin Muye sat on the sofa without moving, but his back remained straight.

“I want to take a shower.”

Rong Qiu, covered in sweat and turning on the air conditioner, immediately placed an order for two sets of clothes on his phone.

“Ah Ye, let me buy you a set of clothes first.”

The intoxicated man had already begun to undress.

Being Betas, Qin Muye had broad shoulders, a flexible waist, and even better-looking abdominal muscles than Rong Qiu. Although he had only taken off his shirt and not his pants, it was already evident that the man’s buttocks were firm and his legs were straight, meeting the requirements of a model in every aspect.

Watching Qin Muye undress, Rong Qiu’s shy little face turned red. He wanted to say something, but suddenly, all the nerves between his lips and tongue seemed to lose control at once.

Because he suddenly noticed a familiar red mark on the shirt the man threw at him.

This time, the mark was plump, and it hadn’t been smudged by water yet.

This was—a hickey?


On the the Beta’s phone browser, there were many search records.

“Lipstick kiss mark images”/”Consequences of Betas entering City Western Bar”/”Owner behind City Western Bar”…

The final search term, which was the current one, was a result of the Beta wracking his brains.

—Can Betas be partners with omegas?

“In usual circumstances, AA relationships and BB relationships are mainstream, and considering that offspring from AA unions are more likely to differentiate into alphas and omegas, the alpha and omega communities generally do not choose the beta community as legitimate partners.”

Rong Qiu breathed a sigh of relief.

Ah Ye was a Beta, so he probably wouldn’t be with an omega.

Even though he knew Ah Ye wouldn’t choose an omega, he still had countless questions.

Like why Ah Ye would go to a bar…

Or why there were so many omegas in the private room…

And that particularly ambiguous hickey.

If he asked, would Ah Ye get angry?

He didn’t want Ah Ye to be angry.

Before, he had interfered in Ah Ye’s social life, expressing his dislike for Su Ran, and even asked Ah Ye if he could avoid interacting with Su Ran. However, Ah Ye’s icy response was unforgettable.

“Rong Qiu, don’t meddle in my affairs.”

After that incident, Ah Ye avoided him for a whole month. Messages he sent were deliberately ignored, and even when he secretly tried to reconcile, Ah Ye treated him like a stranger, looking right through him.

The cost of saying the wrong thing was just too great. Since that time, Rong Qiu had become more cautious.

In the face of such situations later on, he stopped asking.

Ask less, do more.

That was the most comfortable way to stay by Ah Ye’s side.

As for the hickey…

Holding the clothes, Rong Qiu went to the bathroom, and with the flow of clear water, the hickey quickly disappeared.


Qin Muye had no idea how he left the bar.

If he hadn’t trusted Su Ran and the City Western Bar under Su’s jurisdiction, he wouldn’t have gotten drunk to this extent.

Alcohol was indeed a good thing, erasing all his recent troubles.

But afterward, his head throbbed excessively.

Opening his eyes, he found himself surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings.

It wasn’t his dormitory, nor was it anyone else’s he recognized. It seemed to be a hotel, clean, with a faint smell of alcohol lingering in the air.

Qin Muye half-sat up, casually leaning against the headrest.

Rong Qiu was right beside him.

However, he wasn’t sleeping on the bed. Rong Qiu was sleeping with his arm pressed against him, his left hand holding a half-dry disposable towel.

Presumably, he had taken care of him last night.

Qin Muye’s throat inexplicably became dry, and this itchiness urged him to get up and drink water. The quality of the hotel bed wasn’t the best, and the bed creaked as he moved.

Rong Qiu, who was lying on the bed, trembled slightly. The towel that had relaxed in his hand was gripped tightly again.

Qin Muye slowed down his movement as a response.

Getting off the bed from the other side, Qin Muye stared at the Beta for a while. Under the soft bedside lamp, Rong Qiu’s face had a delicate texture like condensed fat, as if it would leave a mark even with the gentlest touch. His lips were rosy and soft.

Finally, the man walked over.

Bending down, he picked up the half-lying Beta and placed him on the bed.


Usually, five hours of sleep would be more than enough for Rong Qiu, but this time it felt as if all his energy had been drained. Even when he closed his eyes, his limbs still felt tired.

Rong Qiu had a particularly difficult dream.

In the dream, he lost everything.

No friends, no family, and the only person he had, Ah Ye, left him. When he saw Ah Ye again, it was in a dazzling bar, where Ah Ye was surrounded by omegas, looking at him with inexplicable coldness and estrangement.

As if he were something to be discarded at any moment.

The moment he was pushed away by the man, Rong Qiu was abruptly awakened. Beads of sweat formed on his spine, leaving him with a chilling feeling in his legs and feet.

It’s just a dream, a dream is good.

A dream is false.

But why did he have such a dream? This dream could be considered the second nightmare of his life.

The first nightmare was being abandoned by his foster parents.

Still half in a daze, Rong Qiu wiped away the nonexistent sweat on his forehead. Then, he moved his half-numb body.

Wait a minute, why was he sleeping on the bed?

And where was Ah Ye!

The initial confusion when the Beta woke up dissipated.

Another cold sweat covered Rong Qiu as he looked around anxiously, but in his haste, he stumbled and fell heavily to the ground. Stunned for a few seconds, he looked at his throbbing ankle. Gritting his teeth, he continued moving, and when he saw the light coming from the bathroom at the corner, Rong Qiu felt relieved and slowly made his way to the sofa.

In the next ten minutes, the sound of water rushing intermittently echoed.

When Qin Muye came out of the bathroom, Rong Qiu was sitting on the sofa, hugging his knees, looking small and familiar to Qin Muye.

But this time, the Beta didn’t notice that he had come out. He was looking at his phone, frowning from time to time as if he had encountered some difficult problem.

Qin Muye cleared his throat.

Rong Qiu looked up at him, and there was a soft gleam in his eyes. “Ah Ye!”

Qin Muye’s gaze swept over the Beta’s features, and he nodded. “Mmm.”

Rong Qiu continued to stare at him eagerly. “Ah Ye, are you still feeling uncomfortable? Hungry? I’m ordering breakfast now. What does Ah Ye want to eat? Don’t worry; it’s not the hotel’s breakfast.”

“Anything is fine.”

Qin Muye’s few words were something Rong Qiu was used to.

However, after getting a response, Rong Qiu still didn’t look at his phone. He kept staring at the man, and the Beta’s expression clearly indicated that he had something to say.

Qin Muye’s steps paused; he could roughly guess what the Beta might inquire about.

Is he trying to interfere with his life again?

If indeed, how should he respond?

Considering his usual temperament, he wouldn’t answer.

However, thinking that the Beta went to such lengths to find him last night, likely even missing the theoretical exam, missing this test would mean all the efforts that Rong Qiu put into this semester for the scholarship would be in vain.

The Beta would probably feel upset.

So, he wouldn’t mind comforting the Beta a little.

After all, he didn’t do anything excessive last night.

However, after waiting for a while, even when all the droplets of water had been rubbed off his falling hair, Rong Qiu still only looked at him with those twinkling eyes. His lips were tightly sealed, showing no signs of asking any questions.

Even when his gaze shifted downwards, the tips of his ears turned red in an instant.

Qin Muye was slightly bewildered, but when he saw his sleepwear with a wide-open collar, he instantly understood.

What dirty thoughts are in Beta’s mind!

Qin Muye quickly buttoned up his sleepwear.

Rong Qiu dared not look at the man. He rubbed his heated earlobes and lowered his head, playing with his phone.

Still, no questions were asked.

Qin Muye sat beside Rong Qiu, took out a cigarette from the pack, but didn’t light it, just twisted it thoughtfully. “Something on your mind?”

Rong Qiu shivered slightly.

Yes, he had something on his mind. But could he ask?

Thinking about Qin Muye’s previous coldness, Rong Qiu’s shyness disappeared completely. On the contrary, his veins felt like they were filled with a concentrated bitterness. The bitterness flowed through his limbs and hundreds of bones along with his veins.

He couldn’t ask.

Not only couldn’t he ask, but he also couldn’t overstep, couldn’t interfere with Ah Ye’s affairs. Otherwise, Ah Ye would definitely be angry.

Rong Qiu pressed the slightly hot phone closer to his palm and lips, which became exceptionally rosy due to the grinding of his upper teeth. This was the only vivid color on him. “No.”

The man frowned slightly. “Really none?”


“Lying, there’s something on your mind, and you’re hiding it from me.”

Rong Qiu felt a bit wronged.

Clearly, Ah Ye had something on his mind and was hiding it from him.

But Rong Qiu curled up his legs, hugged his knees even tighter, paused for a few seconds, and then whispered, “Nothing I want to ask, just something I want to confirm… but I only want to confirm this one thing, I won’t ask about anything else!”

The man relaxed a bit. “Confirm what?”

The Beta widened his moist eyes, “Ah Ye, have you only been with me?”


Qin Muye met Rong Qiu’s sincere gaze, and the cigarette between his fingertips almost snapped.

Why did the Beta ask this?

And so straightforwardly?

Was the Beta not aware of shame?

Rong Qiu was actually pretending to be calm.

If you observed closely, you could see that after asking the question, Rong Qiu’s ears were not the only things turning red; his entire beautiful face was flushed.

Unfortunately, Qin Muye was still flicking the cigarette, pondering over Rong Qiu’s words.

Indeed, he only had Rong Qiu as a bed companion.

So, under Rong Qiu’s unabashed expectant gaze, Qin Muye nodded.

“I knew it!”

Rong Qiu jumped up from the chair.

Beta with the Beta, it was a genetic choice for the Betas.

It’s innate!

Moreover, Ah Ye said he only had Rong Qiu as his Beta. Rong Qiu completely relaxed.

After jumping up, Rong Qiu felt he was too impulsive. Embarrassedly, he rubbed his face, sat back on the sofa with more decorum, but inside, Rong Qiu was feeling pleased for a while before getting angry again.

It must be Su Ran who took Ah Ye to the bar.

Su Ran’s peachy scandals were continuously connected. Even if Rong Qiu, who didn’t care much about his classmates, knew that those omegas were crying and refusing to break up with Su Ran.

At most, there were five omegas causing a scene in front of the teaching building, asking Su Ran to take responsibility.

Su Ran was indeed a bad influence.

If only Ah Ye could avoid being friends with Su Ran.

But he knew it was impossible.

So, Rong Qiu could only remind the man with concern, “Ah Ye, be careful outside. There are… many bad people outside. “

He wanted to mention Su Ran.

But he was afraid that Ah Ye would be upset again like before, so he changed his words on the spot, “In short, Ah Ye, don’t let others deceive you. People nowadays are very bad. Last night, there were even omegas who took advantage of Ah Ye being drunk and secretly left lip prints on Ah Ye!”

Qin Muye felt a lump in his throat due to the Beta’s trust.

He appeared in the bar late at night, surrounded by omegas, and with lip prints visible. Rong Qiu didn’t ask about anything else?

Did Rong Qiu still trust him so much?

Was Rong Qiu a fool?

Was he so foolish that without him, he would be swallowed up by others?

Thinking that after he and the Beta separated, there might be other alphas or the Betas taking his place in Rong Qiu’s life, Qin Muye fell into a deep sense of frustration.

Rong Qiu didn’t know why Qin Muye suddenly changed his expression.

Why did Ah Ye suddenly get angry?

Was he angry about being kissed by an omega last night?

Rong Qiu lightly tapped Qin Muye’s chest, the exact spot where a kiss mark was left on his shirt last night. Now, Rong Qiu wanted to smooth out the wrinkles on Qin Muye’s pajamas, “Don’t be angry anymore. I’ll protect Ah Ye in the future.”

The man tightened his grip on Rong Qiu’s reaching left hand, looking inexplicably, “You’ll protect me?”

“Yeah, I’m super strong!”

The slender and delicate Beta, leaning against the back of the chair, legs crossed in front of his chest, exposed ankles as slender as white jade. There were two faint shadows under his eyes. The whole person exuded a fragile and hazy feeling.

Such a weak-looking Beta claimed to protect an alpha like him?

He could break Rong Qiu’s wrist with just one hand.

But Rong Qiu, due to the man’s closeness, suddenly bent his eyes and burst into a soft laughter.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Didn’t laugh.”

He said he didn’t laugh, but his eyes curved like a crescent moon.

Qin Muye, as if venting his anger, fiercely pinched his hand. Rong Qiu wasn’t angry; he even stretched his neck, gently rubbing his face against Qin Muye’s hand, showing an obedient look.

Qin Muye’s hand stiffened, and at the same time, as if blood surged in his abdomen, he released some of the force in his hand.


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