After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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When Rong Qiu received Su Ran’s text, he was getting ready to enter the classroom for the exam. The phone trembled lightly in his palm. Before his phone shut down, Su Ran had already pulled him from the class group to a private chat window.

Was it a prank?

Su Ran actually initiated contact with him?

For Su Ran, Rong Qiu generously assumed the worst.

However, when he saw the specific messages Su Ran sent, Rong Qiu froze against the wall.

Alpha butterfly Su Ran: Image.jpg

Alpha butterfly Su Ran: City Western Bar, come or not.

Alpha butterfly Su Ran: Oh, I forgot you have an exam today, that’s a complete disaster~

One picture, two messages.

However, it made Rong Qiu wish he could rush to Su Ran immediately.

The lighting in the photo was too ambiguous, with stacked bottles on the table, and long-spilled alcohol on the glass surface, forming shiny droplets under the lights.

The central man was as gentlemanly and elegant as ever, noble and exceptional. The lighting was dim, and Rong Qiu couldn’t see the man’s expression in the photo. But he could see someone getting very close to Ah Ye, their hands already reaching toward the man’s arms held in front of his chest.

Was Ah Ye drugged?

How else could he fall into such a situation?

Rong Qiu had witnessed a similar scene before, half a year ago during the mission on Planet Y. He went to rescue thirty omegas detained by a shady boss. A hazy bar, strong alcoholic beverages, suddenly flickering lights, along with drugs bought secretly by people in the dark, and the lustful scenes of bodies…

After that mission, Rong Qiu was stressed for a whole month.

Now, seeing Su Ran’s photo again, chicken skin bumps trembled all over Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu immediately called Qin Muye, but it didn’t connect.

This was common on normal days. Out of ten calls, if the man answered one, it was already good.

But now Rong Qiu couldn’t wait.

The bell for the classroom had already rung for the first round, but Rong Qiu didn’t close his phone. He opened the chat box with Su Ran.

Rong Qiu: How is Ah Ye now??

Rong Qiu: Su Ran!

Rong Qiu: Is Ah Ye injured??

Rong Qiu: Su Ran, let’s put aside our grievances for now. You tell me what happened to Ah Ye!

Unfortunately, on the other end of the phone, Su Ran seemed to have turned into a corpse and didn’t reply to Rong Qiu’s messages. Rong Qiu desperately dialed the phone number he found on Su Ran’s personal information page, but the call didn’t go through.

Rong Qiu’s fingers were in a frenzy, almost unrecognizable.

He silently repeated “City Western Bar.”

City Western Bar…

Yes, search for it first!

In the search bar, City Western Bar was not an illegal establishment. Seeing a valid operating license, Rong Qiu sighed with relief.

Even though Ah Ye was at the bar.

But Ah Ye was not someone who messes around.

Despite knowing all this, Rong Qiu still felt uneasy. His chest felt like it was being hammered by a specially made high-density small hammer, smashing all four ventricles.

What if, what if Ah Ye was drugged by someone?

He couldn’t gamble on whether Ah Ye was safe or not.

And he would never gamble.

The bell rang for the second round, and the invigilator had already arrived at the exam room door with exam papers.

Seeing Rong Qiu still using his phone, the alpha invigilator, who had never liked him, squinted and scolded, “It’s time for the exam, why are you still outside, your phone isn’t even turned off, do you want to cheat!”

The invigilator was just venting his frustration, but unexpectedly, Rong Qiu stuffed his phone into his backpack and bowed to him, “I’m sorry, teacher. I’ll be absent from this exam. I’ll call the department to explain.”

The beta disappeared in an instant, leaving the alpha teacher, who heard the third bell, bewildered.

Did he hear it wrong?

Did Rong Qiu voluntarily miss the exam?

The beta who had always gone all out for the scholarship chose to miss the exam?


After leaving the classroom, Rong Qiu rushed to the school gate. The taxi driver was already waiting for him outside. Seeing Rong Qiu saying he was going to the City Western Bar, the Beta driver looked him up and down.

A young man like him going to a bar so late at night?

The driver, being a Beta, couldn’t help but ask, “Are you going to the City Western Bar?”

Rong Qiu nodded repeatedly, his face tense, “Yes, please hurry, I’m running out of time.”

The Beta driver, having seen much in life, but seeing that this young man also had no neck mark, he figured that he was probably a Beta like him…

“Little brother, are you a Beta?”

Rong Qiu, puzzled, replied, “Yes.”

“That City Western Bar, Betas are not welcome there.”

Rong Qiu didn’t understand.

The driver calmly said, “That place is a famous AO gold exchange, and it’s also a good place for lonely alphas and omegas to seek pleasure. If you want to go to a bar, I recommend Four Seasons Bar on the next street; there are more Betas there.”

Hearing the driver’s words, Rong Qiu furrowed his brows.

His anxiety for Qin Muye’s safety intensified.

Ah Ye’s appearance was good, even though he was a Beta, he had a cold personality. Still, there were many omegas in school who secretly watched Ah Ye and blush. Even at school, people openly stared at him, let alone outside.

The driver’s words echoed in Rong Qiu’s mind repeatedly.

Rong Qiu couldn’t help but imagine all the negative outcomes.

What if Ah Ye was really in trouble, or worse, drugged?

A famous AO gold exchange.

Also a good place for lonely alphas and omegas to seek pleasure.

Clearly, the danger at City Western Bar was not comparable to the red-light district he had previously eliminated. The terrifying scenes he imagined made Rong Qiu anxious and frightened. The Beta’s face turned pale.

Rong Qiu hugged his backpack tightly, as if drawing strength from it.


This wasn’t Rong Qiu’s first time at a bar.

Coming again, he still felt dizzy.

The people dancing in the central dance floor, the mix of alphas, the Betas, and omegas, the noisy music, and the dim and confusing lights, all made Rong Qiu’s head spin. Finding someone in such a place was difficult; even though Rong Qiu had excellent eyesight, he couldn’t spot Qin Muye.

Instead, due to his uniquely simple attire, he attracted several alphas who came to strike up a conversation.

They were lured by his fair and attractive face, untouched by makeup. In the dim light of the dance floor, people couldn’t tell that Rong Qiu was a Beta.

“Can I buy you a drink?” an alpha approached.

Rong Qiu frowned and tried to avoid these people.

Even when he entered the bar, so many people tried to strike up a conversation with him. If Ah Ye came here, wouldn’t he be walking into a lion’s den?

Rong Qiu became more anxious.

Finally grabbing a bartender, he showed him the photo.

The bartender recognized the VIP room in the photo, but as he scanned Rong Qiu, the dim light fell on his face, highlighting his fair complexion and making him look even better than the batch of omegas who had just entered.

Is this the new companion that Young Master Su found?

But the bartender dared not assume too much. “Who are you? You can’t approach Mr. Su’s private room.”

Hearing the bartender’s words, Rong Qiu’s face turned white instantly. “Why can’t I go in? Is something happening inside?”

Why wouldn’t he be allowed near?

The bartender’s arm was gripped painfully by Rong Qiu.

Seeing him not answering, even if he didn’t want to become Su Ran’s friend, Rong Qiu had to use this identity. He immediately explained, “I’m a friend of someone inside. Do you know Su Ran? I’m his classmate!”

Hearing Rong Qiu mention Su Ran’s name, the bartender was relieved. “So, you’re a friend of Young Master Su. Mr. Su is in the VIP room on the third floor, right at the end. Sir, you can go up directly.”

Rong Qiu thanked him hastily.

Ascending the stairs with quick steps, even so, the rapid sound of his breath couldn’t suppress the throbbing of his heart due to nervousness and worry.

Ah Ye was here.

Ah Ye was a friend of Su Ran.

Maybe he wouldn’t let Ah Ye get involved in any trouble.

But with interests at stake, Su Ran might abandon the so-called friendship. Thinking about the message Su Ran sent him, in Rong Qiu’s mind, Su Ran’s image was no less than that of a weak little flower handed over to a benefactor as a plaything.

However, he didn’t expect that after pushing open the door to the private room, what he saw was completely different from what he had imagined.

The man was in his element, with an omega pouring him a drink on the side, and he didn’t refuse. Taking the drink, Qin Muye’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and the liquid went straight to his lips. Then, with one hand resting on the armrest and the other holding a half-lit cigarette, his usual coldness vanished, leaving only a captivating and lazy charm.

Rong Qiu stood outside the door in a daze.

Suddenly, his throat couldn’t produce sound. At the peak of his astonishment, the word “Ah Ye” got stuck in his throat.

Rong Qiu always understood that beautiful people were sharp-edged and often hid needles.

But Rong Qiu didn’t know that men could be…


Some omegas in the room noticed Rong Qiu’s presence, and immediately their guard went up.

The person at the door was too good-looking, with shiny black hair. Even if the strands were a bit messy, it couldn’t overshadow his clear brows and eyes. The combination of eyebrow bones and nose formed a beautiful line, which was especially attractive when outlined in heavy shadows under the dim lights.

With boldness, some omegas approached to drive him away, not wanting the distinguished guests inside to see Rong Qiu’s face.

However, Rong Qiu’s feet were like roots, firmly standing outside the door.

The commotion at the entrance caught Qin Muye’s attention.

Having drunk quite a bit, the intoxication had filled his chest. Looking toward the familiar face outside the door, the sharpness in his gaze melted away like a blade being sheathed.

Rong Qiu had arrived.

There was surprise, but more of an indescribable sense of smoothness.

Suppressing the drunkenness, Qin Muye dispersed all the omegas.

These omegas were summoned by Su Ran, but they were equally afraid of this Young Master Qin. Hearing his words, they all quietly retreated, though some deliberately bumped into Rong Qiu’s shoulder during the process.

“Pretty boy!” an omega sneered.

Qin Muye’s cigarette had burned to the filter, and he threw it into the unfinished drink. He waved at Rong Qiu.

The movement was like beckoning to a little pet that could be encountered at any time on the roadside.

Rong Qiu hesitated for a moment.

After a few seconds, Rong Qiu slowly walked towards him, step by step.

But Qin Muye was unaware that each step Rong Qiu took was incredibly heavy, as heavy as if he were carrying a thousand kilograms of molten iron, and it felt like he might collapse with the next step.

Rong Qiu paused at an arm’s length from Qin Muye and softly called out, “Ah Ye…”

Qin Muye had been watching him since Rong Qiu appeared, his eyes deep and dark, like soil soaked in black water at the bottom of the snow.

In his eyes were emotions that Rong Qiu couldn’t decipher.

Suddenly, Qin Muye grabbed Rong Qiu’s wrist, and in an instant, Rong Qiu found himself pressed down on the man’s lap. In this position, Rong Qiu could smell the strong scent of alcohol.

Rong Qiu immediately tried to get up.

However, the man’s grip tightened even more, and his voice carried a subtle hint of tenderness, “Don’t move.”

Rong Qiu’s struggling ceased.

This position was tiring. Even though he was sitting on the man’s lap, the man’s upper body was entirely leaning against him, making it feel as if he had been supporting the man’s weight for a long time. Rong Qiu’s waist was starting to ache.

“Ah Ye?”

Rong Qiu received no response.

Rong Qiu tilted his head slightly, trying to get a better look, but all he could see was the man’s furry scalp.

At some point, the man had fallen asleep drunk, and his heavy breathing, accompanied by occasional faint snores, echoed in the quietness. His head felt heavy, and Rong Qiu’s view was dominated by the man’s black hair. Under the dim light, it seemed like a swirling endless deep blue nebula.

After silently watching for a while, Rong Qiu couldn’t help but feel a sourness at the tip of his nose. He extended his trembling arms and held the man tightly. “As long as Ah Ye is fine.”

Yes, as long as he’s fine…

He had never owned anything since he was born.

Up until now, he only had Qin Ye.

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